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Landsman Development focuses on repur-
posing large, 20,000- to 40,000-square-foot
spaces to fit smaller-scale needs.

Renovations in Rochester
Landsman Development Corp. has adapted to a changing market in Rochester, N.Y., and has come out
on top after shifting its focus from new construction to renovation projects.

By Joanna Miller ings that can be renovated to fit the needs of smaller firms.

T he greater Rochester, N.Y., area has changed drama-

tically in the last decade. Large, multinational cor-
porations such as Xerox, Kodak and Bausch and
Lomb once drove the local economy with large headquar-
ters that employed thousands.
“It’s not the $50 million to $80 million jobs of the ’80s,” he
notes. “These are the $1 million and $750,000 jobs. We’ve
adapted very well to that.” The company now focuses re-
purposing the large, 20,000- to 40,000-square-foot spaces to
fit smaller-scale needs.
And local companies like Landsman Development Corp. “When Kodak dumps 8,000 skilled employees with a
had their hands full helping these tenants and their sup- great deal of training, these people band together and form
port industries build and expand. companies,” Goff explains. “They’re making Rochester a great
That all changed in the ’90s when the corporate giants place with a strong technical educational base and a strong,
began downsizing. According to Landsman CEO Jim Goff, underutilized work force. It’s great for companies looking
new development came to a screeching halt. But while the for a reasonably priced labor market. It’s one of the cheap-
presence of these large companies has dim- est housing markets in the country.”
Landsman Development
Corp. inished, the local skilled work force has not. New, smaller companies have begun to take Renovated Approach
2006 revenues: $8.1 million over the local economy, and have shifted Landsman’s construction arm, Mayzon Building Services
Headquarters: Rochester, N.Y.
Employees: 150 the development focus from new construct- Group (BSG) Inc., has capitalized on the renovation trend,
Services: Development, con- ion to renovation. says BSG President Charlie Maloney. The company has
struction and management There hasn’t been a tower crane in also paid close attention to its new customers’ needs and
Jim Goff, CEO: “[Rochester is]
one of the cheapest housing Rochester since 1994, Goff says, but the expectations, he says.
markets in the country.” large corporations left behind large build- “I think the market is much less sophisticated than when


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