An Annotated Bird's Checklist of Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary Jamnagar, Gujarat - India.

Kunal J. Joshi…


Srushti Environment and Nature Awareness (sena) Foundation, Jamnagar.

Government of India has recognized Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary as one of the important National Level W etlands under “NATIONAL W ETLAND CONSERVATION PROGRAMME”. Insects) amidst some significant flora. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is spread over an area of 604. In addition to being a wonderful Avifauna habitat. a Nature Education Camp is organized by Marine Forest DepartmentJamnagar for school & college students.the fresh and marine water eco-system existing at one place. It was renovated by Government of Gujarat in 1956. 1982 and remaining 421. Jackals. The Ministry of Environment and Forest. This sanctuary needs to be classified as per International Convention of RAMSAR as a “CLASS – A” type W etland Sanctuary. 2010 st . I would really like to appreciate Marine Forest Department. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is listed among the Important Bird Areas of India with IBA code: IN-GJ-07. rivers. Gujarat-INDIA. 1982. This habitat provides an excellent breeding ground for migratory birds like Great Crested Grebe. Salim Ali visited the Sanctuary in 1984 and he proclaimed. Before Independence. These numerous micro and macro habitats form a unique eco-system. the first 182. Forest and Environment Department on 27 t h May. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is an important location on the migratory routes covering North to South Asia along the W estern Flyway and the W est Coast of India adjoining the Gulf of Kutch.96 hectors were included on 6 t h November. tidal mudflats. Formerly. Greater Spotted Eagles etc. Geographically. “Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is such an amazing Treasure of Birds.86 hectors. this area was the seacoast and marshy revenue wasteland of the villages Khijadiya.” Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is divided in two sections . There are three watchtowers in both these sections which provide an excellent vantage point for birdwatchers during the nature trials. Spotted Flycatchers etc. Eurasian Spoonbills etc. Pallid Harriers.) Reptiles (Snakes. Although the area of Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is relatively small.Introduction Jamnagar. waders and terrestrial birds. mangroves. More than 300 species of birds have been recorded in and around the Sanctuary and among them nearly 200 species are seen regularly during the year. Black-headed Ibis. 1972 vide Government of Gujarat. the Land of Birds. Glossy Ibis and globally threatened species (as per Bird Life International). Monitor Lizards). which is 15 km away from Jamnagar. like Blacknecked Storks. Out of this. brackish water.Kunal Joshi 1 November. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is situated at 22º 30’ 50. reclamation bunds were built to prevent salinity ingress and storing the water of the rivers Ruparel and Kalindri by His Highness Maharaja. saline water. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary is a paradise for waterfowls. . stay here for the whole winter making it a remarkable wintering ground and some species like European Rollers.a) Dhuvav and b) Jambuda.64”E longitudes. but it has an amazing variety of habitats like. Painted Storks. Jambuda and Dhunvav of Jamnagar district. grassland. Some of the characteristic species like Dalmatian Pelicans. Jamnagar for their efforts in conserving Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary. scrubland and agricultural land. the Jamsaheb Shri Ranjitsinhji of Nawanagar State in 1920. it is also a home to other fauna like mammals (Blue-bulls. Darters. due to both . make it a passage before migrating Southwards. This district of Gujarat is the richest in marine and avian fauna. The temperature varies from 7º C in winter to 42º C in summer and average rainfall is about 555 mm. Jungle cats. is well known for its abundance of bio-diversity.90 hectors have been declared as a Sanctuary under the W ildlife Protection Act. Every winter. fresh water. The legendry Indian Ornithologist Dr. It is indeed a significant mark on the global birding map.88”N latitudes and 70º 09’ 14. invertebrates (Butterflies.

Wildlife Photographer Shri Saleel Tambe (United Kingdom) for making the article personified and Wildlife Photographer Shri Jayeshbhai Patel for the image of Black-necked Stork for the cover page.M. nomenclature and sequence follow An Annotated Checklist of the Birds of the Oriental Region by Tim Inskipp. To watch all the species listed may not be possible because some of them are vagrants. Asari & Shri S. past record (or extinct from Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary) and seasonal migrants. Nigel Lindsey and William Duckworth (1996). Shri Chirag Solanki and Shri Irshad Theba. Newsletter Buceros Vol. References • • • • • • • • • • Taxonomy. Sindhya and Shri D. Important Bird Areas and potential Ramsar Sites in Asia – India. My article would be noteless without the birding notes of ever helping hands of eminent Bird Watcher Shri Adesh Shivkar (Mumbai). Dafda for providing me the collection of their birding notes of Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary. 1 & 2 (2002).P. please mail me on : crab. Bio-diversity Study on Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary by Shri R. Indian Red Data Book of Threatened Bird Species by Bird Life International 2000. 7.J.plover@yahoo. The ENVIS newsletter published by the BNHS. Jani. No. Upvanna Pankhi 4) Vid. Dharamkumarsinhji.R. This checklist is based on the records and observations of several birdwatchers. I am eager to know about new bird notes or any Abbreviations:R – Resident V – Vagrant LM – Local Migrant BR – Breeding Resident C – Common UC – Uncommon O – Occasionally I – Isolated M – Migratory PM – Passage Migrant BM – Breeding Migrant PR – Past Record (?)–Unconvinced . Vagadana Pankhi by Shri Lalsinh Raol. Four volumes on birds of Gujarat 1) Jivanbharna Sathi Aaspasna Pankhi 2) Jal ane Jalashayna Pankhio Panina Sangathi 3) Van. I would place my sincere gratitude to Shri Manishbhai Joshi. Shri P. S. Birds of Saurashtra by R.Acknowledgement I convey my heartiest thanks to Shri Jumabhai Morya.

No.M BR BR M M M BR LM M M M BR M M M M M M V M M R M BR BR BR PM BR BR Abundance C O UC C O O O C UC C C O C C C C C C UC PR C UC UC UC UC C C C C C Remarks . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Common English Name GALLIFORMES: Phasianidae Grey Francolin Common Quail Indian Peafowl ANSERIFORMES: Dendrocygnidae Lesser Whistling-duck ANSERIFORMES: Anatidae Greylag Goose Ruddy Shelduck Common Shelduck Comb Duck Cotton Pygmy-goose Gadwall Eurasian Wigeon Mallard Spot-billed Duck Northern Shoveler Northern Pintail Garganey Common Teal Common Pochard Ferruginous Pochard Baer's Pochard Tufted Duck TURNICIFORMES: Turnicidae Yellow-legged Buttonquail Barred Buttonquail PICIFORMES: Picidae Eurasian Wryneck Yellow-crowned Woodpecker PICIFORMES: Megalaimidae Coppersmith Barbet UPUPIFORMES: Upupidae Common Hoopoe CORACIIFORMES: Coraciidae European Roller Indian Roller CORACIIFORMES: Alcedinidae Common Kingfisher Scientific Name Francolinus pondicerianus Coturnix coturnix Pavo cristatus Dendrocygna javanica Anser anser Tadorna ferruginea Tadorna tadorna Sarkidiornis melanotos Nettapus coromandelianus Anas strepera Anas penelope Anas platyrhynchos Anas poecilorhyncha Anas clypeata Anas acuta Anas querquedula Anas crecca Aythya ferina Aythya nyroca Aythya baeri Aythya fuligula Turnix tanki Turnix suscitator Jynx torquilla Dendrocopos mahrattensis Megalaima haemacephala Upupa epops Coracias garrulus Coracias benghalensis Alcedo atthis Gujarati Name Tetar Moti Bater Mor Nani Sisoti Batak Gajhans Bhagvi Shurkhab Safed Shurkhab Nakto Girajaa Luhaar Piyasan Nilshir Tiliyali Batak Gayano Singpar Chetava Nani Murdhabi Rakhodi Karachiya Dholi Aankh Karachiya Baer no Karachiyo Kabri Karachiya Pila-pag Bil Bater Rakhodi-pag Bil Bater Dokamardi Lakkadkhod Kansaro Ghanti-tanklo Kashmiri Chas Chas Nano Kalkaliyo Status BR R.Sr.

No. 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 Common English Name CORACIIFORMES: Halcyonidae White-throated Kingfisher Black-capped Kingfisher Collared Kingfisher CORACIIFORMES: Cerylidae Pied Kingfisher CORACIIFORMES: Meropidae Green Bee-eater Blue-cheeked Bee-eater Blue-tailed Bee-eater CUCULIFORMES: Cuculidae Pied Cuckoo Common Hawk Cuckoo Eurasian Cuckoo Banded Bay Cuckoo Drongo Cuckoo Asian Koel Sirkeer Malkoha CUCULIFORMES: Centropodidae Greater Coucal PSITTACIFORMES: Psittacidae Rose-ringed Parakeet APODIFORMES: Apodidae House Swift STRIGIFORMES: Tytonidae Barn Owl STRIGIFORMES: Strigidae Spotted Owlet Short-eared Owl STRIGIFORMES: Caprimulgidae Indian Nightjar Savana Nightjar COLUMBIFORMES: Columbidae Rock Pigeon Laughing Dove Red Collared Dove Eurasian Collared Dove GRUIFORMES: Gruidae Sarus Crane Demoiselle Crane Scientific Name Halcyon smyrnensis Halcyon pileata Todiramphus chloris Ceryle rudis Merops orientalis Merops persicus Merops philippinus Clamator jacobinus Hierococcyx varius Cuculus canorus Cacomantis sonneratii Surniculus lugubris Eudynamys scolopacea Phaenicophaeus leschenaultii Centropus sinensis Psittacula krameri Apus affinis Tyto alba Athene brama Asio flammeus Caprimulgus asiaticus Caprimulgus affinis Columba livia Streptopelia senegalensis Streptopelia tranquebarica Streptopelia decaocto Grus antigone Grus virgo Gujarati Name Safed Chhati Kalkaliyo Shyamshir Kalkaliyo Kanthla-varo Kalkaliyo Kabro Kalkaliyo Nano Patrango Patrango Nilpunch Patrango Chatak Bappaiyoi Pardeshi Kuhukanth Ratumadi Koyal Koshi Koyal Koyal Shirkir Ghunkiyo Sudo / Popat Ababil Revidevi Chibri Ravaidu Nanu Dasrathiyun Chabuk Dasrathiyun Kabuter Holi Lotan Holo Kanthlavaro Holo / Holo Saras Karkaro Status BR R V BR BR M M BM BM M R V BR BR BR BR BR BR BR M BR R BR BR BR BR BR M Abundance C O PR C C UC UC UC UC O O PR C UC C C C O C O UC O C C UC C PR C Remarks .Sr.

No. 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 Common English Name Common Crane GRUIFORMES: Rallidae Brown Crake White-breasted Waterhen Baillon's Crake Watercock Purple Swamphen Common Moorhen Common Coot CICONIIFORMES: Pteroclidae Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse Spotted Sandgrouse Black-bellied Sandgrouse Painted Sandgrouse CICONIIFORMES: Scolopacidae Common Snipe Jack Snipe Black-tailed Godwit Bar-tailed Godwit Whimbrel Eurasian Curlew Spotted Redshank Common Redshank Marsh Sandpiper Common Greenshank Green Sandpiper Wood Sandpiper Terek Sandpiper Common Sandpiper Ruddy Turnstone Great Knot Sanderling Little Stint Temminck's Stint Dunlin Curlew Sandpiper Broad-billed Sandpiper Ruff Red-necked Phalarope Scientific Name Grus grus Amaurornis akool Amaurornis phoenicurus Porzana pusilla Gallicrex cinerea Porphyrio porphyrio Gallinula chloropus Fulica atra Pterocles exustus Pterocles senegallus Pterocles orientalis Pterocles indicus Gallinago gallinago Lymnocryptes minimus Limosa limosa Limosa lapponica Numenius phaeopus Numenius arquata Tringa erythropus Tringa totanus Tringa stagnatilis Tringa nebularia Tringa ochropus Tringa glareola Xenus cinereus Actitis hypoleucos Arenaria interpres Calidris tenuirostris Calidris alba Calidris minuta Calidris temminckii Calidris alpina Calidris ferruginea Limicola falcinellus Philomachus pugnax Phalaropus lobatus Gujarati Name Kunj Tapkhiri Santakukadi Safed Chhati Santakukadi Nani Santakukadi Jal-murgho Nil Jal-murgho Jal-murghi Bhagatdu Vagdau Batavado Kachchhi Batavado Shahi Batavado Rangin Batavado Pankha-punchh Garkhod Nani Garkhod Moto Gadero Nano Gadero Nani Khalili Moti Khalili Kalo Ratapag Ratapag Nano Lilapag Lilapag Shwet-punch Tutwari Tapkili Tutwari Dariyai Tutwari Nani Tutwari Kachbarangi Moto Dariyai Kichadiyo Dariyai Kichadiyo Kala-pag Kichadiyo Ujala-pag Kichadiyo Kala-pet Kichadiyo Shwet-pith Kichadiyo Shwet-nen Kichadiyo Tiliyo Chanchal Status M R BR M R BR BR BR BR M M R M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M M Abundance C O C O O C C C C PR PR O UC UC C O C C O C C O O C UC C UC UC UC C UC C C UC C O Remarks .Sr.

M M M BR BR M M BR R.Sr.LM M M M BR R.No.M BR LM M M M M M R.M V M R.M BR Abundance O UC O C O UC C C O UC UC C C C C C C UC UC O O O O UC UC UC C C C O C UC C Remarks . 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 Common English Name CICONIIFORMES: Rostratulidae Greater Painted-snipe CICONIIFORMES: Jacanidae Pheasant-tailed Jacana Bronze-winged Jacana CICONIIFORMES: Burhinidae Eurasian Thick-knee Great Thick-knee CICONIIFORMES: Charadriidae Eurasian Oystercatcher Black-winged Stilt Pied Avocet Pacific Golden Plover Grey Plover Common Ringed Plover Little Ringed Plover Kentish Plover Lesser Sand Plover Greater Sand Plover Yellow-wattled Lapwing Red-wattled Lapwing White-tailed Lapwing CICONIIFORMES: Glareolidae Crab Plover Indian Courser Collared Pratincole Small Pratincole CICONIIFORMES: Laridae Indian Skimmer Heuglin's Gull Yellow-legged Gull Pallas's Gull Brown-headed Gull Black-headed Gull Slender-billed Gull Little Gull Gull-billed Tern Caspian Tern River Tern Scientific Name Rostratula benghalensis Hydrophasianus chirurgus Metopidius indicus Burhinus oedicnemus Esacus recurvirostris Haematopus ostralegus Himantopus himantopus Recurvirostra avosetta Pluvialis fulva Pluvialis squatarola Charadrius hiaticula Charadrius dubius Charadrius alexandrinus Charadrius mongolus Charadrius leschenaultii Vanellus malarbaricus Vanellus indicus Vanellus leucurus Dromas ardeola Cursorius coromandelicus Glareola pratincola Glareola lactea Rynchops albicollis Larus heuglini Larus cachinnans Larus ichthyaetus Larus brunnicephalus Larus ridibundus Larus genei Larus minutus Gelochelidon nilotica Sterna caspia Sterna aurantia Gujarati Name Panlava Shwet Pankh Jalmanjhar Kalo Jalmanjhar Nano Chakvo Moto Chakvo Aablakh Gajpaw Ulti-chanch Soneri Batan Moti Batan Kanthla-vali Dhongili Kanthla-vali Nani Dhongili Bhulamni Dhongili Nani Dhongili Moti Dhongili Vagdou Titodi Titodi Shwet-punchh Titodi Shanklo Badami Ran-godhalo Motu Tejper Nanu Tejpar Jalhar Kali-pith Dhomado Pila-pag Dhomado Moto Dhomado Ladakhi Dhomado Shyamshir Dhomado Va Dhomadi Nani Dhomadi Dholi Vabagli Moti Vabagli Kenchi-punch Vabagli Status BR BR R BR BR M BR R.

128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 Common English Name Lesser Crested Tern Common Tern Little Tern Saunders's Tern Black-bellied Tern Whiskered Tern White-winged Tern Black Tern CICONIIFORMES: Accipitridae Osprey Oriental Honey-buzzard Black-shouldered Kite Black Kite Brahminy Kite Pallas's Fish Eagle Egyptian Vulture White-rumped Vulture Red-headed Vulture Crested Serpent Eagle Eurasian Marsh Harrier Hen Harrier Pallid Harrier Montagu's Harrier Shikra Eurasian Sparrowhawk White-eyed Buzzard Black Eagle Indian Spotted Eagle Greater Spotted Eagle Tawny Eagle Steppe Eagle Imperial Eagle Bonelli's Eagle Booted Eagle CICONIIFORMES: Falconidae Common Kestrel Red-necked Falcon Laggar Falcon Peregrine Falcon Scientific Name Sterna bengalensis Sterna hirundo Sterna albifrons Sterna saundersi Sterna acuticauda Chlidonias hybridus Chlidonias leucopterus Chlidonias niger Pandion haliaetus Pernis ptilorhyncus Elanus caeruleus Milvus migrans Haliastur indus Haliaeetus leucoryphus Neophron percnopterus Gyps bengalensis Sarcogyps calvus Spilornis cheela Circus aeruginosus Circus cyaneus Circus macrourus Circus pygargus Accipiter badius Accipiter nisus Butastur teesa Ictinaetus malayensis Aquila hastata Aquila clanga Aquila rapax Aquila nipalensis Aquila heliaca Hieraaetus fasciatus Hieraaetus pennatus Falco tinnunculus Falco chicquera Falco jugger Falco peregrinus Gujarati Name Nani Dariyai Vabagli Ladakhi Vabagli Nani Vabagli Saunders ni Nani Vabagli Kala-pet Vabagli Kashmiri Vabagli Shwet-pankh Vabagli Kali Vabagli Matsyabhoj Madhiyo Baaz Kapasi Samadi Shwetshir Samadi Matsya Garud Khero / Safed Gidh Safed Pith Gidh Raj-gidh Chotaliyo Saapmar Pan Pattai Uttari Pattai Ujali Pattai Patti Pattai Shakro Badshah Shakro Safed-nen Tiso Shyam Garud Nano Kalo Zummash Moto Kalo Zummash Deshi Zummash Pardeshi Zummash Shahi Zummash Sansagr Shiyalu Sansagr Larji Turamti Laggad Mausmi Sahin Status M M BR BR V R.M M V M R BR BR BR LM BR BR BR R.LM M V M M BR M M M M M R M M R M M BR R M Abundance O O C UC O C O O O UC C C C PR PR PR PR O C PR O UC C O O PR O UC PR O PR O O O UC PR O Remarks .No.Sr.

No.Sr.LM R.M M V BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR BR R R M R. 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 Common English Name CICONIIFORMES: Podicipedidae Little Grebe Great Crested Grebe Black-necked Grebe CICONIIFORMES: Sulidae Red-footed Booby CICONIIFORMES: Anhingidae Darter CICONIIFORMES: Phalacrocoracidae Little Cormorant Indian Cormorant Great Cormorant CICONIIFORMES: Ardeidae Little Egret Western Reef Egret Grey Heron Purple Heron Great Egret Intermediate Egret Cattle Egret Indian Pond Heron Little Heron Black-crowned Night Heron Yellow Bittern Cinnamon Bittern Great Bittern CICONIIFORMES: Phoenicopteridae Greater Flamingo Lesser Flamingo CICONIIFORMES: Threskiornithidae Glossy Ibis Black-headed Ibis Black Ibis Eurasian Spoonbill CICONIIFORMES: Pelecanidae Great White Pelican Dalmatian Pelican Spot-billed Pelican CICONIIFORMES: Ciconiidae Painted Stork Scientific Name Tachybaptus ruficollis Podiceps cristatus Podiceps nigricollis Sula sula Anhinga melanogaster Phalacrocorax niger Phalacrocorax fuscicollis Phalacrocorax carbo Egretta garzetta Egretta gularis Ardea cinerea Ardea purpurea Casmerodius albus Mesophoyx intermedia Bubulcus ibis Ardeola grayii Butorides striatus Nycticorax nycticorax Ixobrychus sinensis Ixobrychus cinnamomeus Botaurus stellaris Phoenicopterus ruber Phoenicopterus minor Plegadis falcinellus Threskiornis melanocephalus Pseudibis papillosa Platalea leucorodia Pelecanus onocrotalus Pelecanus crispus Pelecanus philippensis Mycteria leucocephala Gujarati Name Nani Dubki Moti Chotili Dubki Moti Shiyalu Dubki Lal-pag Vadhomada Sarpgriv Nano Kajiyo Vachet Kajiyo Moto Kajiyo Nano Dholo Baglo Dariyai Baglo Kaboot Baglo Nadi Baglo Moto Dholo Baglo Vachet Dholo Baglo Dhor Baglo Kani Bagli Lili Bagli Raat Baglo Pili Pan Bagli Surangi Pan Bagli Shiyalu Pan Bagli Moto Hanj Nano Hanj Nani Kankansar Dholi Kankansar Kali Kankansar Chamcho Gulabi Pen Ruperi Pen Tiliyani Chanch Pen Pili Chanch Dhonk Status BR BR.M BR BR BR M M V BR Abundance C UC O PR C C C C C C C UC C C C C O UC O O PR C C C C C C C UC O C Remarks .LM BR.

Sr.No. 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 Common English Name Asian Openbill White Stork Black-necked Stork Lesser Adjutant PASSERIFORMES: Laniidae Red-backed Shrike Rufous-tailed Shrike Brown Shrike Bay-backed Shrike Long-tailed Shrike Southern Grey Shrike PASSERIFORMES: Corvidae Rufous Treepie House Crow Large-billed Crow Eurasian Golden Oriole Black-hooded Oriole Small Minivet White-throated Fantail White-browed Fantail Black Drongo Ashy Drongo Black-naped Monarch Asian Paradise-flycatcher Common Iora Common Woodshrike PASSERIFORMES: Muscicapidae Spotted Flycatcher Asian Brown Flycatcher Red-throated Flycatcher Verditer Flycatcher Tickell's Blue Flycatcher Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher Bluethroat Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin Oriental Magpie Robin Indian Robin Black Redstart Common Stonechat Pied Bushchat Scientific Name Anastomus oscitans Ciconia ciconia Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus Leptoptilos javanicus Lanius collurio Lanius isabellinus Lanius cristatus Lanius vittatus Lanius schach Lanius meridionalis Dendrocitta vagabunda Corvus splendens Corvus macrorhynchos Oriolus oriolus Oriolus xanthornus Pericrocotus cinnamomeus Rhipidura albicollis Rhipidura aureola Dicrurus macrocercus Dicrurus leucophaeus Hypothymis azurea Terpsiphone paradisi Aegithina tiphia Tephrodornis pondicerianus Muscicapa striata Muscicapa dauurica Ficedula parva Eumyias thalassina Cyornis tickelliae Culicicapa ceylonensis Luscinia svecica Cercotrichas galactotes Copsychus saularis Saxicoloides fulicata Phoenicurus ochruros Saxicola torquata Saxicola caprata Gujarati Name Phati Chanch Dhonk Safed Dhonk Kali Dok Dhonk Nano Jamadar Lalpith Latoro Retiyo Latoro Badami Latoro Pachnak Latoro Matiyo Latoro Dudhiyo Latoro Kher-khatto Kagado Girnari Kagdo Pilak Shyam-shir Pilak Nano Rajalal Nachan Tapkili Nachan Kalo Koshi Rakhodi Koshi Nilpankho Dudhraj Showbigi Van Kashyo Diwali Makhimar Badami Makhimar Chataki Makhimaar Haritnil Makhimar Adharang Tarvariyo Makhimaar Nilkanthi Nachan Piddo Daiyad Dev Chakli Kashmiri Thartharo Mediyo Piddo Kabro Piddo Status BR M BR V PM M M BR BR BR BR BR BR R R R R R BR M R M BR R PM M M M BR M M M BR BR M M M Abundance UC O UC PR O C O C C UC UC C UC UC PR O O O C O UC UC UC O UC UC UC O UC UC UC O UC C UC C UC Remarks .

No.M M BR M Abundance UC O C C UC C C C O O UC C C C UC O C C I UC UC UC O O C C C O UC C O C UC Remarks .Sr. 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 Common English Name Variable Wheatear Rufous-tailed Wheatear Desert Wheatear Isabelline Wheatear PASSERIFORMES: Sturnidae Brahminy Starling Rosy Starling Common Myna Bank Myna PASSERIFORMES: Hirundinidae Sand Martin Plain Martin Dusky Crag Martin Barn Swallow Wire-tailed Swallow Red-rumped Swallow Streak-throated Swallow Northern House Martin PASSERIFORMES: Pycnonotidae White-eared Bulbul Red-vented Bulbul PASSERIFORMES: Hypocoliidae Grey Hypocolius PASSERIFORMES: Cisticolidae Zitting Cisticola Rufous-fronted Prinia Grey Breasted Prinia Graceful Prinia Jungle Prinia Ashy Prinia Plain Prinia PASSERIFORMES: Zosteropidae Oriental White-eye PASSERIFORMES: Sylviidae Paddyfield Warbler Blyth's Reed Warbler Clamorous Reed Warbler Booted Warbler Common Tailorbird Common Chiffchaff Scientific Name Oenanthe picata Oenanthe xanthoprymna Oenanthe deserti Oenanthe isabellina Sturnus pagodarum Sturnus roseus Acridotheres tristis Acridotheres ginginianus Riparia riparia Riparia paludicola Hirundo concolor Hirundo rustica Hirundo smithii Hirundo daurica Hirundo fluvicola Delichon urbica Pycnonotus leucotis Pycnonotus cafer Hypocolius ampelinus Cisticola juncidis Prinia buchanani Prinia hodgsonii Prinia gracilis Prinia sylvatica Prinia socialis Prinia inornata Zosterops palpebrosus Acrocephalus agricola Acrocephalus dumetorum Acrocephalus stentoreus Hippolais caligata Orthotomus sutorius Phylloscopus collybita Gujarati Name Moto Kabro Piddo Lal-punch Piddo Ran Piddo Ujalo Piddo Brahminy Kabar Vayya Kabar Ghoda Kabar Shiyalu Ret Abali Ret Abali Abali Shiyalu Tarodiyun Tarodiyun Kenchi-punch Tarodiyun Nanu Tarodiyun Kabri Abali Ran Bulbul Bulbul Maskati Latoro Nani Pan Tiktiki Lal-bhal Fadakfutki Nani Fadakfutki Ran Fadakfutki Moti Fadakfutki Fadakfutki Pan Fadakfutki Shwet Nyna Danger Karkariyo Nano Pan Karkariyo Moto Pan Karkariyo Kant Futaki Darjido Badami Futaki Status M M M M BR M BR BR M R BR M BR BR BR V BR BR M BR BR BR R BR BR BR R M PM R.

Sr. 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 Common English Name Greenish Warbler Yellow-eyed Babbler Common Babbler Large Grey Babbler Jungle Babbler Lesser Whitethroat Orphean Warbler PASSERIFORMES: Alaudidae Indian Bushlark Ashy-crowned Sparrow Lark Rufous-tailed Lark Greater Hoopoe Lark Bimaculated Lark Greater Short-toed Lark Sand Lark Crested Lark Malabar Lark Sykes's Lark Oriental Skylark PASSERIFORMES: Nectariniidae Purple Sunbird PASSERIFORMES: Passeridae House Sparrow Chestnut-shouldered Petronia White Wagtail White-browed Wagtail Citrine Wagtail Yellow Wagtail Grey Wagtail Paddyfield Pipit Tawny Pipit Long-billed Pipit Tree Pipit Black-breasted Weaver Streaked Weaver Baya Weaver Red Avadavat Indian Silverbill Scientific Name Phylloscopus trochiloides Chrysomma sinense Turdoides caudatus Turdoides malcolmi Turdoides striatus Sylvia curruca Sylvia hortensis Mirafra erythroptera Eremopterix grisea Ammomanes phoenicurus Alaemon alaudipes Melanocorypha bimaculata Calandrella brachydactyla Calandrella raytal Galerida cristata Galerida malabarica Galerida deva Alauda gulgula Nectarinia asiatica Passer domesticus Petronia xanthocollis Motacilla alba Motacilla maderaspatensis Motacilla citreola Motacilla flava Motacilla cinerea Anthus rufulus Anthus campestris Anthus similis Anthus trivialis Ploceus benghalensis Ploceus manyar Ploceus philippinus Amandava amandava Lonchura malabarica Gujarati Name Zankhi Lili Futaki Pili-ankh Lelu Lelu Motu Lelu Van Lelu Nano Shwetkanth Shyamshir Shwetkanth Agiyo Chandul Bhoi Chakli Khetariyo Ran Chandul Moto Sad Chandul Sad Chandul Ret Chandul Moto Chandul Malbari Chandul Nano Chandul Bharat Chandul Shakkar Khoro Chakli Raji / Pitkanthi Diwali-ghodo Dhobido Pitshir Pilakiyo Pilakiyo Van Pilakiyo Vid Dhanchidi Vagdau Dhanchidi Moti Dhanchidi Khetrav Dhanchidi Pan Sugri Rekhavali Sugri Sugri Lal Tapushiyun Tapushiyun Status M R BR BR BR M M BR BR BR V M BR BR BR R BR R BR BR BR M M M M M R M M M BR BR BR BR BR Abundance O O C C C UC UC C C UC I (?) O C C C O C UC C C UC C C C C O C C UC O UC UC UC O C Remarks .No.

i n .Sr. p lo ver@yah o o . crab . 301 302 303 304 Common English Name PASSERIFORMES: Fringillidae Crested Bunting Rock Bunting Grey-necked Bunting Black-headed Bunting Scientific Name Melophus lathami Emberiza cia Emberiza buchanani Emberiza melanocephala Gujarati Name Mor Gandam Chattani Gandam Thoriyo Gandam Shyamshir Gandam Status R M M M Abundance O PR UC UC Remarks Note:- © Kunal Joshi.No.

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