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Mortenson’s experience in constructing

libraries around the country should benefit
its work at University of Colorado-Denver’s
Health Science Center.

‘Excellence’ in All it Does

General contractor Mortenson Construction says it has distinguished itself in the industry with abilities in
every construction delivery method and a turnkey approach to service.

W ith a commitment to bringing value to its cus-

tomers and providing “innovative solutions”
that meet or exceed the needs of each project,
Mortenson Construction says it “strives for excellence” in
everything it does. The company says its ability
plan to relocate and expand its education, research, service
and patient care programs to the Fitzsimmons site. Covering
578 acres, the new campus will include the Library at
Anschutz, for which Mortenson is responsible.
“Planning for rapidly changing technology is paramount
to provide services for every aspect of a project’s lifespan – for UCDHSC,” the company says. “The Library at Anschutz
from the initial identification of a business requirement will serve a vitally important role as a repository of biomed-
through to management of the resulting facility – gives it a ical knowledge and a gateway to electronic healthcare info-
greater ability to provide excellence. rmation for the state and the region.
“We are experienced in every possible delivery method, The 116,000-square-foot library will include administra-
but regardless of contract type, Mortenson is a builder,” the tive space, circulation space as well as a learning resource
company says. “We take responsibility for our role, we activ- center. The project will also include space for reference
ely manage every component of the process and we have in- services, resource services, databases, material storage, edu-
house expertise in every aspect of facility development.” cation and health informatics, information access, study
Mortenson is currently using its ex- spaces, the History of Medicine collection and specialized
Mortenson Construction pertise to complete part of the $4.3 billion building support spaces.”
Headquarters: Minneapolis redevelopment of the former site of the Mortenson’s experience in library construction includes
Services: General contractor Fitzsimmons Army Garrison in Aurora, building the Harold Washington Library Center in Chic-
Mortenson: “Mortenson is Colo. The company explains the University ago, the University of Minnesota Elmer Andersen Library,
characterized by its people–
honest, hardworking, profes- of Colorado-Denver’s Health Science the University of Washington Allen Library and the Mal-
sional and energetic.” Center (UCDHSC) developed a long-term colm X Library and Performing Arts Center in San Diego.