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33149 Janda Ct
Temecula, CA 92592
(703) 618-3386 Cell

To obtain a position in a field that provides opportunity for growth and advancement
within the company that allows me to use my skills and experience to provide an
excellent performance in the scientific field, yet opening new doors to a richer learning
experience while putting my graduate and profession background to work

- George Mason University - Fairfax VA
Masters of Science in Environmental Chemistry, 1994
GPA 3.3
Major research paper concerning environmental effects of pesticides has been
accepted for publication
- Ain Shams University - Cairo, Egypt
Bachelor of Science in Physics and Organic Chemistry 1975


07/2004 – Present
GPL Laboratory, LLP, Inc. - Frederick, MD
As a supervisor
- Responsible for reviewing all data analysis.
- Reviewed all work orders packaged
- Managed operations of HPLC following the labs analytical SOP’S HPLC lab.
- Performed data delivery reports using an Oracle based LIMS system.
- Performed instrument maintenance and troubleshooting
- Updated and review existing laboratory Sop’s
- Ordering supplies and parts for instruments if needed
- Managed HPLC department comprising 5 HPLC instruments with 2-4 HPLC
- Does constant maintenance for the HPLC instruments
- Trains new employees on how to operate the HPLC instrument
- Scheduled instrument and employee time to required analysts and reporting
- Managed an average monthly analysis of approximately 300 samples.
- Attend Dionex HPLC system seminaer
07/2004 - 04/2006
- Performance on HPLC analysis of various organic target compounds in water, soil,
and leachate for environmental matrices using various analytical methods such as
8330 explosives, 8332NG, picric acids, and PETN.
- Specialty in explosive compounds
- Operate the HPLC instrument [ Agilent (HP 1100)], waters HPLC systems and
Dionex HPLC *
- Carried out data production, reduction, and review of all the HPLC analysis
- Preparing mobile phase for each Method
- Served an analyst to supervisor HPLC department

1997 - 2004
Personal Business
Established a strong standing position as an entrepreneur overlooking 20 workers at a
printing and graphics firm

09/1994 - 06/1995
Fairfax County Public School System - Fairfax, VA
Served as a substitute teacher in both middle and high school throughout Fairfax County
teaching chemistry to high school students and general science in middle school

06/1990 - 05/1994
Cancer Diagnostics, Inc. - Fairfax, VA
Served as an on-site manager for daily production of chemical products used in the
diagnosis and treatment of cancer, as well as other innovative products still in the
development phase. Initially employed as an assistant researcher during first year. Details
by position follow:

Assistant Manager for Production

- Managed production of membrane- based cytology collection device trademarked,
- Ensured proper device assembly and quality control.
- Produced fixative and staining solutions.
- Prepared production reports utilizing appropriate spreadsheet, database, word-
processing software
- Promoted to this position on basis of previous performance

Assistant Researcher
- Assisted in the analysis and evolution of chemical products under development as
well as in production
- Utilized two-dimensional gel electrophoresis to identify urinary tumor markers.
- Prepared tube and slab gels and buffers.
- Separated and identified proteins utilizing isoelectric focusing and SDS-poly
acrylamide gel electrophoresis.
- Exceeded all performance goals despite hiatus of several years in career path

REFERENCES: Available upon request.