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more energy efficient by dramatically increasing the efficiency al courses have been added on Dec. 3 and 4. The LEED new con-
requirements in its widely used Standard 90.1, the energy stan- struction course will be held in Denver, while the LEED existing
dard for all buildings except low-rise residential buildings. buildings course will be offered in Baltimore.
Compared to the 2004 edition of the standard, the 2010 version ■ MCAA, MSCA and PCA are offering both support and assis-

requires 30 percent more efficiency. The following version will tance for The United Association’s new green awareness certifi-
require 50 percent more efficiency, and future versions will man- cation. This course is designed to help those involved in the
date a 70 percent increase. HVACR industry understand the emerging concepts, terminol-
Second, ASHRAE plans to vastly increase its research into ogy, systems and products that are considered green. The 10-
renewable energy to develop economically viable applications. hour training program will provide participants with the infor-
Such renewable energy systems will reduce conventional energy mation they need to understand, purchase and use energy-effi-
use by 25 percent in the year 2012, by 35 percent in 2015 and by cient green products. Participants who successfully complete
50 percent in 2018. By reducing the amount of energy a building the training program will receive a “green awareness certifica-
requires and, at the same time, increasing the amount of renew- tion” designation.
able energy the building produces, you will eventually produce a Two sold-out train-the-trainer programs were presented in
net zero energy building. August during the association’s instructor training program in
The point is that none of these directives or initiatives will be Ann Arbor, Mich., where 50 instructors were trained to teach the
published under a green label. These standards and initiatives class. The certification program was developed by HVAC
will be published just like the everyday standards ASHRAE has Excellence, Ferris State University and GreenMech.
always published. I believe that the message ASHRAE is con- ■ MCAA’s Advanced Leadership Institute (ALI) has reformatted

veying, in a very clear voice, is that the design and construction its custom case study to include green and sustainable issues. The
of high-performance buildings will be the common standard of Belmonti Mechanical Contractors case study explores a dynamic
care in our industry. That is about as mainstream as it gets. and evolving range of industry leadership issues. The fictional
case study was developed by writers at the Babson Center for
MCAA Initiatives Executive Education in Babson Park, Mass., to challenge the
If green and high-performance buildings are becoming main- mechanical contracting and service industry’s current and future
stream, what is the Mechanical Contractors Association of leaders by placing them in intense, open-ended business situa-
America (MCAA) Inc. doing to ensure its contractors are pre- tions. The addition of a green and sustainable component to chal-
pared to join it? As it turns out, a great deal. lenge the often-overwhelmed Belmonti family will add even
The following are a few highlights of MCAA’s recent efforts: greater depth, currency and relevancy to the ALI experience.
■ MCAA’s hosted its first green opportunities conference, ■ MCAA will lend its expertise and experience to the global

“Catching the Next Wave: Seizing the Green Opportunities that Clinton Climate Initiative as it endeavors to provide large cities
Lie Ahead,” in late September in Milwaukee. The conference with world-class technical assistance on an array of actions
focused on preparing MCAA member companies to seize the they might implement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
opportunities that arise from the mainstreaming of green and sus- The effort focuses on cities because urban areas account for
tainable construction. Experts on green and sustainable construc- approximately 75 percent of all energy use and greenhouse gas
tion from across the country discussed everything from inter- emissions.
nal/external marketing of green capabilities and human resource The Energy Efficiency Building Retrofit Program included in
and skills needs to what we’re already doing that is green. the initiative will provide both cities and private owners with
■ MCAA is developing a new green Web site to assist MCAA, access to the funds needed to retrofit existing buildings with
Mechanical Service Contractors of America (MSCA) and more energy-efficient products. This will lead to typical energy
Plumbing Contractors of America (PCA) members in navigating savings of between 20 and 50 percent and more than double the
the latest developments affecting mechanical construction in current market for building retrofits.
high-performance buildings. The Web site will act as a clearing- For more information on MCAA’s efforts in bringing sustainable
house for all sustainable construction information related to construction practices to the mainstream, visit ■
mechanical, service and plumbing contractors.
■ MCAA and MSCA courses are being offered to help members David J. Kruse is president of the Mechanical Contractors
become LEED-accredited professionals in either the LEED new Association of America Inc., based in Rockville, Md. He can be
construction guidelines or LEED existing buildings guidelines. reached at
The first offerings of both courses sold out quickly, so addition-