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Marshall Erdman and Associates completed a
design/build project for repeat client Marshfield
Clinic’s Rice Lake Center in Wisconsin.

Design/Build Since 1950

Many general contractors around the country have just recently discovered the benefits of design/build
delivery, but Marshall Erdman and Associates has known the secret for more than five decades.

By Brian Salgado

T The design/build method of delivering projects has

grown in popularity across the United States in re-
cent years. But Marshall Erdman and Associates, a
healthcare design/builder based in Madison, Wis., can boast
57 years of experience with design/build projects.
By the 1970s, Marshall Erdman had refocused its energy
and worked exclusively on healthcare projects. In 2003,
R.W. Baird and the Lubar family of Milwaukee led an
investment group in buying out the design/build firm
from the Erdman family.
Marshall Erdman was founded in 1950 and directly Hetland and Steve Bunge, senior project construction
employs all architectural, engineering and construction manager, took time to speak with Construction Today
services for healthcare facilities throughout the United about Marshall Erdman’s use of project management soft-
States. Today, the company still has its headquarters in ware, the challenge of finding quality subcontractors and a
Madison, as well as offices in Atlanta, Denver, Dallas, recent project being built in Rice Lake, Wis.
Seattle and Washington, D.C. Construction Today: What are some recent developments
Marshall Erdman works strictly in the for Marshall Erdman?
Marshall Erdman and
Associates healthcare field today, but John Hetland, John Hetland: We are piloting our first project using BIM regional construction manager in Mad- – building information modeling – which offers 5-D mod-
2006 sales: $402 million ison, says the company started out in de- eling of a project. By putting the project information into a
HQ: Madison, Wis.
Employees: 500 sign, building houses and small buildings digital format, we are able to create 3-D modeling of build-
Services: Design/build for doctors. Marshall Erdman started the ings that will speed up the design process and identifies
John Hetland: “[Our company business and made his reputation by work- interference problems or issues instantly. The BIM tool
needs] to attract quality sub-
contractors; they can make or ing with Frank Lloyd Wright and utilizing will (allow) customers to make quicker decisions with the
break a project.” modular-type construction. use of visual aides, like walk-bys and fly-bys, to allow the