Media Evaluation

Before I could design my own preliminary and main websites I had to do research in order to find out what are the typical conventions school and charity websites follow and also how to attract and engage my target audience. During this research I compared and contrasted the different colours, font style etc. To gain a fuller understanding I annotated various school and charity websites, this enabled me to realise the similarities and differences between them. One similarity that I found in most of the websites that I had annotated was the navigation bar so I decided that for my main website I needed to have a navigation bar this helps the audience travel around my website with ease and also allows them to find certain information more quickly rather than having to read through everything. Other things I found that are similar across the board is the use of images, some video clips and the same layout for each page in the website. My media product is a campaign website focusing on heart problems and complications caused by heart problems, and ways in which to prevent them. The site follows many of the main conventions of campaign websites. Firstly, the structure of the website makes the website look and feel professional I have archived this by using the different conventions. I decided to use the same layout on each page of my site, because this made the site look uniformed and seemed to be apparent in all of the sites that I had researched, I also believe that it makes it easier for people to navigate around my site. A tool bar was incorporated into the website to aid in people to find information they require. The colour scheme that I decided to use for my site was pastel blue and red. These colours were chosen because the blue is a soft mellow colour where as the red is a bright colour that jumps out at you. Blue connotes; sadness and sorrow but also can connote strength and stability blue is also said be the colour of deoxygenated blood, red connotes; love, passion and hatred, red is also the colour of oxygenated blood and so on a whole is a very emotionally connected colour. These colours fitted with the subject my site was based on, as heart diseases will always have an emotional affect on the diagnosed person and their families. I have input information which is patient friendly i.e. the patients will understand it without help from a medical specialist. My market research showed me that many people of a wide variety of demographics prefer visual aids along with the information as it helps them to imagine exactly I¶m talking about so I decided to add in a whole load of my own images that I took in various locations to increase the believability of the campaign. I think that it challenges the other campaign websites by having lots of images and not as much text which is normally the other way round with lots of text with the odd image. For my enter page I decided to have a beating heart I archived this by using Final Cut Express and Garage Band. I used Final Cut Express to animate a video of a beating heart and used Garage Band to make the actual beating sounds. I decided to do this as it will entice the

consumers to enter as it provides them with something that very few, if any other sites have. When you first see the beating heart you get a kind of shock as its something that is out of the ordinary but then after you see it a few times you get used to it. This could be related to heart disease as when people are first diagnosed they are in a state of shock but after a while it will become apparent that you are not alone or isolated and that a large percentage of the population are with you in the same position.

My website doesn¶t just represent one single age or social group as heart disease is a topic that can affect many people but the main target audience is adults from middle age plus so about 35+ of all social backgrounds. To ensure that all people who visited my site could have the best experience possible I used many different visual aids such as; images, videos, slideshows and rollovers. As I mentioned earlier I have used language that the general public are able to understand and relate to. Images that were used on my website have all been taken by me; I used a Sony digital camera to take the pictures in various locations some were taken in the classroom, in shops and in other public places. I took pictures in the Catford branch of the µBritish Heart Foundation¶ of donations, the shop front, the donation box and many other things. I took pictures in my school of fruit and many different members of staff and students to be various members in my campaign. By having a wide variety of locations I was able to address different issues that I felt were necessary. I used Adobe Photoshop to clear any imperfections that I saw in the pictures, this ensured that all images I used were to the highest quality possible. The colours I used are quite neutral in terms of age, they are not so bright as to look gaudy or immature such as baby blue and candy pink, but they are not quiet enough to seem dull or boring like beige and grey. On my website I have tried to use as many pictures as possible. You will find at least one picture on each page but you will most probably find three to four maybe even more. This again will help to keep my target audience hooked on to the website. Website are distributed via the World Wide Web, companies producing the websites will often pay host companies to store the website on their files, when I researched this I found that this could cost anywhere from free to over £100 a month. One of the most important factors of distributing your website is the domain name, by choosing a name that contains words which are highly searched on search engines the chances of the website being seen is then increased. But these cannot just be any words they must link together with your website/company. I can register my domain name with many different companies most of these companies offer very similar service but differ in price. I would like to publish my website using Apache. Apache is a public-domain open source Web server software which is maintained by a group of programmers. Apache started in 1995 and by

2009 it was the first sever to go past the 100 million mark. I chose this server because when I did research I found that it was a very commonly used server and a very high reputation. I will put my website on Google as it is the leading search engine and by using Google I am almost guaranteed traffic to my site. To make my website even more visible I could use µ ro6p_R1qgCFUdP4QodzhnoAA¶ by paying £5 a month I will be able to put my website into the µads¶ part on the Google page.

The audience for my media product is not just strictly one set audience, as the issue that I am confronting in my website can affect many people across many classes, age groups and ethnicities. So I decided that my website should be aimed at a wide demographic audience so that no mater who you are, you are able to gain full potential out my website Just to be sure that I was aiming my website at the right audience I decided to send out a survey to randomly selected people of different ages and backgrounds. I found that 77% people surveyed would rather have lots of pictures with a little bit of text as a pose to a lot of text and a few pictures. My survey also showed me that 66% would have the pastel colours chosen over a wide variety of choices. The survey also revealed that almost all of the people surveyed said they knew someone with a heart problem and said they would visit my site if they believed it would help them. I wanted to educate everyone on how to reduce the risks of getting heart diseases. I believed that the best way for me to do this was to use audio/visual, so I decided to make a video. The video is an easy way for people to understand as it is a real person speaking rather than text you have to read. I have doctor µDr Wells¶ in the video, people who watch the video will believe her more than an ordinary person as she is an educated, well respected figure in this subject area, in the video I made sure that DR Wells was seated in a office environment with a stethoscope around her neck I decided to this to increase the reality of her position as a doctor. On my enter page I decided to have the image of a beating heart I decided to do this so that people who visited the site were enticed to see what the website would hold. By having the beating heart people would look at it and think µergh¶ as it is an abnormal sight to see a beating heart. I thought that this may be the same with heart problems. People don¶t want to talk about it as its such a delicate subject but I want people to know, no matter who they are µHelp a Heart¶ is always happy to lend a helping hand or just act as an anonymous source of information for those who need it.

I used the layout to try and make people want to come and visit my website by having everything in a uniformed fashion I wanted to try and create a professional environment but I used the hints of pastel colour to lift the mood at the same time. I used a wide variety of audio visual to enhance the experience of the visitor. I used music that I created myself on garage band, images, videos and rollovers. By using such a wide variety I believe that the consumer won¶t get bored as they might, reading page after page of text. The information that I put in the form of text is very minimalistic as when I did a survey I found out that most of the consumers would rather have an audio/visual information based site than a text based site. I decided that instead of using big long scientific words to explain the different symptoms or preventions methods just to write it in plain English that a child wouldn¶t struggle to understand I did this as most people wont have much medical knowledge so therefore may think that their illness is a lot worse that it actually is. During the process of producing this website I learnt many new things that I didn¶t know before. In order to produce this website I used: Photoshop, Garage Band, Final Cut Express, iPhoto and iWeb but I also used a vast amount of hardware such as a Sony digital SLR camera, Apple Mac computers and video camera equipment. Photoshop: when using photo shop I learnt how to change the contrast of images, I learnt how to duplicate layers then change backgrounds or change the colour of a certain part of an image, this came in handy on both the preliminary and on my main website, for example the background on my preliminary website is an image I took of my school and I had to edit the school name out and duplicate a part of the wall in such a way that the bricks all matched up. I also learnt how to use the magic pen tool to cut out the backgrounds or select a certain part of the image. Garage Band: I used Garage Band to create the music for my main campaign website homepage I used various loops from the apple library to create my music I found it quite easy to use the loops as all you had to do was make sure the loops you use played in harmony together and in time with each other. I also used garage band to create the heart beat, I did this by using a drum loop that resembled the µlubdub¶ sound of the heart. Final cut express: I used final cut express to edit my videos for both my preliminary and my main website. For my preliminary website I had to cut different parts of my video in order for it to look like a real school video, for my preliminary website there was a lot of editing that had to be done whereas in my main website there was less editing to do as I used the video to my advantage only having to tweak the contrast a little. IPhoto: I used iPhoto to put my edited images into a slideshow for my preliminary website. I chose not to use a slide show in my main website as I thought that there

was a vast amount of visual aid and I thought by adding in a slideshow it may look as if they website was trying too hard to be the perfect user friendly website and with out it we still managed to use all the images that we took and thought were good enough to make it to my website. IWeb: iWeb has got to be the most important piece of technology I used in this project at it was the medium through which I was able to string all of the components of my website together. It was fairly straight forward once I got to grips with it. Sony Digital SLR camera: it was easy for me to get to grips with the camera as it was a pretty straight forward piece of kit. I just had to get used to taking pictures with a purpose rather than just as a form of memories which is what I am used to. So I used the various rules such as rules of thirds and the different types of shots such as over the shoulder shot when taking pictures for my own leisure to make sure that I was able to use them in a professional way. Apple Mac: the Apple Macs were hard to get used to if I am honest as I have used a windows machine since I started using computers, but once I learnt how to use the computer and how to used different functions which sped up the pace of my work I started to enjoy using the machines. The video camera equipment again was easy to use as I have used similar equipment on various occasions. Over the past few months I believe I have improved in many ways. One of the major things I believe I have improved in is my photo shop skills at the beginning when I started the images that were produced were fuzzy and had untidy edges where as now most of the images that I produce are crisp and clear. By improving my Photo Shopping skills the audience will be able to gain perfect images which in turn will give them a greater understanding of the topic of speculation. When using iWeb to produce my preliminary website I had quite a few problems as it was a brand new software id never used before and was not allowed touse templates so had to start from scratch. This came with an upside which was that I was able to experiment with the software adding and learning from my mistakes which made it much easier when it came to making my main website. This again will benefit the audience as they will have access to a website which is both aesthetically pleasing and works to a high quality. I also believe that through the course my style of which I made the websites has changed, at the beginning when I made my preliminary website I used bright and vibrant colours, baby blue and bright orange, which some may say is immature. But when making my main site I used pastel colours which are calmer and more mature. I also learnt that it¶s not about what you think should be in your site it¶s about what you target audience want to see in your site. This is another reason I changed the style of my web design as it wouldn¶t be appropriate to have such bright colours with

a delicate subject such as heart conditions which affect many people on a daily basis.