9 Simple Step By Step Guide and Tips for Dungeons & Treasures
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Actually this info can be found on the menu First Step after you successfully log in. But in this note, I will add some simple tips to the game. 1. Register An Account Simple. Register your account by click this link or directly copy paste this link to your browser:

Once you sign in Dungeons - Treasures, the confirmation email will be sent to your email. Validate your account and you’re ready to play! Warning: Do not ever try to register for second times on the same ip address, one ip is only allowed for one account. If you violate, it may subject to penalties. Your gold will not be converted at the current month on the end adventure.Check the DT policy for more details. 2. Log in and immediately buy adventure equipment Once you login, you will be given 500 gold to provide capital equipment that can be either war swords, daggers, nets, protective, etc.. You can purchase the equipment at the shop menu or you can look at the market. But do not be surprised if the market price can be many times more expensive, is due to the stock in the shop has run out. Tips 1: Choose the appropriate weapon and see the level of durability such weapons because the weapons used repeatedly will eventually be damaged. Or if you know your referrer, you can send messages to your up referral, if they can sell items at low prices or special sale to your character. Tips 2: Do not buy any potions in the shop before you try to view the prices offered by other players in the market for a cheaper price).Various potions can also be found in the dungeon. I’m never buy a potion from the first day I start the game. I prefer to buy a stronger weapon than rely on potions. Why? Sometimes it doesn’t work/nothing happen when you use the potion(s)! If you have any learning potion +1 (sometimes you can find it in a dungeon) use it immediately. It will add +2 points to your experience point from the monster you kill. This potion will be active for 1 hour. Tips 3: Don’t buy any magic spell before you reached 10th level. If you buy a magic spell after the 10th level, then the spell will be installed automatically.

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3. Discover the Dungeon Go to the Tavern and click find the dungeon. You have the opportunity to have a chance to find a new dungeon every day you log in (one day only one). It is recommended to finish a dungeon completely before you try to open a new dungeon. Make sure you’ve exploit the gold and exp points at the maximum from the dungeon. Dungeon is a tunnel that contains monsters and treasures, every day we are only allotted a Dungeon. On our adventure in the Dungeon will be equipped with three lives that will be reset every day. Tips 1: Do not forget to equip your equipment before exploring the Dungeon, to put on your equipment, go through the menu My Equipment. If you forget to put the equipment in advance, if you do so the equipment can not be used. You must exit the dungeon (see tips #6 below : Exit From Dungeon) to get some tips. IMPORTANT! ONCE AGAIN: You can not change such as weapons and protective equipment after being in the dungeon unless you find another weapon lying on the floor and want to replace your current weapon.Bring along two kinds of weapon is recommended. Tips 2: If you get lost, you can click on the map at the bottom left corner of the screen to enlarge the image that you explore the dungeon map.The bold lines are show the border of the area, check the map area without bold lines, this indicates the area of the map is not visited yet. White Skull mark is show the enemy you’ve counter/defeated. The red ones show that the monster are injuried by your last attack (then you run or die). Brown tiny door icon show the doors in the dungeon.

4. Heal the wound.
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During the fight with the monsters, you will be injured and will reduce your life after the injury reaches 5 points. You can heal the wound by clicking on a healing potion Read trick # 1 (2nd tip) to get healing potion at lower price. Tips : Examine carefuly as you walk through the maze because sometimes you will find gold, weapons, drugs and other bonuses. Double click on image/shining take it. If you do not have a healing potion, you can get out of the dungeon (read # 6 below). If you get five cuts and healed immediately or you will lose 1 live points if you get hurt once again. Every day you live will get 3 live points. 5. Raise your skill. Increasing your level then monsterpun will get stronger, then kill as many monsters in order to get credited for improving your experience. Tips : You better kill than capture the monsters you met. The monsters are very cheap priced in the market. The monster which have expensive price are the monster in request (you can check the monster market to see the listing). To catch a monster you need to buy net in the shop first. 6. Out of the Dungeon If you've finished exploring all of the halls you can get out of the Dungeon, or if you need to give a new weapon in the shop, you must first exit the Dungeon. Tips : To reach the entrance without reach back thru the maze, you can click on the Back to Entrance is located on the top right corner of your screen to instantly be in the exit. Click leave if you won’t back again in this dungeon (or you’re dead). If you’re going to go to shop or othe page just click at your destination. After finish with your business just click the dungeon name below your exp point status on the left. Then click enter. You can’t revisit the dungeon via tavern at this time just do the previous step. 7. EXTRA TIPS! Wait! Let’s Mining for MORE Gold Want more instant gold? G-O-L-D?, Try some of this mini games to ear some extra gold if you’re lucky. The games is recommended to play every times you visit the web page. Just try: • • • Visit The Temple every day. It’s simple. If you’re lucky you might get some extra gold. Just one visit per day is more than enough. Twice result nothing. Make Sure you open Treasure Chest. Use the key you found in the Dungeon. Treasures Hunt. This is a bonus game. Use your luck to find gold or dollars in a map. There are 100 boxes you can click.
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To start the game you have to click the "have my free box of the day". It’s free! If the result is you win a ticket then click on "play the free treasure hunt". After that you can click on one of the boxes in the map. Do not click on the map that was clicked on other players (it’s a blank-black spotted area) Treasures Zurgs (for beginner, it’s easy to pay 1,000 gold per play) This game is a battle to defeat the monster. The game is automatically executed by the computer. So you’re only hope in your lucky click pass at bottom right corner to skip the animation. Your chance is 3 wins per 5 games. If you’re lucky, you can win up to 10,000 gold or even get a jackpot. It’s possible to earn up to 30,000 gold by play this game.To play it, you have to buy tickets for 1000 gold per play.TIPS: budget about 3000 gold for first play. Allocate just 50% from the gold you get by play this bonus game (for 3,00010,000 gold prize). It mean, if you get 10,000 gold throw a lucky by throw away 5,000 to play it. Wisely maintain your expense of gold. Because the game is addicting and so many fun! Just do it when you’re feeling lucky.

8. End of the adventure. On the last day of each month, the adventure will end, and your gold will be converted in $ U.S. On the first day of next month, a new adventure begins. All reset reset to zero unless you star. Tips: Sell all your supplies in order to be converted into dollars. Just leave some to be used in the next adventure. Selected the best weapon which match for you. 9. The conversion rate in Dungeon & Treasures How many dollar you can convert from your gold? • • 100,000 Gold equal to 0.27 DT$ 1DT$ equal to €0.70 (real cash transferred to your PayPal).

This is an estimated conversion rate refer to the Forums at January 2012. Please refer to the DT forum’s page for the latest conversion rate info. If you reach minimum of DT$10, you can request a payment in real Euro You can increase the conversion value of your gold to $ by increasing your rank level

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. There are 12 levels of rank, you can see in the Dungeons & Treasure Ranking page. That’s the last of my simple DT tips and tricks. Visit my blog for other info! OR MAYBE: If you want to download another interesting flash game to play it offline, please visit my blog at: NB: New flash game added to download every day, so visit my blog daily to get some new flash game or the cheats and walkthrough of the game. NB: Register to play Dungeon & Treasure? Click:
or visit my blog to get more info. See you in the game.

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