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There are four tire-testing facilities in “We have several hot mix plants and TxDOT work is one of the best games in
west Texas, and Reece Albert, Inc. has several portable crushing facilities,” he town right now.”
worked with each of their owners – says. “We got into doing our own con- He says more than 50 percent of the
Bridgestone/Firestone, Goodyear, Cont- crete work in the early ’70s, which includ- company’s work comes from TxDOT and
inental/General and Cooper Tire. Reece ed curb and gutter and sidewalk work. the remainder is a mixture of projects for
Albert, Inc. built the Cooper Tire facility “We expanded that through the years commercial, private development and
in Pearsall, Texas, in 1998, Albert says. to include some concrete paving for other government entity clients. “We
“We’re pretty proud to be able to build roadways,” he continues. work with many different types of clients,”
something like that from the ground up,” “Our work volume increased dramati- he emphasizes.
he says. cally four years ago when we got into The company specializes in work in-
“Building testing tracks is specialty construction of concrete structures volving tight specifications. “We like high-
work that requires tight grade tolerances through the acquisition of a long-time ly-engineered work, and we’re good at it,”
and demands very consistent quality.” local bridge building company. Structures Albert says.
Also during the ’60s and ’70s, Reece Al- work is plentiful at this time in Texas.” “Not all contractors pursue that type of
bert Inc. began working with government During the ’70s, the company also began work. For us, it was born out of necessity.
agencies such as the U.S. Army Corps of doing its own utility work for subdivi- As a company growing up in west Texas,
Engineers. It took on multiple projects at sion projects. It continues to offer earth- you have to do it all.
west Texas Air Force bases, including work, hot mix paving, concrete paving, “It’s not like being in the Dallas/Ft.
Goodfellow Air Force Base in San Angelo concrete structure, utilities and materials Worth area where you can specialize.
and Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio. It production services. We’ve had to take on many different
continues to work at both bases, as need- kinds of work to survive, in a way.”
ed, and has done limited work at Dyess Challenges Welcome Albert says he sees a strong future for
Air Force Base in Abilene. Reece Albert Inc. continues to work with the company.
tire-testing facilities in the area, as well as “We intend to continue to play a major
Production Services with TxDOT. “In the state of Texas, DOT role in the further development of the
Today, Reece Albert leases and owns funding has been at a fairly high level for border area and west Texas, as well other
more than 20 quarries throughout the the last several years,” Albert says. unique opportunities that present them-
west Texas area, Albert says. “Texas has a $5 billion-plus program. selves in our area,” he says. ■