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Bentall Capital, a real estate services compa-
ny serving large clients, says its tenant sur-
vey ratings are extremely high.

Bentall’s Structure is Key

Bentall Capital, a Canadian real estate services company, has a regional and product focus that allows it
to send resources quickly from slower markets into hot sectors of construction.

By Brian Salgado estate company that breaks down into four groups:

M ore than anything else, the real estate industry ■ Bentall Investment Management LP works with pen-

is a regional business, according to Bentall sion fund clients to advise on real estate investments.
Capital, a real estate services company in Can- ■ Bentall Real Estate Services LP handles office and

ada. Tony Astles, executive vice president/British Columbia, industrial products, including property management, leas-
says that is why Bentall is structured with business unit ing, development services and construction, specializing by
leaders in each Canadian region where it operates. asset.
“Our knowledge of local markets is unsurpassed because ■ Bentall Retail Services LP specializes in retail

we have a strong market presence on the ground in each products – development, construction, leasing and proper-
market,” Astles says. ty management.
“In the last few years, there have been vast regional dif- ■ Bentall Capital U.S. is a separate entity that manages the

ferences in regional economic activity.” company’s service products in the United States.
Bentall was founded in Vancouver, According to Astles, Bentall acts as a fiduciary for 79 mil-
Bentall Capital British Columbia, Canada, in 1911 when lion square feet of real estate across more than 600 proper-
HQ: Vancouver, British an engineering and construction special- ties currently valued at $15 billion (Canadian). The compa-
Columbia, Canada ist named Charles Bentall joined Dom- ny has headquarters in Vancouver and employs 1,100 peo-
Employees: 1,100
Services: Real estate advising inion Construction. In the 20th century, ple throughout Canada.
Tony Astles, executive VP: the organization evolved as a developer
“Our knowledge of local markets and manager throughout Canada and, in By Region and Product
is unsurpassed because we
have a strong market presence the mid-1980s, into the United States. Along with its regional focus, Astles says Bentall’s divisions
on the ground in each market.” Today, Bentall is an integrated real are also categorized by product type. In his mind, there is


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