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The Toronto-based Tridel
Group of Cos. is leading the
green construction trend with
a number of LEED-certified
projects in Canada.

Tridel Strives to be Green

Tridel, one of the largest residential real estate firms in Canada, is focused on building green projects
through its ‘Naturally Better’ program. It plans to start eight new LEED-certified projects this year.

T oronto-based Tridel Group of Cos. is committed to

making all new projects LEED-certified and follow-
ing its “Naturally Better” program. The program is
focused on sustainable building design and performance
in construction, property management and corporate
related services. Founded in the 1950s, the company has
built 66,500 homes. Its property management division
manages 32,000 condominiums, 14,000 rental units, 15
million square feet of residential and commercial rental
space and 45,000 acres of land.
stewardship. “Over the past 70 years, through listening to our cus-
The core principles of Naturally Better are energy con- tomers and responding to their needs, Tridel has become
servation, environmental sustainability, resource manage- Canada’s leading developer and builder of quality condo-
ment, health and comfort, and cost-effectiveness. miniums and homes,” the company says. “We’ve worked
“The construction industry is one that sees change at a very hard to become the industry leader and we’re proud
slow pace, but now the growing demand for green build- of the quality homes and communities we’ve created.”
ings has posed rapid changes,” according to Distinction,
the company’s marketing magazine. Green Effort
Tridel Group of Cos. “It affects all areas, from the initial Its effort to construct environmentally friendly projects is design and planning stage, to engineer- supported by three years of in-house R&D initiatives. Part
Headquarters: Toronto ing and selection of products and equip- of that effort includes integrating traditional construction
Service: Real estate
Tridel: “The R&D department at ment.” methods with innovative design, new technology and
Tridel looks to constantly push One of the largest residential real other creative products. To do that, it has combined the
the envelope on evolving the estate groups in Canada, Tridel offers strengths of its suppliers, manufacturers, trades, consult-
construction industry and mov-
ing in the direction of sustain- development, sales, construction, proper- ants and other organizations. “Such integration between
ability.” ty management and other real estate- various agencies has been the most effective way to identi-