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Hall Davidson’s very rough guide to some teacher and lesson sites using

Google Earth. Also, some great information sites.

Accompaniment to Google Earth Webinar. 4/4/2007

Lessons and Curriculum Material

Good starting site:
Google’s own educator site
with their site for Google Earth
Samples from that site:

Here are some other ideas for using Google Earth in your classroom:

• Have students track routes of chimpanzees in Gombe Forest in Tanzania. See the Jane
Goodall Institute Chimpanzee blog here.
• Have students check Alaska's global warming problems. See how the Sierra Club used Google
Earth to depict this problem here.
• Zoom in to Environmental Hot Spots. Check out more at the United Nations Environment
• Have students explore the Natural Resources Defense Council's BioGems.
• See the six-meter sea level rise in Vancouver.
• See the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Marine National Monument.
• See the real-time James Reserve for meaningful climate changes.
• See proposed logging plans in Santa Cruz Mountains, California.

Learn more about Google Earth and how to use it in your classroom.

Found or developed a lesson using Google Earth? Tell us about it!

Also, cool posters there:
From the Keyhole Community site (below): An art example: Cezanne

Google Earth lessons on dedicated site
All of Shakespeare’s geographic references are linked at their actual locations here:

More on Shakespeare
Discovery Education Google Lessons

Google and Discovery Education have teamed up to make it easier for K-12 educators to
use technology in the classroom. We've created a series of lesson plans that use
Discovery Education unitedstreaming and a couple of Google products, Earth and
SketchUp, to teach social studies, language arts, math and geography. Available for
elementary, middle and high school classrooms, these lessons are available for download
on the Google for Educators site.

Along with the lesson plans, you can view relevant videos from Discovery Education
unitedstreaming. Unitedstreaming provides educators with a multimedia library of
educational videos and images appropriate for every age and learning level. Resources
include rich multimedia content correlated to individual state education standards such as
more than 4,500 full length video programs - chaptered into more than 45,000 content-
specific video segments - and thousands of images and clip art to enhance Google Earth
and SketchUp lesson plans. Check to see if your school has a subscription or sign up for
a free 30 day trial:

This page includes lessons developed for use with Google Earth; for lessons that use
Google SketchUp, click on the SketchUp tab at left.

For a quick overview of how to get started with Google Earth, download the Google
Earth Getting Started PDF below.

The Google Earth Showcase
Google Earth Community

GoogleLit Trips
So Far:: Traveling with P.G.Wodehouse
The Aeneid
The Odyssey (two versions) Under development are
Macbeth Slave Dancer
Candide My Brother Sam is Dead
Night By the Great Horn Spoon
The Grapes of Wrath

Thanks, Jerome Burg, Technology Integration Coordinator, Granada High School,

Livermore CA 94550
Google User Guide
Getting Started with Google
Earth PDF Great Explorers
Middle School Geography
Lesson Plan
My Summer Vacation
Relive the exploits of Great
Elementary School
Explorers using Discovery
Geography Lesson Plan
Education unitedstreaming &
Google Earth.
Lesson Plan PDF
Create a Travel Journal using
Great Explorers KMZ (Google
Discovery Education
Earth file)
unitedstreaming & Google
Lesson Plan PDF Referenced unitedstreaming
My Summer Vacation KMZ videos:
(Google Earth file) The Lewis and Clark
Expedition [ .mov | .wmv ] The Explorers: The Dawning
Referenced unitedstreaming
of the Era of Exploration [
.mov | .wmv ]
All About American
More from Discovery
Geography: The Pacific
Education and Google
French Explorers:Earth
Exploration of the Mississippi
Region of the United States,
River: Marquette, Jolliet and
Part Two: Mountains, Deserts,
LaSalle (1672-1687) [ .mov |
Great and Agriculture
eMints [ .movGoogle Earth
lesson using .wmv ]
| .wmv ]
Understanding Places:
Geographyfrom the great
Basics [ .mov eMints
| site (below)
The Red Badge of Courage
.wmv ] Middle School Language Arts
Lesson Plan
Unpack the Red Badge of Introduction to Latitude and
The American Revolution Longitude
Courage and the American This lesson plan is designed to
Elementary School Language
Civil War using Discovery help students learn how and
Arts Lesson Plan
Education unitedstreaming &why to use the latitude and
Travel the path of Paul
Google Earth. longitude grid. Use the Google
Revere and our founding
Lesson Plan PDF Earth software instead of
fathers using Discovery offered maps. NOTE: The site
The Google Earth Blog
Education unitedstreaming & leads to websites with ads.
Google Earth. Referenced unitedstreaming
The Google
Lesson Plan Earth
PDF Showcase video: Crack the Code
American Revolution KMZ Great Books: The Red Badge Here is a fun activity where
(Google Earth file) of Courage [ .mov | .wmv ] kids must crack a code written
Google Earth Community in latitude and longitude
coordinates to find a stolen
Referenced unitedstreaming Great Monuments of the treasure. Use the Google Earth
video: World to find answers. NOTE: The site
Countdown to Independence: High School Geography leads to websites with ads.
Causes of the American Lesson plan
Five Cool[ Easy
Revolution Things
.mov | .wmv ] to Do Explore the great wonders ofGive Me Some Latitude
the world using Discovery Enter city addresses into the
Education unitedstreaming &Google Earth search, find their
precise location, and then
Google Earth.
answer questions on this
Lesson Plan PDF worksheet. NOTE: The site
Great Monuments KMZ includes ads.
Cool, cool, cool stuff for playing and learning:
(Google Earth file)
Types of Lands

GoogleEarth Blog Referenced unitedstreamingLearn about earth landforms

then view their locations using
the Google Earth.
Physical Science: Structures [
GeoGreetings .mov | .wmv ] Plotting a Hurricane Using Latitude and Longitude
All Quiet on the Western This lesson plan is created for
older students to practice their
knowledge of globe, latitude,
High School Language Arts and longitude coordinates. Use
Lesson Plan the Google Earth software to
Investigate WWI and All Quiet
find mentioned locations and
on the Western Front using plot hurricane paths on printout
Discovery Education maps.