Having penned this some twenty plus years ago I wonder how many read at the time and

thought it could never be about them? It ain’t over, folks, unless we come together as a People‼ Abe 01.04.2012 The citizens of this "great" nation of ours need to open their eyes to the problem of the homeless and force our elected officials to do something about it. It is their sworn duty to represent the people. Not only business, the rich, and special interest groups, but all of us. The poor and homeless are not the only victims of the "street". We all suffer from the bureaucratic hypocrisy of our leaders and their failure to insure the basic needs and rights of human dignity and freedom. Our country was founded and has survived because of our compassion and the willingness to help our fellow man. I sometimes wonder where and why those qualities are being lost. Those of us who are fortunate enough to live the "good life" are not without blame. We sit in the comfort of our air-conditioned homes and watch the problems of the world outside on the "tube". Television is said to have made the world smaller and brought us all closer together. I believe the opposite is true. We feel protected by the ability to sit back in our easy chairs and shut the pain and suffering off with the flick of a switch. We seem to look at those images as if they were from some other place we will never see or experience. Not so! It is the "real" world and like it or not we are all a part of it and susceptible to those tragedies and hardships which only happen to the "other guy". Step outside the security and comfort of your own little world and look into the eyes of those whose only concern is a place to sleep and a bite to eat. See the hopelessness in them and see yourself or family or friends reflected in them. It could be, you know! There is definitely something wrong with a society which allows it's public servants to have priorities such as ours seem to have. Tax breaks and protection for big business and the rich, military spending, foreign aid and making sure the criminal elements of our society have a roof over their head, a bed to sleep in and a full belly. All the while, cutting the budgets for housing, education, Social Security (?), medical care, veterans benefits and all those things which seem to pertain to the quality and dignity of living in these United (?) States. While a large part of this world's people are seeking and gaining those basic freedoms and rights our nation was founded upon, we sit idly by and watch them slip away.

Stand up America, before it's too late. Del “Abe” Jones 80s

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