Introduction to OSS

Part 2

Recap from Introduction to OSS Part 1
Introduction to OSS OSS File System Basics Basic Commands and Utilities OSS File Editing

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Command Scripting

Module 5

programs.Running OSS Commands from the Guardian Environment and Vice Versa Guardian OSH OSS gtacl Guardian files. and objects © 2002 hp (524907-001) 4 . programs. and objects OSS files.

Invoking TACL Commands from OSS (1 of 2) The gtacl utility creates a Guardian process from the OSS shell environment Uses Guardian process creation API to: Create a Guardian process with TACL-like options Create a Guardian TACL process that will execute a single TACL command Syntax: $ gtacl -p <program file> $ gtacl -c <operand> [<operand>] [<operand>] © 2002 hp (524907-001) 5 .

… .options option -c <operand> Creates a TACL process that executes a single command and then returns to the OSS shell <operand> is command passed to the TACL process Might require either double or single quotes (" or ') if string contains spaces or metacharacters (details later) © 2002 hp (524907-001) 6 .Invoking TACL Commands from OSS (2 of 2) option -p <program file> Starts Guardian process from <program file> Default: Starts TACL process Can be used with -cpu #. -gpri #. -name /G/name. -debug.

292 170 000 230.SYS77.#PTY004F $Z11M X 3. 2 RECORDS TRANSFERRED /users/member[64]: gtacl -p edit "\$data.#PTY004F 3. 16:38 TACL (T9205D40 .1 /bin/gtacl $ZTNT.(01JUN93) CURRENT FILE IS $DATA.1 $SYSTEM.#PTY004F $Z10R 3.taclcstm.296 170 001 230.288 170 001 a. Operating System D40.TACLCSTM ?TACL MACRO == TACL created this file for your protection.MEMBER.1 $SYSTEM.02 : : $DATA MEMBERA 1> status *.1 $SYSTEM.46 171 001 230. /users/member[65]: © 2002 hp (524907-001) 7 .#PTY004F $DATA MEMBERA 2> EOF! Are you sure you want to stop this TACL (\SOFTED.OSH $ZTNT.term Process Pri PFR %WT Userid Program file Hometerm $MYTAC 0.OSS gtacl Utility Examples (1 of 2) /users/member[62]: gtacl -name /G/mytac -gpri 150 -cpu 0 -p tacl TACL 1> logon member Password: Last Logon: 22 MAY 1997.member.SYS77.#PTY004F X 3.T9601D20 .e" TEXT EDITOR .1 /bin/sh $ZTNT.TACL $ZTNT.SYS77. Release D43.72 150 R 000 230.$MYTAC)?y /users/member[63]: gtacl -p fup copy taclcstm ?TACL MACRO == TACL created this file for your protection.TACL $ZTNT.12JUL96).

292 170 3.#PTY004F /users/member[68]: gtacl -c 'fileinfo $data.288 170 X 3.SYS77. 2001 19:11:06 /users/member[67]: gtacl -c Process Pri PFR $Z10Z 3.TACL 001 34.term" %WT Userid Program file 000 34.MEMBERA TACLCSTM Code 101 EOF 2048 Last Modification 31JAN2001 10:32:16 Owner 34.#PTY004F $ZTNT.TACL 001 34.#PTY004F $ZTNT.100 $SYSTEM.100 /bin/gtacl 000 34.#PTY004F $ZTNT.36 170 R $Z10R 3.100 RWEP AAAA PExt 8 SExt 32 /users/member[69]: © 2002 hp (524907-001) 8 .SYS77.46 171 $Z10Y X 3.OSH Hometerm $ZTNT.#PTY004F $ZTNT.296 170 "status *.membera.*' $DATA.OSS gtacl Utility Examples (2 of 2) /users/member[66]: gtacl -c time January 31.100 $SYSTEM.SYS77.100 /bin/sh 001 34.100 $SYSTEM.

) © 2002 hp (524907-001) 9 . Needs to be secured for execution: $ chmod $ $ $ u+x my_script # Executes in subshell # Executes in current shell # When my_script is not in PATH Executed by typing in the filename such as: my_script . my_script ./my_script Commands can be stacked by using the semicolon (. Can be programmed like TACL macros.Shell Scripts Shell commands can be stored in ASCII text files (such as command files).

Metacharacters $ ` ‘ “ \ The slash “\” is used to escape the other metacharacters. The semicolon “.Comments and Metacharacters Comments # This is a comment to let you know what I am doing.” is used to separate commands The ampersand “&” executes a command in the background The braces “{ }” are used for command grouping (for body of a function) The parens “()” are used to group commands for a subshell or to identify a function (details later) © 2002 hp (524907-001) 10 .

$me Removed with the unset command: $ unset me No special concatenation operator: $ me=$me" Goon-Loong" # me has "Liew Goon-Loong" $ me=$me "Sir" # me becomes "Liew Goon-Loong Sir" $ me=$me$xyz # me becomes "Liew Goon-Loong Sir HH" © 2002 hp (524907-001) 11 . Hyphen “-” is not allowed. Declaration and initialization: $ me=Liew $ xyz=" HH” # Note absence of blanks # Quotes needed with embedded blanks Display with echo statement and use of “$”: $ echo This is Mr. First character must be a letter.Variables Name can be any sequence of letters and digits.

Usage examples: Defined in this manner: $ alias w=who $ alias duh=`who. date` To obtain a listing of defined aliases: $ alias To obtain a listing of a specific alias: $ alias w Invoked by referring to the name: $ w Can be used to stack multiple commands: $ alias w="who.alias Command The alias command is a mechanism for defining new time" 12 © 2002 hp (524907-001) .

Control Structures These control structures allow conditional testing and looping: if then fi if then else fi for in do done for do done while do done until do done case in esac © 2002 hp (524907-001) 13 .

the bracket pair [ ] can be used Examples: if test 6 = 6 then echo "equal" else echo "not equal" fi # [ ] is short form for test if [ 6 = 6 ] then echo "Same same.if Statement Test command is used to ascertain TRUE or FALSE TRUE is 0 and FALSE is 1 In place of test. both the same" else echo "Not the same" fi © 2002 hp (524907-001) 14 .

test Command Options General form test condition or [ condition ] Some options for condition are: -a file — # True if file exists -d file — # True if file exists and is a directory -e file — # True if file exists -f file — # True if file exists and is a regular file -n string — # True if the length of string is nonzero -p file — # True if file exists and is a named pipe (FIFO) -r file — # True if file exists and process has read permission -s file — # True if file exists and has a size > 0 -u file — # True if file exists and its set-user ID bit is set -w file — # True if file exists and process has write permission -x file — # True if file exists and is executable -z string — # True if string is null Use man pages for test to obtain more options © 2002 hp (524907-001) 15 .

for season in Spring Summer Autumn Winter do echo "Season is " $season done Echo while loop # Script to demo while construct and use of expr utility..Loops for loop # This script demos use of the for .do loop. number=0 while [ "$number" -lt 5 ] do echo "$number" number=`expr $number + 1 ` done echo © 2002 hp (524907-001) 16 ...

until Loop Example: # Script to demo until construct and use of expr utility. number=0 until [ "$number" -gt 5 ] do echo "$number" number=`expr $number + 1 ` done echo © 2002 hp (524907-001) 17 .

c | C) echo "You entered C.. echo "Enter A. * ) echo "Not A or B or C..." . B." . esac © 2002 hp (524907-001) 18 . or C: \c" read letter # More on read command later case "$letter" in a | A) echo "You entered Structure Example: # Script to demo use of case construct. b | B) echo "You entered B." ." .

Arguments Arguments are positional and space separated $0 is the name of the script file $# is the argument count $n is the nth. argument’s value $@ is the argument list (like %*% in TACL) $* is also the argument list $$ is PID number of the current process $! is PID number of the most recent background task $? is the exit status of the last executed task or the True or False value from the last execution of the test command © 2002 hp (524907-001) 19 .

Argument Usage Example: # Script to demo argument usage. # Usage: <This-file> arg1 arg2 arg3 echo "arg count is: $#" echo "arg list is: $@" for arg in $@ do echo $arg done © 2002 hp (524907-001) 20 .

read Command Syntax: read [ -r ] variablename … where -r specifies that the read command treat a \ (backslash) character as just part of the input line. unless the -r flag is used Default item separator is white space IFS (Internal Field Separator) environment variable is used to specify separators © 2002 hp (524907-001) 21 . Reads from standard input Input items are moved to the target variables If there is only one target. not as a control character. then all input items are moved to that target Line continuation is a slash (\).

Miscellaneous Statements for. while. terminating execution of the loop continue transfers control to the done statement. which continues execution of the loop return terminates the function or script exit provides a return code to the parent: Used to terminate a script Non-zero return code represents false. or until loops can be interrupted with: break continue return break transfers control to the statement after the done statement. meaning failure Zero return code represents true. meaning success © 2002 hp (524907-001) 22 .

Arithmetic on Shell Variables
x=1 x=$x+1 echo $x 1+1 expr 6 5 + 1

x=1 expr $x + 1 2 expr 17 * 6 102

© 2002 hp (524907-001)


let Command
x=5 let x=x+1 echo $x 6 X=5 y=6 let "x = x + 1" "y = y - 2" echo $x $y 6 4

let "x = (x + 10) * y" echo $x 64

let (( x = x + 6 )) echo $x 70

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select Command
Useful for continuously displaying a menu to the user Displays each word, preceded by its relative numeric position in list The variable PS3 is displayed as a prompt (default: #?) User keys in a numeric value; var holds corresponding wordi from list Execution stops with break statement or when user enters Control^Y
PS3="Pick one of the above numeric options: " select choice in Add Delete Quit do case "$choice" in Add) echo Acting on Add function;; Delete) echo Acting on Delete function;; Quit) break;; *) echo Wrong choice;; esac done

select var in word1 word2 … wordn do command command … done 1

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check for syntax errors without actually executing the program. © 2002 hp (524907-001) 26 . sh -n myscript If this returns nothing then your program is free of syntax errors.Debugging Scripts sh -x myscript execute the script and show all the statements that get executed with the variables and wildcards already expanded.

OSS Development Module 6 .

ed) HP NonStop Server Enterprise Toolkit (ETK) Enterprise Plug-in Eclipse C C++ COBOL Compilers Visual Inspect (VI) Inspect. FTPC32) Editor (vi. CodeWright) FTP (for example. eInspect © 2002 hp (524907-001) 28 .OSS Development Environment Workstation Editor (for example.

exist in OSS and Guardian name space Guardian programs can access only Guardian files EDIT/TEDIT editors work on only EDIT files OSS programs can access OSS and Guardian files vi and ed editors work only ASCII text files Conversion programs: EDITTOC converts EDIT file to ASCII text file CTOEDIT converts ASCII text file to EDIT file cp /G/vol/subvol/<editfile> <oss path> converts EDIT file to ASCII text file 29 © 2002 hp (524907-001) .Editing Source Files EDIT files Type 101. exist only in Guardian name space ASCII text files Type 180.

Notes ustar format is written by default Standard input/output is assumed if -f flag not provided © 2002 hp (524907-001) 30 .... writes.pax Utility Portable Archive Interchange (pax) utility POSIX-compliant program Supports ustar and cpio archive formats Reads.. and lists members of an archive file Copies directory hierarchies Supports both disk and tape media Command syntax Read: List: pax -r [-cdiknuv] [-f archive] . pax –f archive Write: pax -w [-adituvX] [-b blocksize] [-f archive] .

h © 2002 hp (524907-001) 31 .h files in current directory: $ tar -cvf tarfile *.c *.c and .c *.h To archive files in sourcedir directory: $ tar -cvf tarfile sourcedir To list archive files in tarfile archive file: $ tar -tvf tarfile To extract only .h files from tarfile archive: $ tar -xvf tarfile *.c and .tar Utility Useful for file transfers Packs files into archive file on source machine Extracts files from archive file on destination machine Examples: To archive all .

pax On the OSS host: Change to src directory $ cd src Extract archive files $ pax -r -v -f src. .] FTP file to OSS environment $ > > > ftp <OSS host> quote oss cd src put src.Transferring Files to OSS On the UNIX/Windows workstation: Create pax file $ pax -w -v -f src. .pax © 2002 hp (524907-001) 32 .pax [files .pax src.

.Retrieving Files from OSS On the OSS host: Create archive file in src directory $ cd src $ pax -w -v -f paxfile [files . .] On the UNIX/Windows workstation: Get pax file using FTP $ > > > ftp <OSS host> quote oss cd src get paxfile paxfile Read pax file $ pax -r -v -f paxfile © 2002 hp (524907-001) 33 .

cppcomp for Guardian environment c89 for OSS environment Compiler drivers TNS/E nmc. nmcPlus for Guardian environment c89 for OSS environment Guardian and OSS environment cross compilers © 2002 hp (524907-001) 34 .Native C and C++ Compilers TNS native C compiler Accepts K&R C and ISO/ANSI C TNS native C++ compiler More powerful than TNS C++ preprocessor Can use forward declarations of class specializations Can use nested templates Compiler drivers TNS/R ccomp.

Native c89 C Compiler Accepts C/C++ language source files that comply with ISO/ANSI C standard. Is supplied with standard header files and run-time libraries Reads input files using OSS APIs Use /G syntax to access Guardian files Supports NonStop extensions Embedded SQL Guardian procedure calls Supports WIDE data model and native memory model 32-bit integers and 32-bit pointers Available on OSS and Guardian environments © 2002 hp (524907-001) 35 .

Native c89 C Compilation System Components sqlcfe — Processes embedded NonStop SQL/MP source statements cfe — Preprocesses C/C++ source code into binary ucode uopt — Optimizes binary ucode ugen — Processes binary ucode into binary assembly code as1— Processes binary assembly code into object code nld — Links object and library files into an executable program sqlcomp — Further processes non-SRL executable file Input to c89 C source files and object files generated by c89 C Libraries of object files produced by the ar utility or by native compilers in either the OSS or Guardian environments © 2002 hp (524907-001) 36 .

L — Compilation listing .C — C++ source file .cpp — C++ source file Guardian files in /G © 2002 hp (524907-001) 37 .c — C source file .o — Object file .cc — C++ source file .srl — Shared run-time library (SRL) .Input/Output Files OSS files .a — Archive file .

a prog.out prog.Compiling/Linking Flow pp re ss no su prog.o ar lib.L prog.o prog2.c eld c89 -W a.o © 2002 hp (524907-001) eld executable 38 .o prog3.

c89 Command Options (1 of 2) -c — Compiles source file and suppresses binding -g — Produces symbolic information for debug -o — Produces named output file -D — Defines name value -U — Undefines name value -E — Expands preprocessor directives without compiling -I — Changes search order for header files -L — Changes search order for libraries -O — Optimizes executable -W — Uses options specific to NonStop systems © 2002 hp (524907-001) 39 .

default OSS -Wnld= or –Weld= — Passes arguments to nld/eld utility -Wsqlcomp=[args] — Invokes NonStop SQL/MP compiler.c89 Command Options (2 of 2) -Wnolink -Wextensions -Woptimize= -Wsystype= — Suppresses linking with nld — Enables NonStop extensions — Specifies optimization level 0. sqlcomp -Wrunnamed -Wfieldalign -Winnerlist -Wsuppress © 2002 hp (524907-001) — Directs nld/eld to set RUNNAMED ON — Controls alignment within structures — Shows generated instructions for each statement — Default mode. suppresses listing 40 . 1. or 2 (default is 1) — Execution environment.

c.applcat" 41 © 2002 hp (524907-001) .c y. bind object files into executable called tst.out executable: $ c89 test.c To compile a source file having HP NonStop SQL/MP statements. and z.c. and produce symbolic information for debugging: $ c89 -g -o tst x. including sqlcomp phase: $ c89 srvr.c To create native SRL.c -Wsql -Wsqlcomp="catalog \$data.c z. without sqlcomp phase: $ c89 srvr.c.c -Wsql To compile a source file having SQL/MP statements. called mylib. in current directory: $ c89 -Wsrl -Wnld=-ul -o mylib mylib. y.c and produce a.c89 Command Examples To compile test.c To compile source code modules x.

s. and s. Makefile.The make Program Compatible with the UNIX make program Default make file names makefile.Makefile make file rules Default rules kept in /usr/share/mk/ Macros typically defined in the UNIX make file CC = cc Macros defined in the OSS make file CC = c89 CFLAGS = -Wextensions © 2002 hp (524907-001) 42 .makefile.

COBOL Compilers cobol — Compiles standard TNS COBOL85 programs nmcobol — Compiles G native COBOL85 programs ecobol — Compiles H & J native COBOL85 programs Use man utility to find out information about compilation options © 2002 hp (524907-001) 43 .

for example: $ nm object. for example: $ ar tv libc.a — Displays binary file symbolic information.o strip strings lex yacc — Removes the symbolic debugging information and symbol tables from an executable file — Finds printable strings in files — Lexical analyzer program generator — Parser program generator — Native object file tool nld & eld — Native link editor noft & enoft © 2002 hp (524907-001) 44 .OSS Development Utilities ar nm — File archiver.

Creating a Guardian Executable in the OSS Environment Use -Wsystype=guardian to generate a Guardian object file Macros predefined: _TANDEM_SOURCE _GUARDIAN_TARGET Attributes turned on: HIGHPIN HIGHREQUESTER WIDE model only Example: $ c89 $ exit TACL> run newprog -Wsystype=guardian -o /G/data/fred/newprog prog.c © 2002 hp (524907-001) 45 .

Debugging a Program Run program under control of the Inspect debugger Use Inspect (or native inspect) or Visual Inspect debugger Source-level process debugging Inspect $ run -debug program Equivalent to RUND or RUNV program from TACL eInspect gtacl –p einspect © 2002 hp (524907-001) 46 .

Visual Inspect Powerful. easy-to-use visual interface Improved data structure handling and COBOL support Better windows management System-level and application-level debugging Support for distributed. multiprocess applications Improved program navigation Support for postmortem debugging © 2002 hp (524907-001) 47 .

SQL/MX Processes OSS Environment Guardian Environment MXCI MXCMP MXRTDSRV DML Statements NonStop Kernel Environment DP2 DP2 SQL/MX Database © 2002 hp (524907-001) SQL/MX Catalog 48 .

Compiling a C/C++ SQL/MX Program (option 1) MyProg.sql SQL/MX C/C++ Source File SQL/MX C/C++ Preprocessor mxsqlc eld Linker eld MyProg.c or MyProg.exe mxCompileUserModule /usr/bin/c89 C/C++ Compiler SQL/MX Compiler MyProg.cpp Annotated C/C++ Source File SQL/MX object MyProg.o C/C++ object SQL/MX executable MyProg.exe © 2002 hp (524907-001) 49 .

Compiling a C/C++ SQL/MX Program (option 2) SQL/MX C/C++ Source File SQL/MX C/C++ Preprocessor Annotated C/C++ Source File SQL/MX Module Definition File C/C++ Compiler SQL/MX Compiler C/C++ Executable © 2002 hp (524907-001) SQL/MX Module File 50 .

cpp -m myProg.m -l myProg.OSS-Hosted SQL/MX C/C++ Preprocessor Running the preprocessor mxsqlc myProg.lst mxsqlc [ [ [ [ [ [ source-file -c out-file ] -m module-definition-file ] -l list-file ] -p ] -t timestamp ] -d flag [=value] ] © 2002 hp (524907-001) 51 .sql -c myProg.

system Compiler functions are as follows: Expands SQL object names by using the current default settings Expands any view definitions Performs type checking for C/C++. NMCOBOL and SQL data types Checks SQL object references to verify their existence Determines an optimized execution plan and access path for each DML statement Generates executable code for the execution plans and creates an SQL module Places the module in the /usr/tandem/sqlmx/USER MODULES subdirectory or embedded in executable file Generates a list of the SQL statements in the program file Returns a completion code © 2002 hp (524907-001) 52 .SQL/MX Compiler (1 of 2) Installed in $system.

SQL/MX Compiler (2 of 2) Running the SQL/MX compiler for module files mxcmp -e -v myProg.exe Running the SQL/MX compiler from c89 c89 -Wsqlmx -Wmxcmp -o sqlprog.exe Running the SQL/MX compiler from ecobol ecobol -Wsqlmx -Wmxcmp -o sqlprog.ecob © 2002 hp (524907-001) 53 .exe sqlprog.m Running the SQL/MX compiler for embedded modules mxCompileUserModule -e -v myProg.

$RECEIVE Handling Same usage as within Guardian requesters/servers For servers: Use FILE_OPEN_ to open $RECEIVE Use REPLY[x] to return response For requesters: Use FILE_OPEN_ to open server process by name Use WRITEREAD[x] for two-way communication Usage: Server: Requester: $ run -name=/G/<srv-name> <srvobj> $ run <reqobj> Issue: How can requesters and servers be folded into the Pathway environment? © 2002 hp (524907-001) 54 .

Pathway Specifics (1 of 2) Requester: Consider using PATHSEND APIs Replace FILE_OPEN_ and WRITEREAD[x] with: SERVERCLASS_SEND_ SERVERCLASS_SEND_INFO_ Server: Can still use REPLY[x] Needs PATHWAY configuration update © 2002 hp (524907-001) 55 .

Pathway Specifics (2 of 2) Server configuration needs: set server processtype OSS set server cwd <OSS-pathname> set server stdin <fname> set server stdout <fname> set server stderr <fname> set server program <object-pathname> These conflict with processtype OSS: set server IN set server OUT <fname> <fname> © 2002 hp (524907-001) 56 .

proc name <open>: © 2002 hp (524907-001) 57 . returned fildes == 3.25 30NOV96. version 2.dot1test /bin/unsupported/dot1test Allows you to call APIs interactively (OSS version of lispproc). *** type "help new" for a list of the latest features & bug fixes in dot1test proc name <exit>: open path <"">: /bin/ls oflag <0x00000002 (O_RDWR)>: O_RDONLY mode:<enter> open() succeeded. Example: /home/software/tome: dot1test Welcome to dot1test.

NonStop + Open Source Higher productivity through Unix/linux like environment. © 2002 hp (524907-001) 58 . Porting time and effort dramatically reduced. 200+ Open Source ready to run out of the box on Sseries and NonStop Integrity. “Runtime” Open Source opening a wide range of applications to run on NonStop without porting efforts.

gzip or jar.tar: use pax or tar utilities in OSS Extract the download under / and read: /usr/local/Floss/<package>/README_FLOSS Your software is ready to use! No need to run Configure or make © 2002 hp (524907-001) 59 Internet: Java. Perl.z .Getting started.tar. Download Open Source from: Connect: http://www. Php or python based Open Source. ITUG downloads are delivered as file.z: You can use winzip. .

200+ Open Source on S & NS Series GUI apps X11 Samba vnc Gvim LPRng Productivity Editors Vim nano Emacs ed Security bash Openssl cscope Openssh wget sudo findutils Dev tools Gnupg dmalloc stunnel Languages cvs Perl floss Python make ruby php 60 App servers Apache Zope © 2002 hp (524907-001) .

0 Stylesheet Processor for C++ © 2002 hp (524907-001) 61 .connect-community. Newsgroup.Active community Special Interest Group "Open SIG“ register at http://www. …).0 XSLT Version 2. You can still also use the Tandem Newsgroup: news:comp. NED/GMCSC supported Open Source: NonStop XML Parser = Apache Xerces C++ 2.6 NS/JSP = Apache Tomcat LDAP client SDK = Mozilla's Directory SDK Now regroups Java.95.0 NonStop Fast XML Parser = Expat 1.tandem Remember Open Source is often not supported but you can get help in many various ways (FAQ. OSS and Open Source interests.sys.7 NonStop Soap Client = gSOAP 2. Project page.4.

Integration into OSS If you want minimum impact on the OSS behavior. if you install grep from Floss). This makes sure you won’t alter any existing system directory or settings. Most Open Source can be installed as a regular user. place /usr/local/bin at the end of the PATH: export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin If placing /usr/local/bin at the beginning of the PATH: export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH Then Open Source commands will be used instead of OSS commands (e.g. © 2002 hp (524907-001) 62 .

Open Source grep /usr/share/man/cat1/grep.27 search order corrected in the man documentation It was incorrectly documented before.1 <-.Integration into OSS: Documentation Open Source man(ual) pages are often delivered in /usr/local/man.OSS grep Solution: Use MANPATH: ie: to access only OSS commands documentation: Permanent: export MANPATH=/usr/share/man Temporary: man –M /usr/share/man <man page> G06.1 <-. Default search order: But the OSS man commands also scans other /usr/share/man/manX directories by default: /usr/local/man/manX /usr/share/man/catX /usr/local/man/catX So if you install OpenSource “grep”. man will find the OpenSource grep man page first: /usr/local/man/man1/grep. © 2002 hp (524907-001) 63 .

Gzip. Sed. this must be installed in order to use formatted man pages. /home/roland [2145]: man grep Nroff/troff is not currently installed.) © 2002 hp (524907-001) 64 . Groff. Textutils. Less.Integration into OSS: Documentation A possible second issue is that OSS man supports only ASCII man pages. To support those formats you can: Install the OpenSource utility nroff and create a symbolic link /bin/nroff to point to /usr/local/bin/nroff: ln -s /usr/local/bin/nroff /bin/nroff Install OpenSource man: Package Man_db (requires: Grep.

Samba: Connecting from start/Run © 2002 hp (524907-001) 65 .

filename completion. Note the use of color to differentiate the various syntactical elements of a C program.Vi Improved. Features include multi-level undo. online help. The following screen demonstrates use of the syntaxaware feature of Vim. syntax highlighting. an Enhanced vi Editor Vim is a nearly fully-compatible version of the vi editor. © 2002 hp (524907-001) 66 .Vim . and block operations. Vim is a major enhancement to the vi editor. command line history.

Vi Improved. an Enhanced vi Editor (cont’d) © 2002 hp (524907-001) 67 .Vim .

Hibernate © 2002 hp (524907-001) Future product plans.NonStop support for best-in-class frameworks Apache MyFaces Apache Axis2 Component based web UI framework Web services framework Spring Framework for developing apps using POJO components Hibernate Object Relational Mapping framework SASH : MyFaces. and functionality are subject to change without notice 68 . dates. Axis2. Spring.

Where do SASH frameworks fit? Mapping SASH to requirements for enterprise Java apps Presentation Business logic NonStop SQL/MX Persistence Services Web Services NSJSP (Tomcat) NonStop TS/MP NonStop OS © 2002 hp (524907-001) Scalable and available SASH execution container Future product plans. dates. and functionality are subject to change without notice 69 .

End-to-end scalability and availability Transparent Scalability Fault Tolerance © 2002 hp (524907-001) 70 .

hp.OSS Manuals •Open System Services Installation Guide •Open System Services Library Calls Reference Manual •Open System Services Management and Operations Guide •Open System Services Porting Guide •Open System Services Programmer’s Guide •Open System Services Shell and Utilities Reference Manual •Open System Services System Calls Reference Manual •Open System Services User’s Guide © 2002 hp (524907-001) 71 .

© 2002 hp (524907-001) 72 .

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