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tions. About 75 percent of the close supervision to avoid scheduling

HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED company’s total revenues are delays. “[Project Supervisor] Elton
TO KNOW ABOUT HOME generated from renovation, and Donald, the person I had onsite, was fan-
RENOVATION: 25 percent are from custom tastic,” Ewald says about her renovation.
homebuilding. The company “He was an excellent communicator and
1. Get the contract in writing. primarily serves clients in very good at keeping things moving. He
2. Look for a professional renovator. upscale neighborhoods in was fantastic with the subtrades.”
the lower mainland, west
3. Take the character of your
neighborhood into account. and north of Vancouver, It’s What’s on the Inside
within 25 miles of its head- Despite tight control over its building
4. Plan how you will live in the
quarters. “The dollar value we and renovation projects, one thing Kerr
space during construction.
range from is quite wide, with can’t control is the shifting interior
5. Know your financial boundaries. the average job being between design trends. “It is getting more com-
Source: Greater Vancouver Homebuilders’ Association
$100,000 and $800,000, with plex each year,” Kerr explains. “What
some projects over $1 million,” used to be high-end is getting to be more
Kerr notes. standard. People’s expectations have
Kerr launched the business 20 years Kerr Construction caters to gone up.
ago after spending his earlier career com- mid- and upper-level-income homeown- “The craftsman style in the last five
peting and representing Canada on the ers, but no project is too small. It special- years has been the most dominant, but I
World Cup circuit as a member of the izes in design/build and in areas includ- feel that this is changing. Now, people
Canadian Ski Team. “My whole life I’ve ing budgeting, permits and zoning, mate- want more of a contemporary, West
been trying to do the best at everything I rials selection, warranties and scheduling. Coast-style. It’s more of a contemporary
did,” he says, “and that carried over into “We’ve grown at over 900 percent in the look without the heavy moldings and
construction.” past five years,” Kerr notes, adding that trim, but with lots of windows and lots
Since 1987, Kerr Construction has revenues are up 30 percent year-to-date. of warm woods and stone work.”
built its client base designing and con- The company’s 14 project supervisors, The modern layouts have also opened
structing custom-built homes and per- three project managers and quality con- up common areas in homes. “People tend
forming complicated residential renova- trol personnel keep its projects under to want to change the floor plan away