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Lathrop is the contractor for The Shops at

Fallen Timbers, an outdoor retail center that

Tom Ethington
will include department stores, restaurants
and a movie theater.

Acquiring Clients For Life

The Lathrop Co. is completing a large open mall. The Shops at Fallen Timbers, in Maumee, Ohio. It
expects to be on time despite material and weather problems during the early stage of construction.
By Fernie Grace Tiflis project is we were able to do a lot of pre-planning, which

T he Shops at Fallen Timbers, an outdoor retail center

located in Maumee, Ohio, is expected to attract locals
and tourists alike when it is completed this fall. Own-
er General Growth Properties Inc., a real estate investment
trust based in Chicago, awarded the project to Toledo, Ohio-
made it successful,” Benjamin says. “Through our efforts in
pre-planning and pre-construction phases, we believe the
owner realized the benefits, especially when we’re able to
work in a partnership type of atmosphere.”
In addition, architect ka Architecture of Cleveland is in-
based general contractor The Lathrop Co., a wholly owned volved throughout every phase of the project, Benjamin
subsidiary of Turner Construction. states. “ka is a team member as far as solving issues,” he
Lathrop is the contractor for the 750,000-square-foot notes. “That’s something unique, because a lot of times you
open mall, which will have about 280,000 square feet of don’t see that.”
retail in 10 buildings. The tenants will include a 200,000- Benjamin adds that both the architects and subcontrac-
square-foot Dillards department store, JC Penney and a 14- tors help with the tight deadline. “Our relationships with
screen Showcase Cinema, as well as Barnes our subcontractors are really strong – that is one of the
The Lathrop Co. – The Shops
at Fallen Timbers Project & Noble and PF Chang’s China Bistro. major reasons for this success,” he says. “Good relation- The Shops is expected to be completed ships with the project team – owner, architect, engineer
/lathrop in October 2007 after 13 months of con- and subcontractors – is the key.”
Project location: Maumee,
Ohio struction. Lathrop’s focus on teamwork
Employees: Four (on-site) took it through tight schedules and ardu- Setting the Pace
Services: General contractor ous weather conditions, Project Executive A challenge Lathrop faced was modifying already fabricat-
Ray Benjamin, project man-
ager: “Good relationships with Ray Benjamin says. ed steel to accommodate some of the tenant’s last-minute
the project team ... is the key.” “One of the advantages we had in this changes. Project Manager Dan Singler says it adapted by