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Pre Judging Can Lead to Unfairness

Buddy Warren
5th Hour
November 3, 2008

Prejudice can lead to injustice. Prejudice is like pre judgin or judging some one before you get
to know them. Injustice is not being fair or not getting treated or treating someone fairly. Prejudice can

leat to injustice an also mean prejudging can lead to unfairness. This theme is reveled in the lay To Kill

a Mockingbird, by Horton Foote and in the short stories “ The Right Thing to Do at the Time,” by

George Garrett and “ You Wouldn't Understand,” by Jose` Pancheco.

This theme is seen through the caharacter of Jem in To Kill a Mockingbird. Jem heard a story of

Boo Radley being locked up because he is different. Jem Also seen the Ewells take advantage of Tom

Robinson and won their case. Jem also sees injustice when the Lynching group plans to lynch Tom

because he is black. Jem sees Prejudice from Dill to Boo When he wants Jem to touch he Radley house

to mess with the Radley's. Jem also sees prejudice towards Boo from himself when he went to the

Radley house at night to see Boo in their window.

This theme is also revealed in “ The Right Thing to Do at the Time” throught the character of

Mr.Garrett. When Mr. Garrett tail lights got busted out and he got a ticket for it he was treated unfairly.

The KKK picked on all races because they all are mostly immigrants is also unfair. The KKK also

picked on Anti-Americans because they helped the blacks and other races. When the police officer had

ticketed Mr.Garrett he was sure the injustice did not affect him by getting his money back from the

mayor of the city. Mr. Garrett Stoped the ticket by showing the town he lived in did not have a charter.

The Character The Father reveals this theme in the story “You Wouldn't Understand.” The

Father first notces unfairness when a group of whites beats up the one black boy. When The Father

helpes the black boy, the boy looks at him like the whole white race is a bad race. Unfairness also is

shown to The Father When the Officer said he could not do anything to help the black boy when yet he

could. The Father heard of unfairness when the officer told him that white boys were beating up on

black boys in the park because of their color. The Father also seen unfairness when he seen three black

boys walking with switch blades to protect them selves from an attack.

In conclusion, prejudging can lead to unfairness. Prejudging can cause people to belive in a lie.

Unfairness can cause people to be paranoid. Prejudging and unfairness can cause people to not like a

certing race because that race might pick on them causing them to hate every one in that race.