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City Lights served as the general contractor for a

$85 million automated fare system installation for
the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Ready for the Unexpected

With a major contract recently completed for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, City
Lights Electrical Co. Inc. secures its place among New England’s premier mechanical contractors.

By Brooke Knudson Rising Through the Ranks

C ity Lights Electrical Co. Inc. has come a long way in

the 18 years since the company’s founding, moving
from small electrical service contracts to some of the
largest mechanical contracts put out to bid in the New Eng-
land area, Executive Vice President Joseph Callanan says.
CEO Maryanne Cataldo founded City Lights in 1989. Early
in the company’s history, City Lights performed mainte-
nance work for private companies, including installing
computer lines and new systems for service companies. It
eventually gained contract work in the public sector, mainly
With extensive experience completing work for the in transit and heavy highway and civil jobs. Callanan says
Central Artery Tunnel Project and for a growing list the type of work it garners has shifted within the last 18
of clients such as the Massachusetts Bay Transportation months as public budgets in the northeast become leaner.
Authority (MBTA) and the City of Boston and Mass- With billions of dollars going towards the Big Dig – the
achusetts Water Resources Authority, City Lights is a Central Artery Tunnel Project providing the main highway
force to be reckoned with regionally. access to Boston now in its final stages – Callanan says con-
“We do a lot of fast-track projects struction dollars are becoming tighter for public work. The
City Lights Electrical Co. Inc. for a lot of different clients under a company now splits work 50/50 between the public and lot of different industries, but the key private sector. Today, the company maintains more than
2006 revenues: $100 million to it is management, logistics and 200 field and office employees out of its Canton, Mass.,
Headquarters: Canton, Mass.
Employees: 200 having the right people from the top headquarters and offices in Boston, Providence, R.I., and
Services: Electrical contracting all the way down,” Callanan says. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Joseph Callanan, EVP: “You “You have critical deadlines you have “Currently, our majority of work is coming from the pri-
have critical deadlines you have
to meet, and you have to be to meet, and you have to be ready for vate sector in commercial, retail markets,” Callanan
ready for the unexpected.” the unexpected.” explains. “We are also gearing up and increasing the size of