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Water Improvements drain on water resources and a financial number or large drill rigs in our fleet ex-
According to the Ontario Sewer and Wat- drain on residents,” said OSWCA Exec- pands,” MacLeod says.
ermain Construction Association (OSW- utive Director Frank Zechner. Oil and gas production is a large mar-
CA), local communities are now focused “Leaky pipes also compromise fire hyd- ket for the country. According to the Can-
on improving Ontario’s water system. rant systems as it becomes more difficult adian Association of Petroleum Producers,
During the last half of 2007, L.T.L. per- to sustain needed pressures and volumes Canada is the third-largest natural gas pro-
formed work as the prime civil subcon- through leaky watermains.” ducer in the world and the ninth-largest
tractor for the $14 million Ignace New crude oil producer.
Water System project. L.T.L.’s work in- Directional Drilling Also, oil sands account for almost 30
cluded the excavations and backfilling in- Six years ago, L.T.L. formed a sister com- percent of Canada’s total oil production.
cluding dewatering for the new water pany called L.T.L. Directional Drilling In 1858, North America’s first commer-
treatment plant and wetwells, installation Services, which focuses on trenchless con- cial oil well was drilled in Ontario, the
of about 9,842 feet of raw watermain, struction, directional and horizontal association says. According to the associ-
crossing under railway tracks and instal- drilling and pipe-ramming installations. ation, Ontario has 2,500 low-producing
lation of raw water intake 492 feet into L.T.L. Directional Drilling has seen a oil and gas wells, and encompasses one-
the source lake including all associated huge growth in oil and gas industries third of Canada’s oil production and 38
rock removals and site restoration. across Canada. percent of gas production. The province
L.T.L. could receive more projects in- As a directional drilling company with uses 570,000 barrels of refined petrole-
volving pipe installation, due to an aging specialized drilling equipment and recy- um and 2.6 billion cubic feet of natural
infrastructure. According to OSWCA, be- cling equipment including the ability to gas daily.
tween 20 and 40 percent of underground drill through rock, L.T.L.’s services have In 2005, four oil wells and 31 natural
pipes that carry water to Ontario residents seen a high demand in this industry. gas wells were drilled in Ontario, which
goes into the ground before it gets to taps The primary focus has been on the produced 2,400 barrels of conventional
because the pipes are about 50 years old, installation of pipelines crossing en- oil and 30 million cubic feet of natural
some even as old as 100 years. vironmentally sensitive areas, which have gas per day. At the end of that year,
Also, leakage from old pipes can cause restricted access to normal open- cut meth- Ontario’s reserves had 10 million barrels
basement flooding, foundation erosion ods of installation. “The market will con- of natural oil and 500 billion cubic feet
and even sink holes. “Leaky pipes are a tinue to grow for our company as the of natural gas. ■