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country,” he states. SMV is vying for Fund (WWF) International and Bio- “We are creating a deeply sustainable
LEED ND Platinum certification for Regional Development Group, designed community – a place that focuses on
the entire community. to create the most advanced sustainable accessibility and comfort for the pedestri-
SMV is reusing the existing site, rehab- communities in the world. SMV is the an and cyclist,” Baker explains. “So far,
bing as much of the buildings as possi- first OPL community in North America. we’ve been receiving a lot of support from
ble, while still creating a new urban live- “The One Planet Living premise is when the city and we’re very optimistic about
/work environment. For example, be- everybody in the world lives like the aver- the future.”
cause trees surround the site, the exist- age person in the United States today – During the planning stages, Codding
ing environment will be emphasized by the food and energy we consume and conducted meetings to discuss the plans
numerous parks and open spaces. transportation we use – we need 5.3 plan- and get suggestions from the public.
In addition, SMV installed one of the ets in order to support the world’s popula- “We listened to what everyone had to
largest privately funded solar power sys- tion,” Baker explains. say,” Baker adds. “The good ideas we incor-
tems in California. The $7.5 million sys- The program aims to reduce the man- porated immediately and some things
tem generates 1.14 megawatts to service made impact or ecological footprint to the were negotiated. “Some of the people who
SMV’s commercial tenants, the company environment to a sustainable and equi- were most vocal opponents are now pro-
explains. “The system is comprised of table level, so people can live a high-qual- ponents of the project. Overall, it’s been
5,844 photovoltaic panels mounted all on ity life supported by one planet. incredibly positive.”
one roof,” it says. “One Planet Living is going around the Baker also traveled across the country
“The panels silently convert daylight world and identifying projects [that meet] and internationally to study mixed-use
into electricity with excess energy not the program’s goal,” Baker continues. developments in depth and determine
used by the businesses redirected to the what will or will not work in SMV.
utility grid.” Public Support “We looked at the best parts of these
Because California is concerned about projects and, at the same time, we have
One Planet Living development type and size, Baker says, it very original architecture and definitely a
Codding is working to partner with was a challenge to introduce such a large unique setting,” he explains. “We’ll create
One Planet Living (OPL), a joint-ven- project to the community. Fortunately, something that’s never been done, but use
ture, non-profit initiative between envi- Codding’s green efforts gained the respect components that have worked time and
ronmental organization World Wildlife of the community. time again in other cities.” ■