The Compl ete Cheese Cookbook

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Fourth Printing: September 1973
A Word About This Book
Cheese, bread and wi ne have been on dining tables for as long
as civili zation has existed-indeed their development brought
civili zation with them. By accident and by design, the world's
earliest cheese soon brought i ts particular blessing to the home.
Cheese can be served as a simple snack or may grace the table
of a gourmet.
Throughout the centuries and in many countries, men have
experimented with producing l imitl ess varieties of cheese,
ranging from very soft and mild to very sharp and hard. Each
has its own inimi table place in dining and in cookery.
As a pioneer in these developments, Kraft Foods has made
important contributions to the world of cheese. Many of these
will be brought out in this brand new book, The Complete
Cheese Cookbook. You will also find valuabl e information on
the various cheese famili es, their history and the care of cheese
in the home.
The versatil i ty of cheese is demonstrated in the many reci­
pes created by the Kraft Kitchens' staff. You'll find new ideas,
as well as some of the popular and traditional favorites that
have appeared. in commercials on the Kraft Music Hall. We
hope this book will inspire you to further explore the wonder­
ful world of cheese.
Dorothy Holland
Director, The Kraft Kitchens
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The World of Cheese page 6
To Start With page 9
A Fine Kettle of Soup page 18
Say Cheese-and Meat page 24
Say Cheese-and Poultry page 33
Say Cheese-and Seafood page 39
Wonderful Cheese Dress-ups page 46
One-Dish Meals page 55
Great Cheese Pies page 66
Sauces, Rabbits and Other Savories page 74
The Romance of Cheese page 81
Sandwiches, Snacks and Other Quick-to-Fix Pelights page 113
A Bounty of Breads page 125
Cheese for Breakfast, Cheese for Brunch page 136
Beautiful Salads, Tasty Dressings page 143
Souffles and Fondues, Sweet and Savory page 152
Cheese Cakes and Pies, Pastries and Other Sweets page 160
Cheese Cookery for a Crowd page 180
Perfect Partners: Cheese and Wine page 18
Index page 188
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
The World of Cheese
Cheese i s a delicious, satisfying food that rates high marks
for nutrition as well. On the opposite page are pictured some
of the many kinds of cheese available-they are identified
in the sketch and list below. Turn to The Romance of Cheese
on page 81 for cheese lore and l egend, information on the
manufacture of all kinds of cheese, helpful how-to-buy guides.
1. C|eddat
2. ß|ue
3. Ricotta
4. Suiss
5. Scamotze
6. ßtick
7. CJetost
8. Mozzate||a
9. Edam
10. Co| oy
11. Ftouo|et|e
12. Fatmesan
13. Couda
14. Camemoett
15. Cottage
16. Sapsago
17. Cteam
To Start With
Served before a meal, at the begi nni ng
of a meal, standing by
themselves as delicious snacks, these cheese-based
appeti zers will enhance your reputation as one who always
serves something unusual-and unusually delicious.
Party Cheese Ball
2 8-ouoccpackagcs
Foi |ade|poiaßtaodCteam
2 cups(8 ouoccs)sotcddcd
1 tao|cspooocooppcdpi mi coto
1 tao|cspooocooppcdgteco
1 tao|cspooojioc|ycooppcd
2 tcaspooos Wotcestetsoite
1 teaspooo |cmoo)uice
Oas oojcayeooe
. Oasoojsa| t
Combine softened cream cheese
and Cheddar cheese, mixing un­
til - well blended. Add pimiento,
green pepper, onion, Worcester­
shire sauce, lemon j uice and sea­
s onings . Mix wel l . Chil l . Shape
into a bal l ; roll in nut s.
Ct o c t uays · Rol l i n f i nel y
chopped parsl ey or dried beef.
Full Moon Cheese Ball
1 J-ouoccpackage
Foi |adc|poiaßtaodCteam
1 5-o uocc)atKtajtßacoo
1 5-ouoce)atKtajtFi meoto
Coces c Sptead
1 cupctusocdcaooed
Opposite: Party Cheese Ball
1 1
To Start With
Combine softened cream cheese
and cheese spreads, mixing un­
til well blended. Sti r in Vz cup
onions ; chill. Shape i nto ball;
roll in remaining onions.
Parmesan Appetizer Log
1 8-ouoccpackagc
Foi|adc|poiaßtaod Cteam
' /cupKtajtCtatcdFatmesao
1/4 teaspooogat| icsa|t
2 tao| es pooosjioc|ycooppcd
2 tao|espooosjioe|ycooppcd
pi micoto
Cooppcdpats |cy
Combine softened cream cheese,
Parmesan cheese and garlic salt,
mixing until well blended. Add
green pepper and pimiento. Mix
well . Chill. Form into log s hape
and roll i n parsl ey.
''Philly" Crabmeat Spread
1 gat|icc| ouc, cutiooa|j
1 8-ouoccpackagc
loi |adc|poiaßtaodCtcam
2 tao|cs pooosmi | k
1 '/cups(6'/-ouocccao)
2 teaspcoos|emoo)ui cc
Oasoojsa| taodpcppet
Rub mi xi ng bowl with garlic.
Combine softened cream cheese
and mi l k, mi xi ng unt i l wel l
blended. Add remaining ingre­
dients; mix wel l . 1
/J cups .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Tripl e Treat Spread
1 8 ouoccpackagc
1/4 cup mi|k
2cups(8 ouoccs)s otcddcd
Nat uta|CocddatCoccsc
* * *
2s| iccscti sp|ycookcd
oacoo, ctumo|cd
1 tao|cspooocooppcdgtcco
* * *
latmcsao Coccsc
1 tao|cspooocooppcdpats| cy
1 tao| cspoco mi | k
* * *
1 tao|cspooo]ioc|ycooppcd
1 tao|cspooo]ioc|ycooppcd
cc| cty
1 tao| cspooo]ioc|ycooppcd
gtcco pcppct
1 tcas pooo]ioc|ycooppcd
Combine softened cream cheese
wi t h mi l k, mi xi ng unt i l wel l
blended. Add Cheddar cheese;
mix well . Di vi de mixture i nto
three portions , 2J cup each. To
one por t i on add bacon and
green onion. To second portion
add Parmesan cheese, parsley
and milk. To remaining mixture
add carrot , celery, green pepper
and onion. 2 cups .
Al oha Cheese Spread
1 8 ouoccpackagc
Foi |adc|poiaßtaodCtcam
Jtao| cspooosKtajtCo|d
Fack ß|ucCoccsc
1 8³ ouocccao ctus ocd
pi ocapp|c,dtaiocd
1h cupcocppcdpccaos
1 tcaspooocooppcdcaodicu
gi ogct
Combine softened cream cheese,
Blue cheese, pineapple, nuts and
ginger. Mi x until well blended.
Garnish with coconut and pe­
can halves, if desi red. 2 cups .
Cocktail Spread
1 8 ouoccpackagc
Foi |adc|poiaßtaodCtcam
1 4 ouoccpackagcKta]tCo|d
Fackß|ucCo ccsc, ctumo| cd
11 2 cupmi | k
1 cup(4ouoccs)s otcddcd
Natuta|Co cddatCoccsc
1 tcaspooocooppcdcoiucs
11 tcaspooo Wotccstctsoi tc
Combine softened cream cheese,
Blue cheese and milk, mixing
until well blended. Add Ched­
dar ch ees e, c hi ves and Wor­
cestershi re sauce; mix well . 2lz
cups .
Mock Pate
1 8-ouoccpackagc
1 8-ouoccpackagc|iuct
1 tao|cspooocooppcdooioo
1 tcaspooo|cmoo)uicc
1 tcaspooo Wotccstctsoitc
Oaso ojsa| taodpcppct
Combine softened cream cheese
and liver sausage, mixing until
well blended. Add remaining in­
gredients ; mix well . 2 cups .
Cheery Cheddar Spread
2cups(8 ouoccs)s otcddcd
1/4 cupocct
2 tao|cspooosmatgatioc
Oaso ojcaycooc
1 tao|cspooocooppcdcoiucs
2�aspooos cooppcd
pi mi coto
Combine cheese, beer, marga­
rine, mustard anc cayenne. Mi x
until well blended. Sti r in chives
and pimi ento. H4 cups .
Potted Cheddar with Port
2cups(8 ouoccs)s otcddcd
2tao|cspooossojtmatgati oc
2 tao|cspooospott
1/4 tcaspoo opapti ka
Combine all ingredients ; chill. 1
To Start With
Zesty Cheese Spread
1 8-ouoccpackagc
1/4 cupsa|addtcssiog
' 1 cupcoopµcdgtccopcµpct
1/4 cupcooµµcdµi mico to
2 tao|cs poooscooµpcdooioo
Combine softened cream cheese
and salad dressing; mix until
well blended. Add green pepper,
pi miento and onion; mix wel l .
/ cups .
Hot Beef Dip
1 cup(2'/-o uoccJat)dti cd
1/4 cupcooppcdooioo
1 tao|cspooomatgatioc
1 cupmi | k
1 8-ouoccpackagc
' /cup(J-ouocccao)s| iccd
1/4 cupKtajtCtatcdFatmcsao
2 tao|cspoooscooppcd
Rinse dri ed beef in hot water;
drain and chop. Cook onion in
margarine. unti l tender. Sti r i n
milk and cream cheese, mixing
until well blended. Add dried
beef and remaining ingredients .
Mi x wel l . Serve hot . 2 cups .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Mexicali Dip
1 pouodvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
1 4-o uocccaogtcco
2cups( |-po uodcao)pcc|cd
u|o|ctomatocs,dtai ocd,
1 tab| cspooodti cdmioccd
Combine ingredients in sauce­
pan; cook over· low heat until
Velveeta melts . Serve hot with
corn or tortilla chi ps . 3 cups.
Caviar Di p
1 8-ouoccpackagc
F|i|adc|p|iaßtaod Ctcam
1 cupdaitysou· ctcam
1/4 cupmi | k
1 2-ouocc)at| ump]is|
1 tcaspooogtatcdooioo
Combine all ingredients ; chill.
2� cups . ·
"Philly" Guacamol e Dip
1 8-ouoccpackagc
Foi |adc|poiaßtaodC·cam
2auocados, pcc|cu, masocd
1/4 cup]ioc|y c|oppcdooioo
1 tao|cspooo| cmoo)uicc
1 1 tcaspooosa|t
1 /4 tcaspooogat|icsa|t
1 /4 lcas poooTaoasccsaucc
1 cupdiccdpcc|cdtomato
1 4
Combi ne s o f t ened c r e a m
cheese, avocado, onion and sea­
sonings ; mix well. Sti r in toma­
t o. Ser ve wi t h c or n chi ps or
cri sp tortill as . 4 cups.
Blue Cheese Di p
1 8-ouoccpackagc
11 cupmi|k
1 4-ouoccpackagcKta]tCo|d
Fackß| ucC|«csc
2 tao| cspooos]ioc|yc|oppcd
gtcco pcppct
2 tao| cspooosc|oppcd
mus otooms
Combine softened cream cheese
and milk. Add remaining ingre­
dients ; mix well . I f chilled, re­
move from refrigerator at least
1 hour before serving. 1 cup.
Holiday Cheese Dip
1 8-ouoccpackagc
Poi |adc|poiaßtaodCtcam
1/4 cupmi | k
1 tcas poooaoc|ouypastc
1 tcaspooopaptika
1 tcaspooocooppcdcoiucs
1 tcaspooocapcts
Combine softened cream cheese
and remaining ingredients, mix­
i ng unt i l w.l l bl ended. Ser ve
with crackers . 1 �cups .
Opposite: Mexicali Di p
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Mexican Bean Di p
2cups(1 -po uodcao)oakcd
ocaos,s icucd
1 8-o uocc)atC|cczW|iz
Fastcu tizcdFtoccssC|ccsc
1/• cupcatsup
1 tcaspoooc|i | i poudct
Oas |o]Taoascosaucc
Combi ne i ngr edi ent s ; hea t .
Serve wi th corn chi ps or potato
chips . 3 cups .
Cheese Straws
1 /4 cupmatgati oc
2cups(8 ouoccs)s|tcddcd
Natu ta|C|cddatC|ccsc
1 tcas pooo Wotccstcts|itc
1/• tcaspooosa| t
1 cup]|out
Heat oven t o 375° . Thoroughly
blend margarine and cheese; sti r
i n Worcest ershi re s auce and
sal t. Add flour; mix well . Roll
dough between two sheets of
waxed paper to 1 /s -i nch thick­
nes s ; c ut in 1 x 3- i nch s t r i ps .
Place on lightly greased baking
sheet . Bake at 375° , 12 minutes .
3 dozen.
Aoot|ct uay· Cut dough in a
var i ety o f s hapes wi th s mal l
cookie cutters .
Bl ue Cheese Meatballs
1 4-ouoccpackagcKta]tCo|d
Fackß| ucC|ccsc
1 tcas pooosalt
A||putposcoi |
Combine ground beef, cheese
and sal t; mix li ghtly. Shape i nto
l-inch balls . Brown in oi l ; cook
until done. 4Vz to 5 dozen meat­
balls .
Sesame Seed Rounds
1 /4 cupmatgati oc
1/4 cupKta]tCtatcdFatmcsao
2 tao| cspooostoastcds csamc
18 2-i oc| otcad touods
Heat oven to 3 25 ° . Combi ne
margarine, cheese and sesame
seeds ; mix unti l well blended.
Spread on bread rounds. Bake at
325° , 15 mi nutes . 18 appeti zers .
Hot Crabmeat Puffs
1 8-ouoccpackagc
1 tao| cs pooomi | k
11 teaspoon cream-style
1/4 tcas pooosa|t
1 '/cups(6 '/-ouocccao)
ctaomcat, dtaiocd,]|akcd
11 cups | iuctcda| moods,
2 tao| cs pooos]ioc|y choppcd
Hea t oven to 3 75•. Combi ne
s of t ened cr eam c heese, mi l k,
horseradish, salt and pepper.
Mix until well blended. Stir in
crabmeat , almonds and onion.
Cut tops from Mi ni ature Cream
Puf fs ; f i l l wi t h c r a b mi xt ur e.
Replace tops . Bake at 375•, 10
minutes . 36 appeti zers.
Miniature Cream Puffs
1/ cupuatct
114 cupmatgati oc
1 / cup]|out
Oas |o]salt
2 cggs
Heat oven to 4oo•. Bring water
and mar gar i ne to a boi l . Add
flour and sal t; s t i r vigorously
over l o w heat unt i l mi xt ure
forms a ball. Remove from heat;
add eggs , one at a ti me, beating
until smooth after each addi­
tion. Drop teaspoonfuls of bat­
ter onto ungreased baking sheet.
Bake at 4oo•, 30 to 35 minutes .
Remove from baki ng sheet im­
medi ately.
Nicct okoou. These appetizers
can be made ahead and frozen.
Reheat at 375•, 30 mi nutes .
'/:cup matgati oc
1 cupooi|ioguatct
1 cup]|out
1l2 tcaspooosa| t
Oas| o]caycooc
3 cggs
2 cups(8ouoccs)s |tcddcd
Ctackctßattc|ßtaod S|atp
Natural C|cddatC|ccsc
1 7
To Start With
Melt margarine i n boiling water.
Add flour, salt and cayenne; sti r
vigorously over low heat unti l
mi xture forms a ball. Remove
from heat. Add eggs, one at a
time, beati ng well after each ad­
di ti on. St i r in cheese. Drop by
teaspoonfuls i nto hot oi l , 350•.
Fry until golden brown. 4'2 to
5 dozen appeti zers .
Appetizer Pinwheels
1 |oa]uos|iccdsaodui c|
Kta]t W|ippcdCtcamC|ccsc
Trim crusts from l oaf. Cut into
thin lengthwise sl ices . Spread
s l i ces wi t h whi pped c r eam
cheese; spri nkle with parsley.
Roll up, starti ng at narrow end.
Wrap tightly; chill . Cut i nto '2-
inch sl ices.
Sherried Cheese Rounds
1 5-o uocc)atC|dEog| is |
1 tao|cs poooc|oppcd pats|cy
2 tcaspoooss|ctty
18 2-i oc|otcadtouods,
Combine cheese s pread, parsley
and sher r y. Spread on t oas t
rounds ; broil unti l bubbly. Gar­
nish with ripe olive slices, if de­
si red. 18 appeti zers .
A Fine Kettl e of Soup
Hot soups to central-heat the family i n cold weather,
chilled soups to cool off a summer dinner,
whole-meal soups for busy days-here are all kinds,
each one of them rich with the wonderful flavor of cheese.
Creme Vichyssoise
2coickcoboui | |oo cubcs
4cupsboi | i oguatct
4cups diccdpotatocs
11• cups| iccdooioo
111 tcas pooossa|t
1 8-ouoccpackagcFoi |adc| poia
1 tab|cspooo]ioc|ycooppcd
co iccs
Di ssolve bouillon cubes i n boil­
ing water; add potatoes, onion
and sal t. Cover and si mmer 20
minutes- or until potatoes are
very t ender. For ce mi xt ur e
through si eve. Gradually add
mi xt ure to s of tened cr eam
cheese, m1xmg unt i l wel l
blended. Add chives ; chi ll. 8
servi ngs.
Cheemato Soup
1 caocoodcoscd tomatosoup
111• cups uatct
1 8-ouoccJat Coccz Woi z
Oaso o]pcppct
Mix soup and water; heat. Add
Cheez Whi z; s t i r unt i l well
blended. Add pepper; mix. 4
servings .
A Fine Kettle of Soup
Golden Cream Soup
111 cupsboi |i oguatct
1l cupcooµpcdcc| cty
'I• cupcooppcdooioo
1 tcaspooopats |ey]|akes
1l2 tcaspooosa| t
1 coickco ooui |Ioo cuoc
2 tao|cspooos]|out
2 cups mi | k
1l pouodvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
FtoccssCoccs c Sptcad,cubcd
Add water to potatoes , celery,
oni on, parsley flakes , season­
ings and bouillon cube. Cover;
cook until tender. Blend flour
with a small amount of mi lk;
sti r into vegetable mixture. Add
remai ni ng mi l k; c ook unt i l
thickened. Add Velveeta; sti r
until melted. 6 to 8 servings .
Cheese 'n Ale Soup
² cups otcddcdcattots
114 cupcooppcdooioo
'/• cupmatgati oc
l4 cup]|out
Jcups mi | k
2cups(8 ouoccs)s otcddcu
Ctackctßattc| ßtaodSoatp
Natuta| CocddatCoccsc
1l2 cupa|cot bcct
Oas o o]sa| taodpcppct
Cook carrots and oni on i n mar­
gar i ne unt i l t ender; bl end i n
flour. Sti r i n mil k; cook until
thickened. Add cheese; stir un­
ti l melted. Blend i n ale or beer
and seasonings ; heat . 6 serv­
ings .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Ol d World Tomato Soup
4s| iccsoacoo
'/cups| iccdcc|cty
'14 cupcooppcdooioo
1 cao condcoscd
co| ckcoototo
' /tcaspooosa|t
114 tcaspooopcppct
2 tau| cspoooscotostatco
114 cupuatct
Kta]t Ctatcd Fatmcsao Coccsc
Fry bacon until cri sp; drain, re­
s e rvi ng 2 t abl es poons dr i p­
pings . Cook celery and onion in
bacon drippings . Add tomatoes,
broth, seasonings , crumbled
bacon and corns tarch combined
with water. Si mmer 15 minutes.
Top each serving with Parme­
san cheese. 6 servings .
Andean Potato Soup
2coi ckcoooui ||oocuocs
4cups oo||ioguatct
4cups diccdpotatocs
1/4 cups| iccdooioo
2 tcaspooossa|t
' /tcaspooogtouodcotiaodct
Oas o o]gat|ic poudct
1 8-ouoccpackagcFoi |adc| poia
1 tcaspooopats|cy]|akcs
Di ssolve bouillon cubes i n boil­
ing water; add potatoes, onion,
sal t, cori ander and garlic pow­
der. Cover and s immer 20 min­
utes or until potatoes are very
tender. Force mixture through
si eve. Gradually add mixture to
softened cream cheese, mixing
until well blended. Add parsley;
chi ll. When serving, garnish
with sour cream, i f desired. 8
servings .
Chili con Queso
1 pouodgtouodocc]
11 cupcooppcdooi oo
2cups(1 -po uodcao)ki docy
ocaos, dtaiocd
2 cups(1-pouodcao)tomatocs,
uodtai ocd
1 8-ouocccaotomatosaucc
1 tau| cspooocoi | i poudct
1 tcaspooosa|t
Ctackctßattc| ßtaodSoatp
Natuta| C|cddatCoccsc,
Brown meat; drain. Add onion;
cook unt i l t ender . St i r i n r e­
mai ni ng i ngr edi ent s except
cheese. Cover and simmer 30
·minutes , s tirring occasionally.
Top each serving with cheese.
6 servings.
Parmesan Corn Chowder
2 cups boiling water
2 cups diced potatoes
11 cup sliced carrots
1h cup sliced celery
114 cup chopped onion
111 teaspoons salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
114 cup margarine
114 cup flour
2 cups milk
1 cup (4 ounces) Kraft Grated
Parmesan Cheese
2 cups (1-pound can)
cream-style corn
Add water to potatoes , carrots,
celery, onion, salt and pepper.
Cover and simmer 10 minutes .
Do not drain. Make white sauce
with margarine, flour and milk.
Add chee!e; stir until melted.
Add corn and undrained vege­
tables . Heat ; do not boil . 6 to 8
servings .
Shrimp Cheese Chowder
2 cups thinly sliced onions
2 tablespoons margarine
2 tablespoons flour
111 cups water
2 cups diced potatoes
1 cup sliced celery
Jlh teaspoons salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1 pound cooked shrimp
2 cups milk
211 cups (10 ounces) shredded
Cracker Barrel Brand Sharp
Natural Cheddar Cheese
2 tablespoons sherry
A Fine Kettle of Soup
Cook onions in margarine until
tender; blend in flour. Sti r in
water, potatoes, celery and sea­
sonings . Cover and si mmer. 20
minutes or until potatoes are
tender. Add remaining ingre­
di ent s; s t i r unt i l chees e is
melted. 6 to 8 servings.
Snow Scene Chowder
1 chicken bouillon cube
2 cups boiling water
2 cups diced potatoes
11 cup sliced carrots
11 cup sliced celery
114 cup chopped onion
111 teaspoons salt
114 teaspoon pepper
114 cup margarine
114 cup flour
2 cups milk
2 cups (8ounces) shredded
Cracker Barrel Brand Sharp
Natural Cheddar Cheese
1 cup diced cooked chicken
Di ssolve bouillon cube in wa­
ter ; add vegetables and season­
ings . Cover; si mmer 10 min­
utes . Do not drain. Make white
sauce wi th margarine, flour and
mi l k. Add cheese; s t i r unt i l
melted. Add chicken and un­
drained vegetables . Heat ; do not
boil. 6 t o 8 servings .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Cheddar Chowder
1/4 cupcooppcdonioo
1 '/ tcaspoonssa|t
1/4 tcaspoonpcppct
'/: cupmatgati nc
1/4 cupj|out
2cupsmi | k
1 cup. cuocdcookcdoam
Add water to potatoes, carrots,
cel ery, onion, salt and pepper.
Cover; s immer 10 minutes . Do
not drai n. Make white sauce
with margarine, flour and milk.
Add cheese; s ti r until melted.
Add ham and undrained vege­
tables . Heat; do not boil. 6 to 8
servings .
Ctoct uays· Varsity Chowder
-omit ham; add 8 sli ces cri sply
cooked, c r umbl ed bacon.
School Day Chowder-omit
ham; add l pound sliced frank­
furters . Mi dwest Chowder­
omit ham; add 2 cups (1-pound
can) cream-style corn.
Cape Anne Chowder
2 cupstoin|ys|iccdooi ons
2 tao|cspoonsmatgatinc
2 tao|cspoons]|out
2cupsdi ccdpotatocs
1 cups|iccdcc|cty
1 '/tcaspooossa|t
1/4 tcaspoonpcppct
1 po undcodotoaddock,
skinocd, ooocd,cookcdand
cutioto picccs
1 /'/-ouncccanctaomcat,
2cups mi | k
2'/cupsj1 0ounccs)sotcddcd
Nat uta|CocddatCoccsc
Cook onions in margarine until
tender; blend in flour. Stir in
water, potatoes , celery and sea­
sonings . Cover and si mmer 20
minutes or until potatoes are
tender. Add remaining ingredi­
ents ; s tir until cheese is mel ted.
6 to 8 servings .
Lobster Bisque
1 '/cupsmi | k
1 8-ouoccpackagc F|i|adc| p|ia
1 '/cupscuocdccokcd|oostct
2 tao|cspoonssoctty
1/4 tcasµooosa|t
. Cook onion i n margarine until
tender. Add milk and cream
cheese. Cook, s tirring occasion­
ally, until cheese is mel ted. Add
remaining ingredient s; heat. 4
servings .
Opposite: Cheddar Chowder
Say Cheese-and Meat
For most people-particul arly the man in the family-meat
is the heart of the meal, and these meat-and-cheese
main dishes pair two favori tes to produce inventive
dishes as high in body-building protein as they are savory.
Italian Pork Chops
8potkcoops, 1l i ocotoi ck
1 8-ouocccaotomatosaucc
1/4 cupdtytcdui oc
1 c| oucgat|ic, mi occd
1 tcaspooosa|t
1/4 tcaspooopcppct
1/4 tcaspooootcgaoo, ctumo|cd
1 gtccopcppct, cut i osttips
1 J-ouocccaos|iccd
musotooms,dtai ocd
1 6-o uoccpackagcKta]t
5|iccs, cut iooa|]
Brown each pork chop on both
s i des in l ar ge s ki l l e t ; dr ai n.
Combine tomato sauce, wine,
gar l i c and s e as oni ngs ; pour
over meat. Add green pepper
and mushroo ms . Cover and
s immer 30 mi nutes . Top each
chop wi th cheese sl i ce; cover
unti l mel ted. 8 servings .
Ham Rolls Continental
6s| icesooi | edoam, 1/4 i oco
toi ck
Kta]tNatuta|5ui ssCoecsc
5| iccs
I 1 0-ouoccpackagc]tozco
otocco| i spcats,cooked,
dtai ocd
I cupooiootiogs
2 tao|cspooosmatgatioc
2 tao|cspooos]|out
1l tcaspooosa| t
1/4 tcaspooooasi |
Oaso o]pcppct
1 cupmi | k
Say Cheese-and Meat
Heat oven to 350•. Top each
ham sli ce with cheese sl i ce and
br occol i s pear s ; rol l . Secur e
with toothpicks. Place i n 10 x 6-
inch baki ng dish. Cook onion
rings in margarine until tender;
blend in flour and seasonings .
Gradually add mi l k; st i r until
thickened. Pour over ham; cov­
er baking dish with aluminum
foil and bake at 350• , 25 min­
utes. 6 servings .
Veal Parmesan
6uca|cut|cts(11/ pouods)
I cgg
1/ teaspooosa|t
1/4 tcaspooopcppct
1 l cupdty otcadctumos
1 l cup(2ouoccs)Kta]tCtatcd
2 tao|cspooosmatgatioc
1 8-ouocccaotomatosaucc
1/4 tcaspooooasi |
1 6-ouoccpackagcKta]t
Natuta| LouMoistutc
Fatt-5ki mMozzatc||aCoecsc
5|iccs,cut iooa|]
Heat oven to 375•. Di p cutlets
in combined egg and seasonings
and t hen in mi xt ur e of br ead
crumbs and Parmesan cheese.
Mel t mar gar i ne i n s ki l l et ;
brown cutlets . Place cutlets i n
12 x 8-i nch baking dish. Com­
bi ne tomato s. auce and basi l ;
pour over cutlets . Top each cut­
l et wi th s l i c e of Mozza r el l a
cheese. Bake at 375• , 30 min­
utes . 6 servings .
Parmesan Breaded
Pork Chops
4 potkcoops, ³ i ocotoi ck
1 cgg, ocatco
1 tcaspooosa|t
1/4 tcaspooopcppc·
1/ cupKta]tCtatcd
1/ cupdty otcadctumos
2 tao|cspooosa||putposcoi |
Heat oven to 3so• . Di p por k
chops i n combined egg and sea­
soni ngs and then i n combined
cheese and bread crumbs . Heat
oi l i n skillet; brown each chop
on both s ides . Bake at 3so•, 35
minutes, turning ·chops occa­
sionally. 4 servings .
Meatloaf-in -the-Round
111 cupsj6ouoccs)sotcddcd
Nat uta|Cocddat Coccsc
2cups]tcso otcadctumos
1 cgg
11 cupcooppcdcc|cty
11 cupcooppcdooioo
1 tao|cspooo Wotccstcts|itc
1 tcaspooosa| t
1/4 tcaspooopcppct
1 cup(8-ouocccao)tomato
Opposite: Parmesan Breaded Pork Chops
Say Cheese-and Meat
Heat oven to 350• . Combi ne
meat , 1 cup cheese, bread
crumbs, egg, celery, onion and
seasoni ngs ; mi x l ightly. Shape
into 9-i nch round loaf i n shal­
low baking dish. Bake at 3so•,
1 hour ; pour of f dr i ppi ngs .
Pour tomato s auce over meat;
sprinkle wi th remaining cheese.
Return to oven; continue bak­
ing IS· mi nutes . 8 servings .
Ni cc to ko o u· Thi s may be
made ahead, covered and refrig­
erated overni ght . Remove cover
and bake as directed above.
Danish Cube Steak
³ cupmayoooaisc
1 4-ouoccpackagcKta]tCo|d
Fackß| ucCoccsc,ctumo| cd
1/4 cups|iccdgtccoooi oo
Combine mayonnaise, cheese
and oni on; mix well . Reserve V2
cup mixture for toppi ng. Spread
one si de of each steak with re­
maining mixture; fold i n hal f.
Broi l on both si des unti l brown.
Top wi t h reserved mi xt ure;
br oi l unt i l t oppi ng i s l i ght l y
browned. 6 servings .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Skillet Supper
112 poundsgtoundoccj
1 cupj8-ouncccan)tomato
1f2 cupcooppcdonion
I 1 cupdty otcadctumos
1 cgg
1 tao| cspoonptcpatcd
1 tcaspoonsa|t
1 8-o unccpackagcKta]t
Amctican Coccsc5|iccs
Heat oven to 3so•. Combi ne
meat, 12 cup tomato. sauce and
remaining ingredients except
cheese; mix lightly. Spoon half
of mixture into 8- inch skillet .
Cover with 4 cheese slices and
remaining meat mixture. Top
with remaining tomato sauce.
Bake at 3so•, 40 minutes . Ar­
range remaining cheese slices on
top; return to oven until cheese
melts. 6 s ervings.
Matterhorn Meatloaf
1 Ih poundsgtoundocc]
1 I1 cupsjtcso otcadctumos
1 I1 cupsj6o unccs)sotcddcd
1 cupmi | k
I f cupcooppcdonion
I f cuptaisi ns
1 cgg
1 tcaspoonsa|t
If• tcaspoonpcppct
Heat oven to 3so•. Combine
all ingredients except 12 cup
cheese; mix lightly. Place mx­
ture in 9 x 5-inch loaf pan. Bake
at 3so•, 1 hour and 30 minutes .
Sprinkle with remaining cheese;
r et urn to ov en unt i l c h eese
melts . 6 t o 8 servings .
Savory Meatball Supper
1 poundgtoundoccj
If• cupdty otcadctumos
1 cgg,s|igot|yocatcn
If tcaspoonsa| t
I f tcaspoon oasi|,ctumo| cd
A||putposcoi |
1l2 cups mi | k
1 8-ouorcpackagc Foi |adc|poia
ßtand Ctcam Coccsc,cuocd
l• cupKtajtCtatcdFatmcsan
If tcaspoononionsa|t
Combine ground beef, bread
crumbs , egg, salt, � teaspoon
bas i l and pepper; mi x wel l .
Form i nt o s mal l meat bal l s.
Brown i n small amount of oil
on all s i des in ski llet ; dr ai n.
Heat mi lk a nd c r e am c hees e
over l ow he a t, s t i r r i ng unt i l
smooth. Add Parmesan cheese,
onion sal t and remaining � tea­
s poon bas i l; mix wel l . Pour
sauce over meatballs; si mmer
10 minutes . Serve over hot
noodles. 4 servings .
Dilly Meatloaf
2 poundsgtouodocc]
1 cupjtcso otcadctumos
' /cupcatsup
'/cupcooppcdoni oo
'/cupcooppcddi | | pi ck| c
1 cgg
1 tcaspoonsa|t
'/¡ tcaspoonpcppct
, , ,
Heat oven t o 3so•. Combine in­
gredients ; mix lightly. Shape in­
to loaf in shallow baking dish.
Bake at 350•, 1 hour and 10
minutes. Serve wi th Velveeta
Sauce. 8 servings.
Velveeta Sauce
' /pouodve|ucctaFastcutizcd
FtoccssCoccs c 5ptcad,cuocd
'/¡ cupmi | k
Heat Velveeta wi th mi l k over
low he a t ; s t i r unt i l s auc e i s
Western Hash
1 poundgtoundoccj
1 cupcooppcdgtccnpcppct
1 1 cupc|oppcdonioo
1 cupuncookcdticc
' /tcaspoonsa|t
'/¡ tcaspoonoasi |
' /pouodvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
FtoccssCoccsc5ptcad,s| iccd
Say Cheese-and Meat
Brown meat; drain. Add green
pepper, onion, tomatoes, rice
and seasonings . Cover and sim­
mer 25 minutes. Top with Vel­
veeta sli ces ; heat until melted.
6 servings.
Meatballs Roma
11 cupcooppcdonion
2 tao|cspoonsmatgatinc
4 cupsj2 1 -poundcans)
1 6-ouncccantomato pastc
' :tcaspoonotcgano
'/¡ tcaspoonpcppct
, , ,
1 poundgtoundoccj
' /cupdty otcadctumos
2 cggs
'/ tcaspoongat| icsa|t
A||putposcoi |
Hotcoo kcdspagoctti
Cook onion in margirine until
tender. Add tomatoes, tomato
pas t e and s easoni ngs. Cover
and simmer 30 minutes. Com­
bi ne meat, Vz c up Par mesan
cheese, bread crumbs, eggs and
seasonings. Shape i nto 18 ball s;
brow in oil. Pl ace meatballs in
sauce; cover and continue cook­
ing 30 mi nu t es. Ser ve over
spaghetti and t op with addi­
tional Parmesan cheese. 4 to 6
servings .
The Complete-Cheese Cookbook
Pleasin' Gree Peppers
1 poundgtouodocc]
1/4 cupcooppcdonioo
11h cupsj12-ouocccao)
uoo|c kctoc| coto, dtaiocd
1 cupcooppcdtomato
1/4 tcaspooosa|t
1h pouod vc|ucctaFasteu·izcd
Ftoccss Coccs c 5p·cad,cuocd
Heat oven to 350•. Remove top
and seeds from peppers; parbil
5 minutes. Drain. Brown meat
with onion; d�ain. Add corn, to­
mato and salt. Stir in Velveeta,
reserving Yz cup. Spoon mixture
into peppers ; top with reserved
Velveeta. Place peppers in 12 x
8- i nch baki ng di s h; bake at
350•; 25 minute! 6 servings.
Cheddar-filled Beef Rolls
11h poundsgtoundocc]
1/4 cupdty otcadctumos
2 tao|cspooosoatoccucsaucc
1 cgg
1h tcaspooosa|t
. . .
1 cupj4ounccs)sotcddcd
1 /4 cupdty otcadctumos
1/4 cupcooppcdgtccnpcppc·
2 tao|cspooosuatct
Combine meat, bread crumbs,
barbecue sauce, egg and salt;
mix well. Pat meat mixture into
14 x 8-inch rectangle on foil or
waxed paper. Combine cheese,
bread crumbs, green pepper and
water; pat cheese mixture over
meat. Roll up j elly roll fashion,
beginning at narrow end. Chill
several hours or overnight. -
Heat oven to 350

. Slice meat
roll into 6 servings. Bake in
shallow pan at· 3so•, 25 to 30
minutes. 6.servings.
Suburbia Stew
2 pouods occ], cut io
1 caocoodcnscd occ]o·o to
1 cupuatct
2 tcaspoonssa|t
1 /4 tcaspooopcppc·
1 ouy |ca]
6 mcdiumooioos, cut·io
J2 cupss|iccdcc| c·y
6 mcdiumcattots,cutin
. .
1h cup(2ouoccs)K·ajtCtatcd
2cups ootmasocdpotatocs
Brown meat in oi l . Add beef
broth, water and seasonings;
cover and simmer 1 hour. Add
vegetables and continue to sim­
mer 30 minutes or until vege­
tables are tender. Pour into 10
x 6-inch baking dish. Stir cheese
into potatoes; spoon on top of
hot stew. ' Broil until potatoes
are lightly browned. Sprinkle
with additional cheese, if de­
sired. 6 to 8 servings.
_uickc· uay· Two 1Yz-pound
cans of canned st ew may be
Opposite' Cheddar-filled Beef Rolls
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Stroganoff Superb
1 poundtoundstcak,cutin
J tao|cspoonsmatgatinc
'/ cupcooppcdonion
1 J-ouncccans |iccd
' /tcaspoonsa|t
'/: tcaspoondtymustatd
'/: tcaspoonpcppct
1 8-ounccpackagcFoi|adc|poia
ßtandCtcamCoccsc, cuocd
2 cupmi|k
Brown meat in margarine. Add
onion, mushrooms and season­
i ngs ; cook unt i l t ender . Add
cream chees e and mi l k; con­
t i nue cooki ng, s t i r r i ng unt il
cheese melts. Serve over noo­
dles. 4 servings .
Yankee Cheddar Steak
1 poundtoundstcak,'/inco
'/: cup]|out
1 tcaspoonsa|t
'/: tcaspoonpcppct
1mcdiumonion, toi n|ys| iccd
1 8-ouncccan tomatosaucc
1 tcaspoongat|icsa|t
1 cup(4ounccs)sotcddcd
Heat oven to 3so•. Cut steak in
4 pieces . Combine flour, salt
and pepper; pound into steak.
Brown in oil . Place in 12 x 8-
inch baking dish; cover with
onion and combined tomato
sauce and garlic salt. Bake at
3so•, 40 minutes. Sprinkle with
cheese; ret ur n to oven unt i l
cheese melts. 4 servings.
Wellington Stew
J2 poundsocc], cuocd
'/: cuplta|ian-sty|cdtcssi ng
J'/cupsj1 -pound12-ouncc
1 tcaspoonsa|t
'/: tcaspoonpcppct
1 cups|iccdcc| cty
12sma| | onions
Brown meat slowly in dressing;
add tomatoes and seasonings .
Cover ; s i mmer 1 hour. Add
vegetables; cover and continue
cooki ng 30 mi nut es . Dr op
dumplings by tablespoonfuls
onto hot stew; cover and­
mer 12 to 15 minutes. 6 serv­
Cheese Dumplings
1 cupoiscuitmix
' /cupmi|k
1 '/ cups(6o unccs)sotcddcd
Natu ta|CocddatCoccs c
Combine biscuit mix and milk.
Add cheese; mix well .
Say Cheese-and Poultry
Always delicious-and happily budget-minded-chicken
and turkey take on new dimensions when they join
with various kinds of cheese in delightful main dishes
that are out of the ordinary and very good indeed.
Chicken Rococo
1 1 0-ounccstickCtackctßattc|
ßtand5oatpNat uta|Cocddat
4coickcnotcasts, ooncd,
ski nncd
2 cggs, ocatcn
¼ cupdty otcadctumos
1 coickco ooui||on cuoc
1 cupooi|inguatct
1 1 cupcooppcdonioo
1 1 cupcooppcdgtccnpcppct
1 tcaspoonsa|t
114 tcaspoonpcppct
2cupscoo kcduoitcticc
1 cupcookcdui|dticc
1 J-ouocccaos |iccd
Heat oven to 400° . Cut cheese
into 8 equal sticks. Cut chicken
breasts in half; flatten each to
�-i nch thi ckness. Rol l each
piece around stick of cheese;
secure with toothpicks. Dip in
eggs, then in bread crumbs.
Brown in margarine. Dissolve
bouillon <ube in water. Cook
onion and green pepper in I
cup margarine until tender ; add
flour, seasonings and bouillon.
Cook until thickened. Add rice.
and mushrooms; pour into 10
x 8-inch baking dish. Top with
chicken; bake at 400°, 20 min­
utes. 8 servings.
Opposite: Chicken Rococo
Say Cheese-and Poultry
11 cupcooppcdonioo
2 tao|cspoonsmatgati nc
1 cao condcnscdctcamoj
1 1 cupmi|k
1 1 cupmayonoaisc
11 pouodvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
Ftoccss Coccsc5ptcad,cuocd
1 1 0-o unccpackag«jtozcn
J oatd-cookcdcggs,s|iccd
111 cupscooppcdcookcd
Cook onion i n margarine until
tender. Blend in soup, milk and
mayonnaise; mix welL Add Vel­
veeta, peas, eggs and chicken;
heat until Velveeta is melted.
Serve with Cornbread Round.
6 servings.
Cornbread Round
11 1 cups cotomca|
1 1 cupj|out
114 c ups ugat
4 tcaspoonsoakiogpoudct
1 tcaspoonsa|t
2 cggs, ocatco
1 cupmi|k
1 1 cupa| | putposcoi|
Heat oven to 425°. Combine dry
ingredients. Add eggs, milk and
oil ; stir until just blended. Pour
into well greased, heated 112-
quart ring mold. Bake at 425°,
15 minutes.
The Compl ete Cheese Cookboo k
Oven-fried Chicken
1 2 '/ toJ-pouodotoi|et-
]tyet,.cut up
1 egg, ocateo
1 tao| espooomi | k
' /cupKtajtCtatedFatmesao
1/4 cupj|out
1 teaspocopapti ka
'/tcaspooosa| t
1/4 cupmatgatioe, me|ted
Heat oven to 350•. Di p chicken
in·combined egg and milk, then
in mixture of cheese, flour and
seasonings . Place in 12 x 8- inch
baking dish. Pour margarine
over chi cken; bake at 350• , 1
hour. 3 to 4 servings .
Alpine Chicken Casserole
4cups d|cedcoo kedchickco
2cupss| iccdcc|cty
2cups toastedoteadcuoes
1 cupsa|addtessiog
'/ cupmi|k
1/4 cupchoppedoo|oo
1 teaspooosa|t
1 B-ounce package Kraft
Natuta| 5uissChecse5||ces,
cuti othiosttips
1/4 cups||ueteda| moods,
Heat oven to 3so•. Combine all
ingredients except nuts . Pour
into 2-quart casserol e; sprinkle
with nuts. Bake at 3so•, 30 to
40 minutes . 6 s ervings.
Nicetokoou· This can be made
ahead, covered and refrigerated
overni ght . Ba ke, covere d, a t
3so•, 50 minut es . Remove cov­
er; continue baking 10 minutes .
Chicken Divan
1 /4 cup matgatioe
1/4 cupj|out
2cups mi | k
1 teaspooosa| t
² cupsa|addtessiog
1 tcaspooo Wotcestctshi te
1/4 tcaspooo o utmcg
2 1 0-o uocepackages]tozeo
1 cupKta]tCtatcdFatmesao
4 |atgech|ckeootcasts, cooked,
s | |ccd
Heat oven to 3so•. Make whi te
sauce wi th margarine, flour,
milk and salt. Add salad dress­
ing, Worcestershire s auce and
nut meg ; mi x wel l . Arrange
broccoli i n 12 x 8- inch baking
di s h; s pri nkl e wi t h '2 c up
cheese. Cover with chicken; top
wi t h s a uc e and remai ni ng
cheese. Bake at 3so·, 35 to 40
minutes . 4 to 6 servings .
Georgetown Chicken
11 cupmi | k
1 8-ouoccpackagc Fhi|adc| phia
ßtaodCtcamChccsc, cuocd
1/4 cupKta]tCtatcdFatmesao
1 1 tcaspooo ooi oosa|t
1 cupchoppcdcookcdchickco
1 J-ouocccaos |iccd
mushtooms,dtai ocd
2 tao| cspoooss |iuctcda|moods
1 tao|cspooochoppedpimicoto
1 1 0-ouoccpackagc]tozco
4s|iccsuhitc otcad,toastcd
Heat mi l k and c r e a m chees e
over l ow he at, s t i r ri ng unt i l
smooth. Add Parmesan cheese
and onion sal t ; mix well . Add
chicken, mushrooms, almonds
and pimiento; heat. Arrange
asparagus spears on toast; top
with sauce. 4 s ervings .
Chicken Valenciana
1 211 toJ-pouodotoì|ct-]tyct,
cut up
5a| taodpcppct
2 tao|cspooosa||putposcoi |
2 cups coatsc|y choppcdooioos
1/4 pouodham,cuti othio
Say Cheese-and Poultry
2 gat|ic c|oucs, ]ioc|ychoppcd
311 cups(1 -pouod12-ouocc
2 cup(3 ouoccs)Kta]tCtatcd
1 /4 cup]|ou t
11 cupco|duatct
10stu]]cdo|iucs, cutio
10pittcd tipco|iucs,cut io
Season chicken. Brown in oi l in
10-inch skillet ; remove. Add
onions, peppers, ham and gar­
lic; cook unti l tender. Add to­
matoes , ¥2 c up c hees e and
chicken. Cover; si mmer 25 to
30 minutes or until tender . Re­
move chicken to serving di sh;
keep warm. Add combi ned
flour and water; cook, s ti rring
constantly until thickened. Add
olives, heat. Pour sauce over
chicken; sprinkle with remain­
ing cheese. Serve with rice. 4 to
6 servings.
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Baked Chicken Lucerne
3 tao| cspooosmatgatioc
114 cupj|out
1 cupmi | k
1 c|ickco ooui||oo cuoc
' /cupooi|ioguatct
1 8-ouoccpackagcKtajt
Natuta|Suiss Chccsc
S||ccs,cut iosttips
1/4 tcaspooo dticd tattagoo
Oas| ojcaycooc
4 |atgcc|ickco otcasts,cookcd,
sp| i t
1 cupjtcsh otcadctumos
3 tao| cspooosmatgatioc,
Heat oven to 375• . Make white
sauce with margarine, flour and
milk. Dissolve bouillon cube in
water; add to s auce. Add cheese
and s e asoni ngs ; s t i r unt i l
melted. Place chi cken i n a 10 x
6-inch baking dish; cover with
sauce. Sprinkle with crumbs
tossed with margarine. Bake at
375•, 20 to 25 minutes. 8 serv­
ings .
Chicken Kashmir
'/ pouod Tasty ßtaodlmitatioo
1 1 cupski mmi | k
1 tao|cspooochoppcdpi mieoto
1/4 tcaspooocutty poudct
3 c|ickcootcasts, ooocd,
2 1 0-o uoccpackagcsjtozco
Combine Tasty Brand, mil k, pi­
miento and curry powder. Stir
over l o w he a t unt i l s a uc e i s
s moo t h. Ar r ange chi c ken
breasts over broccoli on serving
platter. Top with sauce. 4 to 6
servings .
Turke Tetrazzini
1 /4 cupmatgatioc
114 cupj|out
2 cupsmi | k
1 '/ tcaspooossa|t
' /tcaspooocc| ctysa|t
1 /-ouoccpackagcspag|ctti,
2 cupschoppcdcookcdtutkcy
'/ cupcookcdpcas
2 tao|cspooosc|oppcd
pi micoto
'/ cupKtajtCtatcdFatmcsao
oven to 350•. Make white
sauce with margarine, flour,
mi l k and s e asoni ngs . St i r i n
mayonnai se. Add s paghetti,
turkey, peas, pimiento and lJ
cup cheese; mix lightly. Pour
into 2-quart casserole; sprinkle
with remaining cheese. Bake at
350• , 45 minutes . 6 servings .
Say Cheese-and Seafood
Start with fish from the can, from the supermarket, from
the fish market or from your proud husband's own
catch-add cheese and know-how and you 'li produce main
dishes that will have family and guests asking for seconds.
The Compl ete Cheese Coo kbook
Capetown Dinner
'I• cupc|oppedooioo
2 tao| espooosmatgatioe
1 '/cups mi | k
1 8-ouocepackage F|i|ade| p|ia
1 '/cuµscuoedcooked| oostet
1 3-ouocecaos | iced
11• cupKtajtC·ated
Fatmesao C|eese
2 tao| espooosc|oµµedpats |ey
11• teas pooosa| t
Hotccoked·i ce
Cook onion in margari ne unti l
t ender . Add mi l k and c r eam
cheese. Cook, s tirring occasion­
ally, until cheese is melted. Add
remammg ingredients ; heat.
Serve over rice. 4 to 6 servings .
Thermidor au Vin
'I• cupc|oppedooioo
2 tao|espooosmatgatioe
1 '/cups mi | k
1 8-ouocepackage F|i|ade| p|ia
ßtaodCteamC|eese, cuoed
1 '/cupscuoedcooked|o ostet
2 tao|esµoooss |etty
1 3-ouocecao s |iced
mus|tooms, dtaioed
2 tao|espooosc|oppedpats|ey
'I• teaspooosa| t
W|iteotead, toasted,cut i o
Cook onion i n margarine unti l
t ender . Add mi l k and c r e a m
cheese. Cook, s tirring occasion­
ally, until cheese i s melted. Add
lobster, sherry, mushrooms,
par s l ey and s a l t ; he a t . Serve
over toas t . 4 t o 6 servings .
Shrimp Superb
1 cupcoatse|yc|opped
' /cupl ta|iao-sty|edtessi og
1 pouod(2'/cups)cookcd
s | timp
green pepper in dressing.
Combi ne s hr i mp and 1 c up
c hees e; add t o gr e e n pepper .
Heat thoroughly. Sprinkle with
additional cheese. 3 to 4 serv­
ings .
Saucy Shrimp Casserole
'I• cupmatgatioe
'I• cup]|cut
2 cups mi | k
1 teas pooosa| t
' /teaspooo Wotcestets |ite
2cups(8 ouoces)s htedded
Natu ta|C|eddatC|eese
6 |atd-cookedeggs, s |iccd
1 pouod(2'/cups)cooked
s |timp
Heat oven to 350° . Make white
sauce with margarine, flour,
mi l k and s eas oni ngs . Add
cheese; sti r until melted. Add
eggs and shrimp; mix lightly.
Pour into 1 Vz-quart casserole.
Bake at 350°, 20 to 25 minutes .
6 servings.
Seville Shrimp
³ cupmatgatioe, me| ted
'/ cup(2 ouoces)KtajtCtated
FatmesaoChees e
1l cupdty oteadctumos
' /cupchoppedgteeoooioo
'/¡ cup| emooJui ce
1gat| i cc| oue, mi oced
'/¡ teaspooosa|t
1 pouodcookedsma||shtimp
Heat oven to 350° . Combine
mar gar i ne, chees e, br ead
crumbs , onion, lemon j uice,
garli c and sal t; mix well . Add
shrimp; mix lightly. Place mix­
ture in four indivi dual casse­
roles ; bake at 350°, 20 to 25
minutes . 4 servings .
Fish Proven

1 pouodjishji | | ets
1 egg, oeateo
1 tao|espooom| | k
' l cupdty oteadctumos
1/a cupKtajtCtated
'/¡ cupa||putposeoi |
Di p fi sh fillets in combined egg
and mi l k, t hen i n mi xt ur e of
crumbs and cheese. Heat oi l ;
cook fish on both s ides until
golden brown. 4 s ervings .
4 1
Say Cheese-and Seafood
Newport Seafood Bake
2 tao|espooosmatgatioe
2 tao| espooosj|out
1 '/cups mi | k
' /teas pooosa| t
'/ teaspoooce| etysa| t
'/¡ teaspooopeppet
2 teaspoooschoppedchiues
2 cups(8ouoces)shtedded
Natuta| CheddatCheese
1 po uodcodot haddock
1 1 0-o uocepackage(Jcups)
1 5-ouocecao |oostet,
2 tao|espoooss hctty
1 '/cups]tesh oteadctumos
3 tao| es pooosmatgatioe,
Heat oven to 350° . Make white
sauce with margarine, flour,
mi l k and s e asoni ngs . Add
cheese, sti rring until melted.
Cook fish; skin, bone and cut
in pieces . Add fish, shri mp, lob­
ster and sherry to sauce; pour
i nt o 2- qua r t cas s er ol e. Tos s
crumbs with margarine; s prin­
kle on top of casserole. Bake at
350°, 25 minutes. 6 to 8 serv­
ings .
Fisherman's Stew
1 pouodjtesh otjtozeo ted
soappet, mu||etot ted jish
ji | |ets
1 pouodj·esh otjtozeo
taus hti mp
. 1dozeojtes| ot jtozeoc|ams
1 cupcoatse|y choppedooioo
1 c| ouegat|ic,mi oced
'/• cupmatga·ioe
2cups coatse|ychopped
jtes| tomato
2 caoscoodeosed
4 |cmoos |ices
2 teaspooossa| t
Juho| ea| |spice
1 sma| | oay|eaj
KtajtCtatedFatmesao Cheese
Thaw frozen fish and ski n fil­
l et s . Cut i n s l i ces or l arge
� chunks . · Thaw frozen shrimp;
peel and devein. Thaw frozen
clams ; clean. Saute onion and
gar l i c in margari ne i n l arge
saucepan until tender. Add to-
. mato, beef broth, sherry, lem­
on and s eas oni ng s ; s i mmer
gently, uncovered, 30 minutes .
Add fish, shrimp and clams ;
. Opposite: Fisherman 's Stew
Say Cheese-and Seafood
si mmer 15 to 20 minutes or un­
til fish fl akes easily and clams
open. Top each serving with
cheese. 4 to 6 servings .
Halibut with Lobster Sauce
' /cupdty oteadctumos
2 tao| espooosKtajt
CtatedFatmesaoChees e
6 '/-pouodha| i outsteaks
'/¡ cup matgatioe, me| ted
2 tao|espooosj|out
1 c upmi | k
'/¡ teaspooosa| t
1 /'/-ouocecao| ooste·,
dtai oed,cut iochuoks
2 tao|espoooschoppedgteeo
2 tao|espoooschoppedpa·s| ey
'/¡ cupKtajtC·ated
Fatmesao Cheese
1 tao|espoooshetty
Heat ov en to 400 ° . Combi ne
crumbs and cheese. Brush hali­
but with margari ne; coat with
crumbs . Place i n greased 12 x
8 - i nch ba ki ng di s h. Ba ke a t
400° , 15 mi nutes or until fish
flakes easily. Make whi te sauce
with margarine, flour, milk and
s aLt . Add l obs t er, oni on and
parsley; heat thoroughly. Stir
i n chees e and s herry . He a t .
Serve over fish. 6 servings .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Gloucester Halibut
2 12-o uoccpackagcs]tozco
ha|i outstcaks,thaucd
'/¡ cupmatgatioc,mc|tcd
1 tao|cspooo|cmoo¡uicc
´Fh i||y´ Tattat5aucc
Heat oven to 350• . Sprinkle fish
with salt and pepper. Place in
well greased 12 x 8- inch baking
dish. Combine margarine and
l emon j ui ce; pour over f i s h.
Bake at 3so•, 25 minutes . Serve
with "Philly" Tartar Sauce. 4
to 6 servings .
"Philly" Tartar Sauce
1 8-ouoccpackagcFhi |ade|phia
11 cupmayoooaisc
2 tao| cspooosmi | k
2 tcaspooossucctpick|cte|ish
1 tcaspooo]ioc|y choppcd
'/ tcaspooochoppedcapcts
Combine softened cream cheese
and remaining ingredients ; mix
well . 1 ¥2 cups .
Scallops Palermo
2 12-ouocepackagcs]tozco
sca||ops,thaucd,dtai oed
² cupdty otcadctumos
tl cupKta]tCtatcd
2 cggs,oeatco
A||putposcoi |
Roll scallops in combined bread
crumbs and cheese, dip in egg
and roll again in bread crumb
mixture. Heat oil in skillet ; fry
scallops until golden brown. 6
servings .
Rainbow Tuna
11 pouod Tasty ßtaodlmitatioo
1/ cups kimmi | k
1 /-ouocccaouatct-pack
'/¡ cupchoppcd ooioo
pi mi coto
1 10-o uocepackagc]tozco
Combine Tasty Brand and milk;
sti r over low heat until sauce is
smooth. Add tuna, onion and
pimiento. Arrange asparagus
spears on toast ; top with sauce.
4 servings.

Maritime Burgers
1 1 J'/-ouocccaouatct-pack
tuoa, dtai ocd,]|akcd
2 eggs,s||ght|y ocateo
³ cups kimmi | k
'/¡ cupdty otcadctumos
2 tao| cs poooschoppcdooioo
4 tomatos |i ccs
1l pouod Tasty ßtaodl mitatioo
1 teaspooo|cmoo¡uice
'/¡ tcaspooodi||uccd
Heat oven to 375 ° . Combi ne
tuna, eggs, V. cup mi l k, bread
crumbs, green pepper and on­
ion. Shape into 4 patties . Place
on greas ed baking sheet; bake
at 375° , 15 minutes . Remove
patties from oven; top each with
tomato slice and return to oven
5 mi nut es . Combi ne Ta s ty
Brand, remaining Vz cup milk,
lemon j uice and dill weed. Stir
over l ow he a t unt i l s a uc e is
smooth; serve over tuna pat­
ties. 4 servings .
Puget Sound Supper
2 tao| cspooosmatgatioc
2 tao| cspocosj|out
1 cupmi | k
1 1 -pouodcaosa| moo,
dtaiocd, j|akcd
1 1 cupsa|addtcssiog
1 cgg, ocatco
1 cupdty otcadctumos
l2 cupchoppcdcc|cty
1h cupchoppcd ooioo
1/4 cupchoppcdgtccopcppct
1 tao| cspooo| cmooJui cc
1 tcaspooosa| t
Say Cheese-and Seafood
Heat oven to 350° . Make white
sauce wi th margarine, flour and
milk. Add remaining ingredi­
ent s exc ept s a uc e ; mi x wel l .
Shape into loaf. Bake i n shal­
low pan at 350° , 1 hour. Serve
with Velveeta Sauce. 6 to 8 serv­
ings .
Velveeta Sauce
1 h pouodvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
FtoccssChccs c Sptcad,cuocd
1/4 cupmi | k
Heat Velveeta wi th mi l k over
low heat, s ti rring until sauce is
smooth. 1 cup.
Wonderful Cheese Dress-ups
A vegetabl e can be a dreary thing ( poll the children if
you don't go along with that opinion) ; cheese not
only adds protein to vegetabl es' ami side dishes,
but taste punch as well, making them welcome at any meal.
Garden Veget abl e Medl ey
1h po und Velveeta Pas t euri zed
Process Chees e Spr ead, cubed
114 cup mi l k
Dash of caye nne
1 head caul iflower, coo ked
2 cups whol e g reen beans,
coo ked
2 cups sl iced car ro ts, coo ked
He a t Ve l vee t a a nd mi l k ove r
l ow hea t ; a dd cayenne. St i r un­
t i l sauce i s s mooth. Ar range hot
ve ge t a bl e s on p l a t t e r ; po u r
s a u c e o v e r ve ge t a bl es . 6 to 8
servings .
Fi esta Corn
'h cup chopped o n ion
2 tabl espoo ns margar i ne
2 tabl espoons flour
'I• po und Vel veeta Pas t eur ized
Process Chees e Spread, cubed
2 cups diced fres h t omatoes
2 cups (1-po und can) whole
kernel corn, drai ned
1h teaspoon sal t
Dash of pepper
Cook oni on i n marga ri ne; bl end
i n flour . Sti r i n Vel veet a and to­
matoes ; cook unti l Vel veet a i s
mel ted. Add corn and season­
i ngs ; conti nue cooki ng 5 mi n­
ut es , s t i r ri ng occas i onally. 6 to
8 servi ngs .
4 "
Wo nder ful Ch eese Dress - ups
Chi lean Corn Casserol e
2 1-pound 1-o unce cans
cream-s tyl e co rn
' I cup Kraft Grat ed
Par mesan Cheese
4 sl i ces crisply coo ked
bacon, cr umb l ed
Tangy To mato Rel is h
Heat oven t o 350• . Combi ne
c or n, c h e e s e a nd bac o n ; mi x
wel l . Pour i nt o 1- quar t casse­
rol e; bake at 350• , 35 mi nutes .
Serve wi t h Tangy Tomat o Rel ­
i sh . 8 servi ngs .
Tangy T orata Relish
2 c ups di ced t omat oes
% cup chopped o n io n
1 tabl es poon chopped pars ley
1 tabl espoon fin ely chopped
gr een chi l i pepper
1 tablespoon l emon jui ce
Das h of garl ic. powder
Combi ne al l i ngredi ent s ; mi x
l i ghtl y. 2 cups .
Saucy Vegetabl es
1h pound Velveeta Pas teuri zed
Process Chees e Spread, cubed
11• cup mi l k
2 cups ( 1 -po und can) cut green
beans, drai n ed
2 cups ( 1 -po und can) s l i ced
carrots, drai n ed
1 cup French-fried onions
Combi ne Vel veeta and mi l k i n
s aucepan over l ow heat ; s t i r un­
t i l sauce i s s moot h. Add green
beans and carrots ; heat . Pour
i nt o servi ng di s h; top wi th an­
i ons. 4 s ervi ngs .
The Complete Cheese Coo kbook
Gala Green Beans
2s | icesoacoo
1 cupoo|ootiogs
'/¡ cupKtajtCtatedFatmesao
1 9-o uocepackage]tozeo
Cook bacon unti l cri sp. Remove
from skillet; crumble. Cook on­
ion ri ngs in bacon fat until ten­
der . Tos s oni ons and cheese
with hot green beans ; sprinkle
with bacon. 4 s ervings .
Swiss Souffleed Beans
1/ cupc|oppedooioo
2 tao|espooosmatgatioe
2eggs, oeateo
'/¡ cupmi|k
1 teas pooosa|t
lf4 teaspcoopeppet
1 1 0-ouocepackage]tozeocut
1 cup(4 ouoces)s|teddedKta]t
AgedNat uta| SuissC|eese
Cook onion in margari ne i n 8-
inch ski llet until tender. St i r i n
remaining ingredients ; cover
and cook over low heat 15 min­
utes . Cut into wedges ; serve im­
medi ately. 6 servings .
Golden Green Beans
6s| icesctisp|y cooked
oacoo, ctumo|ed
1 tao| espooo]ioe|y chopped
2 1 0-ouocepackages]tozeocut
gteeo oeaos,cooked,dtai oed
Heat oven to 3so•. Add Velvee­
ta, bacon and oni on to beans ;
mi x l i ght l y. Pl ace i n 1- quar t
casserol e; bake at 3so•, 10 min­
utes . Stir well before serving.
6 to 8 servings .
Dilly Green Beans
4 cups]tesh cut gteeo oeaos
ot2 1 0-ouocepackages
]tozeo cutgteeooeaos
2 tao|es poooschoppedooioo
'/¡ teaspooodi | | ueed
' /pouodve|ueetaFasteutized
'/¡ cupctoutoos
Heat oven to 3so·. Cook beans
wi th onion and dill weed; drai n.
Add Velveeta; mix l i ghtly. Place
in 1-quart casserole; top wi th
croutons . Bake at 350•, 12 to 15
minutes . 6 to 8 servings .
Great Green Beans
4cups cutgteen oeans, cooked,
1 4-ounceconta|netKtajt
Wh| ppedCteam Cheeseu|th
Combi ne hot be ans and
whipped cream chees e; stir until
blended. 6 servings .
Country Carrots
Jcupss| |cedcattots,
1 4-ounceconta| oetKtajt
Wh|ppedCteam Cheese
Combi ne hot carrot s and
whi pped cream c h eese; s t i r
until blended. 4 to 6 s ervings .
Asparagus Special
1 4-o uoceconta|octKtajt
Wh| pped Cteam Cheese
u| thRoqucjott
'/• cupmi | k
1 10-o uoccpackagcjtozeo
Combine whipped cream cheese
and milk. Heat, stirring until
smooth. Pour over asparagus
spears ; s prinkl e with paprika, i f
desired. 4 servi ngs .
Wonderful Cheese Dress-ups
Asparagus Delmonico
'1 cupm| | k
1 8-ouocepackage Fh| |ade| ph|a
ßtaodCteamChecsc, cuoed
'/• cup(2o uoces)KtajtCo|d
Fackß| ucChccse,ctumo|ed
2 1 0-o uncepackagesjtozen
aspataguss peuts,cooked,
dta| ncd
Heat mi l k a nd cream c h eese
over low heat , st irring until
smooth. Blend in remaining in­
gredi ent s exc ept as par agus .
Serve over hot asparagus . Top
with additional Blue chees e, i f
desired. 4 to 6 s ervings.
Sovereign Onions
8 med| umon|oos, pee| ed
' /cupchoppedtomato
'/• cupmatgat|ne
1 cupjtesh oteadctumos
1 5-o unce)atKtajtßacon
11 teas pooosa|t
Oash ojpeppet
Heat oven to 350• . Cook onions
i n boi l i ng wat er 15 mi nut es ;
drai n. Cool. Scoop out centers
of onions, leaving 1/2 -inch shell.
Chop onion removed from cen­
ter. Cook onion and tomato in
margari ne unt i l t ender. Add
bread crumbs , cheese spread
and seasonings; mix well . Fill
onion shells ; bake at 350• , 35
to 40 mi nutes . 8 servings .
Pleas in' Peas
1 1 0-o uocepackagejtozeo
peas,cooked,dta| oed
1 4-ouocecoota|oetKtajt
Wh| pped Cteam C|eeseu|th
1 tao|es pooom| | k
Combi ne hot peas , whi pped
cream cheese and mil k; st i r un­
til blended. 4 servings.
Golden Baked Peppers
3 gteeopeppets, cut |o|a|j
1 5-o uoceJat C|d Log||s |
Shatp Fasteut|zedFtocess
1 ³ cups(1 -pouod1 -ouoce
cao)uho|e ketoe| coto,
dta| oed
1 tomato,c|o pped
1 cupjtes| oteadctumos
2 tao| espooosmatgatioe,
He at ov en to 3 5 0 ° . Remove
seeds from peppers ; parboil 5
minutes . Drain. Heat cheese
spread in saucepan over low
heat; sti r in corn and tomato.
Fill peppers . Top with crumbs
tossed with margarine; bake at
350°, 30 to 35 minutes . 6 serv­
ings .
Opposit" Golden Baked Peppers
Wonderful Cheese Dress-ups
Perky Peas 'n Potatoes
³ cupm| | k
1 8-ouocepackage Fh| |ade| p||a
ßtaodCteamCheese, cuoed
1/4 cupKtajtCtatedFatmesao
1 / teaspooooo| oosa|t
1 1 -po uodcao s ma| | uho|e
1 1 0-o uocepackagejtozeo
Heat mi l k and c r e a m c hees e
over l ow heat, sti rring until
smooth. Add Parmesan cheese
and onion salt ; mix well . Add
vegetabl es . Pour into serving
dish; sprinkle with additional
Parmesan cheese, i f desired. 6
servings .
Piquant Broccoli
1 8-ouocepackage Fh| |ade| p||a
1/4 cupsa|addtess|og
1/4 cupmi|k
1 1 cupchoppedgteeopeppet
1/4 cupchoppedpi m|eoto
2 tao|es pooosc|oppedooioo
2 1 0-o uocepackagesjtozeo
otocco| | speats,cooked,
Combi ne so f t ened cr eam
cheese, s al ad dressing and mil k;
mi x well . Add green pepper, pi ­
mi ent o and oni on; mi x wel l .
Heat over low heat. Serve over
broccoli. 4 to 6 servings .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Tomatoes Continental
6 mcdi umtomatocs
1 cup]tcsh otcadctumos
'/. cupmatgatioc,mc|tcd
1 10-ouoccpackagc]tozco
pcas, thaucd
Heat oven to 350• . Remove tops
of tomatoes ; hollow out cen­
ters . Combine bread crumbs,
margar i ne a nd 1  c up chees e;
toss with peas. Fill tomatoes .
Pl ace in 1 0 x 6-i nch ba ki ng
dish; bake at 350• , 25 t o 30
minutes . Sprinkle with addi­
tional cheese, i f desired. 6 serv­
ings .
Savory Spinach Casserole
1 8-ouoccpackagc Fhi|adc| phia
'/. cupmi | k
2 1 0-ouoccpackagcs]tozco
'/ cupKta]tCtatcd
Heat oven to 350•. Combine
softened cream cheese and mil k;
mi x wel l . Pl ace s pi nach i n 1 -
quart casserole; top with cream
cheese mixture. Sprinkle with
Parmesan cheese. Bake at 350•,
20 minutes . 4 to 6 servings .
Zesty Zucchini
2pouodszucchi oi,s|iccd
' /cupchoppcdooioo
2 tao| cspooosj|out
'/cupmi | k
' /tcaspooosa|t
1 1 pouod vc|ucctaFastcutizcd
Ftoccss Chccsc5ptcad, cuocd
2 mcdi umtomatocs,choppcd
1 '/cups]tcsh otcadctumos
3 tao| cspooosmatgatioc,
Heat oven to 350• . Cook zuc­
chini and onion in 1  cup marga­
rine over medium heat for 5
minutes . Make white sauce
with 2 tablespoons margarine,
flour, milk and sal t. Add Vel­
veeta; stir until melted. Layer
half of zucchini mixture, to­
matoes and Velveeta sauce in
12 x 8-inch baking dish; repeat
layers . Top with crumbs tossed
with melted margarine; bake at
350•, 35 minut es . 8 servings .
Zucchini Bake
6 mcdi umzucchi oi
'/ cupchoppcdooioo
2 tao| cspooosmatgatioc
1 cupchoppcdtomato
1 tcaspooosa|t
l• tcaspooopou|ttyscasoo iog
Oash ojpcppct
1 '/cups(6o uoccs)shtcddcd
Natuta| ChcddatChccsc
oacoo, ctumo|cd
Heat oven to 3so• . Trim ends of
zucchi ni . Cook, covered, in boil­
ing salted water 5 to 8 minutes;
drain. Cut in half l engthwise.
Scoop out centers ; chop. Cook
onion in margarine until tender;
combine with chopped zucchi­
ni , tomato, seasonings, cheese
and bacon. Fi l l zuc c hi ni . Ar ­
range i n 13 x 9-inch baking pan.
Bake at 3 s o• , 30 mi nut e s . 6
servings .
Wonderful Cheese Dress-ups
Creamy Potato Puff
1 8-ouoccpackagc Fhi|adc| phia
4cups hotmashcd potatocs
1 cgg, ocatco
' /cup]ioc|y choppcdooi oo
l• cupchoppcdpi mi coto
1 tcaspooosa|t
Oash o]pcppct
Heat oven to 3so· . Combine
softened cream cheese and po­
t at oes , m1 xmg unt i l wel l
blended. Add remaining ingre­
dients ; place i n 1-quart casse­
role. Bake at 3so·, 45 minutes .
6 to 8 servings .
Ct h c t uays · Subs t i t ut e
chopped green pepper for on­
ion or s pr i nkl e wi t h c r i s pl y
cooked crumbl ed bacon.
Sunny Scalloped Potatoes
5cupss |iccdpotatocs
2 tao| cspooosj|out
1 tcas pooosa|t
Oash ojpcppct
1 h pouod vc|ucctaFastcutizcd
Ftoccss ChcescSptead,cuocd
³ cupmi|k
11• cupchoppcdgtccopcppct
1/4 cupcooppcdooioo
2 tao| cs pooospi mi cotosttips
Heat oven to 350• . Coat pota­
toes with combined flour and
seasonings . Place in 12 x 8-inch
baking di sh. Heat Velveeta and
milk over low heat; add green
pepper , oni on and pi mi ent o .
Pour Velveeta sauce over pota­
toes. Bake at 3so·, 50 mi nutes
or until potatoes are done. 4 to
6 servings .
The. Complete Cheese Cookbook
Cheese Risotto
1 cupchoppcdoo|oo
J tao|cspooosmatgatioc
1 cupuocookcdt|cc
2 cupsuatct
2chi ckco oou|||oo cuocs
1 J-ouocccaos||ccd
mus htooms,uodta|ocd
'/tcaspooo sa|t
Dash ojpcppct
1 '/cups(6o uoccs)shtcddcd
Nat uta|ChcddatChccsc
Heat .ven to 350• . Cook onion
in margarine until tender. Sti r in
- rice; cook until l ightly browned.
Adt remaining ingredients ex­
cept cheese. Bring to a boil; sim­
mer 5 minutes . Layer rice mix­
ture and 1 cup cheese in 1 lz­
quart casserole. Bake, covered,
at 350•, 1 hour. Sprinkle with
remammg c hees e ; r e t ur n to
oven until cheese melts . 6 to 8
servings .
Double-Treat Baked
Matgat| oc
M| | k
Ktajtßacoo Fastcutizcd
Heat oven to 375 • . Slice tops
from baked potatoes ; scoop out
insides . For each potato, add 1
tablespoon margarine, 1 t able­
s poon milk and 2 tablespoons
cheese s pread. Mix until well
bl ended ; s eas on to t as t e. Fi l l
shells ; place on baking sheet.
Bake at 375• , 20 minutes or un­
til lightly browned.
One-Dish Meal s
One-dish wonders, these shoul d be cal led-here is a
col lection of casserole and s ki ll et concocti ons t ha t wi l l
be favorites with your fami l y from the first day you
make them-and, as a bonus , save you hours of ki tchen t i me.
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Devonshire Spaghetti
' /cupchoppedooioo
2 tao|espooosmatgatioe
2cups(1 -pouodcao)tomatoes
'/¡ teaspooopeppet
1 /-ouocepackages paghetti,
1 cupdicedcookedchickeo
1 cupcooked hamsttips
Chees e 5ptead
Heat oven to 350• . Cook onion
and green pepper in margarine
until tender. Sti r in tomatoes
and seasonings. Add spaghetti,
chi c ken, ha m and Vz pound
cubed Velveeta; mix well. Pour
into 2-quart casserole; bake at
350• , 25 mi nut es. Top wi t h
Velveeta slices ; return t o oven
until Velveeta melts . 6 to 8 serv­
ings .
Country Chicken Casserole
1 cupmi |k
1 pouodve|ueetaFasteutized
Ftocess Chees e5ptead,cuoed
2cups cuoedcookedchi ckeo
1 1 0-o uocepackagejtozeo
5 ouocesspaghetti, cooked,
1 tao|espooochoppedc|iues
Heat oven to 350• . Combine
milk and salad dressing; add
Velveeta. Heat over low heat,
stirring until sauce is smooth.
Add r emai ni ng i ngr edi ent s;
mix well. Pour into 2-quart cas­
serole; bake at 350• , 35 to 40
minutes . 6 to 8 servings.
Count ry Fare Casserole
1 '/¡ cups uatet
li cupuocookedtice
1 cup cuoedcookedham
' /pouod ve|ueetaFasteutized
FtocessChees e5ptead,cuoed
1 1 0-ouocepackagejtozeo
peas, thaued
6 hatd-cookedeggs, s|iced
' /cupchoppedooi oo
'/¡ cupchoppedpi mieoto
'/¡ cupmi|k
Bring water to boil ; add rice.
Cover and si mmer 1 0 minutes ;
add r emai ni ng i ngr edi ent s .
Cover and cont i nue cooki ng
20 mi nu t es or unt i l ri ce i s
done. 6 to 8 servings .
Blue Ribbon Ham
'/ pouodve|ueetaFasteutized
Ftocess Chees e5ptead,cuoed
'/cupmi | k
Jcupsdi cedcookedpotatoes
³ cupcuoedcookedham
6 hatd-cookedeggs, s|iced
'/¡ cupchoppedgteeo peppet
' /teaspooosa|t
Heat Velveeta with milk over
low heat ; s t i r unt i l s a uc e is
smooth. Add remaining ingre­
di ent s ; mix wel l . Heat t hor­
oughly, stirring occasionally. 6
servings .
Ham Apollo
I/4 cupc|oppedooioo
2 tao|cspooosmatgatioe
2 tao|espooosj|out
1 1 teaspooosa| t
Oas| ojpcppet
1 11 cups mi | k
1 cupdicedcookcd |am
2 cups( 4 ouoces)gteeo
Heat oven to 350•. Cook onion
in margarine until tender; blend
in flour and seasonings . Grad­
ual l y add mi l k, s t i r r i ng unt i l
thickened. Stir i n ham and V2
cup cheese. Alternate layers of
noodles and sauce in 1-quart
casserol e; top wi th additional
cheese. Bake at 350• , 20 min­
utes. 4 to 6 servings .
One-Dish Meals
Heritage Supper
2 tao|cspooosmatgatioc
2 tao|cspooosj|out
2 cups mi | k
1 / 4 tcaspooosa| t
Oas| ojpcppct
11 pouodvc|uccta
Fasteutizcd Ftocess C|ecsc
1/ cupc|oppcdgtecopcppct
1 J-o uocccaos |iced
1 /4 cupc|oppedooioo
2 tao| cspooosc|oppcd
pi micoto
1 8-ouoccpackagct|i o
s pag|ctti,cookcd,dtaiocd
11 cupKtaJCtatcd
1 11 cupscoo kcd|amsttips
Heat oven 375•. Make white
sauce with margarine, flour,
milk and s easonings . Add Vel­
veet a, gr een pepper, mus h­
rooms, onion and pimiento; sti r
until Velveeta melts . Combine
spaghetti and ' cup Parmesan
cheese; layer half of s paghetti,
ham and Velveeta sauce i n 12
x 8-inch baking dish; repeat
layers. Top with remaining Par­
mesan cheese. Bake at 375•, 25
minutes . 6 to 8 servings .
Frank Whiz Macaroni
1 pouodjtaokjuttets
1 /-o uocepackagee| oou
macatooi, cooked,dtai oed
1 8-ouoceJatCheezWhi z
'/¡ cupchoppedgteeoooioo
1 tao| espoooptepated
Simmer frankfurters in water 5
minutes ; drain and slice diago­
nally. Combine frankfurters ,
macaroni , Cheez Whi z, onion
and mustard. Heat. 4 to 6 serv­
ings .
Enchiladas El Paso
1 pouodgtouodoeej
2 cups(1-pouodcao)tomatoes
1 6-ouocecaotomatopaste
'/ cupuatet
' /cupchoppedooioo
1 tao| espooochi | i poudet
1 '/¡ teaspooossa| t
'/¡ teaspooopeppet
2 cups(8 ouoces)s htedded
1 8-ouocepackage totti| |as
Heat oven to 375° . Brown meat;
drain. Sti r in tomatoes, tomato
paste, water, onion and season­
ings . Si mmer 10 minutes . Place
rounded tablespoons of each,
meat sauce and cheese, on each
tortilla; roll up tightly. Place
seam-side down in 12 x 8- inch
baking dish; top with remain­
ing s a uc e and c he e s e. Cover
Opposi te: Enchi ladas E l Paso
One-Dish Meals
tightly with aluminum foil;
bake at 375• , 25 minutes . 6 to
8 servings.
Nice to koou· Thi s di sh may
be made ahead, covered and re­
frigerated overnight. Bake, cov­
ered, at 375• , 50 minutes.
1 pouodgtouodoeej
' /cupchoppedooioo
1 6-ouocecaotomatopaste
1 '/ cups uatet
1 gat|icc|oue, mioced
2 teaspooossa|t
³ teaspooootegaoo
'¡ teaspooopeppet
8 ouoces|asagoeoood|es,
1 pouodticottaotcottage
2 6-o uocepackagesKta]t
Natuta| LouMoistute
Fatt-Ski mMozzate| |aCheese
S| ices
'/cup(2 ouoces)KtajtCtated
FatmesaoChees e
Heat oven t o 375• . Brown meat;
drain. Add onion and cook un­
til tender. Sti r i n tomato paste,
water, garlic and seasonings ;
cover and simmer 30 minutes .
In a 12 x 8-inch baking di sh,
l ayer ha l f of noodl es , meat
sauce, ricotta cheese and Moz­
zarella cheese; repeat layers .
Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
Bake at 375• , 30 minutes . 6 to 8
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Golden Meatball Casserole
1 poundgtoundocc]
'/cup]tcsh otcadctumos
1 cgg
1 tcaspoonsa|t
A||putposco| |
1 cupuncookcdt|cc
2 |atgccattots,cutinquattcts
'/. cupchoppcdon|on
' /poundvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
Ftoccss Chccsc5ptcad,cuocd
Combine meat , bread crumbs,
egg and salt; mix lightly. Shape
i nt o 18 meat bal l s ; br own in
small amount of oil on all sides
i n large skillet. Drai n. Add wa­
ter, rice, carrots, green pepper
and onion. Cover and si mmer
25 minutes. Add Velveeta; heat
until Velveeta mel ts . 4 to 6 serv­
ings .
El Rancho Casserole
1 poundgtoundocc]
1 cupchoppcdonion
1 7-ounccpackagc
c| boumacatoni
31h cups(1 -pound12-ouncc
1 '/cups(12-ouncccan)uho| c
kctnc|cotn,undtai ncd
'/ poundvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
Ftoccss Chccsc5ptcad,cuocd
1 tab| cspoonchi | i poudct
1 tcaspoonsa|t
'/• tcaspoonpcppct
Brown meat; drai n. Add oni on
and cook until tender. Sti r i n
remaining ingredients. Cover
and simmer, s tirring occasion­
ally, 30 to 35 minutes. 6 to 8
servings .
Plantation Supper
1 poundgtoundocc]
1 cupm| | k
1 8-ounccpackagc Fh| |adc|poia
ßtandCtcamChccsc, cuocd
1 '/cups(1-poundcan)uho|c
kctnc| cotn,dtaincd
4 cups(8 ounccs)nood|cs,
'/• cupchoppcdpi m|cnto
1 J-ouncccans|iccd
I '/tcas poonssa|t
Brown meat ; drai n. Add onion;
cook until tender. Sti r in milk
and cheese, mixing until well
blended. Add remaining ingre­
dients; heat. 8 servings.
Casserole Special
1 poundgtoundocc]
li cupchoppcdon|oo
1 8-ounccpackagc Fh| |adc| ph|a
1 can condcnscdctcamo]
1 '/cups(12-ouncccan)uho|c
kctnc| co tn,dta|ncd
1 2-ouncc¡atp| m|cnto,
1 tcaspoonsa| t
1can(9. 5ouoccs)te]t|gctatcd
outtetm||k]|aky o| scui ts
Heat oven to 375° . Brown meat;
drain. Add oni on; cook until
tender. Sti r in cheese and soup;
mi x well . Add corn, pimi ento
and s easonings ; pour into 12 x
8-inch baking dish. Place bis­
cuits around edge of baking
dish; bake at 375° , 20 to 25
minutes. 6 servings .
Sicilian Supper
1 poundgtouodocc]
1 6-ouncccantomato pas tc
³ cupuatct
' /tcaspoonsa|t
'/¡ tcaspoonpcppct
³ cupmi |k
1 8-ouoccpackagc Fh| |adc| ph|a
ßtandCtcamChccsc, cuocd
li cupchoppcdgtccnpcppct
li tcaspoongat| | csa| t
One-Dish Meals
Heat oven to 350° . Brow meat;
drain. Add onion; cook until
tender. Add tomato paste, wa­
ter and seasonings; simmer 5
minutes . Heat milk and cream
cheese over low heat, sti rring
until smoot h. Stir in 14 cup Par­
mesan · cheese, green pepper,
garlic salt and noodles . I n 1 ¥2-
quart casserole, ·layer hal f of
: noodle mixture and meat sauce;
repeat layers. Bake at 350°, 20
minutes. Sprinkl e with remain­
i ng Par mesan chees e. 6 s erv­
ings .
1 poundgtoundocc]
' /cupchoppcdon|on
2 8-ouncccanstomatosaucc
1 tao| cspoonch|||poudct
1 tcaspoonsa|t
cut |n ha|]
2cups(8 ounccs)s htcddcd
Heat oven t o 325° . Brown meat;
drain. Add oni on; cook until
tender. Stir in tomato sauce and
seasonings . Alternate layers of
meat mi xt ur e, t or t i l l as and
cheese i n 1 ¥2-quart casserole;
bake at 325° , 20 minutes. 4 to 6
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Potato Patch Casserole.
1 pound gtouodoccj
'/ cupcooppcdon|oo
1 cgg
'/¡ cupm| | k
'/¡ cupdry otcadctumos
1 tcaspoonsa|t
'/¡ tcaspoonpcpµct
'/¡ tcaspooncc| ctysa|t
. . .
2 tao|cspoonsmatgatioc
2 tao|cspoonsj|out
1 cupm| | k
1 '/¡ tcaspooossa|t
' /pouodvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
Ftoccss CoccscSptead,cuocd
4 cupss| |ccdpotatocs
1 1 0-ounccpackgcjtozcn
pcasandcattots, toaucd
Heat oven to 350° . Combine
meat, onion, egg, milk, bread
crumbs and seasonings; mix
l i ght l y. Sha pe i nt o 10 meat­
balls; brown in oi l. Make white
sauce with margarine, flour,
mi l k and seasonings . Add Vel­
veet a; stir until melted. Com­
bine potatoes and peas and car­
rots ; place in 12 x 8-inch baking
dish. Arrange meatballs around
edge of dish; cover with Vel­
veeta sauce. Cover dish with
aluminum foil ; bake at 350°, I
hour. Uncover ; continue bak­
ing 30 minutes . 4 to 6 servings .
' /poundgtouodoccj
' /cupcooppcdon|oo
2 cups( 1-poundcao)tomatocs
1 6-ouncccan tomatopastc
'/ cupuatet
1 oay|caj
'/¡ tcaspoonpcppct
8 ouncesmostacc|o| | oood|cs,
Ftoccss CoccscSptcad,
Heat oven to 350° . Brown meat ;
add green pepper and onion.
Cook until tender. Sti r in toma­
toes, tomato paste, water and
seasonings . In a 2-quart casse­
rol e, l ayer ha l f the noodl es,
meat sauce and Velveet a; re­
peat layers. Sprinkle with Par­
mesan cheese. Bake at 350°, 30
minutes . 6 to 8 servings .
Opposite: Mostaccioli
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Tuna ' Tater Puff
'/• poundvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
Ftoccss CoccscSptcad,cuocd
2cups ootmasocdpotatocs
1 cgg, ocatcn
2 tao| cspoons matgatinc
'/. cupcooppcdpi m|cnto
1 7-ouncccantuna,dtaincd,
Heat oven to 350•. Combine
Velveeta and potatoes ; add egg.
Cook cel ery and onion in mar­
garine until tender; add to po­
tatoes. Sti r in remaining ingre­
dients ; pour i nto 1-quart casse­
role. Bake at 350• , 40 to 45 mi n­
utes . 6 servings .
Countr Casserole
1 '/cupsmi | k
1 8-ounccpackagc Foi|ade|poia
'/¡ cup(1 ouncc)KtajtCtatcd
' /tcaspoonoo| onsa|t
'/¡ tcaspoonotcgaoo, ctumo|ed
1 /-ounccpackagespagoetti,
1 1 0-o unccpackagcjtozcn
1 /-ouncccantuoa, dtaioed,
1 J-ouncccaos |iced
musotooms, dtaincd
1 tao|cspooncooppcd
pi m| cnto
1 tao| cspooocooppcdooi on
Heat oven to 350•. Heat milk
and cream cheese over low heat,
sti rring until s mooth. Add Par­
mesan cheese, oni on salt and
oregano; mix well . Add remain­
ing ingredients ; mix. Place in 2-
quart casserol e; cover and bake
at 350•, 20 minutes. 6 to 8 serv­
ings .
Tempting Tuna Bake
2 tao| cspoonsmatgatinc
2 tao|cspoonsj|out
1 '/cupsmi | k
'/• tcas poonsa|t
1 '/cups(6 ounccs)sotcddcd
Natuta| CocddatCocese
4 ouncesspagoctti,
2 /-ouncccanstuna,
' /cups|iccdtipeo |iucs
'/• cups| iuetcda| monds,
Heat oven to 350• . Make whi te
sauce wi th margari ne, flour,
mi l k and seasonings . Add 1 cup
cheese; s ti r until mel ted. Stir in
spaghetti , tuna, olives, onion
and nuts . Pour into 1 V2-quart
casserole; bake at 350•, 25 mi n­
utes . Sprinkle wi th remaining
cheese; r et ur n t o oven unt i l
cheese melts . 6 t o 8 servings .
Nice to knou· This dish may
be made ahead, covered and re­
frigerated overnight . Remove
cover and bake at 350• , 55 min­
Macaroni and Cheese
'/¡ cupmatgat| nc
'/¡ cupj|out
2 cups mi | k
1 tcaspooosa| t
Natuta| CocddatCoccsc
1 7-ounccpackagcc| oou
Heat oven to 350° . Make white
sauce with margarine, flour,
milk and salt ; add cheese, re­
serving Vz cup; stir until melted.
Layer h al f of macar oni and
cheese sauce i n 1 Vz-quart casse­
role; repeat layers. Top wi th re­
maining chees e. Bake at 350° ,
20 t o 25 minutes . 6 to 8 serv-
Calico Macaroni
'/¡ cupcoo ppcdcattots
'/. cupcooppcdonioo
'/¡ cupcooppcdgtcenpcppct
2 tao| cspooosmatgatioc
1 7-ounccpackagcc| oou
1 8-ounccJatCocczWo| z
Cook carrots , onion and green
pepper in margarine until ten­
der. Combine vegetables, mac­
aroni and Cheese Whi z; sti r un­
til well blended. Heat. 4 to 6
servings .
One-Di sh Meals
Macaroni Tomato Bake
1 7-o unccpackagcc| oou
macatoni, cookcd,dta|ocd
1³cups mi | k
³ cup(Jounccs)Ktajt
CtatcdFatmcsao Coccs c
J cggs,ocatcn
1 '/tcaspooossa|t
'/¡ tcaspoonpcppct
1 6-o uncepackagcKtajt
Natuta| LouMoistute
Fatt-Sk|mMozzatc| |a Coecsc
S||ces,cut intoi osttips
2 tomatocs
1 '/cupsjtcso otcadctumos
2 tao| cspooos matgatioc,
Heat oven to 350° . Combine
macaroni , mil k, Vz cup Parme­
san cheese, onion, eggs , season­
i ngs and Mo zzar el l a c heese.
Pour hal f of macaroni mixture
i nto 2- qua r t c a s s e rol e. Top
with 1 tomato, sliced. Add re­
mai ni ng mac ar oni mi xt ure.
Toss crumbs i n margarine and
sprinkle on top. Cut remaining
tomato in wedges ; arrange on
casserole. Bake at 350• , 45 min­
utes. Sprinkle with remaining
Parmesan cheese; return to
oven for 5 minutes . 8 servings .
Great Cheese Pies
Who' s for pi zza? Everybody from si x t o si xty. Who' s for
quiche? The family, the guests-everyone who tri es
a sl i ce of any one of these imaginati ve cheese pi es wi ll
become converted on the spot to the pi e-from-cheese clan.
Pizza Napoli
1 packagcdtyycast
1 '/cups |ukcuatmuatct
2 tao|cspooosa||putposco| |
1 tcaspooosa|t
1 8-ouocccaotomato saucc
1 6-ouocccaotomatopastc
'h cup uatct
1 tcaspooootcgaoo, ctumo|cd
'/• tcaspooosa|t
1 1 0-o uoccpackagcjtozco
1 '/ cupss||ccd p|ttcd t|pco| |ucs
2 8-ouoccpackagcsKtajt
Mo|stutcFatt-Sk| m
Mozzatc||aC| ccsc
Dissolve yeast in water ; add
oil. Combine flour and sal t ;
add yeast mixture. Mi x until
well blended. On a floured sur­
face, knead dough unt i l
smooth, about IO minutes .
Place dough in a greased bowl .
Cover ; l et rise i n a warm place
until double i n bul k, about 2
hours . Punch down; divide
dough in half . Roll each half
to fit a l ightly greased 14- inch
pizza pan. Heat oven to 425° .
Combine tomato sauce, toma­
to paste, water, oregano and
salt; mix wel l . Spread hal f of
mixture over each pi zza crust.
Top each pi zza wi th half of as­
paragus and olives ; s prinkle
each pi zza with half of cheese.
Bake at 425° , 20 mi nutes . I2
servings .
Great Cheese Pi es
Aootoct uay· Omit asparagus
and olives . Top each pi zza with
I medium green pepper cut in
thin strips and I cup frozen
French-fried onion rings be­
fore s prinkling with cheese.
Pizza Milano
1 tcaspooooak| ogpoudct
1 tcas pooosa| t
2 cupm| | k
'/• cupa||putposco| |
1 8-ouocccaotomatosaucc
'/ tcaspooootcgaoo, ctumo|cd
Oas| ojsa|t
' /pouodpcppctoo|,s| |ccd
1 8-ouoccpackagcKtajt
Mo|stutcFatt-Sk| m
Heat oven to 425° . Combine
flour, baking powder and sal t;
add mi l k and oi l . Stir wi th a
fork until mixture forms a ball.
Knead about IO times on an un­
floured surface. Roll dough to
fit a 14-inch pizza pan. Com­
bine tomato sauce, or�gano and
sal t; mix well . Spread over pi z­
za crus t ; top wi th pepperoni .
Sprinkle wi t h cheese; bake at
425° , IS to 20 minut es . 6 to 8
servings .
Anotoct uay· Omit pepperoni .
Top pi zza wi t h one 3-ounc e
jar sliced mushrooms, drained,
and 2 small zucchini, sliced, be­
fore sprinkling wi th cheese.
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Cheddar Cheese Pie
2cups(8ouoccs)s otcddcd
Natu ta|CocddatCoccsc
2 tao|cspooosJ|out
4 cggs,s | |got|y ocatco
1 '/cups m| | k
³ cupd| ccdcoc kcdoam
'/• tcaspooosa| t
1 9-| ocouo oakcdpas ttysoc||
Heat oven to 350• . Toss cheese
with flour. Add eggs , milk, ham
and seasonings ; mix well . Pour
into past ry shel l ; bake at 350°,
1 hour. 6 servings .
Ski Trail Cheese Pie
2cups(8ouoccs)s otcddcd
Natuta| CocddatCoccsc
2 tao|cspooosj|out
' /tcas pooosa|t
'/• tcaspooodty mustatd
8s| | ccsct| sp|ycookcd
oacoo, ctumo|cd
4 cggs, ocatco
1 8-ouocccaotomatosaucc
' h cupm| | k
'/• cupcooppcdoo|oo
1 9-| ocouooakcdpasttysoc| |
Heat oven to 350°. Toss cheese
with flour and s easonings .
Combine bacon, eggs, tomato
sauce, milk and onion, mixing
until well blended. Add cheese
mixture; mi x wel l . Pour into
pastry shel l ; bake at 350• , 40 to
45 mi nutes . 6 servings .
Florentine Swiss Pie
2cups (8ouoccs)s otcddcd
KtajtAgcd Natuta|
2 tao|cspooosj|out
1 '/• cups m| | k
J cggs, ocatco
'h tcaspooosa|t
Oas oojpcppct
1 9-| ocouooakcdpasttysoc||
1 3-ouocccaos | |ccd
musotooms, dta| ocd
1 mcd| umzucco|o |,s||ccd
J |atgcp| ttcdt|pco||ucs,
s| |ccd
'/• pouodpcppctoo|,s| |ccd
Heat oven to 350" . Toss 1 V2
cups cheese with flour. Com­
bine mil k, eggs and s easonings .
Stir in cheese mixture. Pour i n­
to pastry shel l . Bake at 350" ,
35 t o 40 mi nut es . Ar r ange
mushrooms, zucchini, oli ves
and pepperoni in concentric
rings on pi e; sprinkle with re­
maining cheese. Return to oven;
continue baking 20 minutes . 6
to 8 servings .
Swiss-Spinach Quiche
1can(4. 5ouoccs)tcjtigctatcd
outtctmi | koi scuits
1 8-o unccpackagcKtajt
Natuta| SuissCoccscS|iccs,
cutin toio stti ps
1 cupmi | k
J cggs, ocatco
1 1 tcaspooosa|t
Oaso ojpcppct
1 1 0-o unccpackagcjtozco
cooppcdspi oaco,cookcd,
Heat oven to 350" . Place bis­
cui t s i n ungr eas ed 9 - i nch
quiche pan ( or 9-inch pi e pan),
press i ng pi eces t oget her t o
form a crust. Toss cheese with
flour. Combine mil k, eggs and
seasonings . Add cheese mix­
ture and spi nach; mix well.
Pour into crus t . Bake at 350",
1 hour. 8 servings .
Cheddar Pasties
1 packagcp| cctustmix
j2 9-|nchctusts)
1 '/cups(6 o unccs)Ctackct
ßattc| ßtand5hatpNatuta|
1 tao| cspoonmatgatinc
1 cupoo|||nguatct
1 cupcookcdpotatocs
1 cups| |ccdon|ons
1 tcaspoonsa| t
Great Cheese Pies
Heat oven to 375". Combine
pie crust mix and cheese. Pre­
pare pie crust mix as di rected
on package. Divide dough in
16 prtions ; roll each to 5- inch
circle. Brown meat in marga­
rine. Pour water over vegeta­
bles . Simmer 10 minutes ; drain.
Toss together meat and vege­
tables ; add s al t and pepper.
Place 2 tablespons of meat
mixture on each pastry ci rcle;
fol d over and press edges to­
gether to seal. Place on baking
sheet. Bake at 375", 20 minutes.
8 servings.
"Philly" Quiche au } ambon
1 1 0-i ocounoakcdpasttysoc||
1 cupmi|k
1 8-ouoccpackagc Foi|adc| poia
ßtandCtcamCoccsc, cuocd
1 tao|cspooomatgatioc
1 cupjinc|y cooppcdoam
'/• cupcooppcdpi mi coto
'/• tcaspoondi||uccd
Oaso ojpcppct
Bake pas try shell at 400" , 12 to
15 minutes ; cool. Reduce tem­
per a t ur e t o 3 5 0" . He a t mi l k
over l ow he a t; add cr eam
cheese, stirring unti l melted.
Cook onion in margarine until
tender. Gradually add cheese
sauce to eggs ; sti r in onion,
ham, pimiento and s easonings .
Pour into past ry shell ; bake at
350", 35 to 40 minut es . 8 s erv­
The Complete Cheese Cookboo k
Al pine Appetizers
If cupcooppcdooioo
I / cupcooppedgteeopeppet
J eggs,s| igot|y oeateo
1 cupoa|jaodoa|j
If teaspooosa|t
Oas o oj!aoascosauce
1 cup(4 ouoces)soteddedKtajt
Aged Natuta|SuissCoeesc
1 9-| oco uooakedpasttysoc||
Heat oven to 350° . Cook bacon
until cri sp; drai n, reserving 2
tablespoons bacon fat . Cook
oni on and gr e en pepper i n ba­
con fat until tender . Combine
eggs , half and half and season­
i ngs; mi x wel l . Add ch eese,
onion and green pepper . Pour
into pastry shell; crumble ba­
con and s prinkle over top. Bake
at 350° , 40 to 45 minutes . 16
appeti zers.
Quiche Bretagne
I f cupmayoooaise
If tcaspooosa|t
2 cggs,ocatco
If• cupmi|k
2 tao| cspoonsuoi tcuioc
1 8-o uncepackagcKtajt
Natuta|Su|ssCoeeseS| iccs,
1 '/cups(6/:-ouocccao)
I/ cups| |ccdcc|cty
If• cups||ccdgtceoooioo
1 9-|ochuooakcdpasttyshe||
Heat oven to 350° . Combine
mayonnaise, sal t, eggs , milk
and wine; mix until well blend­
ed. Toss cheese with flour. Add
cheese mixture, crabmeat, cel­
ery and onion to mayonnaise
mixture; mix well . Pour into
pastry shell. Bake at 350° , 45
minutes . 6 to 8 servings .
Anothet uay· Omit crabmeat .
Add I cup chopped cooked
shri mp.
Quiche Lorraine
J ih cups oa|jaodoa|j
4 cggs,s|igot|y ocatco
I f teaspooosa|t
KtajtAged Natuta|Suiss
2 |ao|espooosj|out
8s| iccscti sp|ycooked
oacoo, ctumo|cd
1 9-i ocouo oakcdp
sttysoe| |
Heat oven to 350° . Combine
half and half, eggs and season­
ings ; mix well . Toss cheese with
flour; add cheese mixture and
bacon to egg mixture. Pour into
pastry shell; bake at 350° , 40
to 45 minutes . 6 servings.
Aootoctuay· Substitute
f cup
chopped cooked ham for bacon.
Opposi te: Qui che Lorrai ne
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Pot ato- t opped Pie
1 '/ pouods gto uodoccj
1 cgg
11 cupcats up
1/4 cupdty otcadctumos
1/4 cupcooppcdoo|oo
If• cupcooppcdgtccopcppct
1 tcaspooosa|t
2cups ootmasocd potatocs
Heat oven to 350° . Combine
meat, 1 lz cups cheese, egg,
catsup, bread crumbs , onion,
green pepper , salt and pepper ;
mix lightly. Pat into 9-inch pie
plate. Bake at 350° , 30 min­
ut es; drai n off excess fat.
Spread potatoes evenly over
meat. Sprinkle remaining cheese
over top. Return to oven until
cheese begins to melt. 6 to 8
Manchester Sausage Pie
1 packagcp|cctustmix
(2 9-| ococtusts)
1 pouodpotksausagc
1 /3 cupcooppcdgtccoooioo
1 cupm|| k
1 '/cups(6-ouoccs)sotcddcd
2 tcaspooosptcpatcd
Heat oven to 375° . Prepare pie
crust as directed on package.
Divide dough in 2 portions ;
roll each to 11- inch circle. Line
9-inch pie plate with pastry.
Brow sausage. Add onion and
cook until tender ; drain. Make
white sauce with margarine,
flour and mil k. Add cheese;
cook, stirring constantly, until
cheese is melted. Combine meat
mixture, sauce and horserad­
ish; mix well . Pour meat mix­
ture into pastry-lined pie plate;
cover with top crust . Flute
edges and slit top. Bake at 375° ,
35 minutes. Let stand 10 min­
utes before serving. 6 to 8 serv­
Chicken Little's Pot Pies
1 cupoo i ||oguatct
1 cupcuocdpotatocs
'/cups| iccdcattots
1h cups| iccdcc| cty
114 cupcooppcdoo|oo
2 tao| cspooosmatgatioc
2 tab|cspooosj|out
1 tcas pooosa|t
1 cupm| | k
Natuta| CocddatCoccsc
1/2 packagcp| cctustm|x
(1 9-|ococtust)
Heat oven to 425° . Pour water
over vegetabl es. Simmer 10
minutes ; drain. Make white
sauce with margarine, flour,
s al t and mi l k. Add c he ese;
cook, sti rring constantly, until
cheese is melted. Sti r in vege­
tabl es and c hi cken. Spoon
chicken mixture into 4 5 Yz-inch
pie plates. Prepare pie crust as
directed on package. Divide
dough in 4 portions ; roll each
to 7-inch circle. Fi t each dish
with crust. Flute and slit crust.
Bake at 425° , 30 minutes. 4
Meat Pie Roma
1 poundgtoundoccj
1 1 cupcooppcdon|oo
1 6-ouncccantomatopastc
3 cup uatct
1 tcaspoonsa|t
1 h tcaspoonotcgano
1/4 tcaspoongat||cpoudct
1 8-ounccpackagctcjt|gctatcd
1/ cup(1 '/:-ounccs)Ktajt
1 6-ounccpackagcKtajt
5| |ccs
Heat oven to 400° . Brown meat ;
drain. Add green pepper, onion,
tomato paste, water and sea­
sonings ; simmer 10 minutes .
Line greased 9- inch pie plate
with biscui ts ; sprinkle with V
cup Parmesan cheese. Fill with
Vz of meat mixture and 2 slices
of Mozzarella cheese. Top with
remaining meat and Parmesan
cheese. Bake at 400° , 15 to 20
minutes. Cut remaining Moz-
Great Cheese Pies
zarella cheese into strips ; place
on top of meat pie to form lat­
t i ce. Ret ur n t o oven unt i l
cheese melts. 6 t o 8 servings.
Crostate con Formaggio
'/cup(2o unccs)KtajtCtatcd
1 packagcp| cctustm|x
(2 9-incoctusts)
11 cupcooppcdon|oo
1h cupcooppcdgtccnpcppct
1 '/cupss||ccdzucco| ni
1gat||cc|occ, m|nccd
2 tao| cspoonsmatgat|nc
1 1 -poundcan uoo| cpcc| cd
1 J-ouncccan mus otooms,
1/4 tcaspoonotcgano
Heat oven to 375° . Add 1
cheese to pie crust mix. Prepare
pie crust as directed on pack­
age. Divide dough in 8 por­
tions; roll each to 7-inch circle.
Line 8 4-inch tart pans ; flute
edge. Cook onion, green pep­
per, zucchini and garlic in mar­
garine until tender; drain. Add
tomatoes , mushrooms and sea­
sonings ; simmer 10 minutes .
Fill each tart shell with 1
of vegetable mixture; top with
remaining cheese. Bake at 375° ,
25 minutes. 8 tarts.
Sauces, Rabbits
and Other Savories
Cheese sauces t o pour on, cheese sauces t o spoon on, cheese
sauces to serve over-every one of them an experience in
good eating; you'll see bl issful smi l es on faces all around
when you serve these fine-flavor treats to family or guests.
Cheddar Cheese Sauce
2 tao| cspoonsmatgat|oc
2 tao|cspooosj|out
1/4 tcaspoonsa|t
Oasoojdty mustatd
1 cupm| | k
1 cup(4ounccs)sotcddcd
Natuta| CocddatCoccsc
Melt margarine in saucepan
over low heat. Blend in flour
and seasoni ngs. Add mi l k;
cook, stirring constantly, until
thickened. Add cheese, stirring
until melted. 1 cups .
"Philly" Chive Sauce
3 cupm| | k
1 8-ounccpackagc Fo||adc| po|a
ßtandCtcam Coccsc, cuocd
1 tao| cspooncooppcdco|ucs
1 tcaspoon|cmonJu|cc
1/4 tcaspoongat||csa|t
Heat milk in saucepan over low
heat. Add cream cheese, stir­
ring until melted. Blend in re­
maining ingredients. Serve over
hot cooked pot at oes, gr een
beans, broccoli or asparagus.
ll cups.
Velveeta Sauce
112 poundvc|ucctaFastcut|zcd
114 cupm| | k
Heat Velveeta and mi l k over
low heat ; s t i r unt i l s auce is
smooth. 1 cup.
Sauces, Rabbits
Delmonico Sauce
' /cupm||k
1 8-ouoccpackagc Fo| |adc| po|a
1/4 cup(2 ouoccs)KtajtCo|d
Fackß| ucCoccsc,ctumo|cd
Oasoojon| onsa|t
Heat milk and cream cheese in
saucepan over low heat, stir­
ring until smooth. Blend in re­
maining ingredients . Serve over
hot vegetables . Top with addi­
tional Blue cheese, if desi red. 3
to 4 servings .
Mornay Sauce
1/4 cupmatgat| nc
1/4 cupj|out
2cupsm| | k
' /tcaspoonsa|t
1 cup(4o unccs)sotcddcd
KtajtAgcd Natuta|5u|ss
1/4 cupKtajtCtatcd
Make white sauce with marga­
rine, flour, milk and seasonings.
Add Swiss cheese and Parme­
san cheese; stir until melted.
Serve over hot cooked broc­
coli, asparagus, sliced turkey
or ham. 231 cups.
N| cc to knou· Thi s sauce can
be reheated.
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
"Philly" Orange Sauce
1 8-ounccpackagcFo||adc| po|a
11• cupotangcJu|cc
2 tao| cspoonssugat
1 tcaspoongtatcdotangct|nd
Combine softened cream cheese
and remaining ingredients, mix­
ing until well blended. Chill.
Serve over fruit, pound cake or
angel food cake. 11 cups.
"Philly" Dessert Sauce
1 8-ounccpackagc Fo||adc| po|a
11• cupsugat
1 '/ tcaspoonsuan|||a
Combine s of t ened cr eam
cheese, sugar, egg yolks and
vani l l a, mi xi ng unt i l wel l
blended. Fol d in stiffly beaten
egg whites . 2 cups.
Ni cc to knou· Thi s sauce is
excellent for serving over gin­
gerbread, upside-down cake or
baked puddings.
Epicurean "Philly" Sauce
1 8-ouoccpackagcFo||adc| po|a
ßtandCtcamCoccsc, cuocd
11• cupm| | k
2 tao| cspoonsmatgatioc
11• cupdty u|itcu| oc
2 tao| cspoooscooppcdpats| cy
2 tao|cspoons]inc|y c|oppcd
1/• tcaspooosa|t
Oaso o]pcppct
Heat cream cheese, milk and
margarine over low heat; stir
until smooth. Stir in remaining
ingredients; heat. Serve over
meat or fish. 1 'z cups.
Hot Horseradish Sauce
1 8-ounccpackagcFo||adc|po|a
ßtandCtcamCoccsc, cuocd
11 cupm| | k
2 tao|cspoonsptcpatcd
11• tcaspoonsa|t
Heat cream cheese and milk in
saucepan over low heat, stir­
ring until smooth. Blend in re­
maining ingredients. Serve over
ham, beef or hot cooked vege­
tables . 1 '3 Cups .
Parisian Wine Sauce
1 8-ounccpackagcFoi |adc|poia
ßtandCtcam Coccsc
1 1 cupmi|k
2 tao|cspoonsdty uoitcuinc
1 tao|cspooncooppcdgtccn
11• tcaspoonsa|t
Heat cream cheese and milk in
saucepan over low heat, s!ir­
ring until smooth. Blend in re­
maining ingredients. Serve over
fish, chicken or pork. l I
cups .
Perky Cheese Sauce
•1 cupmayonnaisc
1 4-ouncccontainctKtajt
Woi ppcdCtcamCoccscuito
ßacon andHotsctadiso
2 tcaspoonscooppcdgtccn
Gradually add mayonnaise to
whipped cream cheese; mix
well . Stir in onion. Serve over
cold roast beef. 1 cup.
Dilly Cheese Sauce
1 1 poundvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
Ftoccss CoccscSptcad,
• 1 cupsa|addtcss ing
•;4 cupmi | k
1/4 tcaspoondi | | uccd
Heat Velveeta, salad dressing
and milk over low heat until
sauce is smooth, sti rring con­
stantly. Add dill. 1 Vz cups.
Sauces, Rabbi ts
Sauce Louis
1 8-ounccpackagcFoi/adc|poia
ßtandCtcam Coccsc,cuocd
1/• cupmi|k
1/2 cupcoi|i saucc
11 tcaspoon Wotccstctsoitc
11• tcaspoonptcpatcd
•!4 tcaspoonsa|t
Heat cream cheese and milk in
saucepan over low heat, stir­
ring until smooth. Blend in re­
mai ni ng i ngr edi ent s; c hi l l .
Sere over shrimp, cold vege­
tables or hard-cooked eggs.
1 V cups.

"Philly" Bearnaise Sauce
2 tao|cspoonscooppcdgtccn
1 tcaspoontattagon, ctusocd
J tao| cspoonsui ncgat
1 8-ounccpackagcFoi|adc|poia
1 1 cupmi|k
1 tao|cspoon|i mc¡uicc
1 tao|cs pooncooppcdcoiccs
Boil onion and tarragon in vine­
gar until vinegar is evaprted.
Add remammg ingredients.
Cook over low heat until ·sauce
is smooth, stirring constantly.
Serve over beef, fish or eggs. 1
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Classic Cheese Rabbit
2cups(8ounccs)s btcddcd
' /cupocctota|c
2 tao| cspoonsmatgatioc
'/ tcaspoonpaptika
'/•tcaspooodty mustatd
1 cgg,s| igot|y ocatco
Heat cheese, beer, margarine
and seasonings in double boil­
er; stir until sauce is smooth.
Blend in egg; stir until thick­
ened. Serve over toast. 4 serv­
Cthct uays · Stir in 6 slices
crisply cooked bacon, crum­
bled; top wi th French- fried
onions; top with hard-cooked
egg slices ; serve over shoe­
string potatoes .
Country Rabbit
1 8-ouncc¡atCocczWoiz
'1 cup mayonnaisc
1 cupchoppcdcookcdcoickcn
1 tab|cspoonchoppcdgtccn
1 tab|cspoon choppcd pi mi cnto
Combi ne Cheez Whi z and
mayonnaise i n saucepan. Add
chicken, onion and pimiento.
Heat; serve over toast . 3 t o 4
Spanish Rabbit
'/• cupcooppcdonioo
'/• cupcooppcdgtccnpcppct
'/• cupmatgati nc
J4 cups mi | k
1 tcaspoonsa|t
'/• tcaspoonpcppct
1 cup (4 ounccs) s otcdded
Natu ta|CocddatCoccsc
1 cupcooppedpcc|cdtomato
1 '/cups(6 '/-ouocccao)
8s |ices uoiteotcad, toastcd,
cutio ttiaog| cs
Cook onion and green pepper
in margarine; blend in flour.
Gradually add mi l k, sti rring
until thickened. Add season­
ings and cheese; s t i r unt i l
melted. Stir in tomato and crab­
meat; heat. Serve over toast . 8
servings .
Shrimp Rabbit
'/ cupcooppcdgtecn pcppct
2 tao| cspoonsmatgatioc
1 '/cupscookcds oti mp
' /poundvc|ucctaFasteuti zcd
Ftoccss Coecs c5ptcad,cuocd
2 cupmi | k
4s| iccsuoiteotcad,toastcd,
cutio ttiang| cs
Cook green pepper and onion in
margarine until tender. Add
shrimp; heat. Heat Vel veeta
and milk over low heat; stir un­
til sauce is smooth. Add shrimp
and vegetables ; mix. Serve over
toast. 4 servings.
Opposite: Classic Cheese Rabbit
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Creole Rabbit
4s| icesoacon
'/cup]ine|y cooppcdonion
' /cupcooppcdgtcen pcppct
114 cup]|out
1 cupmi | k
1 med| umtomato, pce|ed,
1 cup(4ounccs)sotedded
1 teas poon Wotcestctsoi tc
Woi tcotcad, toas tcd,cut
Cook bacon unt i l c r i sp. Re­
move from skillet; crumble.
Cook onion and green pepper
in bacon fat until tender ; blend
in flour. Stir in milk and toma­
to; cook until thickened. Add
bacon, cheese, Worcestershire
sauce and salt; stir until cheese
is melted. Serve over toast. 6
Welshman's Rabbit
2tao| cspoonsmatgatinc
2 tao|cspoonsj|out
1 cupmi | k
'/¡ teaspoondty mustatd
2cups(8ounccs)s otcddcd
Natuta| CocddatCoees c
Wo itcotcad,toastcd,
cutin ttiang|
Make white sauce with marga­
rine, flour, milk and season­
i ngs. Add ch eese; s t i r unt i l
melted. Serve over toast ; sprin­
kle with papri ka, if desired. 6
servings .
Gol d Coast Rabbit
2cups(8ounccs)s otcddcd
Nat uta| Co eddatCoccsc
' /cupmi | k
'/ teaspoonpapti ka
1 egg,s |igot|yocatcn
1 4 '/-ouncccansotimp,
4 oatd-cookedcggs,quattcted
Wo iteo·ead,toasted,
cuti n ttiang| cs
Heat cheese, milk, margarine
and paprika over low heat; stir
until smooth. Blend in egg; stir
until thickened. Add shri mp.
Arrange eggs on toast ; top with
sauce. 4 servings.
The Romance of Cheese
Where did cheese originate? How is it made? How
many kinds of cheese are there? How should cheese
be stored? Can i t be frozen? These and dozens
of other questions about one of the world' s favorite
-and most nutritious-foods are answered here.
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Cheese-making has a long hi story, its ongms
lost in the far reaches of time. The discovery of cheese
was probably an accident-as simple an accident as
somene's tasting curdled milk and finding the taste
to his li king. Two legends persi st and are worth re­
peating because they are, like so many legends, both
interesting and li kely stories.
A News-Making Camel Ride
The first legend concerns a long-ago desert tribesman
who set out on a journey with a container of milk­
probably mare's or camel's milk-in that day's ordi­
nary milk container, the dried stomach of a sheep. In
the broiling desert sun he mounted his camel and took
off on a ride as bumpy and lurchy in those days as a
camel ride remains to this day.
When he stopped to refresh himself, he found the
milk separated into a thin, watery substance ( whey)
and a thickened mass (curds)-a result of the warmth
of the day and the churning motion of the ride he had
taken, helped along by the action of the rennet, an en­
zyme, in the sheep's stomach. He tasted the mass of
curds and was delighted. We can i magine that he
could hardly wait to get home to share his great di s­
covery wi th his family and friends.
A Shepherd's Forgotten Lunch
The second legend goes like this : Long, long ago a
herdsman went out to tend his sheep, taking with hi m
a lunch of fresh ewe's or goat' s mi l k cheese and a
chunk of bread. He laid his lunch aside-perhaps in
the shade of a tree, perhaps in a cave to keep the food
cool-and went about his business. Something kept
him from his lunch that day and for several days
thereafter. When he finally did get back to it, he found
The Romance of Cheese
the cheese in a condition that he probably thought of
as "spoiled. " It was veined with blue mold. Gingerly he
tasted the cheese and, to his surprise, found that it
was delicious.
Cheee i n Reorded History
However cheese came to be discovered, it has been a
staple-and nutritious and tasty-food of many peo­
ples for many years. The Sumarians of 4000 B. c. ate
cheese, as tablets dating back to that time testify. Ar­
chaeologists have similarly established that long-ago
Egyptians and Chaldeans knew what a wonderful
food could be made from clabbered milk. The ancient
Greeks thought it a fit offering to their gods. David,
on his way to deliver cheese to Saul's camp, interrupted
his journey to fight the giant, Goliath.
Among the many things of which Homer sang,
cheese was one. The Greeks trained their athletes on
cheese and made their wedding cakes of it. The Ro­
mans knew a number of kinds of cheese. Returning
from his journeys, Marco Polo told of, among other
wonders, the many varieties of cheese, and the secrets
of making it, that he had encountered.
Armies, so the old saying goes, travel on their
stomachs, and the men of many an ancient army, in­
cluding those of Julius Caesar and Genghis Khan, car­
ried cheese to sustain them. Visitors to ancient Sicily
brought home tales of incredibly delicious cheese­
cakes. Charlemagne, it is said, had a great fondness
for Roquefort.
Indeed, a history of cheese might be said to be a
capsule history of the world.
Dutch Cheee, Dutch Thrift
An old story told to demonstrate Dutch thrift and in-
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
dustry says that for centuries women al l over Europe
sat in their kitchens with their feet and hands busy
with rocking cradles, knitting, s pinning, preparing
food for cooking-but only in Holland was there, as
well, under the seat cushion of each chair, a wheel of
cheese ripening.
Where Did That Word Come From?
How did we come by the word cheese? The ancient
Greeks drained their cheese in wicker baskets called
formos. The word beame forma in Latin, and from
that root came today's I talian formaggio and French
fromage. The Latin word for cheese itself was caseus,
and from that root sprang the German Kase, Dutch
kaas, Gaelic cais, Welsh caws, Portuguese queijo and
Spanish queso. The same root produced the Old En­
glish word cese and a variation, cyse, which evolved
into our present-day cheese.
Whatever i t is called, in whatever country, there
are by now a very great many varieties of cheese in ex­
istence-etimates range from 700 to 2, 000. France
alone claims 500. Some 200 kinds are made in the
United States.
Cheese is hearty, nourishing fare. Bread and
cheese-sometimes with a handful of olives or a fresh
fig or two or some apricots from a nearby tree-along

with a beaker of the sour local wine has fed many a
peasant in many a land. But cheese has snob appeal,
too. Gourmets speak of fine cheeses in hushed tones :
Crottin de Chavignol, for example, a small, medium­
firm salted goat' s milk cheese from the Berry district
of France that sells in Paris markets, during its short
season, at the equivalent of three dollars a pound.
Many cheeses are named after the places in which
they are made-or were first made. Cheddar is the
The Romance of Cheese
name of a village near Bristol, England, where its name­
sake cheese first saw light; today the town is still the
center of a thriving cheese industry. Limburger is
named after Limburg, Belgium.
Curds and Whe
Cheese-making may have begun as a happy accident,
but it has grow into a huge industry whose produc­
tion is based on scientific princi ples and surrounded
by strict regulations to control flavor, wholesome­
ness, uniformity and purity. Nevertheless, it all be­
gins now, as then, with the separation of milk into
curds and whey.
The kind of milk-sheep, buffalo, reindeer,
cow or goat-begins the determination of the taste and
texture of the finished cheese. By variations in prepa­
ration of curds, by the addition of such friendly or­
ganisms as bacteria and mold and by the conditions
of the curing or ripening, the differences among the
many kinds of cheese are caused.
Reduced to its simplest definition, natural cheese
is the solid or casein prtion of milk (curds) separated
from the whey. Coagulation is facilitated and con­
trolled by the action of rennet or of lactic acid or
both. Here are the basic steps in the manufacture of
natural cheese.
Fresh milk is received at the cheese factory from
farms. I t is scientifically tested and heat treated; fat
content is adjusted; the milk is then pumped into vats.
Coloring is not used in all cheeses, but for a
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
golden-colored cheese, for example, a vegetable color­
ing is added to the milk. Then the starter, a pure cul­
ture of microorganisms, is added to help firm up the
curd particles and develop individual characteristics
of the cheese variety being manufactured. Rennet ex­
tract, containing the enzyme, coagulates the milk into
a custard-like mass, which is called curd.
After the curd reaches the firmness of custard,
it is cut into small cubes to permit the watery whey to
begin to separate. Curds and whey are then heated to
the required cooking temperature for the kind of
cheese being made-this firms the curd and hastens
the separation of the whey from the curd.
The whey is removed from the curd by simple
drainage or by one of several mechanical methods.
The time that salt is added, and the amount, has
a definite effect on the type of cheese produced. Some­
times salt is added after pressing (step 6) .
The salted curd is weighed and pressed into
forms to produce a solid block of cheese. The cheese
is then kept in temperature-controlled storage rooms
to cure until the desired texture and flavor develop.
family Cheee Groups
Each cheese, of the cured cheese varieties, has its own
speific range of time and temperature, its ow par­
ticular conditions of curing which, taken together, re-
The Romance of Cheese
suit in the development of that cheese. Depending on
the sharpness desired, cheeses are aged up to twelve
months, some up to twenty-four months. The cheese
is then cut in portions of convenient si ze and packaged
in sealed wrappings to suit popular demand.
Just as there are many nations in the world, there
are great families-related groups-of cheese. All va­
rieties stem from nine basic families : Cheddar, Dutch,
provolone, Swiss, blue, - Parmesan, fresh, surface­
ri pened and whey. Most of these cheeses originated
in the Old World; those we find at supermarkets to­
day may be imported or may be manufactured in this
Cheddar Cheese Family
Cheddar is the most popular cheese in the United
States. Like all other varieties of natural cheese, it is
made according to the six basic steps . The variation
that sets Cheddar apart occurs in step 4. At this point
the curd is allowed to knit together and is turned and
piled to expel the whey. This procedure-known as
cheddaring-develops the characteristic body and
texture. The flattened slab is then "milled" -cut into
smaller pieces-and placed in a hoop or mold.
Colby is another member of the Cheddar family.
In making it, the curd particles are stirred and not al­
lowed to knit together, resulting in a more open-tex­
tured cheese. The drained curd is washed with cool
water, which gives a cheese a higher moisture content
and milder flavor.
Monterey or Monterey Jack cheese was devel­
oped by monks in southern California in the early days
of California hi story. This creamy white cheese. is
similar to Colby, although it has a higher moisture
content, a softer consistency, and a more open te)ture.
8 7
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
The Dutch Cheee
The most popular varieties of cheese from Holland
are Edam and Gouda. Both are semisoft to hard, and
both are sweet-curd cheeses made from cows' milk.
Both have a characteristic milky, nut-like flavor that
varies in intensity with the age of the cheese.
In the United States Edam is the familiar red can­
nonball-shaped cheese, usually weighing from 3A
pound to 4¥ pounds. In Holland, Edam is often found
in the natural gold color, without the waxy red cov­
Gouda comes in one of two shapes : a flattened
sphere or a rectangular loaf. A Gouda may weigh from
six to fifty pounds, but probably the most familiar
is the "baby Gouda, " weighing a pound or less-the
size most often seen in our supermarkets. Gouda,
too, may or may not hqve a red wax coating.
Special metal or hardwood molds lined with
cheesecloth are used in the "pressing" step of the
manufacture of Edam and Gouda. These molds, which
give the cheeses their characteristic shape, consist of
a round lower section perforated for draining and a
round cover.
Cheeses made by this same method may include
mixtures of cumin, caraway and other spices. Some
examples are noekkelost, Leyden and cuminost .
The Provolone Cheee
The provolone family is technically know as pasta
filata (spun) cheese. The essential step in the prepa­
ration of these cheeses occurs after the separation of
the curd from the whey. The curd i s placed in either
hot water or hot whey, which changes i t into a stringy,
plastic-like mass. The curd is then stretched, much the
The Romance of Cheese
way taffy candy is stretched, and molded into the de­
sired size and shape. Then it is salted by being soaked
in brine, and following that, it may or may not be
The most commonly used member of this cheese
family is provolone, which is slightly cured and usu­
ally smoked. I t has a very important place in I talian
Mozzarella is another member of this cheese fam­
ily, one that has become very well known in the United
States because of the increased popularity of pizza. A
fresh cheese, originally made of buffalo' s milk, it orig­
inated in I taly just south of Rome. Buffalo-milk moz­
zarella is still sold in that area of I taly, but it is always
made from cows' milk in the United States .
Originally, mozzarella was sold and consumed
the day of manufacture, but with the advent of na­
tional distribution and commercial sale of the product,
it no longer lends itself to that kind of treatment . How­
ever, mozzarella is still a fresh, uncured cheese. It is
particularly adaptable to cooking, for it melts into a
smooth, stringy mass desirable for such dishes as piz­
za and lasagne.
Scamorze cheese is a close relative of mozzarella.
Both are fresh-uncured-and mild in flavor.
The Swss Cheee
Swiss is the second most popular variety of cheese in
the United States, ranking just behind Cheddar. In
Switzerland, its home country, this cheese is called
Emmentaler, a name also used to some extent in the
United States.
The distinguishing feature of Swiss cheese is its
"eyes " -holes that develop throughout the cheese
during ripening. These are the result of propionic acid
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
bacteria that produce carbon dioxide bubbles through­
out the body of the cheese. The si ze of the holes is con­
trolled to some extent by regulating the temperature
and time of ripening. Propionic acid bacteria also pro­
duce the characteristic sweet, nut-like flavor of Swiss
Gruyere is related to Swiss cheese, although the
characteristic " eyes " are not as fully developed. A cer­
tai n amount of surface growth is allowed to take
place, resulting in a somewhat sharper flavor. Gru­
re cheese is very popular in Europe, but has never
gained si milar popularity in the United States.
To avoid confusion, the cheese buyer should un­
derstand that Gruy
re cheese as sold in the United
States is a pasteurized process cheese (see page 103)
containing Emmentaler and Gruy
re. This is usually
sold in small individually wrapped wedges and in
round or half-round packages. It is not the same as
the Gruy
re found in Europe.
The Blue-Veied Cheees
The blue-veined cheeses are characterized by the dis­
tribution of blue-green mold throughout the cheese,
which results in a characteristic piquant flavor. This
blue mold is the result of the inoculation of a strain of
penicillium mold that grows throughout the body of
the cheese.
Almost every cheese-consuming country of the
world has developed a blue-veined cheese very simi­
lar to the blue cheese produced in the United States.
The best known are I taly's Gorgonzola, England's
Stilton, France' s Roquefort and Denmark' s Danablu.
All these blue cheeses with �he exception of
Roquefort are made of cows' milk. Roquefort is pro­
duced from sheep's milk in a region of southeastern
The Romance of Cheese
France and cured in the caves that occur in the same
During the manufacture of blue cheeses, the blue­
mold powder ( penicillium mold) is mixed with the
curd either while it is in the vat or while it is being
placed in molds or hoops. The cheese is held in these
hoops for twenty-four hours.
After removal from the hoops, the cheese is
salted over a period of approximately one week under
conditions that simulate the temperature and humid­
ity of the Roquefort caves. Approximately one week
after salting, the cheese is mechanically pierced to pro­
duce holes that allow air penetration essential for
mold growth. The cheese then cures for a period of
about five months.
The Parmean Chee
The members of this "hard-grating" cheese family,
primarily associated with I talian cooking, were origi­
nally developed in I taly in the vicinity of Parma. They
are grated and sprinkled on spaghetti, pizza, mine­
strone and tossed salads, and are used in baked dishes,
such as veal parmigiana and lasagne.
These cheeses are characterized by their hard,
granular texture, which makes them ideal for grating.
In fact, much of the Parmesan and Romano cheese
produced in the United States is sold grated or shred­
ded, in jars or cardboard containers.
Parmesan is the most familiar cheese in this group
and perhaps one of the best-know Italian cheeses
in the United States. It is made from a mixture of whole
and skim milk and is usually cured from fourteen to
twenty-four months to develop the characteristic tex­
ture and piquant flavor.
Romano, the other member of the family well
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
know in the United States, originated in the Latium
area near Rome. I t is very similar to Parmesan cheese
and is used in the same manner, but it has a sharper,
more piquant flavor. Both Parmesan and Romano are
excellent "seasoning cheeses. "
The Freh, Uncured Cheee
The fresh cheese do not follow exactly the six major
steps of cheese manufacture. Coagulation of the curd
is initiated by the addition of a lactic acid starter,
with or without a small amount of rennet. Also, as
their name implies, thee cheeses are not cured, but
are sold fresh. They have a mild flavor.
Cream cheee is an American original enjoyed
since 1872. I t starts as a mixture of milk and cream,
which is pasteurized and coagulated by a starter. Orig­
inally the curd was poured into cloth bags and pressed
to expel the whey. About 1945, Kraft perfected a meth­
od of removing the curd by centrifugal force. This
procedure is the one primarily used today. I t produces
a fine, smooth-bodied cheese that has greater keeping
qualities than cheese produced by the "bag method. "
Neufchatel i s the name of a lower-fat product
similar to cream cheee. Beause of their mild flavor
and smooth, creamy texture, both cream cheee and
Neufchatel blend readily wth other ingredients and
are used in a wide variety of recipes. They are espe­
cially popular as a base for many varieties of dips and
Cottage cheese is a third member of the family
of fresh, uncured cheeses. In making cottage cheese,
skim milk is coagulated by adding lactic acid starter
and sometimes a small amount of rennet. When the
curd is sufficiently firm, it is cut into cubes and heated
in the whey. After the whey has been removed, the
The Romance of Cheese
curd is washed and salted. Cottage cheese is usu­
ally creamed to improve i ts flavor and texture. This i s
done by adding a mixture of cream and milk. Cot­
tage cheese can be purchased in small or large-curd
The Surface-Ripened Cheee
Members of the surface-ripened cheese family include
Camembert, Brie, brick, Muenster, Bel Paese, Port du
Salut and Limburger. These cheeses may be divided in­
to two major groups, based upon the type of organ­
isms that are used to produce the characteristic flavor.
In the case of all surface-ripened cheeses, a bacterial
culture or a mold culture is grow on the surface of
the cheese. The enzymes produced by the growth of
these organisms penetrate the cheese and bring about
the development of the characteristic flavor and tex­
ture of each variety.
The two basic subfamilies within this large group
of cheese are differentiated by the type of organism
used for ripening-mold or bacteria. Characteristic
of the mold-ripened varieties are Camembert and
Brie, both of which originated in France and both of
which are very ppular with cheese connoisseurs all
over the world. The best-known variety of bacterial­
ripened cheese is Limburger. Other popular cheeses
of this type are Bel Paese of I taly and Port du Salut of
Brick and Muenster, which were originally mem­
bers of this family of .heese, can no longer be con­
sidered true members, for today they have little or no
surface ripening. This is because of changes in con­
sumer preferences for milder and milder versions of
these cheeses.
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
The Whe Cheee
The whey group of cheeses is produced from whey
rather than curd. These are not true cheeses, for whey
is a by-product of cheese manufacture.
The whey cheeses vary greatly in characteristics.
Perhaps the best-know cheese in thi s category i s ri­
sed frequently in I talian cooking. Ricotta was
originally produced by the coagulation of the albumen
portion of the whey, which resulted in a soft, fresh
cheee similar to cottage cheese. Today ricotta is made
by the coagulation of a mixture of whey and whole or
skim milk. It is a soft, grainy cheese, and can be pur­
chased either dry or moist.
Two other cheeses of this family, gj etost and
primost, are Scandinavian. They are prepared by con­
densing whey and adding small amounts of fat. Gjetost
is rather hard; primost is a semisoft product. An­
other member of the family is sapsago, a Swiss type
of whey cheese. It is the result of the acid coagulation
of the protein in a mixture of skim milk, buttermilk
and whey. The addition of the leaves of a cloverlike
plant leads to the characteristic flavor and light green
color. A hard cheese, it is primarily used grated.
Chosing a Favorite Cheese
Most of the members of the nine cheese families just
discussed can be found in the dairy case at your super­
market. Browse through reipes to find interesting
and unusual uses for the various kinds of cheeses that
you and your family wilJ enjoy.
O the following pages you will find a see-at-a­
glance chart that will help you in identifying and buy­
ing the cheeses in the nine familie and which will,
hopefully, lead you to experiment with types with
which you are not familiar.
The Cheese Families
Cheddar Cheddar England Hard; smooth, firm body Light yellow to orange; va- Cows' milk, whole 2-12 months or
Family �: ��
h Ionge�
Colby Uni ted Hard type, but softer and more Light yellow to orange; cyl - Cows' milk, whole 1-3 months
St ates open in texture than Cheddar indrical ; mild
Monterey Uni ted Semisoft ; smooth, open tex- Creamy white wheels; mild Cow' milk, whole 2-6 weeks for ta-
(Jack) St ates ture ble use; 6-9 for
Dutch Edam Holland Hard type, but softer than Creamy yellow with or without Cows' milk, part- 2 months or
Cheddar ; more open, mealy red wax coat; cannonball ly skimmed longer
' body shape; mild, nutlike
Gouda Holland Hard type, but softer than
;�:�:/ J:�
Cows' milk, part
2-6 months
Cheddar; more open, mealy ly ski mmed but
body, like Edam flat ; mild, nutlike, simi- more milk fat than
J ar to Edam Edam
Provolone Provolone I t aly Hard; compact. flaky li�ht golden yellow to Cow' milk, whole 2-12 months
ro den brown, shiny sur-
ace bound with cord;
yellowish white interior; _
pear, sausage and salami
shapes ; mild to sharp and
piquant , usually smoked 0
Mozzarella I t aly Semisoft ; plastic Cream? white; retangular Cow' milk, whole Unripened
and sp erical; mild, deli- or partly skimmed
cate "
Scamorze I t aly Semisoft ; smooth light yellow; mild Cows' milk, whole Unripened

Swiss Swiss Swtzerland Hard; smooth with large Rindless blocks and large Cows' milk, part- 2 months minimum
gas holes, or eyes wheels with rind; sweetish, ly skimmed to 9 months or
nutlike longer
Gruytre Switzerland Hard; tiny gas holes, or Light yellow; flat wheels; Cows' milk, usually 3 months minimum
eyes sweetish, nutlike partly skimmed 0
Blue Blue France Semisoft; visible veins White, marbled with blue- Cow' milk, whole 2 months minimum;
of mold; pasty, sometimes green mold: cylindrical; 3-4 months usually; 0
crumbly piquant, spicy 9 months for pro- :
nounced flavor
Grgonzola Italy Semisoft; visible veins of Li

ht tan surface, li
ht Cows' mi l k, whole, 3 months minimum
' mold; less moist than blue ye low interior, mar led or goats' milk or
· with blue-green mold; cyl- mixture of thee
indrical; piquant, spicy,
similar to blue
Roquefort France Semisoft; visible veins of White marbled with blue- Sheep's milk 2 months minimum
asty and sometimes green mold; cylindrical; to 5 months or
crumb y sharp, piquant, spicy longer
Stilton England Semisoft; visible veins of White, marbled with blue- Cows' milk, whole 2-6 months or longer
mold; slightly more crumbly green mold; cylindrical ; with added cream
than blue piquant, spicy, but milder
than Roquefort
Parmesan Parmesan I t aly Hard grating; granular, Light yellow with brown or Cows' milk, part- 14 months minimum
(Reggiano) brittle body black coating; cylindrical; ly skimmed to 24 months or
sharp, piquant longer
Romano I t aly Hard; granular Yellowish white interior, Cows' milk 5 months minimum;
greenish black surface; 12 months for
sharp, piquant grating
Freh, Cream United Soft; smooth, buttery White; foil-wrapped in rec- Cream and cows' Unripened
State tan�ular prtions; mild, milk, whole
slig tly acid
Family Neufchatel France Soft; smooth, creamy Whi te; foil-wrapped in rec-
tangular prtions; mild
Cow' milk, whole Unripene
Cottage Uncertain Soft; moist, delicate, White; packaged in cuplike Cows' milk, skim- Unripened
� large or small curds containers; mild, slightly med; cream dres-
acid ing may be added
Surface- Camembert France Soft; thin edible crust,
i�t����:; �::U! �!�is;
Cows' milk, whole 4-5 weeks
creamy interior
mild to pungent
Brie France Soft; thin eible crust, Whitish crust, creamy yel- Cows' milk, whole 4-8 weeks
creamy interior low interior; medium and
small whels; mild to pungent ;
Brick United Semisoft; smooth, waxy body Light yellow to orange; Cows' milk, whole 2 weeks or ;
States brick-shaped; mild longer
Muenster Germany Semisoft; smooth, waxy bdy Yellow, tan or white surface, Cow' milk, whole 2-6 weeks
creamy white interior; small
wheels and blocks; mild to
mellow, between brick and -
Bel Paee I t aly Soft ;· smoot h, waxy body Slightly gray surface,
creamy yellow interior;
small wheels; mild to mod-
Cows' milk, whole 6-8 weeks
erately robust
Port du Salut Trappist Semisoft; smooth, buttery
(Oka) monasteries,
France and
Russet surface, creamy yel- Cows' milk, 6-8 weeks
low interior; small wheels; whole or slightly
mellow to robust, between acid
Canada Cheddar and Limburger
Limburger Belgium Soft; smooth, waxy body
Creamy white; rectangul ar; Cows' mi l k, 1-2 months
robust, highly aromatic whole or partly
ski mmed
Whe Gjetost Norway Hard; buttery
Golden brown; cubical and Whey from goats' Unri pened
retangular; sweetish, mi l k
Primost Norway Semisoft Li�ht brown; cubical and Whey with added Unri pened
cy indrical; mild, sweetish, buttermilk, whole
caramel milk or cream
Saps ago Switzerland Hard grating; granular Light green; small , cone- Cows' milk, skim- 5 months minimum
shaped; flavored with clover med and soured,
leaves, sweetish plus buttermilk
and whey
Ricotta I taly Soft; moist and grainy,
or dry
Whi te; packaged fresh in Whey and whole Unripened
paper, plastic or metal or skim milk, or
containers or dry for grat- whole or part
ing; bland, but semisweet skim milk
The Romance of Cheese
Cheee Beginnings in America
In this country, cheese-making started not long after
the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock-in 1
24, to be
exact, right after the colonists, sick of their scant and
tiresome diet, joyously welcomed the first cows to the
new land. I n 1801, President Thomas Jefferson was
presented with a mammoth 1, 235-pound cheese, and
it was from awe at that monster that the catch-phrase
"bi g chees e" arose. Cheese was t hen general l y a
home and farm product. There were few cheese fac­
tories. One of the first was a Cheddar factory, built by
one Jesse Williams in 1851, at Oneida, New York.
By the time the manufacture of cheese became a
thriving industry in the United States, the usual meth­
od of sale was for the producer-sometimes a whole­
saler-to send his cheee to market in some central lo­
cation (almost all cities had large outdoor or indoor
markets) which the retailer would visit to choose
those products he wanted to sell in his store.
Young Ma with a Idea
In 1903, a young man named James L. Kraft had an
idea-why not take the cheese to the retailer instead
of making the retailer come to the cheese? He had, to
begin with, a horse (his name was Paddy) , a wagon
and a worki ng c api t al of si xty-fi ve dol l ars-and
abounding energy and a boundles imagination. He
filled his wagon with cheese at the market, clucked to
, Paddy, and started making the rounds of Chicago
grocers to sell them cheese.
But habit-bound Chicago grocers were unim­
pressed. They wiped their hands on long white aprons,
twisted the ends of their handlebar moustaches and
said, "Well, I don' t know . . . . "
Some days the total sales added up to less than
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
ten dollars. On such days, ]. L. held "business con­
ferences" with Paddy, who gave an occasional twitch
of his ears in reply.
One day, ]. L. explained to Paddy that they had
been careless and forgetful. "From now on, Paddy, "
he told his horse, "we're going to work with God as
our Partner. "
Busies Begis t o Improve
With his wagon hitched to this star, business began
to improve, and ]. L. and Paddy became the historic
"co-founders" of the Kraft Foods Company.
In August of 1904, J. L. wrote to a friend: "To
give you an idea of what you would have to do should
things work out all right : I t is simply a grocery route
on a large scale. You take a horse and wagon (and my
wagons are fancy ones) and get customers tha.t you
can call on once or twice a week and supply them regu­
larly. I am driving one wagon myself, and I am taking
care of the horses myself, but if all goes well, I think I
will have four horses by Christmas . . . "
As time went by, J. L. 's business flourished and
prospered. Not only did he do well, but he learned a
great deal about cheese. He learned, for example, that
there were problems in the manufacture and distribu­
tion of chees
e-many of those problems connected
with keeping qualities. Although natural cheese has
a longer life-both in the store and in the home-than,
for instance, the milk from which it is made, it is per­
ishable in degrees varying with the kind of cheese.
The very ripening processes which produce the dif­
ferent varieties, textures and flavors of natural cheese
don' t stop when the particular cheese has reached its
prime, and presently deterioration and drying set in.
Aside from those problems, variations in the
1 00
The Romance of Cheese
handling and curing of cheese cause appreciable dif­
ferences in taste and texture. I n other words, two
cheeses of the same brand, same variety and same age
might not necessarily be the same.
J. L Buys a Double Boiler
There ought to be some way to lick those problems,
James Kraft decided-and shortly thereafter found
himself in the cheese-making, as well as the cheese­
marketing, business. He began to experiment (in an
ordinary kitchen double boiler, price, fifty-nine cents)
with blended cheeses, and later with the pasteurizing
and blending of cheese, as solutions to these difficul­
ties. There were early failures but, eventually, suc­
cess. In 1916, the method of producing prqcess cheese
was patented by J. L. Kraft.
By 1917, Kraft cheese in tins, a pasteurized pro­
cess product, was ready for the market. By 1920,
Kraft's five-pound loaf, a pasteurized, blended
cheese in a wooden container, was placed on sale,
and became an immediate, spectacular success.
Pasteurized Proces Cheese Products
Process cheese is a product manufactured from natur­
al cheese according to specified government stan­
dards, and has had a major influence on the eating
habits of the nation.
The processing of natural cheese provides a
more stable product with greater uniformity of fla­
vor and texture. Processing consists of blending vari­
ous natural cheeses-mild, sharp and extra sharp­
by heating with the aid of an emulsifier. The resul t is
a homogeneous product consistent in flavor, body
and texture.
The manufacture of process cheese is quality
1 01
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
controlled throughout to ensure uniform good fla­
vor, smooth texture, melting properties and high nu­
trition. Available in a variety of types, shapes and fla­
vors, process cheese can be counted on to give excel­
lent results in cooking.
The most common natural cheeses used for
processing are Cheddar and Swiss. There is often
some confusion as to the differentiation of the vari­
ous process cheese products-pasteurized process
cheese, cheese food and cheese spread. The major
differences in these products are shown in this chart :
Gri nd
emul si fier
Pasteurized Proces Cheee
Max. 40%
Mi n. 50%
fat (on
sol i ds basis)
Cheee Food
Max. 44%
Mi n. 23%
fat (in
Mi n.
20% fat
(i n product)
mi l k sol i ds,
sugar or
vegetable gums
Natural cheese is always the start for processed
cheese products. Natural cheeses of various age

1 02
[he Romance of Cheese
characteristics are selected and laboratory tested to
assure the desired quality in the fi nished process
cheese. Grinding or blending of the cheese by machine
follows; the blend is then transferred to the cooker.
Emulsifiers, designated by established govern­
ment standards, are added during the cooking. Emul­
sifiers prevent separation of the fat during processing
and produce a cheese with the proper melting and slic­
ing properties .
Pasteuri zation in the manufacture of process
cheese, as in the case of milk, consists of the applica­
tion of heat. Following established standards, the
cheese is pasteurized at a temperature of not less than
1so• F. for at least thirty seconds. This step prevents
further aging of the natural cheeses.
Packing is the final step. From the cooker the
hot, smooth, semiliquid cheese flows to a filling ma­
chine, where precisely weighed amounts are poured
into containers lined with moisture-proof material to
form loaves. For packaged slices, the cheese is run
over chilled rollers where i t forms ribbons of uniform
width. These ribbons run onto a conveyor where they
are stacked, cut and packaged in one continuous opera­
Pasteurized Proces Cheese Food
During the making of a natural cheese, some nutri­
ents of milk remain in the whey when it is drained
from the curd. These nutrients can be returned to
the hot cheese during the pasteurization operation.
They are usually added in the form of concentrates
or powders of skim milk and whey. When these milk
solids are added to process cheese, the amount of fat
is reduced and the moisture content is increased; then
the product becomes pasteurized process coccscfoo4.
1 03
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
For variety, other ingredients, such as meats, vegeta­
bles and fruits, may be added.
Pasteurized process cheese foods are milder in
flavor and melt more reagily than both natural and
pasteurized process cheese.
Pasteurized Proces Cheese Spread
When a softer, more spreadable cheese product is de­
sired, other ingredients may be added to process
cheese, such as milk products, sweetening agents and
vegetable gums. These products normally have a
somewhat higher moisture and lower fat content than
do pasteurized process cheese and pasteurized pro­
cess cheese food. They are referred to as pasteurized
process cheese spreads. Again, as with cheese foods,
other ingredients can be added to broaden the flavor
range-such ingredients as pimiento, olives, peppers,
spices and flavoring.
Why Cheee i Your Daily Diet?
Cheese-as is the milk from which it is produced-is
considered a nearly perfect food, providing a great
many of the essential food elements that the body
needs, such as protein, minerals, vitamins and fat.
Cheese is one of the most nutritious, concentrated
and palatable of foods-most nutrition experts consid­
er cheese, a highly concentrated protein food, to be
one of the basic foods .
There are three milk proteins : casein, albumin
and globulin. Casein, the
ost important of the pro­
teins, can be found only i n milk. I t i s considered a com­
plete protein because it contains all the necessary
amino acids, the building blocks from which all pro­
teins are made. The essential amino acids are indis­
pensable in the diet because the body cannot synthe-
8 ounces of
Natural or
Pasteuri zed
The Romance of Cheese
Protein of 7 glasses (8 ounces) of mi l k
Cheese has the . . .
Calci um of 6 glasses (8 ounces) of mi l k
fQ mmoma g 
�mol mwæ�æ
ap�mt zæpm m•
codmol Matkæ mk
Phosphorus of 6 7/ 1 0 glasses (8 ounces) of milk
size them at the rate needed to maintain life and sup­
port growth and tissue repair. Nonessential amino
acids can be formed by the body at a sufficient rate.
Proteins from various food sources differ in their
nutritive value because of differences in amino acid
content. A large share of the protein in the diet, espe­
cially for rapidly growing children and adolescents,
should come from the complete, high quality protein
foods. Cheese is such a food, containing significant
amounts of essential and nonessential amino acids.
Cheese is also a readily digested food. Experi­
ments have shown that from 90 to 99 percent of the
nutrients in cheese are digested. Nutritionists rank
cheese among the best of protein foods , even for very
young children. It is also an excellent source of cal­
cium and phosphorus. Though varieties of cheese
differ somewhat in composition, cheese is a good
source of vitamin A and contains significant amounts
of the water-soluble B vitamins in milk, although it
is not considered a primary source for these nutrients.
The fats present in cheese are all butterfats with the
same nutritional properties as the butterfats in cream
and milk.
1 05
The Complete Cheese Coo kbook
Adventures i the World of Cheese
A taste tour of the fascinating world of cheese begins
at the dairy case in your neighborhood supermarket.
Cheese products based on centuries of tradition are
readily available, offering a vast array of taste and
texture for you to sample. With flavors that range
from mild to sharp and textures that go from soft and
smooth to hard and coarse, there are cheeses to suit
every palate.
Cheese offers eating enjoyment, and it is nutri­
tionally a near-perfect food, two excellent reasons for
making cheese play a big role in your meal planning
and snack making.
Knowing the fine points of buying and storing
cheese, as well as employing a variety of menu uses,
will increase the enjoyment of cheese and pay big divi­
dends in good nutrition for the whole family.
Discovering Your Favorites
With all those varieties of cheese available-over
2, 000, some dairy scientists say-how do you find the
ones you and your family will like best ? Be adventur­
ous ! Try new kinds. Sample cheeses you' ve heard
about but never tasted. Introduce your family to dif­
ferent varieties in daily menus. Consult cookbooks
and the food pages of your newspaper for ideas on
how to use cheese to make meals for the family and
for guests more interesting, more nutritious. Browse
i n the dairy case at your supermarket to become fa­
miliar wi th the many kinds of cheese available. No­
tice, too, the convenient forms in which cheese is avail­
able-slices, sticks, wedges, shredded and grated,
ready to help you put together dishes that will have
the family asking for seconds.
1 06
The Romance of Cheese
Cheee Buying Guide
When you start out to buy cheese, the first thing to
remember is that there are, as you have learned, two
major categories : natural cheese and process cheese.
Perhaps you' ll want to take the chart of natural
cheeses (beginning on page 95) with you to guide you
in choosing varieties new to you.
Col d-pac k or cl ub chees e i s nat ur al cheese
ground and blended t o be uniformly softer and more
spreadable at room temperature. It has the character­
istic flavor of the natural cheese from which it is made
and can be purchased plain or as a blend of the cheese
with fruits, vegetables, spices or wnes.
Pasteurized process cheese is always made from
natural cheeses ground and blended and heated with
the aid of an emulsifier to make a cheese of uniform
quality, flavor, texture and body. Process cheese is
milder in flavor and softer in body than the natural
cheese from which it is derived, and it keeps better
because pasteurization stops the curing or ripening
process. It is ideally suited for cooking, as i t melts
readily and smoothly.
Pasteurized process cheese food is a variation of
pasteurized process cheese, found today in links and
individually wrapped slices. I t differs from pasteur­
ized process cheese in that milk or whey solids have
been added. Pasteurized process cheese foods are
milder in flavor, have a softer body and melt more
readily than either natural or pasteurized process
cheese because of their higher moisture and lower fat
content. Meat, fruits, vegetables or flavoring may be
added to lend variety.
Pasteurized process cheese spread is another
pasteurized process cheese variation-milk solids and
1 07
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
certain other flavoring foods, such as pimiento or ba­
con bits, may be added. I t is normally higher in mois­
ture and lower in fat than pasteurized process cheese
or cheese food. Its smooth texture, pleasingly mild
flavor and high nutritional qualities make it a cheese
product that pleases the whole family.
Cheee Buymanship
Look for natural cheese and process cheese products
in or near the refrigerated dairy case at your super­
market. Buy cheese products to suit the family's
needs. When planning daily menus, remember that
cheese, a nearly perfect food, fits into two of the basic
food groups-the milk group and the meat group.
Natural cheeses are always stored in the dairy
case, where they tempt the eye in an array of distinc­
tive shapes : wedges, wheels, balls, flat rounds, loaves,
sticks and convenient packaged slices. Individually
wrapped slices are a recent, most important break­
through, as they assure freshness and longer storage
Pasteurized process cheese foods and spreads
are also available in wide variety: slices, loaves, links,
dips and spreads. The process cheese products in
glasses, loaves and squeeze packs that do not require
refrigeration are found above or near the dairy case.
How to Store Cheee
When storing unopened cheese at home, consult the
label for manufacturer' s instructions or follow the
lead of your supermarket and store the product as it
was stored there when you bought it.
You'll find most cheeses in the dairy case-your
clue to refrigerate them at home. Jars and loaves that
are kept on nonrefrigerated shelves can be stored at
1 08
The Romance of Cheese
room temperature at home until used-once opened,
they should be kept in the refrigerator. Some prod­
ucts, such as sueeze packs, are the exceptions; these
should never be refrigerated. They'll stay fresh at
room temperature as long as they last.
"Keep air out and moisture in" is a good rule to
remember when storing cheese. Reseal unused por­
tions in the original wrapping or use foil, plastic bags
or transparent wap snug and tight against the cheese,
to keep i t moist and fresh. Individually wrapped sin­
gle slices of cheese, carefully designed foil packaging
materials and easy-to-open-and-reseal plastic lids and
metal caps are designed to keep cheese products fresh.
Occasionally surface mold may form on cheese
even when it has been properly stored. This mold is
harmless and will not affect the quality or flavor of
the cheese. Simply cut off the mold and enjoy the rest
of the cheese. Remember that the blue cheese family
gets its piquant flavor from the characteristic blue­
green mold throughout the cheese.
To Freeze or Not to Freeze
If properly stored, cheese keeps a relatively long peri­
od of time at refrigerator temperature. Freezing
cheese will extend its storage life, but may affect the
body and texture. Frozen cheese may become crum­
bly or mealy, and is then best suited for cooking.
For best results, cheese should be tightly sealed
in moisture-proof material, such as plastic wrap or
foil especially designed for freezing. Cheeses such
as Cheddar, Swiss, Edam or Gouda can be stored in
the freezer i f frozen rapidly in small (half pound) pack­
age. I f the cheese has been cut into small cubes, keep
it in the freezer no longer than three weeks. Slices and
1 09
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
loaves of natural cheese, such as Cheddar and Swiss,
and pasteurized process cheese products may be kept
frozen for up to three months. Before using cheese,
thaw slowly, preferably in the refrigerator while still
in its wrapping.
Cheese at Its Best
Other than in hot dishes, the fl avor and character of
all cheeses, except cottage, Neufchatel and cream
cheese, come through best when served at room tem­
perature. To fully enjoy the special qualities of a
cheese, remove it from the refrigerator at least thirty
minutes before it will be served. Cheeses such as Cam­
embert should be soft and almost runny to be at their
most pleasing, so remove them from the refrigerator
at least a couple of hours in advance. Serve cottage,
Neufchatel and cream cheeses chilled.
Shredded versus Grated
When used for melting-as in sauces or for toppings
or in other cooked forms, such as casseroles-cheese
should be shredded unless you are using pasteurized
process cheese spread or pasteurized process cheese
food, both of which melt satisfactorily in a liquid me­
dium when sliced or cubed. Some cheeses are avail­
able preshredded in jars and in film packages. To
shred cheese at home, use the coarse openings of your
grater and you' ll produce the long strips or shreds of
cheese desirabl e for cooking purposes.
How Much Cheee?
When a recipe calls for a specific measure of cheese­
a cup or a half cup, for example-it's easy to know
how much to buy. Just keep in mind that one-quarter
pound-fou� ounces-of cheese is equal to one cup
The Romance of Cheese
shredded cheese. This rule applies whether you are
using any one of the many varieties of cheese in its
natural form or pasteurized process cheese in any of
its forms.
About Cooking with Cheese
Like all protein foods, cheese is adversely affected by
high heat or prolonged cooking. Although pasteur­
ized process cheese products are less susceptible to
heat than natural cheese, it is advisable to follow
these two rules of cheese cookery:
1 . Use low to medium heat.
2. Do not overcook-heat j ust until cheese melts.
* When adding to hot foods, shred natural cheese and
cube or slice process cheese.
* When making a sauce, add cheese at the end of cook­
ing time and heat just until melted.
* When broiling, place pan so that cheese is several
inches below heat source; broil just until cheese melts.
* When cheese is used in baked dishes, bake at low
( 325° F. ) to moderate (375° F. ) temperatures.
* When topping a casserole, place cheese on top for
the last few minutes of baking.
* Four ounces of natural or process cheese equals 1
cup shredded or cubed cheese.
* Shred natural cheese that is to be melted in sauces,
toppings or other foods. (Cheese can also be pur­
chased already shredded in convenient packages. )
* Cube process cheese products when adding t o oth­
er foods. I t will melt quickly and blend easily.
* Parmesan type cheeses are usually grated or
shredded. Grated is finer and drier than shredded.
* Cream cheese and Neufchatel blend readily with
other ingredients if first allowed to soften at room
1 1 1
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Adventure in Cheese Cooker
A Last Word
• Crumble blue or Roquefort cheese into your favor­
ite salad dressing.
• Stir cubes of cream cheese or Velveeta cheese spread
or shredded Cracker Barrel Cheddar into scrambled
eggs the last few minutes of cooking.
• Toss cubes of Velveeta or Cracker Barrel cheese
with fruit or vegetable salads .
• Top broiled hamburgers with pasteurized process
cheese food slices, natural cheese slices or crumbled
blue cheese. Broil just until cheese melts .
• Parmesan is the "seasoning cheese. " Use it grated
or shredded in sauces, soups and salads; on breads to
be heated in the oven or grilled; on hot cooked vege­
tables or pasta.
• Top hot fruit desserts, such as cobblers, deep-dish
pies and fruit compotes, with whi pped cream cheese.
• Mozzarella or scamorze, the pizza cheeses, are al­
so excellent in other traditional Italian dishes-la­
sagne, canneloni, veal parmigiana.
Kraft' s continuing experimentation and research have
resulted in an increasing number of wonderful prod­
ucts whose names have become household words and
whose flavors and various properties of slicing,
shredding, melting, grating and spreading have be­
come the joy of good cooks everywhere. Pasteurized
process cheese food in glasses, various kinds of ready­
sliced cheese in packages, cream cheese guaranteed
fresh when you buy it, individually wrapped cheese
and process cheese slices-these are only a few of
Kraft' s contributions to ease of preparation, ease of
serving and joy of eating in American homes.
--The Editors
1 12
Sandwiches, Snacks and Other
Quick-to-Fix Delights
First they call, " Mom, I'm home ! " and right on t he heels of
that, " Mom, I'm hungry! " Here are cheese snacks and sandwiches
to build you a reputation as the best cook on the block, not
only with the youngsters but with the grown-ups, as well.
1 1 J
Hearty Picnic Sticks
Cheez Whiz Pasteurized
Process Cheese Spread
Salami slices
Bread sticks
Spread Cheez Whiz on salami ;
wrap around bread sticks.
Mini burgers
1 B-o unce can refrigerated
1 pound ground beef
11• cup dry bread crumbs
1 egg, beaten
1 teaspoon instant minced onion
1 1 teaspoon salt
11• teaspoon pepper
11• teaspoon garlic salt
Nippy Brand Sharp Pasteurized
Process Cheese Food, link,
sl iced
10 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
Prepare biscuits as directed on
package; spli t. Spread with
margarine; toast. Combine
ground beef, bread crumbs, egg
and seasonings; shape into 20
patties . Broil until browned on
both sides . Top each patty with
cheese food slice and tomato
half. Broil until cheese food be­
gins to melt. Place beef patty
on biscuit half. 20 snacks.
Opposite: Hearty Picnic Sticks
Sandwiches, Snacks
Jubilee Eggs
1 dozen hard-cooked eggs
1 5-ounce jar Kraft Pimento
Pasteurized Neufchatel
Cheese Spread
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons chopped green
1 1 teaspoon salt
Cut eggs in half lengthwise.
Mash yolks; blend with cheee
spread and mayonnaise. Add
green pepper and salt. Refill egg
whites. 24 egg halves.
Calypso Kabobs
Smokelle Pasteurized Process
Cheese Food, link
Nippy Brand Sharp Pasteurized
Process Cheese Food, link
Salami slices
Sliced celery
Sliced carrots
Sliced mushrooms
Apples, cubed
Mandarin orange sections
Cut each link into thick slice;
cut each slice in quarters. Alter­
nate slice of Smokelle, salami,
celery, carrots and mushrooms
or Nippy, salami, apples and
oranges on skewers or picks .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
8s|i ccssaoduico otcad
1 6-ouoccpackagcKta]t
Amctican5i og|csFas tcutizcd
Tomatos| iccs
O|||pick|cs| iccs
Coi oos||ces
1 cgg,s| i got|y ocatco
'/ cup mi | k
3 tao| cspooosmatgatioc
For each sandwich, cover slice
of bread with slice of cheese
food, tomato, pickle, onion and
second slice of cheese food and
bread. Combine egg and milk;
dip each sandwich in mixture.
Melt margarine in skillet. Grill
sandwich over low heat until
golden brown on each side. 4
Sicilian Steak Sandwiches
2 tao| cspooos matgatioc
1 |atgcgtceopcppct,cut
1/4 cuplta|iao-sty|cdtcssi og
1 | atgcooioo, s|iced
1 |atgctomato,s| iccd
6 |odicidua|ltcoco|oaucs,
Kta]tNatuta|LouMoist utc
Fatt-5ki mMozzatc| |aCoccsc
Cook meat in margarine. Cook
green pepper in dressing 5 min­
utes . Add onion and tomato;
continue cooking 5 minutes .
For each sandwich, place meat
1 16
on bottom half of loaf; cover
wi th vegetables. Top with
cheese slices ; broil until cheese
melts. Serve with top half of
loaf. 6 sandwiches.
Monte Cristo Sandwiches
3 cggs,s | i got|yocateo
' /cupmi | k
12s| iccssaodu|cootead
Kta]tNatuta| 5uissCoeesc
S|iccs, cutiooa|]
6 ooi|cdoams |iccs
Coo]cctioocts ´ sugat
Heat oven to 425° . Combine
eggs and mil k. For each sand­
wich, cover slice of bread with
slice of cheese, ham and second
slice of cheese. Top with sec­
ond slice of bread. Di p each
s andwic h in egg mi xt ur e;
brown on both sides i n mar­
garine. Bake at 425° , 15 min­
utes. Sprinkle with sugar. Serve
with j elly. 6 sandwiches.
Tote 'n Grill Sandwich
1 |oa]vicooaotcad,cutio
'/-i ocos| ices
ßoi|cd oams| iccs
Fick|eaodpi mi coto |oa]s| iccs
Tomatos| iccs
Coi oos|ices
Ctcco pcppcttings
Amctican Coccsc5|iccs
Fi mcoto Coccsc5|iccs
Matgati oc
For each .andwich, cover one
slice of bread with slices of
meat, tomato, onion, green pep­
per and cheese; top with second
slice of bread. Secure each
s andwi ch wi t h t oot hpi c k.
Spread outside of each sand­
wich with margarine; place
sandwiches close together to
form a loaf. Wrap in aluminum
foil ; grill lO to 15 minutes .
Turkey Sandwiches
2 cupscooppedcookedtutkey
1/ cup taisios
1 / cupsa|tedpeaouts, coopped
1 / cupcooppedce| ety
114 cupcooppedooioo
Mayoooais e
1/4 teaspooocuttypoudet
1 6s| icesuoi teotead
1 12-ouocepackageKta]t
Ameticao5i og|esFasteutized
Combine turkey, raisins, pea­
nuts, cel ery, onion and enough
mayonnaise to moi sten. Add
curry powder ; mix well . For
each sandwich, cover slice of
bread with cheese food slice.
Top with turkey salad, second
cheese food slice and second
slice of bread. 8 sandwiches .
1 1 /
Sandwiches, Snacks
1 pouodgtouodoee]
1 teas pooosa| t
1/4 teaspooopeppet
J]taok]uttcts,cut io
oa|]| eogtoui sc
Ameticao Cocese5| ices,
cutiottiaog| es
6]taok]uttetouos, sp| i t
Oi|| pick|es| ices
Combine beef and seasonings .
For m beef ar ound hal f of
frankfurter to fit frankfurter
bun. Brush with barbecue
sauce; broil to desired done­
ness. Top with cheese; return
to broiler until cheese begins
to mel t. For each sandwich
spread bottom half of bun with
mustard. Cover with pickle
slices, meat and top half of bun.
6 sandwiches .
Bountiful Beef Sandwich
5|icedl ta|iao otead
5| icedtoastocc]
Kta]tNat uta| ßtickCoeesc
5| i ces
Tomatos| iccs
ßacoo Hotsctadiso 5aucc
For each sandwich, cover slice
of bread with slices of beef,
cheese and tomato. Top with
Bacon Horseradish Sauce.
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Bacon Horseradish Sauce
11 cup mayonnaise
1 4-ounce container Kraft
Whipped Cream Cheese with
Bacon and Horseradish
1/4 teaspoon dry mustard
Dash each of salt, cayenne and
Gradually add mayonnaise to
whipped cream cheese, mixing
until well blende< Stir in re­
maining ingredients. 1 cup.
Savory Sloppy Joes
1 pound ground beef
1 cup barbecue sauce
1/4 cup chopped green pepper
1/4 cup chopped onion
8 hamburger buns, split
Velveeta Pasteurized Process
Cheese Spread, sl iced
Brown meat; drain. Add barbe­
cue sauce, green pepper and
onion. Cover; cook 15 minutes.
For each sandwich, spoon meat
mixture onto bottom half of
bun; cover with Velveeta slices.
Broil until Velveeta begins to
melt. Serve with top half of
bun. 8 sandwiches.
Buckaroo Franks
11 pound Velveeta Pasteurized
Process Cheese Spread, cubed
11 cup chopped green onion
6frankfurter buns, split,
6frankfurters, cooked
Crushed potato chips
Heat Velveeta over low heat;
stir until smooth. Add onion.
For each sandwich, spread bot­
tom half of bun with marga­
rine; top with frankfurter. Cov­
er with Velveeta sauce. Sprin­
kle generously wi t h po t at o
chips. Cover with t op hal f of
bun. 6 sandwiches .
Hearty Danish
Sliced rye bread
Kraft Natural Swiss Cheese
Tomato slices
Sliced cooked turkey
Kraft Natural Caraway Cheese
Crisply cooked bacon slices
For each sandwich, spread
bread with mayonnaise; top
with lettuce. Cover with slices
of Swiss cheese, tomatoes, tur­
key, Caraway cheese and ba­
Devonshire Muffins
English muffins, split, toasted
Salad dressing
Tomato slices
Kraft Natural Caraway Cheese
Slices, cut in half
Crisply cooked bacon slices
Spread muffin halves with sal­
ad dressing. Cover each with
slice of tomato and cheese;
broil until cheese melts . Top
with bacon.
Opposite: Saory Sloppy ]oes
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Amcticao Coccsc5|iccs
Hamoutgctouos, sp| i t,
For each sandwich, cover pat­
ty with cheese slice; broil un­
til melted. Place patty on bot­
tom half of bun; cover with
top half of bun.
Ctoct uays · Bayside Cheese­
burgers -Cov er pat t y wi t h
cheese slice; broil until melted.
Top with avocado and ripe
olive slices. Place patty on bot­
tom hal f of bun. Br onco
Cheeseburgers-Cover patty
with cheese slice and French­
fri ed onions ; broi l until cheese
melts . Spread bottom half of
bun wi t h catsup; cover with
pat ty and t op hal f of bun.
Cheeseburgers Chow Mein­
Cover patty with cheese slice;
broil until mel ted. Spread bot­
tom half of bun with salad
dressing and dill pickle relish;
cover with patty, chow mein
noodles and top half of bun.
Cheeseburgers Royal Fare­
Cover bottom half of bun with
cheese slice, hamburger patty
and second slice of cheese; broil
until cheese melts . Top with
tomato sl ices , pickle slices and
top half of bun. Swiss Burgers
-Cover pat t y wi t h s l i ce of
Kraft Natural Swiss Cheese
Slices, cut in hal f. Broil until
melted. Spread bottom hal f of
bun wi t h prepared mustard;
cover with patty and top hal f
of bun.
Stateside Danish
ltcocootcad,s |iccd
5a|addtcssi og
Kta]t Natuta| Cocddat Coccsc
5| iccs
5|iccdtoas tocc], to||cd
Tomatos| iccs
Ctcco pcppct tiogs, cuti o
For each sandwich, spread
bread with sal ad dressing. Top
with slice of cheese and roast
beef. Garnish with tomato,
green pepper and oni on.
Grilled Reuben Sandwiches
5|iccd tycotcad
Kta]tNatuta|5uiss Coccsc
S|iccs,cut iooa|]
Toio|ys |iccdcotocdocc]
5o]tmatgati oc
Cover one sl i ce of bread with
cheese sl ice, corned beef, sauer­
kraut and second slice of bread.
Spread with margarine; grill
on bot h s i des unt i l l i ghtl y
Peppy Provol one Burgers
1 pouodgtouodocc]
1 8-ouocccaotomatosaucc
1 1 cupKta]t
1/4 cupc|oppcdooioo
1/4 cupcooppcdti pco|iucs
1 '/ tcaspooossa| t
' /tcaspooootcgaoo
4oamoutgctouos, sp| i t
2 6-ouoccpackagcsKta]t
Natuta| Ftouo|ooeCoccsc
S| iccs
Combine meat, tomato sauce,
Parmesan cheese, onion, olives
and s eas oni ngs ; mix wel l .
Spread mi xt ur e on hal ves of
buns ; broil 12 t o 15 minutes, 4
inches from heat. Top with Pro­
volone cheese sl ices ; return to
broiler until cheese melts . Serve
open-faced. Garnish with green
pepper rings and cherry pep­
pers , if desired. 8 sandwiches.
Malibu Burgers
* * *
1 cupdaitysout ctcam
1/4 cup]ioc|ycooppcdooi oo
1 cup(4ouoccs)s otcddcd
6s| iccsdatktycotcad,toastcd
So]tmatgati oc
2| atgctomatocs,s | iccd
Sandwiches, Snacks
Shape meat into 6 oval patties ;
broil on both sides to desired
doneness . Season to taste. Mix
together sour cream, onion and
parsley. Top each hamburger
patty with sour cream mixture
and cheese; broil until cheese
mel t s . For each s andwi ch,
spread sl i ce of toast with mar­
garine; top with lettuce, toma­
to slices and hamburger patty.
Garnish with pitted ripe olive
and cocktail onion on pick, if
desired. 6 sandwiches .
Country Squire Sandwiches
4s |iccstyc otcad
1 cupsotcddcd|cttuce
Ctackctßattc| ßtaodSoatp
s| iccd
5| iccdcookcdcoickco
Tomatos |iccs
4oatd-cookcdcggs, s | iccd
Caotctouty Otcssiog
1 auocado,s | iccd
For each sandwich, s pread slice
of bread with margarine; cov­
er with lettuce, cheese, chicken,
tomato and egg slices . Top with
Canterbury Dressing and avo­
cado slices . 4 sandwiches .
Canterbury Dressing
2 cupdaitysout ctcam
1 1 cupmayoooaisc
1 tcaspooogat|icsa| t
Combine ingredients ; mix until
well blended. Chill . 1 cup
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Circle Burgers
1 poundgto undocc]
1 tcaspoonsa|t
Coccz WoizFastcut|zcd
Combine meat and salt; form
into 4 doughnut-shaped pat­
ties. Broil on both sides to de­
sired doneness . For each sand­
wich, s pread hal f of muffi n
with mustard; top with patty.
Spoon Cheez Whiz into center
of patty. 4 sandwiches.
Empire Turkey Sandwiches
1 cupm| | k
1 8-ounccpackagcFo||adc|ph|a
11 cupKta]tCtatcdFatmcsan
1/4 tcaspoonsa|t
1/4 tcaspoongat||csa|t
6s| iccs hotcookcdtutkcy
Fapti ka
Gradually add milk to softened
cream cheese, mixing until well
blended. Heat slowly; stir in
Parmesan cheese and season­
ings. For each sandwich, top
slice of toast with slice of tur­
key; cover with sauce. Sprinkle
with paprika. 6 sandwiches .
Royal Canadian Sandwiches
'/ poundTastyßtandlmi tation
'/cups k| mmi | k
1 1 tcaspoonptcpatcdmustatd
1/4 tcaspoon Wotccstctshi tc
3 Eng|| shmu]]|ns,sp| i t,
6 unsucctcncdot att|]|cia||y
succtcncdp| ncapp|cs||ccs
Combine Tasty Brand, milk,
mustard and Worcestershire
sauce. Stir over low heat until
sauce is smooth. Cover each
muffin half with 2 slices Cana­
dian bacon and 1 pi neappl e
slice. Top with sauce. 6 sand­
Beachcomber Sandwiches
lnd|c|dua|ltcnco|oaccs,sp|| t
ßo||cdhams| |ccs
Kta]tßacon Fastcut|zcd
Ftoccss Coccsclood,||nk,
Nippyßtand 5hatp Fastcut|zcd
||nk,s| |ccd
For each sandwich, spread bot­
tom half of loaf with mayon­
naise; cover with lettuce and
layers of ham and cheese food
slices. Serve with top half of
Toasty Cheese 'n Beef
Hard rolls, split
Kraft Whipped Cream Cheese
with Onion
Thi nly sliced roast beef
Tomato slices
For each sandwich, spread bot­
tom half of roll with whipped
cream cheese; broil until cheese
puffs. Top with beef and to­
mato slices . Serve with top half
of roll .
Frosted Sandwich Loaf
1 1-pound loaf unsliced
sandwich bread
2 B-ounce packages
Philadelphia Brand Cream
114 cup finely chopped
Dash of salt and pepper
Egg Salad
Ham Salad
1/ cup milk
Sandwiches, Snacks
Remove crusts from bread. Cut
into 4 lengthwise slices ; spread
with margarine. Combine l
package softened cream cheese,
watercr ess and seasoni ngs ,
mi xi ng unt i l well bl ended.
Spread one slice of bread with
Egg Salad; cover with a second
slice spread with cream cheese
mixture. Top with third slice
of bread spread with Ham Sal­
ad and remaining slice of bread.
Combine remaining softened
cream cheese and milk, mixing
until well blended. Frost sand­
wich loaf. 12 servings.
Egg Salad
3 hard-cooked eggs, finely
11 teaspoon prepared mustard
114 teaspoon salt
Dash of pepper
Combine eggs, mustard, sea­
sonings and enough mayon­
naise to moisten; mix lightly.
Ham Salad
1 cup ground cooked ham
2 tablespoons chopped sweet
Combi ne ham, pi ckl es and
enough mayonnaise t o moisten;
mix lightly.
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Tangy Long Loaf
1 1 -pound|oa]uns|iccd
' /cupso]tmatgati nc
1/4 cup]inc|ycooppcdonion
1 tao|cspoonpoppysccds
2 tcaspoonsptcpatcdmus|atd
1 8-ounccpackagcC|dEng|iso
Amctican Coccsc5|iccs
Heat oven to 350° . Divide loaf
into nine equal parts, cutting
through to within Vz-inch of
bottom of loaf. Combine mar­
garine, onion, poppy seeds,
mustard and Tabasco; mix
well . Reserve about 2 table­
spoons of mixture. Spread re­
maining mixture on one half of
the cut surfaces of the bread.
Place one slice of cheese in each
slit. Spread reserved mixture
on top of bread. Place bread on
baking sheet; bake at 350°, 15
to 20 minutes .
Cheesy Long Loaf
1 |oa]ltcncootcad
AmcticanCoccsc5| iccs,cut
Heat oven to 400° . Slash bread
diagonally at l-inch intervals;
spread slices with margarine.
Wrap loaf in aluminum foil;
bake at 400° , 15 minutes. In­
sert cheese in slashes; return
to oven until cheese melts .
Seacoast Special
1 '/cups(6'/-ouncccao)
Mayonnai sc
2tcaspoooscoi | i saucc
Amcticao Coccsc5|iccs
Combi ne c r abmeat wi t h
enough mayonnaise t o moisten.
Add chili sauce; mix lightly.
For each sandwich, spread
slice of toast with margarine;
cover with lettuce, cheese slice
and crabmeat mixture. Garnish
with watercress or parsley, if
desired. 4 sandwiches .
Big Hero Sandwich
Co| cs|au
5a|ami s| iccs
Amcticao Coccsc5|iccs
ßoi|cdoams| iccs
Ctccn pcppcttings
Ctisp| ycookcdoacons|iccs
Heat oven to 325° . Cover bot­
tom half of bread with cole­
slaw. Add layers of salami,
cheese, ham and second layer
of cheese. Top with green pep­
per rings and bacon. Bake at
325° until cheese melts . Gar­
nish with egg slices. Serve with
top half of bread. ,
Nicc to knou· This sandwich
can also be served cold.
A Bounty of Breads
Here' s a whole set of new ideas t o fill your house with
the heavenly aroma of home baking-quicker-than-quick
breads, yeast breads and other treats that are fun
to make-all of them better for the cheese that' s in them.
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Coffee-Time Cake
1 B-ounce package Philadelphia
Brand Cream Cheese
•1 cup margarine
1 1/• cups sugar
2 eggs
1 cup mashed ripe bananas
1 teaspoon vanilla
21/• cups flour
1 11 teaspoons baking powder
11 teaspoon soda
. .
1 cup chopped pecans
2 tablespoons s ugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Heat oven to 350" . Combine
softened cream cheese, mar­
garine and sugar, mixing until
well blended. Add egs, one at
a time, mixing well after each
addition. Blend in bananas and
vanilla. Gradually add flour
combined with baking powder
and soda. Mix together nuts,
sugar and cinnamon; fold half
of nut mixture into batter. Pour
into greased and floured 13 x
9- i nch baki ng pan; s pri nkl e
wi t h remai ni ng nut mi xt ure.
Bake at 350" , 35 t o 40 minutes.
8 to 10 servings.
Apricot Crumble Cake
1 B-ounce package Philadelphia
Brand Cream Cheese
11 cup margarine
1 1/• cups s ugar
2 eggs
1/4 cup milk
1 teaspoon vani lla
2 cups sifted cake flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 1 teaspoon soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1 0-ounce jar apricot or
peach preserves
. . .
2 cups shredded coconut
2 cup brown s ugar, packed
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 / cup margarine, melted
Heat oven to 350" . Combine
softened cream cheese, mar­
garine and sugar, mixing until
well blended. Add eggs, milk
and vanilla; mix ·well . Add flour
sifted with baking powder, soda
and s al t , mi xi ng unt i l wel l
blended. Pour hal f of batter i n­
to greased and floured 13 x 9-
inch baking pan. Cover with
preserves ; top with remaining
batter. Bake at 350" , 35 to 40
minutes. Combine remaining
ingredients; spread on cake.
Broil until golden brown. 8 to
10 servings.
Opposite: Apricot Crumble Cake
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
"Philly" Apple Kuchen
2 cupsoiscui tmix
'/¡ cups ugat
2 tao| espooosa| | putposeoi |
1 egg
2 cup mi | k
1 8-ouocepackageFoi|ade|poia
'/¡ cupsugat
1 egg
'/¡ teaspooouaoi ||a
1 '/cupss | icedpee| edapp|es
J tao| espoooss ugat
'/¡ teaspoooci ooamoo
He a t oven t o 4oo • . Combi ne
bi s cui t mi x, V. cup s ugar , oi l ,
egg and mi l k ; mi x unt i l wel l
blended. Pour i nt o greased 9-
i nch square pan. Combine soft­
ened cream cheese, V. cup sugar,
egg and va ni l l a ; mi x unt i l
s moot h. Pou r cr eam c hees e
mixture over batter. Top with
apple slices ; sprinkle with com­
bi ned s uga r and c i nnamon.
Bake at 4oo• , 40 t o 45 minutes .
8 to 10 servi ngs.
Berr Patch Coffee Cake
1 8-ouocepackageF|i |ade| poia
'/ cupmatgati oe
1 cups ugat
2 eggs
'/teaspooouaoi ||a
1 teaspooooakiogpoudet
' /teaspooosoda
'/¡ teaspooosa|t
'/¡ cupmi|k
' /cuptedtaspoettyptesetces
Heat oven t o 350• . Combine
softened cream cheese, mar­
gari ne and sugar, mi xi ng unti l
well blended. Add eggs , one at
a time, mixing well after each
addition. Blend in vanilla. Sift
together dry ingredients ; add
alternately wi t h milk, mixing
well after each addition. Pour
into greased and floured 13 x 9-
i nch baking pan; dot with pre­
serves . Bake at 350•, 35 min­
utes. 8 to 10 servings .
Apple Cheddar Nut Bread
' /cups ugat
2 teaspooosbaki ogpoudet
1 teaspooosa| t
' /teaspoooci ooamoo
'/¡ cupa| | putposeoi |
2 eggs
¼ cupmi |k
Jl z cups cooppedpee| ed
¼ cupcooppedouts
2cups(8 ouoces)s otedded
Natuta| CoeddatCoeese
Heat oven to 350•. Combine
flour, sugar, baking powder,
salt and cinnamon. Add oil,
eggs and mil k; mix well . Stir i n
apples, nuts and cheese. Pour
i nto well greased and floured 9
x 5-inch loaf pan. Bake at 350• ,
1 hour and 15 minutes . Let
stand 5 minutes ; remove from
pan. Cool .
Hearty Cheddar Biscuits
1 tao|espooooaki ogpoudet
1 teaspooosa|t
'/¡ cupshotteoi og
1 '/cups(6ouoces)shtedded
' /cupcooppedooioo
2 tao|espoooscoopped
pi mi coto
3 cupmi | k
Heat oven to 450•. Combi
dry ingredients; cut in shorten­
ing. Add cheese, onion and pi­
miento. Add milk, stirring just
until moistened. On lightly
floured surface, roll dough to
Vz- inch thickness; cut with
floured 3-inch cutter. Place on
lightly greased baking sheet;
bake at 450• , 15 minutes or un­
til golden brown. 15 biscui ts .
Cheddar Cornbread Ring
1 cup]|out
1 cupye| | oucotomea|
2tao|espoooss ugat
1 tao|cspooooakiogpoudct
1 '/ teaspooossa|t
1 cupmi|k
Heat oven t o 425• . Sift togeth­
er dry ingredients. Add eggs,
milk and cheese; sti r until just
blended. Pour i nto wel l greased,
heated 1 Vz-quart ring mol d.
Bake at 425° , 20 minutes . 6
servings .
A Bounty of Breads
Double Cheddar
1 cupye| | oucotomea|
1 cup]|out
1 tao|espooo oakiogpoudct
1 tcaspooosa|t
Natuta| CoeddatCheese
1 cupmi | k
'/¡ cupmatgatioe, me|ted
1 cgg, oeateo
'/ teaspooodty mustatd
4s| ices cti sp|ycooked
oacoo, ctumo|cd
1 gteeo peppet, cuti oti ogs
Heat oven to 425• . Sift together
dry ingredients. Stir in 1 cup
cheese. Combine milk, marga­
rine and egg; add to dry ingredi­
ents, mixing until blended. Pour
into greased 9-inch layer pan.
Top with remaining cheese
mixed with mustard. Sprinkle
with bacon; top with green pep­
per rings . Bake at 425• , 25 min­
utes. 6 to 8 servings .
Parmesan Popovers
4 cggs
1 cup mi | k
2 cup]|out
'/c upKta]tCtatcd
Heat oven to 4so•. Preheat
greased muffin pan or custard
cups. Beat eggs; sti r in milk.
Add flour, cheese and salt; beat
until well blended. Pour into
muffin pan or cups . Bake at
4so•, 15 minutes . Reduce tem­
perature to 350• ; continue bak­
ing 10 to 15 minutes or until
golden. 12 to 15 large popovers .
Cheese Spoon Bread
1 '/cups mi | k
³ cupcotomca|
Natuta| CocddatCoccsc
2 tao|cspooosmatgati oc
' /tcaspooosa| t
J cggs,scpatatcd
Heat oven to 375• . Heat milk;
stir in cornmeal until mixture
is smooth . and thickened. Re­
move f rom he a t ; bl end in
cheese, margarine, salt, cay­
enne and beaten egg yolks . Fold
in stiffly beaten egg whi tes .
Pour into greased 2-quart cas­
serole. Bake at 375• , 40 to 45
minutes. 8 servings.
Opposite: Parmesan Popovers
1 J1
A Bounty o f Breads
Cheese Bread
1 cupm| | k
2 tao| cspoooss ugat
2 tcaspooossa|t
1 '/cups uatmuatct
5'/ to6 cups]|out
2'/cups(1 0o uoccs)shtcddcd
Natuta| CocddatCoccsc
Matgati oc, mc|tcd
Scald milk; stir in sugar and
salt. Cool to lukewarm. Dis­
solve yeast in water; add milk
mixture. Sti r i n 4 cups flour;
mix wel l . Add cheese and re­
maining flour, mixing until
thoroughly blended. Knead un­
til s moot h and s a t i ny on
floured surface. Place dough
in a greased bowl ; brush with
margarine. Cover; let rise in a
warm place until double in bulk.
Punch dow; knead lightly. Di ­
vi de dough in half; rol l each
half out to a rectangle. Roll up
from short si de; press ends to
s eal . Fol d ends under l oaf ;
place each loaf, s eam s i de
down, i n greased 9 x 5-inch loaf
pan. Brush with margarine.
Cover; let rise until double in
bulk. Heat oven to 375• ; bake
50 minutes . Turn out of pan
immediately. 2 loaves .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Cheddar Quick Bread
2 cups flour
1 tablespoon sugar
1 11 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 cup margarine
2 cups (8 ounces) s hredded
Cracker Barrel Brand Sharp
Natural Cheddar Cheese
1 cup milk
1 egg, slightly beaten
Heat oven to 4oo• . Sift togeth­
er dry ingredients. Cut in mar­
garine until mixture resembles
coarse crumbs; stir in cheese.
Add milk and egg; mi x just un­
ti l moistened. Spoon into well
greased 9 x 5-inch loaf pan;
bake at 4oo•, 45 minutes.
Bohemian Cheese Bread
11 cup chopped onion
1 tablespoon margarine
J2 cups (6 ounces) shredded
Cracker Barrel Brand Sharp
Natural Cheddar Cheese
1 cup biscuit mix
1/3 cup milk
1 egg
1 tablespoon poppy seeds
Heat oven to 425• . Cook onion
in margarine until tender. Com­
bine Vz cup cheese and biscuit
mix. Add milk; beat until dough
is stiff. Knead on lightly floured
board about 10 ti mes . Pat
dough over bottom of 8-inch
pie plate. Combine remaining
cheese and egg; mix. Spread
over biscuit dough; sprinkle
with onion and poppy seeds.
Bake at 425•, 20 minutes. Serve
warm. 6 to 8 servings .

. . . .���:;.: . .
• ¤ ¤
wt�� .
" ° 8 º ¯
"Philly" Poppy Seed Bread
1 cup biscuit mix
11 cup milk
2 medium onions, sliced
2 tablespoons margarine
1 B-ounce package Philadelphia
Brand Cream Cheese
1 egg
11 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon poppy seeds
Heat oven to 450•. Combine
biscuit mix and milk; mix well.
Spread into greased 9-inch
square pan or pie plate. Cook
onions in margarine until ten­
der . Bl end sof t ened cr eam
cheese, egg and salt; mix well .
Combine cream cheese mix­
ture and onions; spread over
biscuit dough. Sprinkle with
poppy seeds. Bake at 450•, 20
minutes. Serve warm. 8 serv­
Orange Crepes
3 eggs, beaten
% cup flour
11 teaspoon salt
1 cup mi lk
. . .
1 B-ounce package Philadelphia
Brand Cream Cheese
Lf( cup margarine
1 h cup marshmallow creme
1 cup· sifted confectioners '
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
11 cup chopped almonds
. . .
1 1 0-ounce jar orange
1/4 cup Cura1ao
Combine eggs , flour, salt and
milk; beat until smooth. Let
stand 30 minutes . For each
crepe, pour about 2 table­
spoons batter into hot, lightly
greased skillet . Cook on one
side only. Combine softened
cream cheese and margarine;
mix until well blended. Stir in
marshmallow creme. Add su­
gar and almond extract ; mix
well. Fold in almonds. Fill each
crepe with about 1 cup of
cream cheese mixture. Place
crepes in chafing dish. Com­
bine orange marmalade and

ao; bring to a boil. Pour
over crepes. 8 servings .
A Bounty of Breads
Crepes Marquis
3 eggs, beaten
% cup flour
1h teaspoon salt
1 cup milk
. . .
B slices bacon
11 cup chopped onion
1 1 cup chopped green pepper
1 3-o unce can sliced
mushrooms, drained
2 cups (B ounces) shredded
Cracker Barrel Brand Sharp
Natural Cheddar Cheese
1 B-ounce can tomato sauce
Combine eggs , flour, salt and
milk; beat until smooth. Let
stand 30 minutes . For each
crepe, pour 1 cup batter into
hot, lightly greased skillet.
Cook on one . side only. Heat
oven to 3so• . . Cook bacon un­
til crisp; drain, reserving 2 ta­
blespoons bacon fat. Crumble
bacon. Cook onion and green
pepper in bacon fat until tender.
Add bacon, mushrooms and
1 cups cheese. Mix lightly.
fill each crepe with about V4
cup cheese mixture; roll . Place
crepes in 12 x 8-inch baking
dish; top with tomato sauce.
Bake at 35 0 • , 15 mi nut es .
Sprinkle with remaining cheese;
return to oven until cheese
melts. 4 servings.
The Complete. Cheese Cookbook -
Red Raspberry Blintzes
21 cupmi | k
' /cup]|out
2 cggs,ocatco
1 tao| cspoooa|| putposcoi |
1 tao| cspoonsugat
'/¡ tcaspooosa/t
Combine milk, flour, eggs , oil,
sugar and salt; mix until well
blended. Batter should be very
thin. For each blintz, pour �
cup batter i nto hot, lightly
greased skill et; cook until
lightly browned. Remove from
skillet. Spread browned side
with whipped cream cheese;
roll up, folding sides toward
center. Before serving, heat in
margaine. Top with preserves .
6 blintzes .
Dutch Boy Pancake
4 cupss|iccdsttauocttics,
o| ucocttics
1 tao| espoooKirschwasser
, , ,
1 8-ouoccpackagc Fhi|adc| phia
, , ,
'/ cupmi | k
2 cggs
'/ cup]|out
'/¡ tcaspooosa|t
1 tao| cspooomatgatioc
Combine frui t and Kirschwas­
ser ; mari nate Vz hour. Gradu­
ally add marshmallow creme
to softened cream cheese, mix­
ing until well blended. Heat
oven to 450° . Combine milk,
eggs, flour and sal t; beat until
smooth and well blended. Heat
9-inch skillet i n oven until very
hot. Add margarine to coat - s kil­
l et; pour in batter immediately.
Bake on lowest rack at 450° , 10
minutes. Reduce temperature
to 350° ; continue baking 10
minutes or until golden brown.
Fill with frui t ; top with cream
cheese mixture. Serve. imme­
diately. 4 to 6 s ervings .
Aoothct uay· Omit first two
ingredient s. Heat 4 cups sl iced
peeled apples in Vz cup butter­
scotch topping. Spoon over
Crisp-fried Crullers
1 8-ouoccpackagc Foi |adc| poia
'/cupso]tmatgati oc
1 cup]|out
A||putposcoi |
Combine softened cream cheese
and margari ne; mi x unti l well
blended. Add flour and salt ;
mix thoroughly. Form into ball;
chill 1 hour. On a floured sur­
face, roll dough into a 12 x 6:
i nch rectangle. Cut dough into
t wenty- f our Vz - i nch s t ri ps .
Deep fry i n hot oil, 400°, about
1 minute or until golden brown.
Roll i n s ugar. 24 crullers.
Opposite: Dutch Boy Pancake
Cheese for Breakfast, Cheese
for Brunch
Think about it for a moment : Cheese i s a perfect
accompaniment for such breakfast and brunch foods as eggs,
bacon and breads of many kinds. Here are ways to add the
flavor and nutrition of cheese to early-in-the-day meals.
Eggs Acapulco
1 1 pouodVc|ucctaFastcutizcd
s| iccd
' /cupsa|addtcssiog
114 cupmi | k
1 4':-ouocccaosotimp,
1 tao|cspooocooppcdpi mi coto
4 oatd-cookcdcggs,
4s| iccsuoitcotcad,
toastcd, cut iottiaog|cs
Combine Velveeta, s alad dress­
ing and milk; stir over low heat
unt i l s auce i s s moot h . Add
shrimp and pimiento. Arrange
eggs on toast; top with sauce. 4
servings .
Socialite's Brunch
2 tao|cspooosmatgatioc
1 cupmi | k
'/¡ tcaspooosa| t
' /cupcooppcdcoo kcdoam
1 J-ouocccaos |iccd
musotooms,dtai ocd
1 tao|cspooos| iccdgtccoooioo
Kta]t Natuta| Cocddat Coccsc
S| iccs,cut iooa|]
S|iccdlta|iao otcad,toastcd
Make white sauce with marga­
rine, flour, milk and salt. Stir
in ham, mushrooms and onion;
continue cooking 5 minutes .
For each serving, place slices of
cheese over toast ; broil until
cheese melts . Spoon sauce over
cheese toast. 6 servings .
1 J7
Cheese for Breakfast
Eggs Royale
4 oatd-cookcdcggs
1 J-ouocccaomusotooms,
dtai ocd,cooppcd
' /cup]tcsootcadctumos
2 tao| cspooosmatgatioc,
mc| tcd
Sa| taodpcppct
' /pouodVc|ucctaFastcutizcd
'/¡ cupmi | k
4s| i ccs Caoadiao oacco,
4s| iccsuoitcotcad,toastcd
Cut eggs in half lengthwise; re­
move yolks . Mash egg yolks;
combi ne wi t h mus hrooms,
bread crumbs and margarine.
Season to taste. Spoon filling
into egg white centers . Heat
Velveeta with milk over low
heat , s t i rr i ng unt i l s auce is
smoot h. For each s ervi ng,
place slice of Canadian bacon
on slice of toast ; top with 2 egg
halves and sauce. 4 servings .
Sunshine Sausageburgers
Ctouodsausagc pattics, cookcd
Eog| isomu]]ios,sp|it,
Nat uta| CocddatCoccsc,
s| iccd
Spiccdapp|c tiogs
For each sandwich, place a
sausage patty on hal f an Eng­
lish muffin. Top with 2 sl ices
of cheese; broil until cheese
melts. Top wit h an apple ring.
Western Eggs au Gratin
'/ pouodVc|uccta Pastcutizcd
' /cupsa|addtcssi og
' /cupmi | k
1 5'/-ouoccJatooocd
chickco,c|oppcdot 1 cup
1/4 cups | iccdti pco|iucs
2 tao|cspooosc|oppcdgtcco
4oatd-cookcdcggs, quartctcd
4 Log| i s|mu]]ios,sp| i t,
Combine Velveeta, s alad dress­
ing and milk; sti r over low heat
unt i l s a uc e i s s moot h . Add
chicken, olives and oni on; heat.
Arrange eggs on muffins ; top
wi th sauce. 4 s ervings.
Gourmet French Omelet
1 2'/-c uoccJatmusotooms,
3 tao|cspooosmatgati oc ´
6cggs,s| igot|y ocatco
' /cupmi | k
Sa| taodpcppct
1 tcaspooo]ioc|ycooppcd
¼ cup(3 ouoccs)s otcddcd
Natuta| C|cddatCoccsc
Opposite: Gourmet French Omelet
Cheese for Breakfast
Cook mushrooms in 1 table­
spoon margarine. Mel t remain­
ing margarine i n skillet over low
heat. Combine eggs, milk and
seasonings ; pour into skillet.
Cook slowly. As egg . mixture
sets, lift slightly with a spatula
to allow uncooked porti on to
flow underneath. Cover ome­
let wi th mushrooms, chives
and 1/2 cup; fold in half
and s pr i nkl e wi t h r emai ni ng
cheese. 3 t o 4 s ervings.
Country Breakfast
4 cups cuocd ccokcd
' /cupcooppcdgtccopcppct
2 tao|cspoooscooppcdoo|oo
'/cupmatgati oc
4 cggs
1 cup(4ouoccs)s otcddcd
Nat uta| C|cddatCoccsc
Cook potatoes, green pepper
and onion in margarine until
l i g) l y br owned. Seas on to
taste. Break eggs over potato
mixture; cover and cook unti l
eggs are done. Sprinkle wi th
chees e ; cover and he a t unt i l
cheese melts . 4 servings .
The Compl ete Cheese Cookbook
Sunny Scrambled Eggs
Jtao|cspooos matgatioc
'/¡ pouodvc|ucctaFastcutizcd
6 cggs, ocatco
Heat margarine in skillet. Add
Velveeta to eggs; pour into skil­
let. Stir occasionally as eggs
thicken. Cook until set. 4 serv­
Cood idca· For children, serve
scrambled eggs between toasted
hamburger buns for a breakfast
Biscayne Brunch
'/¡ cupmi|k
2 tao| cspooosmatgatioc
1 8-ouoccpackagc
1 12-ouoccpackagc mcdi um
1 6-ouocccaouatct
s| iccd
' h cuppcas,cookcd
'/¡ cup]ioc|ychoppcdooioo
'/¡ cupdty u|i te ui oe
2tao| cspooosc|oppcd
2 tao|cspoooschoppcd
pi micoto
* * *
6pattys|e| |s
Heat mil k, margarine and cream
cheese over low heat ; stir until
smooth. Stir in remammg in­
gredi ent s ; heat t horoughly .
Serve in patty shells. 6 servings.
Swiss Omelet Puff
6 cggs,scpatatcd
2 tao| cspoooschoppcd
2 tao| cspooosmi | k
' h tcaspooosa|t
1 6-ouoccpackagcKta]t
5||ccs, cutioth|o
4s|i ccsctisp|ycookcd
oacoo, ctumo|cd
Heat oven to 325° . Combine
egg yol ks , pa r s l ey, mi l k and
salt; beat until thick and lemon
col or ed. Add t wo- t hi r ds of
cheese. Fold i n stiffly beaten
egg whites . Pour into si zzlin
wel l gr eas ed 1 0- i nch s ki l l et .
. Cook over l ow heat 10 minutes
or unt i l under s i de is gol den
brown. Bake at 325° , 10 t o 15
minutes or until t op is firm. Re­
move from oven; make deep
crease across top. Place bacon
and remaining cheese on half of
omelet . Slip turner underneath,
tip skillet to loosen and gently
fold in hal f. 6 servings.
Denver Omelet
'/¡ cupchoppcdgteeo pcppet
1 tao|cspooochoppcdooioo
'/¡ cupmatgati oc
6cggs,s|ight|y bcatco
' /cupmi | k
5a| taodpcppct
4 Old English Sharp
Pasteurized Process
American Cheese Slices
Cook green pepper and onion in
2 tablespoons margarine until
tender; add remaining 2 table­
spoons of margarine. Combine
eggs, ham, milk and seasonings;
pour into skillet. Cook slowly.
As egg mixture sets, lift slightly
with spatula to allow uncooked
portion to flow underneath.
Place 2 slices of cheese on one
half of omelet; fold in half. Top
with remaining cheese slices. 3
to 4 servings.
Spanish Potato Omelet
2 tablespoons margarine
1 1/z cups diced potatoes
1l cup chopped green pepper
1/ cup chopped onion
l4 cup chopped pimiento
1/z teaspoon salt
8 eggs
1l teaspoon salt
. .. .
Dash of pepper
Kraft Natural Swiss Cheese
Slices, cut i n
Heat oven to 350°. Heat mar­
garine in skillet; add potatoes,
green pepper and onion. Cover;
cook 10 minutes or until tender,
stirring occasionally. Stir in pi­
miento and salt . Spoon into well
greased 10 x 6-inch baking dish.
Beat eggs with seasonings ; pour
over vegetables. Bake at 350°,
20 to 25 minutes or unti l eggs
Cheese for Breakfast
are set. Top with cheese; con­
tinue baking until cheese melts.
8 servings.
Eggs El Dorado
1/4 cup chopped oni on
1/4 cup chopped green pepper
2 tablespoons margarine
1 B-ounce jar Cheez Whiz
Pasteurized Process Cheese
4 hard-cooked eggs, sliced
2 tablespoons chopped
4 English muffins, split,
Cook onion and green pepper
in margarine until tender. Add
Cheez Whiz, eggs and pimien­
to ; heat . For each servi ng,
spoon mixture over 2 muffin·
halves. 4 servings.
Savory Scrambled Eggs
2 tablespoons margarine
6eggs, b. eaten
l3 cup milk
Salt and pepper
1 3-ounce package
Philadelphia Brand Cream
Cheese, cubed
Melt margarine in skillet over
low heat; add combined eggs,
mi l k and s easoni ngs . Cook
slowly, stirring until eggs begin
to thicken. Add cream cheese;
continue cooking, stirring oc­
cas i onal ly, u nt i l chees e is
melted and eggs are cooked. 4
to 6 servings .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
• Bacon 'n Eggs-Pizza Style
1 cao(8ouoccs)
outtctm| | ko|scu|ts
J cggs,ocatco
1 tao| cspooom| | k
Oasoo]sa| t
5s| |ccsctisp|ycooked
bacoo, ctumo|cd
1 tcaspooochoppcdco|ucs
1 cup( 4 cunccs)shtcdded
Nat uta| CocddatChccsc
Press the flat sides of 2 biscuits
t oget her . On a baki ng s heet ,
flatten into 5-inch circles, build­
ing rims around each; refrig­
erate. Heat oven to 350• . Com­
· bine eggs, milk and salt. Pour
into biscuit shells. Sprinkle with
bacon, chives and cheese. Bake
at 350•, 20 minutes . Top with
addi t i onal s l ices o f cr i s ply
cooked bacon, if desired. 5 serv­
Golden Omelet
2 tao|cspooosmatgat|oc
6cggs, ocatco
'/¡ cupm||k
'/¡ tcaspoonsa|t
'/¡ pouod ve|uccta
Melt margarine in skillet over
low heat. Combine eggs, milk
and seasonings ; pour into skil­
let . Cook slowly. As egg mix­
ture sets, lift slightly with a spa­
tula to allow uncooked portion
to flow underneath. Place 3
slices of Velveeta on omelet ;
fold in half . . Remove from s kil­
let ; top with remaining Velvee­
ta. 3 to 4 servings.
Cheesy Apple Tarts
1 cao(8. 6ouoccs)
Japp| cs,cotcdaodcut | oto
'/¡-| ocoucdgcs
1 '/cups(6o uoccs)sotcddcd
App| cJc||y ot taspoctty
Press the flat sides of 2 rolls to­
gether. On a baking sheet, flat­
ten into circles, building rims
around each; refrigerate. Heat
oven to 375• . Cook apples in
small amount of margarine 3 to
5 minutes or until slightly ten­
der . Pl ace appl e sl i ces i n rol l
shell s. Bake at 375• , 10 min­
utes . Sprinkle with cheese and
return to oven for 5 more min­
utes . Top each with I teas pon
j elly or preserves , if desired. 6
servings .
Beautiful Sal ads, Tasty Dressings
Something fresh . Something green, something crunchy, with
cheese to make it doubly good. Here are s uch salads­
and main dish salads as wel l-plus a bonus of
taste- like-more dressings that wil l be family favorites .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Pimiento Dressing
1 5-ouoccJatKta]t
'/¡ cup mi | k
Combine cheese spread and
milk; mix well. Serve on vege­
table salads. % cup.
"Philly" Orange Dressing
1 8-ouoccpackagc Foi|adc| poia
'/¡ cupotaogcJuicc
1 tao|cspooos ugat
1 tao| cspooogtatcdotaogc tiod
Combine softened cream cheese
and remammg ingredients,
mixing until well blended. 1 1
cups .
Aootoct uay· Substitute 2 ta­
blespoons chopped maraschino
cherries for grated orange rind.
Prima Donna Dressing
1 5-ouoccJatKta]t
'/ cup ocauyctcam,uoippcd
2 tao|cspoooscooppcdouts
Combine cheese spread and
whipped cream; mix until well
blended. Stir i n nuts. Serve on
fruit salad. Ph cups.
Jubilee Salad Bowl
6 ooi |cdoams| iccs,cut
1 cupotaogcsecti oos
1 app|c, toi o|ys|iccd
io oa|]
Cut t wo 2- ounce s t i cks of
chees e i n stri ps. Cut lettuce in
2-inch chunks into salad bowl .
Add cheese, ham, fruit and
enough dressing to moisten. 4
to 6 servi ngs.
"Philly" fruit Salad
J tao|cspooosmi|k
1 8-ouocepackagc Foi |adc| poia
1 8-o uocccaomaodati o
otaogcsccti oos, dtai ocd
1 1 J'/-ouocccaoctus |cd
pi ocapp|c,dtai ocd
1 8³/¡ -ouocccao sccd|css
10 matascoi oo cocttics, oa|ucd
' /cupcocoout, toastcd
Gradually add milk to softened
cream cheese, mixing until well
blended. Add remaining ingre­
dients ; mix well . Chill several
hours or overnight . 6 servings .
Heavenly Cheese Mold
1 '/¡ cupsj1J '/-ouocecao)
c·usoedpi oeapp| e
1 3-ouocepackage | emoo
1 cupooi | i oguate·
1 tao|espooo|emoo)ui ce
1 cup(4ouoces)s o·edded
1 cupoeauyc·eam,uoi pped
Drain pineapple, reserving syr­
up. Add enough water to syrup
to make 3- cup liquid. Dissolve
gelatin in boiling water; add
syrup and lemon j uice. Chill
until slightly thickened. Fold in
pineapple, cheese and whi pped
cream; pour into 1 Vz-quart
mol d. Chill until fi rm; unmold.
6 to 8 servings .
"Philly" Frozen Party Salad
'/¡ cupoooey
1 8-ouocepackage Foi|ade| poia
2 1 0-ouocepackages]·ozeo
1 cupoeauyc·eam,uoi pped
Gradually add honey to soft­
ened cream cheese, mixing un­
ti l well blended. Sti r in ras pber­
ries. Fold in whi pped cream.
Pour into 9-inch square pan or
ei ght 3,-cup mol ds; freeze un­
til firm. 8 servings.
Beautiful Salads
Top-Notch Turkey Mold
1 eoue| opeuoj|auo·ed
³/¡ cupco|duate·
1 1 0-o uocepackage]·ozeo
c·ao oe··y-o·aoge·e| is|,
* * *
1 eoue| opeuo]|auo·edge|atio
% cupco|duate·
1 8-ouocepackage Foi|ade| poia
1 cupsa|add·essiog
1 '/cupsdicedcookedtu·key
'/cups| icedce| e·y
'/¡ cupcooppedua|outs
Soften gelatin in cold water;
sti r over l ow heat until dis­
s ol ved. Chi l l unt i l s l i ght l y
thickened. St i r in relish. Pour
i nto 1 Vz- quart ring mol d; chill
until firm. Soften gelatin in cold
water; stir over low heat until
dissolved. Combine softened
cream cheese and s alad dress­
ing. Gradually add gelatin to
cream cheese mixture, mixing
until well blended. Chill until
sl ightly thickened; fold in tur­
key, cel ery and nuts . Pour over
molded gelatin layer; chill until
firm. Unmold. 6 to 8 servings .
Imperial Peach Salad
1 1 -po uodcaos|icedpeacoes
1 J-o uocepackagecoetty
1 cupooi|ioguatet
* * *
1 J-ouocepackagecoetty
1 cup ooi |ioguatet
3 cupco|duatet
1 8-ouocepackageFoi|ade| poia
Drain peaches, reserving 1 cup
syrup. Dissolve gelatin in boil­
ing water; add syrup. Chill un­
til slightly thickened. Arrange
peach sl ices in bottom of 1 ¥2-
quart ring mol d; cover with
gelatin. Chill until firm. Di s­
sol ve gel ati n i n boi l i ng water;
add cold water. Gradually add
to softened cream cheese, mix­
ing until well blended. Pour
over molded gelatin layer; chill
until firm. Unmol d. 8 to 10
servings .
Creamy Orange Salad
1 J-o uocepackagcotaoge
1 '/cupsooi|ioguatet
1 8-ouocepac
age Foi|ade| poia
'/• cupotaogeJuice
1 tao| espooo| emooJui ce
1 tao| espooogtatcdo taogetiod
Opposi te: Emerald I sl e Mol d
1 4/
Beautiful Salads
Dissolve gelatin in boiling wa­
ter. Gradually add to softened
cream cheese, mixing until well
blended. Sti r in j uices and or­
ange rind. Pour into 1-quart
mold; chill until fi rm. Unmold;
surround wi th lettuce. 4 to 6
servings .
Emerald I sle Mold
1 J-o uocepackage | i me
1 cup ooi|ioguatet
3 cupco|duatet
1 8-ouoccpackageFoi|ade| poia
* * *
1 J-ouoce package | i me
1 cupooi|ioguatet
1 cupgiogeta| e
1 cupgtape]tui tsectioos,
cut iooa|]
1 cupdicedapp|cs
'/• cupcooppedua|outs
Dissolve gelatin in boiling wa­
ter; add cold water . Gradually
add to softened cream cheese,
mixing unti l well blended. Pour
i nt o 1 V2 -quart mold; chi l l un­
t i l firm. Dissolve gelatin i n
boiling water; add ginger ale.
Chill unti l slightly thickened;
fold in fruit and nuts . Pour over
molded gelatin l ayer; chill un­
til firm. Unmol d. 6 to 8 servings .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Hawaiian Supper Salad
1 7-ounce package elbow
macaroni, cooked., drain·ed -
1 ls cups (1311-ounce can) .
pineapple tidbits, drained
1 cup (4ounces) shredded
Cracker Barrel Brand Sharp
Natural Cheddar Cheese
1 cup cooked ham strips
'/cup chopped green pepper
1/4 cup chopped sweet pickles
1 tablespoon chopped onion
1/4 teaspoon salt
Dash of pepper
Salad dressing
Combine macaroni, pineapple,
cheese, ham, green pepper,
pickles, onion, seasonings and
enough salad dressing to moist­
en; toss lightly. Chill. 8 serv­
Aristocrat 's Antipasto
Unpeeled cucumber, thinly
sl iced
Pitted ripe olives
Sl iced mushrooms
Italian-style dressing
Cherry peppers
Kraft Natural Swiss Cheese
Sl ices, cut in strips
Marinate cucumber, olives and
mushrooms in dressing for
several hours ; drain. Arrange
marinated vegetables on plat­
ter with cherry peppers and
cheese strips.
Party Chicken Salad
11 pound Tasty Brand Imitation
Pasteurized Process Cheese
Spread, cubed
2cups cubed cooked chicken
1 cup drained pi neapple tidbits
1 cup sliced celery
1 cup seeded halved green
Salad dressing
Combine Tasty Brand, chicken,
pineapple, celery, grapes and
enough salad dressing to moist­
en; toss l ightly. Serve in lettuce­
lined salad bowl . 6 servings.
Gold Rush Salad
1 B-ounce package Kraft
Pasteurized Process American
Cheese Slices
2cups (1-pound can) kidney
beans, drained
1 cup sliced celery
'/cup chopped green pepper
1/4 cup chopped oni on
3 hard-cooked eggs, chopped
Dash of pepper
Pourable Thousand Island
Cut 5 slices of cheese in small
squar es. Combi ne cheese,
beans, celery, green pepper, on­
ion, eggs, pepper and enough
dressing to moisten; toss light­
ly. Chill. Cut remaining cheese
in triangles. Serve salad on let­
tuce; top with cheese triangles.
6 servings .
Fiesta Bean Salad
2cups(1 -pouodcao)k|docy
FtoccssCoccs c Sptcad,
cut| ostt|ps
J oatd-cookcdcggs, s| |ccd
1 cups| |ccdcc| cty
'/ cupoo|oot|ogs
' /cuppoutao| cToousaod
ls| aoddtcss|og
1 tcas pooosa| t
Combine all ingredients ; toss
lightly. Chill . 6 to & servings .
Wilted Spinach Bowl
4s| |ccsoacoo
2 tao| cspooosu| ocgat
2 tao|cs pooos]|oc|ycooppcd
'/¡ tcaspooopcppct
I f cupKta]tCtatcd
1 oatd-cookcdcgg,cooppcd
Cook bacon until cri sp; drain,
reserving 1 cup bacon fat. Add
vinegar, onion and pepper to
bacon fat; heat. Tear s pinach
into bite-size pi eces into a salad
bowl . Crumble bacon; toss
wi t h s pi nach and c hees e in
dressing until well coated; top
with egg. 6 servings .
Beautiful Salads
Mariner's Macaroni Salad
1 /-ouoccpackagcc| ooumaca-
too |, coo kcd,dta|ocd
1 12-ouocccao| uococoomcat,
¼ cups| |ccdcc|cty
'/ cupcooppcdoo|oo
'/¡ cupcooppcdgtccopcppct
'/¡ cupcooppcdp| m| co|o
'/¡ cupKta]tCtatcd
Oaso o]pcppct
Combine all ingredients except
mayonnaise; toss. Add enough
mayonnaise to moisten; mix
wel l . Chi ll. 4 to 5 servings .
Piccadilly Salad
1 8-ouoccJatCocczWo|z
'/¡ cupm| | k
1 /-o uoccpackagcc| oou
'/ cup s ||ccdsucctp| ck|cs
'/¡ cupcooppcdoo|oo
'/¡ cupcooppcdcc| cty
2tao| cspoooscooppcd
p| m|coto
6 oatd-cookcdcggs,cooppcd
Heat Cheez Whi z with milk in
saucepan over low heat; stir un­
til sauce i s smooth. Add remain­
ing ingredients ; mix wel l . Heat.
6 servings .
The Complete Cheese- Cookbook
Monterey Macaroni Salad
1 /-c uocepackage e| ocu
macatcoi, ccc ked, dtaioed
1 8-c uoceJatCoeezWoiz
Coees eSptead
'/• cupsa|addtessiog
' /teaspccosa|t
¼ cups| icedce| ety
'/ cupdicedsa|amì.
'/• cups|icedtadisoes
Combine hot macaroni, Cheez
Whiz, sal ad dressing and sea­
sonings . Add remaining ingredi­
ent s; mix wel l . Chill. 4 to 6 serv­
ings .
Sunbonnet Macaroni Salad
1 /-c uocepackagee| ocu
1 8-c uoceJatCoeezWoi z
Coees e Sptead
8s| icesctisp| yccc kedoacco,
'/• cupcbcppedgteeopeppet
1 tao|espccococppedcoi co
Combine hot macaroni and
Cheez Whi z; mix well . Add re­
maining ingredients; mix wel l .
Chill. 4 to 6 servings .
Nice tc kocu· This salad may
also be served· hot.
Potat< Salad Parmigiana
¼ cups| icedce| ety
'/ cupcocppedcoico
² cuplta|iao-sty|edtessiog
6 cupss| icedccckedpctatces
4 oatd-ccc kedeggs,cocpped
6 s|icæctisp|ycccked
oacco, ctumo|ed
¼ cup(Jc uoces)Kta]|
CtatedFatmesao Coeese
Cook cel ery, green pepper and
onion in dressing 5 minutes .
Add potatoes, eggs , bacon and
cheese; mix lightly. Heat, sti r­
ri ng occasionally. Top with ad­
ditional cheese, i f desired. 6 to
8 servings .
Cheddar Potato Salad
4cupsdicedccc kedpctatces
1 1 0-cuocesti ckCtacket
ßatte| ßtaodSoatpNatuta|
C|eddatC|ees e,cuoed
1 cups|icedce|ety
1 cup toi o|ys|icedcattcts
J oatd-ccckedeggs, cocpped
'/• cupcocppedgteeocoi co
1 cupsa|addtessiog
1 tao| espcco ptepated mustatd
1 '/ teaspccossa|t
Combine ingredients ; toss l ight ­
ly. Chill. 6 t o 8 servings .
Parmesan Potato Salad
4cupsdicedccc kedpc|a|ces
4 oatd-ccckedeggs,cocpped
1 cups| icedce| ety
'I• cupcocppedcoico
'I• cupcocppedgteeopeppet
1 |eas pccosa| |
8 s| i cesctisp|yccc ked
¼ cupKta]|Cta|ed
FatmesaoCo eese
Sa|addtess iog
Combine potatoes, eggs , cel­
ery, onion, green pepper, salt,
bacon, cheese and enough sal ­
ad dressing to moi sten; mix
lightly. Chi l l . Sprinkle with
additional cheese, i f desired. 6
to 8 servings .
Sunny Potato Salad
6s | icesoacc o
6cupss |icedccc kedpc|a|ces
' /cupcocppedcoico
'/ cupcocppedgteeopeppet
' h cups| icedce| ety
2 teaspccossa| t
Oaso c]peppet
1 cup(4cuoces)sotedded
Na|u ta|CoeddatCoeese
Cook bacon i n ski llet; crumble.
Add remaining i ngredi ents ex­
cept cheese; mix lightly. Cover;
cook 15 minutes . Sprinkle with
chees e ; cover unt i l ch eese
melts . 6 s ervings .
Beauti ful Sal ads
Mexican Salad
1 pcuodgtcuodoee]
'I• cupcocppedcoico
2cups(1 -pc uodcao)kidoey
oeaos, dtaio ed
' /cupua|et
1 |ao| espcc o coi | i pcudet
* * *
4cupsso tedded|ettuce
' /cups |icedgteeocoicos
2cups(8 cuoces)s otedded
datCoees e
Brown meat; drain. Add onion
and cook until tender. Sti r in
beans , dressing, water and chili
powder; si mmer 15 minutes .
Combine lettuce and green
onions . Add meat sauce and 1 V
c ups c hees e; t os s l i ght l y.
Sprinkle with remaining cheese.
Serve with cris p tortillas , i f de­
sired. 4 to 6 servings .
Starboard Bean Salad
2cups(1 -pc uodcao)cu|
gteeooeaos, dtaioed
2cups(1 -pc uodcao)ki doey
oeaos, dtaio ed
1h cupdiced |c ma|c
'I• cupc|c ppedce| e·y
2cups(8 c uoces)cuoed
Na|u ta|CoeddatCoees e
Spicys uee|lteoc|dtess iog
Combine vegetables and cheese
with enough dressing to moist­
en. Chi l l . 10 to 12 servings .
Souffl es and Fondues, Sweet
and Savory
Cheese souffles l ight as clouds, cheese fondues rich
and delicious-these are dishes that parties can center
around, that make everyone feel this must be a special
occasion when they put in an appearance at a family meaL
Parmesan Cheese Souffl�
J tao|cspooosmatgatioc
1 '/¡ cups mi | k
' /tcaspooosa|t
' /cupKta]tCtatcdFatmcsao
1 cup(4ouoccs)s otcdded
4 cggs,scpatatcd
Heat oven to 350• . Make white
sauce with margarine, flour,
milk and seasonings . Add Par­
mesan cheese and Cheddar
cheese; sti r unti l melted. Re­
move from heat. Gradually
add sl ightly beaten egg yolks ;
cool . Fold into sti ffly beaten
egg whi tes . Pour into 1 1/z-quart
souffl e dish. With t i p of spoon,
make s l i ght i ndent a t i on or
"track" around top of souffl
1 inch in from edge to form a
top hat. Bake at 3so·, 45 to so
minutes . Serve immediately. 6
servings .
Souffles and Fondues
Georgian Spinach Souffle
'/¡ cupmatgatioc
'/¡ cup]|out
¼ cupmi | k
' /pouodVc|ucctaFastcutizcd
'/¡ tcaspooopcppct
1 1 0-o uoccpackagc]tozeo
cooppcdspi oaco,cookcd,
dtai oed
6s| iccs ctisp|ycookcdoacoo,
1 tao| cspooo]ioc|y cooppcd
4 cggs,scpatatcd
Heat oven to 350• . Make white
sauce with margarine, flour and
milk. Add Velveeta and pepper;
sti r until mel ted. Remove from
heat; stir in s pinach, bacon and
onion. Gradually add slightly
beaten egg yol ks ; cool slightly.
Fol d i n s t i f f l y be at en egg
whites; pour into 1 Yz-quart
souffle di sh. Bake at 3so·, 45
minutes . 8 servings .
Crabmeat Souffle
1 '/cups•(6 '/-ooocecao)
'/· cupmatgatioe
'/¡ cup]|out
1 cupmi | k
' /teaspooosa| t
1 cup(4ouoces)s otedded
Natuta| CoeddatCoeese
4 eggs,sepatated
Heat oven to 300° . Place crab­
meat in bottom of 5-cup souffle·
dish. Make white sauce with
margarine, flour, milk and sal t.
Add cheese; sti r unti l melted.
Remove from heat. Add slight­
l y beaten egg yolks ; cool. Fold
into sti ffly beaten egg whites ;
pour over crabmeat in souffle
dish. Wi th tip of spoon, make
slight indentation or "track"
around top of souffle l -inch in
from edge to form a top ha..
Bake at 300°, 1 hour to 1 hour
and 5 minutes . Serve immedi­
ately. 4 servings .
Opposit" Top Hat Cheese Souffle
Souffles and Fondues
Top Hat Cheese Souffle
' /cupmatgati oe
1 '/cups mi | k
1 teas pooosa| t
2cups(8 ouoces)s otedded
Ctacketßattc| ßtaodSoatp
Nat uta| Coeddat·Coeese
6 eggs,s epatated
Heat oven to 300° . Make whi te
sauce with- margari ne, flour,
mi l k and s e as oni ngs . Add
cheese; s t i r unti l melted. Re­
move from heat. Gradually add
slightly beaten -g yolks ; cool .
Fol d i nto st i ffly beaten egg
whites ; peur into 2-quart ·souf­
fle dish or casserole. With tip
of spoon, make slight indenta­
tion or "track" around top of
l-inch in from edge to
form a top hat . Bake at 300°,
1 hour and 15 mi nutes . Serve
immediately. 6 servings .
Aootoet uay· For individual
s , pour mixture into 6
individual souffl e di shes . Bake
at 300° , 45 minutes .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
. Chocolate "Philly" Souffle
2 tao| cspoo osmatgatioc
2 tao|cspooosj|out
1 cu pmi |k
1 8-ouoccpackagc Foi |adc| poia
ßtaodCtcamCoccsc, cuocd
2 1 -ouoccsquatcs uosucctcocd
1 '/ tcaspooosuaoi||a
4 cggs,scpatatcd
²/ cupsugat
Heat oven to 350• . Make white
sauce with margari ne, flour,
milk and salt. Add cream cheese,
chocolate and vanill a; stir un­
ti l cheese is melted. Remove
from heat. Beat egg yolks until
thick and lemon colored; grad­
ually add sugar. Stir i nto cream
chees e mixture; cool slightly.
Fol d i nt o s t i f f l y beat en egg
whites ; pour i nto 2-quart souf­
di s h . · Wi t h ti p of s poon,
make s l i ght i ndent at i on or
"track" around top of souffl
inch in from edge to form top
hat. Bake at 3so• , 45 minutes.
6 servi ngs.

Grasshopper Souffle
2 couc|opcs uo]|auotcdgc|atio
2 cupsuatct
1 cupsugat
1 8-ouoccpackagcFoi|adc| poia
ßtaodCtcam Coccsc
'/¡ cupctêmcJcmcotoc
1 cupocauyctcam,uoippcd
Soften gelatin i n Vz cup water;
add remai ning water . Stir over
low heat .unti l dissolved. Re­
move from heat; · blend i n ¥
cup sugar and beaten egg yolks .
Return to heat; cook 2 to 3 min­
utes. Gradually add to softened
cream cheese, mixing until well
bl ended. St i r in c r
me de
ment he; c h i l l unt i l s l i ght l y
thickened. Beat egg whites un­
ti l soft peaks form. Gradually
add remaining sugar, beating
until sti ff peaks form. Fold egg
whites and whipped cream into
cream cheese mixture. Wrap a
3-inch collar of aluminum foil
around top of 1 Vz-quart souffle
dish; secure with tape. Pour
mixture i nto dish; chill until
firm. Remove foil collar before
serving. Garnish with addition­
al whi pped cream and st raw­
berries, i f desi red. 8 to 10 serv­
ings .
Heavenly Cream Souffle
2 couc|opcs uo]|auotcdgc|atio
2 cups uatct
1 cupsugat
4cggs, scpatatcd
1 8-ouoccpackagc Fo| |adc|poia
'/¡ cupctèmcdccacao
1 cup o cauyctcam, uoi ppcd
Soften gelatin in Yz cup water;
gradually add remai ni ng water.
Sti r over low heat until dis­
solved. Remove from h�at;
blend in J/ cup sugar and beat­
en egg yolks . Return to heat;
cook 2 to 3 minutes . Gradually
add to softened cream cheese,
mixing until well blended. Stir
in cr�me de cacao; chill until
slightly thickened. Beat egg
whites until soft peaks form.
Gradually add remaining sug­
ar, beating until stiff peaks
form. Fold egg whites and
whipped cream into cream
cheese mixture. Wrap a 3• inch
collar of aluminum foi1rnround
top of 112-quart souffle dish;
secure with tape. Pour mixture
into dish; chill until firm. Re­
move foil collar before serving.
Serve with Peach Sauce. 8 to 10
Peach Sauce
2 1 0-ounce packages frozen
peaches, thawed
1 tablespoon cornstarch
Drain peaches, reserving j uice.
Combine juice and cornstarch
in saucepan. Bring to a boil,
stirring constantly. Continue
cooking until clear and thick7
ened. Stir in peaches; cool. 2 _
New Orleans Chocolate
2envelopes unflavored gelatin
2'/• cups water
1 11 cups sugar
J 1-ounce squares unsweetened
4eggs, separated
1 B-ounce package Phi ladelphia
Brand Cream Cheese
2teaspoon grated·o range rind
1 cup heavy cream, whipped
Souffles and Fondues
Soften gelatin in 12 cup water;
st i r over l ow heat unt i l di s­
solved. Combine 1 cup sugar,
chocolate, beaten egg yolks and
remaining 131 cups water; stir
over medium heat until choco­
late is melted. Gradually add
chocolate mixture and gelatin to
softened cream cheese, mixing
until well blended. Stir in or­
ange rind. Chill until slightly
thickened. Beat egg whites un­
til soft peaks form. Gradually
add remaining sugar and beat
until stiff peaks form. Fold egg
whites and whipped cream in­
to chocolate mixture. Wrap a 3-
inch collar of aluminum foil
around top of 1 12-quart souffle
dish; secure wi th tape. Pour
mixture into dish; chill until
firm. Remove foil collar before
serving. 8 to 10 servings.
Ano t he r way : Omi t or ange
rind. Add 1 teaspoon almend
·The Compl ete Cheese Cookbook
High Ri se Strawberry
2 eoue|opesuo]|auotedge|atio
2 '/• cups uatet
1 1 0-o uocepackage]tozeo
sttauoetti es,t|aued
1 8-ouocepackageF|i|ade| p|ia
2 cups ugat
1 tao|espooo| emooJui ce
1 cup|eauycteam,u|i pped
Red]oodco| otiog
Soften. gelatin in Vz cup water;
add remaining water r Sti r over
low heat until dissolved. Drain
strawberries , reserving J UICe.
Combine softened cream cheese
and sugar, mixing until well
blended. Gradually add gelatin,
l emon j ui ce and j ui ce f r om
s trawberries ; mix wel l . Chill un­
til slightly thickened. Fold in
s trawberries, whipped cream
and a few drops of food color­
ing. Wrap 3-inch collars of
aluminum foi l around individ­
ual dessert di shes or cups ; se­
cure with tape. Pour mixture
irto . dishes ; chill until firm. Re­
move foil collars before serv­
ing. 8 t 10 s ervings .
Aootoet uay· A l Vz-quart
souffle dish may be used.
Swiss Cheese Fondue
1 8-o uocepackageKta]t
Natuta|Suiss C|eeseS| ices,
cutiostti ps
1 tao| espooo]|out
1 gat|icc| oue,cut i o|a|]
1 cupdty u|iteui oe
Sa| taodpeppet
Oas| o]outmeg
2 tao|espooosKitscouasset
lteoc|ot Vi eooaotead,cut
T(ss together cheese and flour.
Rub . i nsi de of fondue cooker,
chafing dish or electric skillet
with garlic . Pour in wine; heat
until bubbles rise to surface.
( Never l et i t boil . ) Add cheese
mixture, Vz cup . at a time. Stir
constantly, letting each amount
melt completely before adding
more. Continue s tirring until
mixture bubbles lightly. Stir i n
seasonings and Kirschwasser.
Keep fondue bubbling while
serving. Di p chunks of bread
into fondue. If fondue becomes
too t hi c k, pour i n a l i t t l e
warmed wine. 3 t o 4 servings .
Zippy Fondue
'I• cupmatgati oe
'I• cup]|out
2cups mi | k
' /teas pooosa| t
2 '/cups(1 0o uoces)sotedded
Natu ta|C|eddatCoeese
'I• cups |icedgteeoooi oo
lteocoot tye otead,cuti o
Make white sauce wi th mar­
gari ne, flour , milk and season­
ings . Add cheese and onion; sti r
unt i l cheese i s melted. Pour into
fondue di sh. Di p chunks of
bread in fondue mi xture. 3 Vz
cups .
Crowd-Pleasing Fondue
1 5-o uoceJa·K·ajtC| | ue-
l|meo |o las | eu· |zed
Neujcoa|e| CoeeseSp·ead
1 5-o uoceJa·C|dLog| |so
Coees eSp·ead
1 |ao| espooouate·
l·eoco o·ead,cut| ocouoks
Heat cheese s preads and water
over l ow heat, sti rring until
smooth. Pour i nto fondue di sh.
Di p corn chi ps or bread chunks
in mi xture. 1 cup.
Hearty "Phil l y" Fondue
1 2 '/• -ouoceJa·s| |cedd·| ed
1³cups m| | k
2 8-ouocepackages
lo| |ade|po|aß·aodC·eam
Coees e,cuoed
2 teaspooosd·µ mus|a·d
l·eoc| o·ead,cu| | ocouoks
Souffles and Fondues
Ri nse dri ed beef in hot water;
drai n and chop. Heat mi l k and
cream cheese over low heat;
st i r unt i l cream chees e i s mel ted.
Add dri ed beef , oni on and mus­
tard to cream chees e mixture.
Cook 5 minutes over low heat.
Pour i nto fondue dish. Di p
chunks of bread in fondue mix­
t ure. 10 to 12 s ervi ngs .
Fontainebleau Fondue
1 8-ouoce packagelo||ade| po|a
'/ cupm| | k
21 cupsuga·
2 1 -ouocesqua·es uosueeteoed
1 tao|espoooo·aodµ
lo uodcake,cuoed
M| o| atu·ema·so ma||ous
ßaraoas,s ||ced
Heat cream chees e and mi l k i n
saucepan over low heat, st i r­
ri ng unt i l well blended. Add su­
gar and chocol ate. Heat until
mixture i s smooth, si trri ng con­
st antly. Add brandy; pour i nto
fondue di sh. Di p pound cake,
marshmallows, st rawberri es or
banana sli ces in fondue mix­
t ure. 6 to 8 servings .
Cheese Cakes and Pies,
Pastries and Other Sweets
Here are desserts to bring every meal-from the simpl est
family dinner to the most elaborate company-coming
occasion-to a happy endi ng; cheese stars in all
these reci pes, making each dish somethi ng very special i ndeed.
Princess Browni es
1 packagc]ami |y-si zcotouoi c
1 8-ouoccpackagc Foi|adc| poia
' /cupsugat
'/ tcaspooouaoi||a
1 cgg
Heat oven to 350• . Prepare
browni e mix as di rected on
package. Combine softened
cream cheese and s ugar; mix
until well blended. Stir in vani l­
la and egg. Spr ead ha l f of
brownie batter into greased 13
x 9-inch baking pan;- cover with
cream chees e mi xt ur e and
spoon on remaining brownie
batter. Bake at 350• , 35 to 40
minutes. Cool. Cut i n 1 Yz-inch
squares . 4 dozen.
Nicc to koou· This recipe may
be doubled.
Fruit 'n Cheese Bars
1 tcaspooo oakiogpoudct
' /tcaspooosa| t
¼ cupmatgati oc
2'/cups(1 0ouoccs)s otcddcd
2cggs, ocatco
' /cuppcacoptcsctucs
'/cupsttauoctty ptcsctucs
Heat oven to 350•. Si ft together
dry ingredient s. Cut i n marga­
rine until pieces are size of peas .
Add cheese; toss lightly. Add
eggs; mix well . Chill one quar-
Cheese Cakes and Other Sweets
ter of dough. Press remaining
dough onto bottom and sides
of ungreased 15 Yz x 10Yz-inch
j elly roll pan. Spread half of
dough with peach preserves
and remaining half with s traw­
berry preserves . Roll chilled
dough on lightly floured sur­
face; cut i nto Yz-inch stri ps.
Pl ace strips diagonally across
preserves to form lattice; press
around edges to seal. Bake at
350", 35 minut es or until lightly
browned. Cool before cutting
into 2 x 3-inch bars . 2 dozen.
"Philly" Chippers
1 cup matgati ne
1 8-ouocepackagc Foi|adc| po|a
3 cups ugat
¼cupotouos ugat,packcd
1 cgg
1 tcaspooouaoi||a
1 tcaspooooakiogpoudct
' /tcaspooosa|t
1 12-ouoccpackagcscmi-succt
cooco|atcpi cccs
'/ cupcooppcdouts
Heat oven to 375• . Combine
margarine, softened cream
cheese and s ugar; mix well.
Sti r in egg and vanilla. Add
combined flour, baki ng powder
and salt; mix well . Stir in choc­
olate pi eces and nuts . Drop by
teaspoonfuls onto greased bak­
ing sheet. Bake at 375• , 15 to
18 minutes . 5 Vz dozen.
< Holiday Gift Cake
1 8-ouocepackage1oi|ade| poia
1 cupmatgati oe
1 112 cupss ugat
1 11 teaspooosuaoi | |a
4 eggs
211• cupss ijtedcake]|out
1 11 teas pooosoaki ogpoudet
3 cup(8-o uoceJat)ue| | -
dtai oedcooppedmatasc| ioo
11 cupc|oppedpecaos
. .
11 cupjioe|y cooppedpecaos
Matascoi oocoetties
Heat oven to 325° . Thoroughly
blend softened cream cheese,
margarine, sugar and vanilla.
Add eggs, one at a time, mixing
well after each addi tion. Grad­
ually add 2 cups flour si fted
with baking powder . Combine
remaining flour with cherries
and V cup nuts ; fol d into bat­
ter . Grease 1 0-inch bundt or
tube pan; sprinkle with V2 cup
finely chopped nuts . Pour bat­
ter i nto pan; bake at 325° , 1
hour and 20 minutes. Cool 5
minutes ; remove from pan.
Glaze wi th mixture of 1 v2 cups
sifted confectioners ' sugar and
. 2 tablespoons milk. Garnish
with cherries and pecans . 18 to
20 servi ngs .
Nice to koou· These cakes
make excellent gifts . Bake the
cakes in cans or other contain­
ers, as suggested below, and
Opposi t" Holiday Gi ft Cakes
Gheese Cakes and Other Sweets
omit the V2 cup finely chopped
· nuts for l ining pans .
1 . Pour 2 cups batter into each
of three greased 1 -pound coffee
cans. Bake at 325° , 1 hour.
2. Pour 1 V2 cups batter into
each of four greased 1-pound
shortening cans. Bake at 325° ,
1 hour.
. 3. Pour V2 cup batter i nto each
of eleven greased 8-ounce to­
mato sauce cans . Bake at 325° ,
25 minutes .
4. Pour 1 cup batter i nto each
of five greased 6 x 3 V2-inch loaf
pans . Bake at 325 ° , 45 to 50
minutes .
Choco-Cherr Cookies
1 cupmatgati oe
1 8-ouocepackage loi|ade| poia
1 112 cupss ugat
1 egg
1 tcaspooouaoi||a
21 1 cups j|o ut
113 cupcocoa
1 teas pooooaki ogpoudet
1 1 cupcooppedpecaos
1 1 cupdtai oedcoopped
matascoi oocoettics
Heat oven to 375° . Combine
margarine, softened cream
cheese· and sugar; mix well. Sti r
in egg and vani lla. Add com­
· bined. flour, cocoa and baking
powder; mix well . Add nuts and
cherries. Drop by teaspoon­
fuls onto greas ed baking sheet.
Bake at 375° , 12 to 15 minut es .
5 t o 5 V2 dozen.
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Jeweled Spice Bars
1 B-ounce package Phi ladelphia
Brand Cream Cheese
11 cup margarine
1 l2 cups brown sugar, packed
1 egg
1/4 cup honey
2 cups flour
1 11 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 cup chopped nuts
1 cup chopped candied fruit
11 cup raisins
. . .
1 11 cups sifted confectioners'
s ugar
2 tablespoons milk
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
Heat oven to 350• . Combine
softened cream cheese, mar­
garine, sugar and egg; mix un­
til well blended. Stir in honey.
Combine flour, baking powder,
salt, cinnamon and nutmeg.
Add nuts, candied fruit and rai­
sins; toss lightly to coat fruit.
Gradually add to cream cheese
mixture. Pour into greased and
floured 15¥z x 101z -inch jelly
roll pan. Bake at 350•, 30 to 35
minutes. Combine confection­
ers' sugar, milk and vanilla.
Drizzle over warm bars; cool.
Cut into 3 x l-inch bars. 50
Bavarian Apple Torte
1 1 cup margarine
1/3 cup s ugar
1/4 teaspoon vani lla
1 cup flour
. . .
1 B-ounce package Phi ladelphia
Brand Cream Cheese, cubed
1/4 cup sugar
1 egg
11 teaspoon vanilla
. . .
11 cup sugar
1 1 teaspoon cinnamon
4 cups sliced peel ed apples
1/4 cup sliced al monds
Heat oven to 450•. Cream mar­
garine, sugar and vanilla. Blend
in flour. Spread dough on bot­
tom and. 1 ¥z inches high around
sides of 9-inch springform pan.
Combine softened cream cheese
and sugar; mix well. Add egg
and vanilla; mix. Pour into pas­
try-lined pan. Combine sugar
and cinnamon. Toss appl es in
sugar mixture. Spoon apples
over cream cheese layer; sprin­
kle with nuts . Bake at 450•,
10 minutes . Reduce tempera­
ture to 40o• ; continue baking
25 minutes. Loosen toTte from
rim of pan; cool before re­
moving rim of pan. 8 to 10
Gala Gingerbread
1 packagcgi ogctbtcadmix
¼ cupsugat
J tab| cspoooscotostatco
1 cupuatct
'/• cup| cmooJuicc
1 cggyo| k
Kta]t Woi ppcdCtcamCoccsc
Prepare gingerbread as directed
on package. Combi ne sugar and
cornstarch; blend i n water and
lemon j uice. Cook until clear
and thickened, sti rring occa­
sionally. Add small amount to
slightly beaten egg yol k; re­
turn mixture to pan. Cook 2 to
3 minutes . Cut gingerbread in
squares . Top each square wi th
whipped cream cheese and
lemon sauce. 8 to 10 s ervings .
Apple Cheddar Shortcake
2 '/cups oiscui tmix
1 cup( 4ouoccs)s otcddcd
2 cupmi | k
1 1 cupmatgat| oc, mc|tcd
³/• cupotouos ugat,packcd
J tab| cspoooscotostatco
' /tcaspooociooamoo
'/• tcas pooosa| t
1 cupuatct
Hcacyctcam, uoi ppcd
Cheese Cakes and Other Sweets
Heat oven to 425° . Combine
biscuit mix and cheese; sti r in
milk and margarine. . Spread
·dough into two greased 8- inch
layer pans ; bake at 425° , 20
minutes . Combine brow su­
gar, cornstarch, cinnamon and
sal t. Sti r in water; cook until
clear and thickened. Add ap­
ples; cover and simmer until
tender . Spoon half of a pples
over one layer . Top wth s ec­
ond layer and remaining apples .
Serve warm with whi pped
cream. 6 to 8 servings .
Maple Mincemeat Apples
6 |atgcoaki ogapp|cs
1 cupmioccmcat
¼ cupmap|csytup
'/• tcaspooo c´ ooamoo
Kta]t WoippcdCtcamCoccsc
Heat oven to 375° . Core apples .
Pare wide stri p around each
apple. Place apples in shallow
baking pan. Fi ll centers with
mincemeat. Combine syrup,
water and cinnamon. Pour
. over apples ; bake at 375° , 45
mi nutes or until tender, bas ting
occasionally with syrup. Top
with whi pped cream cheese. 6
servings .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
"Philly" Marble Cake
1 8-ouoccpackagcFoi |ødc| poia
1 cupmatgat|oc
1 '/cupss ugat
1 '/tcaspooosuaoi |Ia
J cggs
2'/¡ cupssi]tcdcakc]|out
1 '/teuspooosoukiogpoudct 
2 1 -ouoccsquatcs uosucctcocd
cooco|atc, mc|tcd
' /tcaspooosoda
Heat oven to 325° . Thoroughly
blend s.oftened cream cheese,
margarine, sugar and vanill a.
Add eggs, one at a time, mixing
well after each addition. Grad­
ually add flour s ifted with bak­
ing powder; mix well . Reserve 2
cups batter. Add chocolate and
soda to remaining batter, mix­
ing well . Spoon chocolate and
whi te batters alternately into
greased and floured 10-inch
bundt or tube pan. Cut through
batter with knife several t imes
for marble effect . Bake at 325° ,
1 hour. Cool s minutes ; remove
from pan and glaze immedi - .
ately. 16 to 18 s ervings .
2 tao|cspooosmi | k
1 '/cupssi]tcdcoo]ectioocts ´
s ugat
' /tcaspooouaoi||a
Heat margarine and mil k. Add
sugar; beat unti l smooth. Stir
in vanil l a.
Cheddar Pear Cobbler
2 1 -po uodcanspcatoa| ucs
1 |ao|cspoons ugat
2 tao| cspocoscotostatco
'/¡ tcaspoooci ooamoo
1 tao| cspoco| cmooJui cc
1 cup]|out
1 '/ tcaspooosoakiogpcudct
' h tcaspccosa| t
1 '/cups(6o uoccs)so tcddcd
'/ cupmatgatioc, mc |tcd
'/¡ cupmi | k
Heat oven to 425° . Drai n pears,
reservi ng syrup. Combi ne su­
gar, cornstarch and cinnamon
in saucepan. Add syrup and
lemon j uice. Heat until syrup
thickens ; boi l 1 mi nute. Re­
move from heat; add pears .
Spoon pears and syrup i nto 9-
inch square pan. Combine
flour, s ugar, baking powder,
salt and cheese. Add margarine
and mil k; mix until blended.
Spoon dough over pears. Bake
at 425° , 25 to 30 minutes . 6 to
8 servings .
Cood idca· Thi s i s especially
good topped with· vanilla ice
cream or whi pped cream.
Pears Picasso
8 peats
2 cups mi oiatutema·soma| |ous
2 tao|espooosmi | k
1 8-ouocepackage Foi|ade| poia
2 tao| espooosotaody
' /cupoeauycteam,uoi pped
Cooco|atej|auotedtoppi og
Peel pears and core from the
bottom. Pl ace pears in sauce­
pan wi th enough water to cover.
Cover and si mmer 20 minutes
or until tender; drai n. Chi ll.
Melt marshmallows wi th milk
in double boiler; stir until
smooth. Chill until thi ckened.
Combine softened cream
and brandy, beating unti l well
blended and fluffy. Whi p in
marshmallow mixture; fold in
whi pped cream. For each serv­
ing, place '2 cup cream cheese
mixture in serving dish. Top
wi th pear. Spoon chocolate
flavored topping over pear be­
fore serving. 8 servi ngs .
Peach Melba Metropolitan
Caooed peacooa|ues
Ktajt Woipped C·eamCoeese
For each servi ng, place peach
half in serving dis h; top wi th
whi pped cream cheese and
Peach Mel ba Sauce
1 1 0-o uocepackagejtozeo
taspoe··| es,toaued
1 1 cup·edcuttaotJe||y
2 tao| espooosco·osta·co
1 6/
Cheese Cakes and Other Sweets
Drain berries ; reserve j uice.
Add water, i f necessary, to
cup l i qui d. Combine
juice, j elly and cornstarch in
saucepan. Cook over medium
heat until cl ear and thickened.
Sti r in raspberries . 1 '2 cups .
Chocolate Mint Royale
1 cupcooco|ateuajetctumos
'/¡ cupcooppedpecaos
J tao| espooosmatgatio e,
. . .
1 eoue| opeuoj|auotedge|atio
1 cupuatet
1 8-ouocepackage Foi|ade| poia

m Coees e
1 cups u
1 '/ teaspooosuaoi||a
' /teaspooopeppetmiotexttact
J 1 -ouocesquatessemi-sueet
cooco|ate, me| ted
1 cupoeauycteam, uoi pped
Heat oven to 325° . Combine
crumbs, nuts and margarine.
Press onto bottom of 9- inch
springform pan. Bake at 325° ,
10 minutes . Soften gelati n in
'2 cup water; add remaining
water. Stir over low heat until
gelatin i s dissolved. Combine
softened cream cheese, s ugar,
vanilla and peppermi nt extract,
mixing until well blended. Sti r
in chocolate; gradually add
gel ati n. Chill unti l sli ghtly
thickened. Fold in whi pped
cream. Pour over crumbs ; chill
until firm. Gar�ish with addi­
ti onal whipped cream and pe­
can halves , i f des i red. 10 to 12
servings .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Fruit Fantasy
1 1 -pouod2-ouocepackage
te]t|getated sugatcook|edougo
1 8-ouocepackage Fh||ade| po|a
' /cupsugat
1i teaspooouao|||a
Cteeogtapes, cut|ooa|]
ßaoaoas| ices
5ttauoetti es,cutiooa|]
'/¡ cupotaogematma|ade
1 tao|espooouatet
Heat oven to 375° . Cut cookie
dough i nto sl ices 1/s -inch thick.
Li ne 1 4 - i nch pi zza pan wi t h
cooki e s l i c e s , over l appi ng
slightly. Bake at 375° , 12 min­
utes . Cool. Combine softened
cream cheese, sugar and vanil­
la, mixing until well blended.
Spr ead mi xt ur e over cooki e
crust . Arrange frui t over cream
cheese layer. Glaze with com­
bined marmalade and water.
Chill. Cut i n wedges to serve.
10 to 12 servings.
Appl e Turnovers
2'/¡ cups]|out
'/¡ teaspooosa|t
2 cupshotteo iog
1 '/cups(6 ouoces)shtedded
6 to 8tao|espooosuatet
3 cupotouosugat,packed
1 teaspoooc| ooamoo
6 med| umoak| ogapp|es,
'/¡ cupmatgat|oe
Heat oven to 425° . Combine
flour and sal t. Cut i n shorten­
i ng unt i l mi xt ur e r es embl es
coarse crumbs ; stir in cheese.
Sprinkle with water while mix­
ing lightly with a fork; form i n­
to ball. Divide i nto three equal
portions . Rol l each on lightly
floured surface to 14 x 7-inch
r ec t angl e ; c ut i nt o 7 - i nch
squares . Combine brown sugar
and cinnamon; fill apple cen­
ters, topping each with marga­
rine. Sprinkle remaining brown
sugar mixture over pastry. Place
apple in each square. Fold cor­
ners to center; pi nch together .
Bake at 425° , 30 to 35 minutes .
Top wi t h whi pped c r e a m. 6
servings .
Princess Babas
2cups(1 -pouodcao)apti cot
1i cupotaogeJ u|ce
J tao|es pooos tum
6 |odi u|dua| spoogecakes
5|iueteda| moods,toasted
Coatseot gtaou|atedsugat
1 ]teso peat,cuti oto| o
Kta]t Wo| ppedCteamCheese
Drain apricots, reserving syrup.
Combine syrup, 3A cup honey
and orange j uice; si mmer 15
minutes . Add rum; reserve 3A
cup sauce. Spoon remaining
s auce over cakes; chill. Coat
nuts with honey; roll in s ugar.
Top cakes with frui t, whi pped
cr eam chees e and r es er ved
s a uc e . S pr i nkl e wi t h nut s . 6
servings .
Snow-capped Crisp
1 1-pouodJat]tuitsa|ad
1 1 -po uodcaoapti cotoa|ccs
1/4 tcaspoooo utmcg
1i cup]|out
'/cupotouos ugat, packcd
'/¡ tcaspooosa|t
'/¡ cupmatgati oc
'/ cupcooppcdua|outs
Kta]t Woi ppedCteamCoccsc
Heat oven to 400° . Drain fruit
salad and apricots . Combine
fruit salad, apricots and nutmeg
i n 10 x 6 - i nch ba ki ng di s h.
Combine flour, s ugar and sal t;
cut in margarine unti l mixture
resembles coarse crumbs. Stir
i n nut s ; s pr i nkl e over f r ui t .
Bake a t 400° , 15 minutes . Serve
warm, topped with whi pped
cream cheese. 8 servings .
Blueberry Grunt
1 1-pouod5-ouocccao
o| ucoctty pic]i||iog
1 cupsugat
³ cup]|o ut
'/ teaspooociooamoo
1/4 tcaspooosa| t
1 1 cupmatgati oc
Kta]tWoi ppcdCtcamCoccsc
Heat oven to 350° . Spoon pie
filling into 10 x 6-inch baking
dish. Combine sugar, flour, cin­
namon and salt; cut in marga­
rine until mixture resembles
coarse crumbs . Sprinkle over
pie filling. Bake at 350° , 45 min­
utes . Serve warm, topped with
whipped cream cheese. 6 s erv­
ings .
Cheese Cakes and Other Sweets
Cheddar Apple Dandy
'/¡ cupsugat
2 tao|cspooos]|out
1 '/cups(6 ouoccs)shtcddcd
Nat uta|CocddatCoccsc
³ cup]|out
'/¡ cups ugat
' /tcaspoooci ooamoo
'/¡ tcaspooosa| t
1i cupmatgati oe
Heat oven to 375° . Combine ap­
pl es , s uga r , f l our and 1 c up
cheese. Place i n greased 8- inch
square pan. Combine flour, su­
gar, cinnamon and sal t. Cut i n
margarine unt i l mixture resem­
bles coarse crumbs ; s pri nkle
over appl e mi xt ur e. Ba ke a t
375° , 30 t o 35 mi nutes . Top
with remaining cheese; return
to oven until chees e melts . 6
servings .
Dessert Sandwiches
Oatc-out ot ßostoo otouo
otcad,s| iccd
Kta]t Woi ppcdCtcamCoccsc
For each sandwich, s pread slice
of bread with whi pped cream
cheese; top with marmalade or
preserves and second slice of
1/• cupco|d uatct
1 couc|opcuo]|auotcdgc|atio
' /cupoci|ioguatct
1 cupoeauyctcam
1 8-ouoccpackagc Fhi |adc|phia
ßtaodCtcamChccsc, cuocd
1 cup(4ouoces)sotcdded
Ctackctßattc| ßtaod5oatp
Natuta|Co cddatChecsc
ß|uc Coccsc
Pour cold water i nto blender
container; add gelatin and let
stand a few minutes to softe.
Add boiling water; mix on low
speed until gelatin is dissolved.
Using high s peed, blend in
cream and sugar. Gradually add
remaining ingredients except
fruit, mixing until well blended.
Pour into 1-quart mold. Chill
until firm. Unmold and serve
with frui t. 8 to 10 servings .
Nicc to koou· A 9-inch square
pan may be used.
"Philly" Pastry
Cheese Cakes and Other Sweets
Combine softened cream cheese
and· margarine; mix until well
blended. Add flour and salt; ·
mix well . Form i nto ball; chill
overnight . Heat oven to 450•.
Roll past ry to 1 1-inch circle on
lightly floured surface. Place in
9-inch pie pl ate. Fl ute · edge;
prick with fork. Bake at 4so•,
12 to 1.minutes. 1 9-inoh pas­
t ry shell.
Nicc to knou· For tart shells,
bake at 4so• , 8 to 10 minutes .
Makes. 1 2 to 14 tart shells.
Chocolate "Ph illy" Mousse
1 4-ouoccpackagechoco|atc
puddi ogaod pic]i||iogmix
1³/• cupsmi| k
1 tcas poooi ostaotco]]cc
1 8-ouoccpackagc Fhi |ade| poia
Combine pudding mix, milk and
i ns t ant cof f ee i n s a uc e pa n.
Cook over medium heat until
mixture comes to full boil, stir­
ring constantly. Add cream
cheese; beat until blended. Pour
into 1-quart mold. Place waxed
paper on surface; chill until set.
Unmol d; garni sh with whi pped
cream, if desi red. 8 to 10 s erv-
1 J-ouoccpackagc Fhi|adc| phia ings .
ßtaodCtcamChccsc Aootoet uay· Substi tute 2 ta-
' /cupmatgati oc bl es poons br andy or whi t e
1 cup]|out creme de menthe f or instant cof-
'/s tcaspooosa|t
Oppositec Owt·of· This- Wodd Dessert 1 /1
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Chocolate "Philly" Fudge
4cupssi]tedcoo]ect|ooets ´
s ugat
1 8-ouoce package Fhi |ade/phia
' h cupc|oppedouts
4 1 -ouoces quates uosueeteoed
1 teaspooouaoi | |a
Oas | o]sa| t
Gradually add sugar to softened
cream cheese, mixing until well
blended. Stir i n remaining in­
gredients . Press i nto greased 8-
inch square pan. Chi l l ; cut into
squares. Garnish with addition­
al nuts , if desired. About 1 Vz
Ct|etuays· Peppermi nt " Phil­
ly" Fudge-omit nuts and va­
nilla; add few drops peppermint
extract. Spri nkle with Vz cup
crushed peppermint candy. Co­
conut "Phi lly" Fudge-omit
nuts ; add 1 cup shredded co­
conut. Garnish with additional
coconu t , if des i r ed. Ch erry
" Philly" Fudge-omit nuts ; add
one 4-ounce jar maraschino
cherri es, drained and chopped.
Garnish wth whole cherries, if
1 /2
Chocolate "Philly"
1 8-ouocepackage Fhi |ade|phia
ßtaodCteamChees e
1 tao| espooomi | k
1 teaspooouaoi | |a
Oas|o]sa| t
5cupssi]tedcoo]ectiooets ´
s ugat
J 1 -ouocesquates
Combi ne s of t ened c r e am
cheese, milk, vanilla and sal t,
mi xi ng until wel l blended. Grad­
ually add sugar. Sti r i n choco­
l ate. Frosts an 8 or 9-inch l ayer
Chocolate Velvet Cream
1 '/cupsc|oco|ateua]et
'1 cupmatgatioe, me|ted
. . .
1 8-ouocepackage Fhi |ade| phia
1/z cups ugat
1 teaspooocaoi||a
2 eggs,sepatated
1 6-ouocepackagesemi-sueet
c|oco|ateµi eces, me|ted
1 cup|eauycteam, u|ipped
¼ cupchoppedpecaos
Heat oven to 325° . Combine
crumbs and margarine. Press
into 13 x 9-inch baking pan or
9-i nch s pringform pan. Bake at
325• , 1 0 minutes . Combine
softened cream cheese, V cup
sugar and vani lla, mixing until
well blended. Sti r in beaten egg
yolks and chocol ate. Beat egg
whites until soft peaks form.
Gradually beat in remaining V.
cup sugar; fold into chocolate
mixture. Fold in whi pped cream
and nuts. Pour over crumbs;
freeze. Garni sh with shaved
chocolate or whi pped cream
before serving, i f desi red. 10 to
12 servings.
Pineapple "Philly� ' Pie
'/cups ugat
1 tao|cspooocotostatch
1 cup(8'/-ouocccao)
ctushedp| oeapp|c,
uodta| ocd
1 9-|ochuo oakcdpastty
* * *
1 8-ouoccpackagc
l cups ugat
' /tcaspooosa| t
2 cggs
'/cupm| | k
' /tcaspooouao|||a
Combine sugar and cornstarch;
add pineappl e. Cook, sti rring
cons t ant l y, unt i l cl ear and
thickened. Cool; s pread on bot­
tom of pastry shel l . Heat oven
to 400° . Combi ne s of t ened
cream cheese, sugar and salt,
mixing until well blended. Add
eggs, one at a time, mixing well
af t er each addi t i on . Bl e nd in
mi l k a nd vani l l a. Pour over
pi neappl e mi xt ur e ; s p·r i nkl e
with nuts . Bake at 400° , 15 min-
1 73
Cheese Cakes and Other Sweets
ut es ; r educe t emper at ur e to
325° and conti nue baki ng 40
minutes. Cool before serving.
Garnish with pineapple sl ices
and pecan hal ves , if desired.
Paradise Pumpki Pie
1 8-ouoccpackagc
'/¡ cupsugat
' /tcaspooouao|||a
1 cgg
1 9-|ochuooakcdpastty
s hc||
* * *
1 /¡cupscaooedot cookcd
pumpk| o
' /cupsugat
1 teaspoooc| ooamoo
'/¡ tcaspooog| ogct
'/¡ tcaspooooutmcg
1 cupcuapotatcdm| | k
2eggs, s||ght|y ocatco
Heat oven to 350° . Combine
softened cream cheese, sugar
and vanilla, mixing until well
blended. Add egg; mix well .
Spread onto bottom of pastry
shell. Combine remaining in­
gr�dients ; mix wel l . Caref�lly
pour over cream cheese mix­
ture. Bake at 350° , 1 hour and
5 minutes or until done. Cool.
Brush with maple syrup and
garnish with nuts, if desired.
The Compl ete Cheese Coo kbook
Cheddar-Crust Apple Pie
1 1/z cups]|out
Oas|o]sa| t
1 h cups|otteo iog
Hz cups(6ouoces)s|·edded
Ctacketßa··e| ß·aodS|a·p
4to6 tao| espooosuate·
1/ cups uga·
2 tao| espooosJ|ou·
1/4 teaspoooci ooamoo
6cupss |icedpee|edapp| es
2 tao|espooosma·ga·ioe
Heat oven to 425° . Combine
flour and sal t ; cut in shorten­
ing unti l mixture resembles
coarse c rumbs . Stir in cheese.
Sprinkle with water while mix­
ing lightly with a fork; form in­
to ball . Divide dough in hal f.
Rol l one part to 11-inch ci rcl e
on l i ghtl y floured surface. Place
in 9-inch pie plate. Combine
sugar, flour and cinnamon. Mix
with appl es . Place mixture in
pie shell ; dot with margarine.
Roll out remai nder of dough to
11-inch ci rcl e; place over ap­
ples . Seal edges of crust and
flut e. Cut slits in top of pastry.
Bake at 425° , 35 minutes .
1 /4
Praline Cheese Cake
1 cupgta|amctacketctumos
J tao| espoooss uga·
J tao| espooosmatga·ioe,
J 8-ouncepackages
F|i |ade|p|iaß·andCteam
1 1/4 cups da·ko· ouos ugat,
2 tao| espooosj|ou ·
J eggs
1 1/ teaspooosuaoi ||a
' /cupjioe|y c|oppedpecaos
Heat oven to 350° . Combine
crumbs, sugar and margari ne;
press onto bottom of 9- inch
springform pan. Bake at 350° ,
10 minutes . Combi ne softened
cream cheese, sugar and flour,
mi xi ng at medi um speed on elec­
tri c mi xer unt il well blended.
Add eggs, one at a ti me, mixing
well after each addition. Blend
in vani lla and nuts. Pour mi x­
ture over crumbs . Bake at 350° ,
50 to 55 mi nutes . Loosen cake
from ri m of pan; cool before
removi ng ri m of pan. Chi l l .
Brush wi th maple syrup and
garni sh with pecan halves, i f
desired. 10. to 12 servi ngs .
Opposite: Pral i ne Cheese Cake
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Cream Cheese Pie
2 8-ouocepackages
Fhi |ade| phiaßtaodCteam
Chees e
³ cups ugat
1 h teaspooouaoi ||a
J eggs
1 9-iochgtahaoctacket
Heat oven to 325° . Combine
softened cream cheese, sugar,
l emon j uice and vani l l a, mixing
unti l well blended. Add eggs ,
one at a time, mixing well after
each addi tion. Pour i nto crus t ;
bake at 325• , 30 mi nutes. Chi l l .
Easy Deep Dish Apple Pie
2 1 -pouodcaosapp|epie
]i |||og
'/ cuptaisi os
1 cup( 4ouoces)s htedded
ShatpNatuta| Chedda·
1 8-ouocecao te]·|getated
ctesceotd| ooetto| |s
2 tao|espoooss ugat
'/¡ teaspcooci ooamoo
Heat oven to 375•. Spoon pi e
filling i nto 12 x 8- inch baking
di sh. Sprinkle with raisins and
cheese. Unroll both halves of
refrigerated dough i nto flat rec­
t angul a r s heet s . F i t to cover
baking dish. Combine sugar
and cinnamon; s prinkle evenly
over dough. Bake at 375• , 25
minutes . Top with cheese slices,
i f desi red. 8 servings .
1 /6
Chocolate Cloud Pie
1 '/¡ cups choco|ateua]et
'/¡ cupma·gatioe, me| ted
2 tao|esµooossuga·
* *
2 8-c uocepackages
Fhi|ade| phiaßtandCteam
³/¡ cuµotouos uga·, packed
1 teasµcoouaoi||a
1 6-ouocepackagesemi-s ueet
2 eggs
Heat oven to 325° . Combi ne
crumbs, margari ne and sugar.
Press onto bot t om and sides of
9- inch pi e pl ate. Bake at 325° ,
10 minut es . Combi ne softened
cream cheese, sugar and vani l ­
l a, mi xi ng unti l wel l blended.
Sti r in chocol at e. Add eggs, one
at a ti me, mi xi ng wel l after each
addi ti on. Pour over crumbs .
Bake at 325• , 35 mi nutes . Cool
before serving.
Fresh St rawberry Glace Pie
1 8-ouocepackage
Fh| |ade|phiaßtaodCteam
2 tao|es pocosmi | k
2 tao| esµoooss ugat
Y. teaspoooa|moodexttact
1 9-ioch oakedpasttyshe| |
'/¡ cups uga·
1 tao| espooocotostatch
' /cupuatet
cc |otiog
Combi ne s of t ene d c r eam
cheese, mi lk, 2 tablespoons sug­
ar and extract, mi xi ng unti l
wel l bl ended. Spread cream
cheese mi xt ure on bottom of
pastry s hel l ; cover wi th 231 cups
st rawberri es . Combi ne 1 cup
sugar and cornst arch i n sauce­
pan. Add water and remai ni ng
st rawberri es , mashed. Sti r mi x­
ture over medi um heat unti l
cl ear and t hi ckened; cool . Pour
over st rawberri es ; chi l l .
Sun-Sational Cheese Cake
1 cupgtahaoctacketctumos
Jtao|esµoooss ugat
J tao| espocosmatgatioe,
me| ted
* * *
J 8-ouocepackages
Fhi|ade|phiaßtaod Cteao
1 cuµs ugat
2tao| espooos|eocoJuice
1 tao/espooogtated|eoco
ti od
' /teaspcoouaoi||a
4eggs(1 sepatated)
* * *
³ cupsugat
1 //
Cheese Cakes and Ot her Sweets
2 tao| espccoscctostatch
'/¡ cuµ | emooJuice
Heat oven to 325° . Combine
crumbs , sugar and margari ne.
Press onto bottom of 9- i nch
s pringfor m pan. Bake at 325° ,
10 minut es. I ncrease oven tem­
perature to 450° . Combi ne soft ­
ened cream cheese, sugar, flour ,
lemon j uice, l emon ri nd and va­
ni l l a, mi xi ng a t medi um s peed
on el ec t r i c mi xe r u nt i l wel l
bl ended. Add 3 eggs , one at a
t i me, mi xi ng well aft er each ad­
di t i on. Beat i n remai ni ng egg
whi te; reserve egg yol k for
gl a z e . Po u r mi xt ur e ove r
crumbs ; ba ke at 450° , 10 mi n­
ut es . Reduce temperat ur e t o
250° ; conti nue baki ng for 30
mi nutes . Loosen cake from ri m
of pan; cool before removi ng
ri m of pan. Combi ne sugar and
cornstarch; add water and l em­
on j uice. Cook unti l cl ear and
thi ckened, st i rri ng occasion­
a l l y . Add s ma l l a mount t o
sl i ghtly beat en egg yol k; ret urn
mi xt ure to pan and cook a few
mi nutes longer. Cool sl i ghtly.
Spoon over cheese cake; chi l l
unt i l fi rm. Garni sh wi th l emon
sl i ces, i f desi red. 10 to 12 serv­
i ngs .
The Complete Cheese Coo kbook
Crescent City Cheese Cake
1 cupg·ahaoctacke·c·uoos
J tao|espoooss uga·
J tao| espooosoatga·ioe,
* . .
2 8-ouocepackages
1 1 cups uga·
1 tao| espooo| eoooJu| ce
1 teaspooogtated| eooo
·i od
J eggs
1 cupdai·ysou· c·eao
. . .
1 1 0-c uocepackage]·ozæ
st ·auoe··i es,t|aued
11• cup uate·
1 tao|espoooco ·osta·ch
Heat oven to 350• . Combi ne
cr umbs , sugar and marga ri ne;
press onto bot tom of 9- i nch
s pri ngform pan. Combi ne soft ­
ened cream cheese, sugar , l em­
on j ui ce and ri nd, mi xi ng at me­
di um s peed on el ect ri c mi xer
unti l wel l bl ended. Add eggs ,
one at a t i me, mi xi ng wel l aft er
each addi t i on. Bl end in sour
c r e a m. Pour mi x t u r e ove r
cr umbs ; bake at 350• , 55 mi n­
ut es . Loosen cake f r om ri m of
pan; cool before removi ng ri m
of pan. Drai n s trawberri es , re­
s ervi ng V cup j ui ce. Combi ne
j ui ce from st rawber ri es , water
and cornst arch . Cook unt i l
cl ear and t hi ckened, st i rri ng oc­
casional l y; cool . Add st rawber­
r i es . Spoon over cake; chi l l .
1 0 to 1 2 servi ngs.
1 78
Creamy Cocoa Cheese Cake
1 cupgtahaoc·acketctumos
J tao|espoooss uga·
J tao| espooosoa·gatioe,
. .
2 8-ouocepackages
Fhi|ade|p|iaß·aod C·eao
³ cups ugat
1 1 cupcocoa
1 teaspooocaoi||a
2 eggs
. . .
1 cupdai ·ysou· c·eao
2 tao|espoooss uga·
1 teaspcoocaoi||a
Heat oven to 375 • . Combi ne
crumbs , sugar and marga ri ne.
Press onto bot t om and s i des of
9- i nch s pri ngform pan. Com­
bi ne s o f t en ed c r e a m c h e es e .
sugar, cocoa and vani l l a, mi xi ng
at medi um s peed on el ect ri c
mi xer unt i l wel l bl ended. Add
eggs , one at a t i me, mi xi ng wel l
aft er each addi t i on . Pour mi x­
t ur e over crumbs . Bake a t 375 • ,
3 0 mi nut es . Remove from oven ;
cool for 1 5 mi nut es . I ncrease
o v e n t e mpe r a t u r e t o 4 2 5 • .
Combi ne sour cream, sugar and
vani l l a . Car ef ul l y s pread over
ba ked f i l l i ng. Ret urn to oven ;
ba ke a t 4 25 • , 1 0 mi n u t es .
Loosen cake f rom r i m o f pan ;
cool before r emovi ng r i m of
pan. Chi l l . 1 0 t o 1 2 servi ngs.
Cool and Creamy Cheese
'/¡cups ugat
'/• cupma·gatioe,oe|ted
. . .
1 eoue|opeuo]|auo·edge|atio
'/¡ cupuatet
1 8-ouocepackage Foi|ade| poia
' /cupsugat
Oasoo]sa| t
'/. cup| eoooJui ce
3 cupoi | k
1 cup|eauycteao,uoipped
lteso ot]·ozeo peacoes,
sttauoettiesoto| ueoe·ti es
Combine crumbs, · sugar and
margarine; press onto · bottom
of 9-inch springform pan. Soft­
en gelatin in water ; sti r over
low heat until dissolved. Com­
bine softened cream cheese,
¯ sugar and sal t, mixing at medi­
um speed on electric mixer until
well blended. Gradually add
lemon j uice, milk and gel ati n;
chi l l until sl i ghtly thi ckened.
Fold in whipped cream; pour
over crust. Chill unti l fi rm. Top
wi th frui t j ust before servi ng.
8 to 10 servings .
1 /9
Cheese Cakes and Other Sweets
Minted Chocolate Freeze
1 '/¡ cupsgtaoaoctacket
'/•cups ugat
1 1 cupoa·gatioe, oe|ted
1 1 -ouoces quateuosueeteoed
cooco|ate, oe| ted
. . .
1 8-ouoceµackage F|i |ade| poia
3 cuµotcuos uga·,packed
'/• teaspooopeppe·oi otext·act
1 6-ouocepackageseoi-sueet
cooco|ateµieces, oe|ted
2 eggs,s epa·ated
I cupo eauycteao, uoi pped
' h cupcooppedpecaos
Combine crumbs and s ugar;
sti r in margari ne and chocolate.
Press onto bottom of 9- inch
square pan; chi ll. Combine
softened cream cheese, V cup
sugar and peppermint extract,
mixing until well blended. Stir
in chocol ate and egg yolks . Beat
egg whi tes until soft peaks
form. Gradually beat in remain­
ing V cup. sugar; fold into choc­
olate mixture. Fold in whi pped
cream and nut s. Freeze. 8 to 10
servings .
Cheese Cookery for a Crowd
Family reunion, church supper, a large gathering of friends
for a special occasion-whatever the reason,. you'll
someday find yourself preparing food for a crowd. Here
are recipes for delectable, easy, cooked-in-quantity dishes.
Meatloaf Italiano
4cupsjteso oteadctuoos
1 cupcooppedooioo
' h cup(2ouoces)KtajtCtated
4 eggs, oeateo
1 tao|espooosa| t
' h teaspooopeppet
* * *
2 8-ouocecaostooatosauce
1 |easpooootegaoo
2cups(8ouoces)s otedded
KtajtNatuta| LouMoist ute
Fatt-Ski oMozzate| |aCoeese
Heat oven to 375° . Combine
meat, bread crumbs , water,
onion, Parmesan cheese, eggs
and seasonings ; mix lightly.
Press 53/ cups of mixture i nto
each of two 13 x 9-inch baking
pans. Bake at 375° , 30 mi nutes ;
pour off dri ppings . Combine
tomato sauce and oregano;
pour 1 cup of mi xture over
each meatloaf . Sprinkle each
meatloaf with 1 cup of Mozza­
rella cheese; return to oven for
30 mi nutes . 20 to 24 servings .


Grills for the Group
J 12-ouocecaos| uocoeoooeat,
cut iocouoks
1/4 cupcooppedgteeopeppet
1/4 cupcboppedooioo
1 81
Cheese Cookery fo r a Crowd
4cups (1pouod)s otedded
Natu ta|CoeddatCoeese
¼ cupsa|addtessiog
1/a cupsueetpi ck| ete/is o
'h teaspooopeppet
60s | i cessaodui cootead
Sojtoatgati oe
Grind together luncheon meat,
green pepper and oni on. Add
cheese, salad dressi ng, pi ckle
relish and pepper ; mix wel l .
Chi l l . For each sandwich, cov­
er 1 slice of bread with 1 cup
meat mi xture; top with second
slice of bread. Spread bread
wi th margari ne; grill on both
si des unti l golden brown. 30
sandwiches .
Nice to koou· For cold sand­
wiches , s pread bread with sal­
ad dress i ng; top with lettuce
and meat mixture.
Mission Macaroni Salad
1 pouode|oouoacatooi,
1 pouodC|dLog| i soSoatp
Fas teutizedFtocessCoeese,
¼cups |icedtipeo| iues
1/4 cups |icedgteeoooioo
1 4-o uocecaopi oieotc,
dtaioed, coopped
1 '/cupssa|addtess iog
'h teas pooosa|t
1/4 teaspooopeppet
Combi ne macaroni , c hees e,
ol i ves , oni on and pi mi eot o ;
mix lightly. Add combined sal ­
ad dressing and sea�onings ;
mix wel l . Chill . 24 'z-cup serv­
ings .
The Compl ete . Cheese. Cookbook ´
Lasagne .Largo
1 '/cupscooppedooioo
J 1-pouodcaostomatoes
4 6-ouocecaostomato paste
2 cupsuatet
2 tao|espooosotegaoo
1 teaspooopeppet
'/ teaspooo gar|icsa|t
1 pouod|asagoeoood|es,
cooked,dtai oed
4 6-o uocepackagesKta]t
Natuta| LouMoistute
Fatt-Ski mMozzate| |aCoeese
S| ices
1 '/ pouods Ve|ueeta Fasteutized
FtocessCoees eSptead,s| iced
1 '/cups(6ouoces)Ktajt
Ctated|atmesao Coeese
Heat oven to 350° . Brown meat;
drain. Add oni on; cook until
tender. Stir in tomatoes , toma­
to paste, water and seasonings ;
cover and simmer 30 minutes.
I n each of two 13 x 9-inch bak­
ing pans , layer half of noodles,
meat sauce and cheeses ; repeat
layers. · Bake . at 350° , 35 to 40
minutes: Let s tand 15 mi nutes
before serving. 24 servings .
Nice to koou· This dish may
be covered and refrigerated
overnight ; remove cover and
bake at 350° , 1 hour . .
Mashed Potatoes Parmesan
1 cup(4 ouoces)KtajtCtated
¼ cupcooppedgteen onioo
12cupsoot s easooedmas oed
Add cheese and green onion to
mashed potatoes ; mix wel l . 24
V2-cup servings.
Snow-capped Tomatoes
12 tomatoes,cutio oa|]
6 cups oot mashed potatoe
1 '/cupsj6ouoces)s otedded
Ctacketßatte| ßtaodSoatp
Nat uta|CoeddatCoeese
'/• cupcooppeJpats|ey
Heat oven to 450° . Top each to­
mato half with ! cup potatoes
and 1 tablespoon cheese. Spri n­
kle wi th parsley. Bake at 450° ,
15 minutes . 24 servings.
Baked Chicken Salad
12 cups dicedcookedcoickeo
6cupss | icedce| ety
4cups (1 pound)s otedded
Nat uta| CheddatCoeese
'/• cupcooppcdooioo
'/• cup| emooJuice
4teaspooossa| t
' /teaspooopeppet
2 cups mayoooaise
4 medi umtomatoes,s |iced
4cups potatocoips,ctusoed
Heat oven to 350° . Combine
chicken, celery, 2 cups cheese,
onion, lemon j uice, seasonings
and mayonnaise; toss lightly.
Spoon i nto two 13 x 9-inch bak­
i ng pans . To p wi t h t omat o
slices . Bake at 350° , 35 t o 40
minutes . Combi ne remaining
cheese and potato chi ps ; sprin­
kle over chicken mixture. Re­
turn to oven unti l cheese melts .
24 31-cup servi ngs .
Cheddary Potato Salad
I2cups dicedcookedpo tatoes
2 cupss| icedce| ety
8 |atd-cookedeggs,c|oµped
4cuµs(I µo uod)s |tedded
Natu ta|C|eddatC|eese
3 cups |icedgteeoooioo
2 cuµssa|addtessi og
I tao|es µoooµtepatedmustatd
I tao|es pooosa|t
1/4 teasµooopeppet
Combi ne potatoes , cel ery, eggs ,
cheese and oni on; mix lightly.
Add combined s al ad dressing,
mustard and seasonings ; mix
lightly. Chill . 18 to 24 servings .
1 8J
Cheese Cookery fo r a Crowd
"Ph illy" Waldorf Salad
2 8-ouocepackages
F|i |ade|p|ia ßtaodCteam
1h cupctaogeJui ce
2 tao| esµoooss ugat
2 tao| espooosgtatedotaoge
ti od
I 2cupsdi ceduopee|edaµp|es
4cupsc|oppedce| ety
I cupcoatse|µ c|oµpedµecaos
Combine softened cream cheese,
orange j ui ce, s ugar and orange
rind, mixing until well blended.
Combine appl es , celery and
nuts . Add dressi ng; toss l ight­
ly. Chill. 24 31-cup servings .
Fest i ve Orange Salad
2 I-po uodcaospeac|s | |ces
4 3-ouocepackagesotaoge
4cups ooi|ioguatet
4 8-ouocepackages
Foi |ade| p|iaßtaodCteam
Coees e
· 2 cups co|duatet
2 teas pooosa| moodexttact
I cupmatasc|i ooc|etties,
cut| o|a|j
Drain peach sl ices, reserving 2
cups syrup. Dissolve gel ati n in
boiling water. Gradually add to
softened cream cheese, blend­
ing until smooth. Stir in cold
water, peach syrup and al mond
extract . Chi ll until slightly t hi ck­
ened. Fol d in frui t . Pour i nto
two 8-inch square pans . Chi ll
until fi rm. 24 servings .
The Complete Cheese Cookbook
Cherry Cheese Delight
2'/¡ cupsgtahamctacket
²cupmatgatioe, me| ted
* * *
2 8-ouocepackages
Fhi |ade| phiaßtaodCteam
1 '/cupssi]tedcoo]ectiooets ´
s ugat
2 tao|espooosmi | k
2 teaspooosa|moodexttact
1 cupchoppedpecaos
2 cups heauycteam
2 1 -pouod6-ouocecaosc|etty
Combine crumbs and marga­
rine. Press into 15Vz x lOVz-inch
j elly roll pan. Combine softened
cream cheese, 1 cup sugar, milk
and 1 teaspoon almond extract ;
mi x unt i l well blended. Spread
mi xt ur e on gr aham c r acker
crust; sprinkle with nuts . Com­
bine cream and remaining s ug­
ar; whi p unt i l s t i f f . Spr ead
whipped cream over nuts . Com­
bine pie filling and remaining
almond extract ; s pread over
whipped cream. Chill. 24 serv­
ings .
Chocolate Velvet Cream
² cupmatgatioe,me|ted
2 8-ouocepackages
1 cups ugat
2 |easpooosuaoi ||a
4 eggs,sepatated
1 12-ouoce packagesemi-s ueet
c|oco|ateµi eces, me|ted
2cups |eauycteam,uhi pped
1 '/cups c|oppedpecaos
Heat oven to 325° . Combine
crumbs and margarine. Press
1V cups of crumb mixture i n­
to each of two 13 x 9-inch bak­
ing pans . Bake at 325° , 10 mi n­
utes . Combine softened cream
cheese, Vz cup sugar and vanilla,
mixing until well blended. Sti r
in beaten egg yolks and choco­
l ate. Beat egg whites until soft
peaks form. Gradually beat in
remaining Vz cup s ugar; fold
into chocolate mixture. Fold in
whipped cream and nuts. Pour
6 cups of chocolate mixture i n­
to each pan. Freeze. 24 to 30
servings .
Perfect Partners :
Cheese and Wine
Beyond memory, from one end o f the earth to the oth­
er, peopl e have been eati ng cheese and dri nki ng wine,
combining them into a simple, wholesome snack or
cal l ing the two in combination a full meal. Cheese with
wine i s hearty fare-depending on the country, a peas­
ant will add a chunk of crusty bread and, perhaps, a
handful of ol i ves or of nuts in the shel l ; sometimes a
green salad will accompany the cheese-wine-bread
meal, refuting those who say that the sharpness of
oi l -and-vinegar dressing " fight s" the flavor and aro­
ma of wine; sometimes a piece of frui t-with more
cheese-wi ll round off the repast , a j uicy pear, per­
haps, or a crisp apple.
Those of us who have tri ed this kind of cheese­
and-wine meal know what great eating really can be;
those who consider such a meal not worth considering
have missed one of the world' s great gastronomical
treats .
What Wine with What Cheese?
A red wine, some experts say, goes best with most
kinds of cheese. But sui t your own taste. There once
was a great mysti que surrounding the buying, serving
and drinking of wine. I n those days , each wine had to
have its own " proper" glass ; wines of different kinds
had to follow a prescribed order of service through­
out a meal that often offered seven different wines to
accompany as many different courses .
Now happily-and much more s imply-we let
our taste be our gui de when we choose a cheese and
then choose a wine to go with it. Most of the vari ous­
ly shaped wine glasses have di sappeared, too, and we
serve many kinds of wi ne in a si mpl e, al l -purpose,
tul i p-shaped stemmed gl ass that s erves for any wine,
any occasion.
Good Taste, Good Sense
A s imple rule for choosing cheese and wine to go to­
gether: Trust yoursel f, your taste, your common
1 85
The Co mplete Cheese Coo kbook
sense. I t ' s very unl i kely t hat you' ll even t hi nk of part­
nering Limburger or Lager Kase with champagne or,
at the ot her extreme, Philadel phi a Brand Cream Cheese
and fresh st rawberri es for dessert with a young and
harsh Chi anti . I n between such l i mi ts of absurdi ty,
l et your taste and your good sense tell you what goes
with what to suit µc u
Here, to get you s tarted on your cheese-and-wi ne
thi nking are some combinations that seem to have a
parti cul ar affi ni ty.
Camemoett. Try a hearty red wi ne-perhaps a Pinot
Noi r or any of the other Burgundi es or a Cabernet
Sauvignon. This lovely, cteamy cheese may also be
served for dess ert, with crackers and/or with fruit; in
that case, serve a dessert wine.
S�iss aod Ctuyète· For these s weet , nutl i ke flavors ,
choose a whi t e tabl e wine-a Chabl i s or a sauterne,
perhaps , or one of the Rhine wi nes or any of the fine
American whi te wines . Champagne goes well with
these cheeses , too-but doesn' t champagne go well
wi th just about everythi ng?
Roquejc tt aod ß| ue· Sharp and tangy in flavor, these
cheeses , with thei r handsome bl ue-green vei ns, make
perfect partners for sturdy red wines-a good, robust
Burgundy or one of t he Bordeaux wines or their Amer­
i can cousi ns . For a change, try a nut ty dry sherry with
these cheeses .
A| | t|e C|eddats · These range in fl avor from mild to
extra sharp. Cal i fornia' s great Zi nfandel or any rose
wine goes well wi th al l the Cheddars except for the
sharpes t . Wi th those, choose a Burgundy-perhaps
a Beauj ol ai s-or a sturdy I t alian Chi ant i .
Ftouc|coe aod Mozzate||a· Both are soft , mi l d and
smooth-provolone someti mes has a s moky fl avor.
Good I t alian Chianti is an excel l ent choi ce. But rose
wines and whi t e wi nes go wel l with these, too.
Ldam aod Co uda. The good "cannonbal l " cheeses
make a fine marriage with Cabernet Sauvignon or do
equally well with a s weeter, dessert-type wine, such
as a rich port .
Cteam C|eese aod Neujc|ate|· Creamy, mi l d i n fla­
vor, th
es e two are favori tes of everyone, even those
incredible few who say, " I don' t l ike chees e. " Serve
Perfect Partner.: Cheese and Wi ne
wi th dessert wines-port or a cream sherry-or a
s parkling wine.
ßti ck, Mucnstct and Mon tctcy )ack· These are rea­
sonably mild, yet each has a distinctive flavor. · Roses
complement them beautifully. So does · Cali forni a' s
Gamay Beaujolais . Or experiment wi th a whi te wine
of the Rhine type for a totally different flavor com­
bi nati on.
Cheese and Wine Tasting
Cheese and wine fi t the modern mode of entertaining,
whether formal or informal. I n selecting cheese for a
tasting, make a selection that offers a vari ety of flavors
-from mild to sharp-and a blend of textures from
creamy s mooth to fi rm. Take advantage of the color
and shape contrasts available - in the world ofcheeses .
Ti ps on serving cheese: `
Temperature-cheese should be served at room
temperature ( remove from refrigerator an hour before
serving) for greatest enjoyment .
Tasting-the more delicately flavored, mild
cheeses should be sampled before the sharper cheeses .
Quantity-allow V to V pound per person.
The more types of cheese offered, the more of each
cheese is requi red to -provide an adequate sampling·.
Ti ps on .erving wine:
Temperature-' wines vary i n proper serving
temperatures . Generally appetizer wines, white table
wines, roses and sparkling wines are chi lled ( an hour
in the refrigerator is enough) . Red wines are served at
room temperature, and shoul d be opened an hour be­
fore servi ng. ( Open the wine when you remove the
cheese from the refrigerator . )
Tasting-pour wines into clear glasses. Pro"
vide a clean glass for each wine, if possi ble. Or have a
pitcher of water handy and a receptacle for rinsing
glasses . Taste the dry wines before s weet wines,
whites before reds .
Quantity-a fi fth of wine gives about 15 tast­
ings . Allo_w about one-hal f bottl e per person. A tasting
of wine i s bet ween 1 and 2 ounces , a normal s erving 4
to 6 ounces,
1 8/
Appetizers, Cold
Aloha Cheee Spread, 12
Appetizer Pinwheels . 17
Aristocrat' s Antipasto, 148
Bl ue Cheese Di p, 14
Caviar Di p, 14
Cheery Cheddar Spread, 13
Cocktail Spread, 12
Full Mon Cheese Ball , 11
Holiday Cheee Di p, 1 4
jubilee Eggs . 115
Mock Pate, 13
Parmesan Appetizer Log, 1 1
Party Cheese Ball, 11
"Philly" Crabmeat Spread, 11
"Ph illy" Guacamole Di p, 14
Potted Cheddar with Port, 13
Tri ple Treat Spread, 12
Zesty Cheese Spread, 13
Appetizers, Hot
AI pine Appetizers, 70
Beignet, 17
Blue Cheese Meatballs , 16
Calyps Kabobs , 1 15
Cheese Straw, 16
Crowd-Pleasing Fondue, 159
Hearty " Philly" Fondue, 159
Hearty Picnic Sticks , 115
Hot Beef Di p, 13
Hot Crabmeat Puffs. 16
Mexicali Di p, 14
Mexican Bean Di p, 16
Miniature Cream Puffs. 17
Miniburgers, 1 15
Seame Seed Rounds, 16
Sherried Cheee Rounds , 17
Swiss Cheee Fondue, 158
Bacon, Ham
Alpine Appetizers . 70
Bacon ' n Eggs-Pizza Style, 142
Beachcomber Sandwiches, 122
Big Hero Sandwich, 124
Bl ue Ribbon Ham Casserole, 56
Cheddar Cheee Pie, 68
Cheddar Chowder, 22
Country Fare Casserole, 56
Crepes Marquis, 133
Denver Omelet , 140
Devonshire Muffins, 1 18
Devonshire Spaghetti, 56
Eggs Royale. 137
Frosted Sandwich Loaf. 123
1 88
Ham Apllo, 57
Ham Rolls Cont inental , 25
Ham Saad, 123
Hawaiian Supper Salad, 1 48
Hearty Danish, 118
Heritage Supper, 57
jubi lee Salad Bowl, 144
Monte Cristo Sandwiche, 116
"Philly" Qui che au ) ambon, 69
Quiche Lorrai ne, 70
Royal Canadian Sandwiches , 122
Ski Trail Chese Pie, 68
Socialite' s Brunch, 137
Sunbonnet Macaroni Salad, 150
Swiss Omelet Puff, 140
Tot e ' n Gri l l Sandwich, 116
Bl ue Cheese Meatball s, 16
Bountiful Beef Sandwich, 1 17
Casserole Speial . 61
Cheddar-fi lle Beef Roll s, 30
Cheddar Pas ties, 69
Cheeseburgers , 120
Chili con Queo, 20
Circle Burgers, 122
Danish Cube Steak, 27
Dilly Meatloaf, 29
Doggie- Burgers , 117
El Rancho Casserole, 60
Enchiladas El Paso, 59
Glden Meatball Casserole, 60
Grilled Reuben Sandwiches, 120
Hearty "Ph illy" Fondue, 159
Hot Beef Di p, 13
Lasagne, 59
Lasagne Largo, 182
Mal i bu Burgers, 121
Matterhorn Meatloaf, 28
Meatballs Roma, 29
Meatloaf-i n-the- Round, 27
Meatloaf I taliano, 181
Meat Pie Roma, 73
Mexican Salad, 151
Miniburgers, 115
Mostacciol i , 62
Peppy Provolone Burgers , 121
Plantation Supper, 60
Pleasi n' Green Peppers, 30
Potato Patch Casserole, 62
Potato Topped Pie, 72
Savory Meatball Supper, 28
Savory Slopp Joe, 118 .
Sicilian Steak Sandwiche, 116
Sicilian Suppr, 61
Skillet Supper, 28
Suth-f-the-Border Casserole, 61
Stateide Danish, 120
Stroganoff Superb, 32
Suburbia Stew, 30
Toasty Cheee 'n Beef Stack-ups, 123
Wellington Stew, 32
Weter Hash, 29
Yankee Cheddar Steak, 32
Brads, Baked Treats
Apple Cheddar Nut Bread, 128
Apricot Crumble Cake, 126
Bacon 'n Eggs-Pizza Style, 142
Berry Patch Coffee Cake, 128
Bohemian Cheee Bread, 132
Cheddar Corbread Ring, 129
Cheddar Quick Bread, 132
Cheee Bread, 131
Cheee Dumplings, 32
Cheee Spoon Bread, 131
Cheey Apple Tarts, 142
Cheey Long Loaf, 124
Coffee-Time Cake, 126
Cornbread Round, 35
Crepe Marquis, 133
Crisp-fried Crullers, 134
Double Cheddar Cornbread, 129
Dutch Boy Pacake, 134
Frosted Sandwich Loaf, 123
Hearty Cheddar Biscuits, 129
Orange Crepe, 133
Parmean Popvers, 131
"Philly" Apple Kuchen, 128
"Philly" Poppy Seed Bread, 132
Red Rapberr Blintzes, 134
Tangy Long Loaf, 124
Cake, Cookie, Frostigs
Apple Cheddar Shortcake, 165
Bavarian Apple Torte, 164
Choco-Cherr Cookie, 163
Chocolate "Philly" Frosting, 172
Fruit ' n Cheese lars, 161
Gala Gingerbread, 165
Holiday Gift Cake, 163
Jeweled Spice Bars, 164
"Philly" Chippers, 161
"Philly" Marble Cake, 166
Princes Baba, 168
Princes Browies, 161
Alpine Chicken Casserole, 36
Baked Chicke Salad, 183
Blue Ribbon Ham Casserole, 56
Calico Macaroni, 65
Casserole Speial, 61
Countr Casserole, 64
Country Chicken Casserole, 56
Countr Fare Casserole, 56
Devonshire Spaghetti, 56
E Rancho Casserole, 60
Enchiladas El Paso, 59
Frank Whiz Macaroni, 59
Glden Meatball Casserole, 60
Ham Apllo, 57
Heritage Supper, 57
Lasagne, 59
Lasagne Largo, 182
Macaroni Tomato Bake, 65
Mostaccioli, 62
Newprt Seafood Bake, 41
Old-Fashione Macaroni and
Cheee, 65
Plantation Supper, 60
Fotato Patch Casserole, 62
Saucy Shrimp Casserole, 40
Seville Shrimp, 41
Sicilian Suppr, 61
Suth-f-the-Border Casserole, 61
Tempting Tuna Bake, 64
Tuna 'Tater Puff, 64
Turkey Tetrazzini, 38
Cheee Cake
Col and Creamy Cheese Cake, 179
Creamy Cocoa Cheese Cake, 178
Crescent City Cheee Cake, 178
Praline Cheee Cake, 17 4
.Sun-Sational Cheee Cake, 177
Deserts, Froze
Chocolate Velvet Cream, 172, 184
Minted Chocolate Freeze, 179
"Philly" Frozen Party Salad, 145
Deserts, Miscellaneus
Apple Turnovers, 168
Blueberry Grunt, 169
Cheddar Apple Dandy, 169
Cheddar Pear Cobbler, 16t
Cherry Cheee Delight, 184
Chocolate Mint Royale, 167
Chocolate "Philly" Fudge, 172
Chocolate "Philty" Mousse, 171
Chocolate "Philly" Souffle, 156
Dessert Sandwiche, 169
Fontainebleau Fondue, 159
Fruit Fantasy, 168
Grasshopper Souffle, 156
Heavenly Chee Mold, 145
Heavenly Cream Souffle, 156
High Rise Strawberry Souffles, 158
Maple Mincemeat Apple, 165
New Orleans Chocolate Souffle, 157
Out-of-This-World Desert, 171
Peach Melba Metropl itan, 167
Pears Picasso, 167
"Ph illy" Frui t Salad, 144
Snow-capped Cri sp, 169
Bacon 'n Eggs-Pizza Styl e, 142
Bl ue Ribbon Ham Casserole, 56
Chicke-i n-the- Round, 35
Countr Breakfast, 1 39
Countr Fare Casserole, 56
Countr Squire Sandwiches, 121
Denver Omelet, 140
Egg Salad, 123
Eggs Acapulco, 137
Eggs El Dorado, 1 41
Eggs Royale, 137
Gld Coast Rabbi t, 78
Glden Omelet, 1 42
Gurmet French Omelet, 139
Jubilee Eggs, 115
Piccadilly Salad, 149
Saucy Shrimp Casserole, 40
Savory Scrambled Eggs, 141
Spanish Potato Omelet, 141
Sunny Scrambled Eggs, 1 40
Swiss Omelet Puff, 1 40
Wester Eggs au Gratin, 139
Fi, Shellfih
Biscayne Brunch, 140
Cape Anne Chowder, 22
Capetown Dinner, 40
Countr Casserole, 64
Crabmeat Souffle, 155
Eggs Acapulco, 137
Fi sherman's Stew, 43
Fish Provenjal e, 41
Glouceter Hal i but, 44
Gld Coast Rabbit, 77
Halibut with Lobster Sauce, 43
Hot Crabmeat Puffs, 16
Lobster Bisque, 22
Maritime Burgers, 44
Newprt Seafood Bake, 41
"Philly" Crabmeat Spread, 11
Puget Sund Supper, 45
Quiche Bret agne, 70
Rainbow Tuna, 44
Saucy Shrimp Casserole, 40
Sallop Palermo, 44
Seacoast Speci al, 124
Seville Shrimp, 41
Shrimp Cheese Chowder, 21
Shrimp Rabbit , 76
Shrimp Superb, 40
1 90
Spanish Rabbi t , 78
Tempting Tuna Bake, 64
Thermidor au Vin, 40
Tuna Tater Puff, 64
Crowd-Pleasing Fondue, 159
Fontainebleau Fondue, 159
Hearty "Ph illy" Fondue, 159
Swiss Cheese Fondue, 158
Zippy Fondue, 158
Calico Macaroni , 65
Countr Casserol e, 64
Country Chi cken Casserol e, 56
Devonshire Spaghetti , 56
El Rancho Casserole, 60
Frank Whi z Macaroni , 59
Ham Apollo, 57
Hawaiian Supper Sal ad, 1 48
Heritage Supper, 57
Lasagne, 59
Lasagne Largo, 182
Macaroni Tomato Bake, 65
Mariner' s Maaroni Sal ad, 149
Monterey Maaroni Salad, 150
Mostaccioli, 62
<Old-fashione Macaroni and
Cheee, 65
Piccadilly Salad, 1 49
Sicilian Suppr, 61
Tempting Tuna Bake, 64
Pie; Tars-Deser
Cheddar-Crust Apple Pie, 17 4
Chocolate Cloud Pie, 176
Cream Cheese Pie, 176
Easy Deep Dish Apple Pie, 176
Freh Strawberry Glace Pi e, 176
Paradise Pumpkin Pie, 173
"Philly" Past r, 171
Pineapple "Ph i l l y" Pi e, 173
Pie, Tars - Mai Dish
Cheddar Pas tie, 69
Chicken Little' s Pot Pie, 72
Crostate con Formaggio, 73
Manchester Sausage Pie, 72
Meat Pie Roma, 73
Potato-topped Pie, 72
Pizza Milano, 67
Pizza Napli , 67
Pork, Sausage
Big Hero Sandwich, 124
Buckaroo Franks, 118
Doggie-Burgers, 117
Frank Whi z Macaroni , 59
Gri lls for the Group, 181
Hearty Pi cni c Sticks, 115
I talian Pork Chops, 25
Manchester Sausage Pie, 72
Mariner' s Maaroni Salad, 1 49
Monterey Maaroni Salad, 150
Parmesan Breaded Pork Chops, 27
Pizza Milano, 67
Sunshi ne Sausageburgers, 137
Tote ' n Gri l l Sandwich, 116
Alpine Chicken Casserole, 36
Baked Chi cken Lucerne, 38
Baked Chicken Salad, 182
Chicken Di van, 36
Chicken-in-the- Round, 35
Chicken Kashmi r, 38
Chicken Little' s Pot Pies, 72
Chicken Rocoo, 35
Chicken Valenciana, 37
Country Chicken Casserole, 56
Country Squire Sandwi ches, 121
Devonshire Spaghetti, 56
Empi re Turkey Sandwiches, 122
Georgetown Chicken, 37
Hearty Danish, 118
Oven-fried Chicken Parmesan, 36
Party Chicken Salad, 148
Snow Scene Chowder, 21
Top-Notch Turkey Mold, 145
Turkey Sandwiches Bombay, 117
Turkey Tetrazzini , 38
Western Eggs au Gratin, 1 39
Alpine Appetizers , 70
Cheddar Cheee Pie, 68
Florentine Swiss Pie, 68
"Ph illy" Quiche au )ambon, 69
Quiche Bretagne, 70
Qui che Lorraine, 70
Ski T rai l Cheese Pie, 68
Swiss-Spinach Qui che, 69
Ri ce
Cl assic Cheese Rabbi t , 78
Country Rabbit, 78
Creol e Rabbit, 80
Egs Royale, '137
Gold Coast Rabbi t, 80
Shri mp Rabbi t , 78
Spanish Rabbi t, 78
Welshman' s Rabbit, 80
Cheese Ri sotto, 54
Chicken Rocoo, 35
Country Fare Casserole, 56
Glden Meatball Casserole, 60
Western Hash, 29
Salad Dresings
Canterbury Dressi ng, 121
"Ph illy" Orange Dressing, 144
Pimiento Dresing, 144
1 9 !
Prima Donna Dressing, 144
Aristocrat' s Anti pasto, 1 48
Baked Chi cken Salad, 182
Cheddar Potato Sal ad, 150
Cheddary Potato Salad, 183
Creamy Orange Salad, 147
Egg Salad, 1 23
Emerald Isle Mold, 147
Festive Orange Salad, 183
Fiesta Bean Salad, 149
Gold Rush Salad, 1 48
Ham Sal ad, 123
Hawai ian Supper Salad, 1 48
Heavenly Cheese Mold, 1 45
Imperial Peach Salad, 147
jubilee Salad Bowl , 144
Mariner' s Macaroni Salad, 149
Mexican Salad, 1 51
Mission Macaroni Salad, 1 81
Monterey Macaroni Salad, 150
Parmesan Potato Sal ad, 151
Party Chicken Salad, 1 48
"Ph illy" Frozen Party Salad, 145
"Ph illy" Frui t Salad, 144
"Philly" Waldorf Salad, 183
Piccadilly Salad, 1 49
Potato Salad Parmigiana, 150
Starboard Bean Sal ad, 1 51
Sunbonnet Macaroni Sal ad, 1 50
Sunny Pota o Sal ad, 1 51
Top-Notch Turkey Mol d, 1 45
Wilted Spinach Bowl , 1 49
Beachcomber Sandwiches, 122
Bi g Hero Sandwich, 124
Bountiful Beef Sandwich, 1 17
Buckaroo Franks, 118
Cheeseburgers , 120
Cheesy Long Loaf. 124
Ci rcl e Burgers, 122
Count ry Squire Sandwi ches, 121
Devonshire Muffi ns, 11 8
Doggie-Burgers, 1 17
Empire Turkey Sandwiches , 1 22
French-Wiches , 116
Frosted Sandwich Loaf, 123
Grilled Reuben Sandwiches, 1 20
Grills for the Group, 181
Hearty Danish, 118
Malibu Burgers , 121
Monte Cristo Sandwiches, 1 16
Peppy Provolone Burgers , 1 21
Royal Canadian Sandwiches, 122
Savory Sloppy )oes, 118
Seacoast Special. 1 24
Sicilian Steak Sandwiches , 1 16
Stateside Danish, 120
Sunshine Sausageburgers, 137
Tangy Long Loaf, 124
Toasty Cheese ' n Beef Stack-ups,
Tote 'n Gri l l Sandwich, 116
Turkey Sandwiches Bombay, 117
Sauce, Savor
Bacon Horseradish Sauce, 118
Cheddar Cheee Sauce, 75
Delmonico Sauce, 75
Dilly Cheese Sauce, 77
Epicurean " Philly" Sauce, 76
Hot Horseradish Sauce, 76
Mornay Sauce, 7 5
Parisian Wi ne Sauce, 77
Perky Cheese Sauce, 77
"Ph illy" Bearnaise Sauce, 77
"Philly" Chive Sauce, 75
"Ph illy" Tartar Sauce, 44
Sauce Louis, 77
Velveeta Sauce, 29, 45, 75
Sauce, Sweet
Glaze for "Philly" Marble Cake,
Peach Melba Sauce, 167
Peach Sauce, 157
"Philly" Dessert Sauce, 76
"Ph illy" Orange Sauce, 76
Calypso Kabobs , 1 15
Cheese Straw, 16
Crostate con Formaggio, 73
Devonshi re Muffins, 118
Hearty Picnic Sticks, 115
Jubilee Eggs, 115
Mi niburgers, 115
Sesame Seed Rounds, 16
Chocolate "Ph illy" Souffle, 156
Crabmeat Souffle, 155
Georgian Spinach Souffle, 153
Grasshopper Souffle, 156
Heavenly Cream Souffle, 156
High Rise Strawberry Souffle,
New Orleans Chocolate Souffh,
Parmesan Cheese Souffle, 153
Top Hat Cheee Souffle, 155
Soups, Cold
Andean Potato Soup, 20
Creme Vichyssoise, 19
Soups, Hot
Cape Anne Chowder, 22
Cheddar Chowder, 22
Cheemato Soup, 19
Cheese ' n Ale Soup, 19
Chi l i con Queo, 20
Glden Cream Soup, 19
Lobster Bi sque, 22
Old World Tomato Soup, 20
Parmesan Com Chowder, 21
Shrimp Cheee Chowder, 21
Snow Scene Chowder, 21
Veal Parmesan, 25
Veetable and Si de Dishe
Asparagus Delmonico, 49
Asparagus Special, 49
Calico Macaroni , 65
Cheddar Potato Salad, 150
Cheddary Potato Salad, 181
Cheese Risotto, 54
Chilean Corn Casserole, 47
Country Carrots, 49
Creamy Potato Puff, 53
Dilly Green Beans, 48
Double-Treat Baked Potatoes, 54
Fi esta Bean Salad, 149
Fiesta Corn, 47
Gala Green Beans, 48
Garden Vegetable Medley, 47
Georgian Spinach Souffle, 153
Glden Baked Peppers, 51
Glden Green Beans, 48
Gld Rush Salad, 1 48
Great Green Beans, 49
Mashed Potatoes Parmesan, 182
Old-Fashione Macaroni and
Cheee, 65
Parmesan Cheee Souffle, 153
Parmesan Potato Sal ad, 151
Perky Peas ' n Potatoes, 51
Piquant Broccol i , 51
Pleasin' Peas, 51
Potato Salad Parmigiana, 150
Saucy Vegetables, 47
Savory Spi nah Casserole, 52
Snow-capped Tomatoes, 182
Svereign Onions, 49
Sunny Potato Salad, 151
Sunny Scalloped Potatoes , 53
Swiss Souffled Beans, 48
Tangy Tomato Relish, 47
Tomatoe Continental, 52
Top Hat Cheee Souffle, 155
Zesty Zucchini , 52
Zucchi ni Bake, 53

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