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SERVICESTAR is taking advantage of a

market shift toward lifestyle developments.

Grabbing the Opportunity

SERVICESTAR Development says it tries to ‘create a sense of place that’s vibrant, convenient, and a
place where people want to shop, be entertained and enjoy themselves.’

By Fernie Grace Tiflis 20-acre sites that other developers didn’t want, he notes.

F ormed through a partnership in 1996 between Shell

and Firestone, SERVICESTAR Development Co. ini-
tially was created to develop 50 automotive service
centers in Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Boston and
northern Virginia, as well as Florida and Atlanta. Its transi-
“These sites are too big for individual pad buyers, and too
small for larger development, such as lifestyle centers,”
Poremba says. “We would develop these [automotive centers
with] a neighborhood center that have 20,000 to 40,000
square feet of unanchored retail and pad ready out lots. So,
tion into a mixed-use developer was by accident, recalls as the time went on, we eventually took on larger projects
Andy Poremba, director of construction. as we were completing our program of automotive-related
As an automotive center developer, the company created development.”
a Shell Oil Co. motor fuel, convenience store and car wash One of the company’s last automotive center projects
with Firestone’s tire sales, fast lube and automotive servic- was the 18-acre Heritage Meadows in Plainfield, Ill.
es. The challenge in this market, Poremba notes, is finding Completed in July 2007 after a year of construction, the
real estate. “The initial need included a facility consists of a 43,000-square-foot retail space, two out-
SERVICESTAR Development three-acre, pad-ready site that is on a busy lots, a Shell center with Dunkin Donuts and a Firestone. “It’s
Co. corner,” he states. “This type of real estate doing really well,” Poremba says. “It’s already one of the
HQ: Greenwood Village, Colo. is [in] very high demand because pharma- busiest Shell stations in the area.” The project’s budget was
Employees: 18
Services: Real estate developer cies and banks are competing for the approximately $12 million.
Andy Poremba, director of same sites.” Concurrently, SERVICESTAR also built the Butterfield
construction: “To be known as To adapt to the challenge, SERVICES- Village Center in Aurora, Ill. It is similar to Heritage
a leader in mixed-use develop-
ments would be an achieve- TAR would create pad sites for its build- Meadows; the only difference is a McDonalds is attached to
ment.” to-suite automotive clients by buying 15- to the Shell station. The company worked with Chicago-based