Foul Mouth Newsletter Volume 4, Issue 21 Thursday, June 24th, 2010 It's time to celebrate my favorite thing in the whole

world that isn't drugs, bo oze, or pussy! That's right, loyal Fuck Fans! It's time to celebrate fuckin' GUN S again! As most of you silly shit suckers know, we're huge defenders and propon ents of our freedoms here in America and there are two that we stand by the most . Without our Freedom of Speech and our Freedom of GUN, we would never be able t o hold onto ANY of our freedoms. Do you think for one moment that we would have as strong of a say in our politic al theatre if it were not for the fact that we have the right to own and carry f irearms? It may not be something that dictates the way politics are run every si ngle day, but I promise you that every politician knows in the back of their hea d that if the government goes too far or extends it's reach too deeply into our personal affairs, then the American people have the ability and right to Revolut ion. Even Lincoln, the man who saved the Union from being torn apart, believed i n the people's right of Revolution. The only fuckin' problem with this scenario is that fewer and fewer people are a ware of the importance of utilizing their gun rights. Only 25% of Americans own a gun, which is wholly unacceptable. Many people see gun ownership as a form of home defense that they don't really need or that they don't need a gun because t hey have no interest in hunting. This, my friends, is a stupid fucking excuse no t to keep and bear arms. Every one of us should own a firearm of some kind. It's not only our right as Americans, but our duty, to take full advantage of one of the few rights we have that other countries don't have the liberty of utilizing . It's one of the few things that not only makes us different, but better than e very other country on the planet. So, we fine folk at have decided that it is long past due to release another awesome fucking gun shirt. Body Piercing By GUN is not only a s hirt that celebrates gun ownership, but it's also just plain fucking badass. The colors of the design are striking and gorgeous, and look damned fine on any of the colors we have to offer in our shirt selection. Frankly, you should not only buy this fucking shirt because it's a celebration of all that is gun...but beca use it's just that fucking cool. You can get this little gem right now for only $9.99, fuckers. It's a great deal and a great way to express your love of the GU N, baby! Hurry and pick this fucker up now before the price goes up! This deal s hould BLOW you away! What? Was that too much? Goddamnit, I suck.

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