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Mascaro Construction is the contractor for
the Bradford Bypass project, which consists
of the total reconstruction of 3.8 miles of
State Route 219 and three interchanges in
McKean County, Pa.

Quality Key for Bypass Job

Mascaro Construction, a Pennsylvania-based contractor, has stayed committed to ‘delivering complete
client satisfaction,’ and is in the second year of the Bradford Bypass project in McKean County, Pa.

P ittsburgh-based Mascaro Construction is in full

swing in the second year of the construction of the
$56 million Bradford Bypass project.
The project being completed for the Pennsylvania
Department of Transportation (PennDOT), consists of the
utility conflicts.
John C. Mascaro founded the Pittsburgh-based firm in
1988 “with a commitment to delivering complete client sat-
isfaction,” the company says. His success in shaping the
firm’s client-oriented culture is evident by its tremendous
total reconstruction of 3.8 miles of State Route 219 and growth over the past 19 years. The firm is ranked among
three interchanges in McKean County, Pa. the top contractors in the United States by Engineering
The project includes 12 bridge replacements, one bridge News-Record and the Design/Build Institute of America;
rehabilitation, new asphaltic pavement, geo-grid and MSE and the Federal Highway Administration ranked Mascaro
walls, drainage, lighting and signage upgrades, and an among its top-300-largest highway prime contractors.
automated anti-icing system on two bridge structures. The highway division works primarily for PennDOT,
On an average day, Mascaro has 85 employees and although it has also completed transportation and infra-
approximately 30 tri-axle trucks working structure projects for several government agencies in the
Mascaro Construction –
Bradford Bypass project two shifts. western Pennsylvania area.
www.mascaroconstruction. Up to 40 employees for various sub- In addition to heavy highway construction, the firm also
com contractors also participate. Including serves the commercial and power/industrial markets. With
Project cost: $56 million
Location: McKean County, Pa. subcontractors, the total employment headquarters in Pittsburgh, the company has worked
Project employees: 200 peaked at around 200 workers. throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia,
Services: General contractor Challenges to completing the work Maryland and Washington, D.C.
Mascaro: “Mascaro’s purpose
is to deliver excellence in con- include a significant increase in roadway “Mascaro’s purpose is to deliver excellence in construc-
struction services.” undercuts, structure design issues and tion services by consistently providing great project experi-