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etc. We self-perform most of our work.” “We are one of the few companies ever importance of communication. “I learned
The company’s concrete division has contracted to completely decommission that communication is very [critical],” he
developed “innovative construction tech- and dismantle a nuclear power plant,” it states. “I-84 [was] a large, crucial job due
niques and mastered the skills needed to notes. “Our project list includes Boston’s to its size and complexity. We [were] suc-
stay on time and on budget,” the compa- 23-story Madison Hotel, Hartford’s first cessful because we communicated inter-
ny says. “We are experts at meeting fast- skyscraper and the World Trade Center nally and with others involved.”
track deadlines. site in New York.” The company reconstructed the two-
“There is no substitute for experience,” The company also offers a range of lane interstate to include three lanes each
it adds. “Whether it’s multilevel parking highly specialized remediation work. “We going east and westbound. in June 2006.
structures or stadium foundations, waste- thoroughly prepare and secure every proj- This three-mile reconstruction, which
water treatment facilities or a 34-story, ect site, then remove and dispose of asbe- started in May 2003, includes construct-
200-room, cast-in-place, post-tension stos, lead paint, liquid mercury, hazard- ing standard-width shoulders, ramp con-
hotel, we deliver.” ous microbial materials and other bio- nections and roadside improvements.
The company also offers a comprehen- hazards, leaking underground storage It was completed in August.
sive list of site development services. The tanks, and filter contaminated groundwa- Additionally, the company also per-
company’s overall services include site ter,” it explains. formed two bridge replacements.
clearance, demolition, grading, excava- “Continuous training assures every job According to ConnDOT, I-84 carried
tion, foundation, concrete, highway, is done safely, thoroughly, and well with- approximately 130,000 vehicles a day in
bridge, pipe work, utilities installation, in all applicable state and federal regulato- 2000. The main purpose of the project
paving, sidewalks and curbing, landscap- ry requirements. was to address traffic congestion and in-
crease safety, Manafort
Brothers explains.

Generational Leadership
Manafort Brothers can trace
its roots back to 1919 when
Italian immigrant James
Manafort founded the New
Britain House Wrecking
Co. in Connecticut. When
his four sons took over the
business, they renamed it
Manafort Brothers Inc.,
and it grew to become one
of the state’s leading demo-
lition firms.
“A third generation of
Manaforts brought the
organization into a leader-
ship position in the con-
struction industry, gaining
a notable reputation,” the
company states. “They
expanded the company’s
capabilities into excava-
tion, site work, concrete
ing and planting, waste removal and “We make sites safe, for the client, the construction and waste removal. As busi-
recycling. community and the future,” it adds. ness increased, so did the respect and
When it comes to demolition, Man- trust Manafort earned from their clients.”
afort Brothers says it is the oldest con- Recent Work The company is now in the hands of
tractor in the Northeast. “We excel at the One of the company’s recently completed fourth-generation leaders. “They, like the
most difficult demolitions – those requir- projects was the I-84 reconstruction in previous generations, bring Manafort
ing expertise and highly specialized equip- Cheshire and Southington, Conn., led by Brothers to new levels of success, build-
ment,” the company says. Project Manager Justin Gill and Project ing on their reputation through the work
Its demolition services include com- Superintendent Mike Dumphy. Working ethic that James Manafort instilled in his
plete removals, implosions, interior strip- with the Connecticut Department of Trans- sons and his business nearly a century
outs and 24-hour emergency responses. portation’s (ConnDOT), Negro notes the ago,” the company says. ■


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