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WABI 9/17/07 1:38 PM Page 232

Wabi offers project management and general con-
tracting services on mechanical, maintenance and
civil projects.

Understanding Its Clients

Wabi Development offers comprehensive general contracting and project management services to clients
throughout North America, with an ability to meet or exceed the most demanding requirements.

W ith experienced construction management

teams, Wabi Development says it has demon-
strated its ability to “successfully complete pro-
jects, meeting or exceeding the most demanding client re-
quirements.” The company is a privately owned, multidisci-
tracting make up a significant portion of the activities under-
taken by Wabi Development,” the company says. “Client re-
quirements are fully evaluated and translated into success-
ful projects, some of which take several years to develop
and fully commission.”
plined construction firm. The company has undertaken a variety of mechanical
“The key to Wabi Development’s prominence and recog- projects, including wet electrostatic precipitator installations,
nition in the industry is that we not only listen to our clients, stack installations, equipment change-outs, high-speed cou-
we understand them,” the company states. “Their goals be- plings, water turbine installations, and gear and drive install-
come our goals.” ations. “The diverse and specialized mechanical expertise is
The company offers project management and general especially evident on many industrial installations,” it notes.
contracting services on mechanical, maintenance and civil
projects. It also offers design and shop Maintenance Services
Wabi Development fabrication services. On the maintenance side, the company has certified mill-
HQ: New Liskeard, Ontario Wabi served as construction man- wrights and welders who offer support to primary resource
Services: Project management agers for the construction of two of the industries. “Available on short notice for breakdown repairs
and general contracting
Wabi Development: “The key world’s largest strand board plants in South or scheduled planned maintenance, Wabi Development
to Wabi Development’s promi- Carolina. The plants represent an invest- will provide rapid, efficient turnarounds, improving plant
nence and recognition in the ment of more than $500 million by the profitability,” the company says.
industry is that we not only listen
to our clients, we understand owner, Grant Forest Products Inc. The company’s maintenance services have included
them.” “Project management and general con- steam turbine gear reducer maintenance and cyclone dust