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A Toolbox For Emerging Spirit Activity

A Free Pocket Resource Guide Jeffrey Marks, Carol Geiler, & Dave King Copyright, December 2011

A Toolbox For Emerging Spirit Activity

Many people experience spirit activity every day, but everyone responds to it differently. Some are fearful, others excited and happy, and others still remain in denial and disbelief. Each of us is allowed to choose how we deal with such activity but most typically such activity triggers a wide range of emotional concerns that need to be dealt with in order to successfully move forward in life. Society, most especially television and movies, have made spirit activity a thing of fear, portraying unrealistic notions about spirits and promoting drama rather than education. In addition, religion and personal ideologies often conflict and make spirit activity either impossible, negative, or socially unacceptable. Any and all of these things can contribute to fear and a lack of understanding, and in addition, gaining education and assistance with these matters can also be extremely difficult. People typically turn to psychics, paranormal groups, or even priests to help them through these experiences. Unfortunately, not all of these people are created equal and it can take a great deal of sifting through the crowd to find someone who can truly help. All in all, the emergence of spirit activity can be a very frustrating process. This free resource booklet entitled, A Toolbox For Emerging Spirit Activity, is designed to get you started on this process. It offers six major categories for why spirit activity may be emerging and then also includes a variety of educational resources to help you along on your journey. As you read the enclosed categories, try to choose the one that seems to fit for your own personal situation, although one or more may apply. If you arent sure, then contact someone who can help you discover what feels right for your particular case. In the end however, whichever category(s) applies to you, you will no doubt have to further your education regarding the nature of spirits and the world in which they live. Not to mention, moving through the situation with openness and courage until you find the right way to live in harmony with the spirits and your own divine power! Thank you.. Jeffrey Marks, Carol Geiler, & Dave King!

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A Toolbox For Emerging Spirit Activity

As soon as you see a spirit, do not get frightened, get curious. At that point, they have your attention, so ask them what it is they are trying to tell you. Tell them to be specific, loud, and clear, otherwise you will not get the message and they will have wasted not only their time, but your own. Remember, first and foremost, they are people. So if you saw a stranger in a room waving to get your attention, you would want to know what they wished to speak with you about. The spirits are no different. Hollywood has conditioned us to react with fear, when we really should just react as if another person is trying to speak with us. So ask them what they are wishing to tell you.


It takes energy for spirits to form and get our attention. As long as they knew they are being acknowledged, they will continue to do so. If they have a specific message to tell and know they are being acknowledged but not allowed to deliver the message because of your reaction, they may try even harder. If you do not wish to engage with them, then you need to do your best to ignore them. Do not acknowledge them when they show up; do not act as if you are scared or otherwise affected by them. This is easier said than done, but if a spirit feels they are being ignored and will not at all be acknowledged, then they will realize they are wasting their time and energy and discontinue bothering you. You need to hold your ground and send the message that you are not interested in even acknowledging their presence.

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This may or may not work, as some spirits arent affected by ritual words, prayers, or actions. At best, the ceremony might clear your space, at worst it does nothing. Ritually cleansing an area changes the vibrational energy of a location, making it uncomfortable for the energy of the spirits to remain. However, it doesnt always cross spirits over, it may only shove them to the next building or location down the street which might solve the problem for you, but creates a new problem for someone else. In addition. ritual cleansing may only be good for a short time as spirits might be drawn to the location due to its inhabitants (whose energy and lifestyle typically remains the same). So even though a ritual cleanse may have pushed out some spirits at the time of the cleansing, a new batch might come in not because of the location, but because of its inhabitants. At that point, the best course of action would be to adopt one of the top two strategies above.


Paranormal groups, psychics, or others who offer help with spirit activity dont have all the answers. Sometimes, when all avenues have been explored, the very reason why the phenomena exists is because it is supposed to exist for the advancement of your own spirit and understanding of the universe. As the saying goes, there are no coincidences in life, and the very reason you might be experiencing the phenomena is because of what you can learn from it in other words, there is a perceived value to it in the grand scheme of things, although nobody wants to hear this if they perceive the events as negative. However, if the spirits are not doing things to physically harm you (such as deliberately pushing and shoving you down stairs or into walls, screaming at you to scare you, or otherwise physically assaulting you) or emotionally abuse you (swearing, degrading or lewd comments), then we cannot say that their presence is definitively negative. It may not be negative at all. They may be there to give you a message or move you in a direction that is for the betterment of your life that your ego or conscious mind is not allowing you to see.

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A Toolbox For Emerging Spirit Activity


You are a child of the universe, just as the spirits are. You are born from the same sources, from the same God, therefore, the spirits have no more power over you other than what you give them. You are here on purpose, with the same power within your consciousness as the universe, and its DNA is all throughout you. That makes you a viable powerhouse. No one can take any of that from you, not even the spirits. If you are feeling powerless or helpless, there is some kind of belief you are harboring which is contributing to that. You may need some deep introspection and evaluation to claim your true power, and until you do, you may continue to experience some form of the phenomena until you give yourself permission to rise above it. If all else has failed, this may be the greatest lesson of all (and could be the whole point to why the experiences are occurring).


Sometimes these events occur because either you or another family member has psychic abilities that are coming to the foreground. If that is the case, it will be harder to shut if off without learning to accept the abilities and trying to understand them and how to use them as they typically do not go away. If this is the situation, remember that the abilities belong to the person who has them, they just may not understand how to effectively use or control them; it is not that they are being harassed or targeted by the spirits, it is because they are sensitive enough to become aware of them. These abilities, once activated, also become noticeable by spirits who want to communicate, which can increase phenomena. The person with the abilities should not be ridiculed or forced to repress them, as this could create more trouble and trauma in the future. In dealing with spirits as a result of emergence of psychic awareness, it would be important to learn how to extend and retract the aura, learn more

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about the chakras, learn the various modes of psychic reception and communication, develop self-esteem, and certainly personal psychic protection (which requires the self-esteem aspect). At some point, the person will have to engage the spirits, as this is a major component in their awareness and development. If the person tries to shut the abilities off or repress them, it may leave them more confused about the nature of life as they will most likely continue to have experiences here and there, which may become more pronounced and more unsettling because of the lack of understanding or development (this could lead to lifelong confusion and unnecessary fear). The repression of abilities may also result in different forms of strange and unknown phenomena which can be mistaken for other forms of events, as repressed energy will find another outlet for release, depending on its intensity. Though we may not like the emergence of psychic functioning because of how we feel it may be perceived in the social community, the person with the abilities could have a much rougher time throughout life without understanding what the abilities are and how to control them. The desire to repress the abilities could create an even greater social problem for the individual, as ignoring the abilities could lead to an internal belief system of having strange issues or problems they cannot control and hence have a harder time with being intimate around others, whether it be friends, family members, or a spouse. However, a developing psychic realizes they do not have to share their gifts with others that it is their own abilities and once learned what they are, can also learn how to control them and utilize them at appropriate times and ignore them at others.

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A Toolbox For Emerging Spirit Activity

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With compliments, this free resource book is provided for you and was designed by Jeffrey Marks, Carol Geiler, & Dave King.

Jeffrey Marks is a practicing medium, published author, radio show co-host, and seasoned paranormal researcher. For more information about Jeffrey you can visit his site at or his blog at

Carol Geiler is a self-trained psychic and medium, radio show cohost, blogger, educator, and explorer of the paranormal. For more information about Carol you can visit

Dave King is an avid and seasoned paranormal researcher who has been on over 65 investigations and listened to over 3000 EVPs. To contact Dave you can find him on Facebook or through the Washington State Ghost Society.

All three of them can be heard on the Internet Radio Program Explorers of Consciousness

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