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SPS New England is in the final phase of a

$32.3 million road construction project in
Canton and Dedham, Mass.

SPS: New England Leader

Despite numerous challenges, SPS New England is set to complete a $32.3 million road construction
project in December 2008. The project is expected to alleviate traffic congestion and improve safety.

By Libby John McLaughlin says the project will help alleviate traffic

S PS New England Inc. is in the final phase of a $32.3

million road construction project to add a fourth lane
in each direction of 1.25 miles of I-95 in Canton and
Dedham, Mass. It is also performing bridge work over the
Neponset River, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Auth-
congestion and improve safety in the area. The project is
located at the split between I-93 and I-95, which gets con-
gested during rush hours, he says.
“It is a good project that will benefit the public for years
to come,” he adds. It will also improve traffic heading to
ority/Amtrak railroads and University Avenue. Gillette Stadium, home to the New England Patriots.
The project scope includes full-depth pavement recon-
struction, drainage improvements, construction of retain- Problems and Limitations
ing walls, installation of new guardrail and guide signs, The project was originally slated to be finished in May 2007,
landscaping and wildlife crossing under the Neponset but several factors pushed the completion date back 18
River bridge, according to Senior Vice President months. For example, McLaughlin says it was difficult to
Tim McLaughlin. coordinate with Amtrak when building the new 230-foot
SPS New England/I-95 and I-
93 Interchange The project is divided into four phases bridge adjacent to its electrified train corridor. The compa- and will be completed in December 2008, ny could only work on that bridge when Amtrak’s lines were
Project cost: $32.3 million McLaughlin says. Each phase requires full shut down from midnight or 1 a.m. to 3:30 a.m.
Location: Canton and Dedham,
Mass. replacement of three bridges, from foun- “This poses significant difficulty in demolishing the exist-
Scope: Bridge renovation, new dation up. After the final phase is complete, ing structure and constructing the new structure, which in-
lane the company will then demolish and re- volves driven pile foundations, concrete construction and
Tim McLaughlin: “It is a good
project that will benefit the public move an old bridge that spans across I-95 steel girder erection,” he says.
for years to come.” and is not in use. This limitation caused the project to be delayed for more