Rabab Maher

The Final Blow
Looking up at the clouds
Searching for the words to use
Words to launch her first verse
To write another chapter of abuse
She strives to paint a pretty picture
In colours to coat her bruise

She takes her dearest crimson pen
And captures words floating in mid-air
With a sigh her pen flows voraciously
And shedding crimson tears of despair

A pretty face and a graceful smile
A picture perfect life she led
A mask worn from dawn to dusk
Living a reality only in her head
Did what she could to survive
A beauty with a spirit so dead

Makeup to make her beautiful
Sunglasses to cover up her eyes
Living only to please her loved one
A tormented spirit in disguise

She looks forward for the day to end
And welcomes the night that cares
Sinking into the darkness, her only friend
Only to be deluded by smothering nightmares
Waking up to her sudden shivers
Her life with others she compares

She is better off than others she knows
She silently tells herself so convincingly
So as the day creeps in slowly
She locks her secret with a key

Enwrapped by the day she goes on loving him
Smiling so radiantly to avoid his fist
He touches her body so tenderly
Her soft delicate lips he softly kissed
Surrendering to his every need
Leaving thoughts in her head in a mist

She is left bewildered and confused
Thinking how loving he can be
As she begins to drown deep in his love
His fist of fury strike her suddenly

She reads what she has just written
With blood dripping from his kiss
Not knowing how her words will end
Dulling the pain, she falls into bliss
An endless sleep in the undying dark
All because of those blows of his

Tuesday, 19th April 2005 ~ London

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