Katie Sauer - Health Economics

Health Economics Paper Guidelines

Your assignment is to use the tools of health economics to objectively explore a health policy issue. Issues could include (but are not limited to) the following: - medical tourism - organ / tissue market - sexually transmitted diseases - one of the 3 global diseases (TB, HIV/AIDS, malaria) - pharmaceutical industry - drug patents - Massachusetts¶s statewide health plan - retail clinics - electronic records - emergency room use - rural access - children in low income families Medicare or Medicaid - medical research - FDA - AMA - market for nurses, physicians, or other health care professionals Your paper will be 5 pages of text in length, plus a title page and a reference/bibliography page. The first four pages of text will be your introduction and analysis of the topic. The last page of text will be a policy recommendation that you prescribe. Just to be clear: - Page 1: title page - Pages 2-5: positive economic analysis (do not repeat title on first page of this section) - Page 6: normative prescription that follows from the positive analysis - Page 7: reference / bibliography page Your paper should be typed, double spaced, Times New Roman font, with normal margins. Indent paragraphs and do not add extra space between paragraphs. You may use any commonly used citation format (e.g. APA, MLA, etc). Questions you may wish to address in your analysis: - What is the issue? - Why is it important? - Who are the key players or affected parties? - What are the differing points of view on the issue? - What economic concepts underlie the issue? - What health economics tools are needed to understand/explore the issue? Questions you may wish to address in your policy recommendation: - What are some potential unintended consequences of this policy? - How does the policy take into account the incentives of the various key players or affected parties? - How does the policy make economic sense? - What will happen if this policy recommendation is not followed? - How does this policy recommendation logically follow from the positive analysis of the issue?

Dr. Katie Sauer - Health Economics

Grading: -

You can earn up to 100 points for this paper. up to 5 points for an appropriate introduction paragraph up to 55 points for the positive economic analysis up to 15 points for the normative policy recommendation explanation up to 5 points for an appropriate closing paragraph up to 10 points for college-level writing / format up to 10 points for citations throughout and the reference/bibliography page

Deductions will be taken for the following: - 1 point per ³appeal to emotion´ (e.g. It¶s not fair that some people can¶t afford medical insurance.) - 1 point per ³question´ (e.g. Don¶t we as an affluent society have an obligation to take care of the less fortunate?)

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