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Power Plants



(a) Open cycle gas turbine. (b) Closed cycle gas turbine. CLASSIFICATION OF GAS TURBINE : The gas turbine power plants which are used in electric power industry are classified into two groups as per the cycle of operation. combustion chamber and a turbine Working : . it absorbs some of the power produced by the turbine and hence lowers the efficiency.Gas Power Plant Turbine and Generator’s Gas turbine cycle consists of (1) a compressor (2) a combustion chamber and (3) a turbine. OPEN CYCLE GAS TURBINE POWER PLANT : A simple open cycle gas turbine consists of a compressor. The network is therefore the difference between the turbine work and work required by the compressor to drive it. The compressor is coupled with the turbine shaft.

the working medium must be replaced continuously. the working fluid (air or any other suitable gas) coming out from compressor is heated in a heater by an external source at constant pressure. The working fluid is continuously used in the system without its change of phase and the required heat is given to the working fluid in the heat exchanger. Gas Turbine-generator selection : . In closed cycle gas turbine plant. CLOSED CYCLE GAS TURBINE POWER PLANT Working: It used air as working medium and had a useful output of 2 mW. Part of the power developed by the turbine is utilized in driving the compressor and other accessories and remaining is used for power generation. Since ambient air enters into the compressor and gases coming out of turbine are exhausted into the atmosphere. The high temperature and high-pressure air coming out from the external heater is passed through the gas turbine. The fluid coming out from the turbine is cooled to its original temperature in the cooler using external cooling source before passing to the compressor.The heated gases coming out of combustion chamber are then passed to the turbine where it expands doing mechanical work.

(b) Ambient temperature. More Factors While Selecting Gas turbine Generator : (a)Fuel Type. Composition. Outlet losses: Outlet friction losses also result in a decrease of turbine-generator output and will be accounted for in the unit design. Temperature : Rise in Temperature cause problem which is related to compressor and turbine section where efficiency of the entire plant will effect. Peak. and Heating Value (b)Load (Base. or hot. Inlet losses: Inlet air filter design will preclude entrance of these contaminants with minimal pressure loss. or Part) (c)Compressor Inlet Temperature . The major factor in outlet losses is the requirement to attenuate noise. The air inlet will be located to preclude ingestion of combustion products from other turbines or a nearby boiler plant. (d) Exhaust losses. (c) Inlet losses. Temperature Should be in limits which is shown in the design part. humid discharge from any cooling towers.The four variables which will be considered are: (a) Elevation.

(d)Atmospheric Pressure (e) Relative Humidity .

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