AsianHospitalandMedicalCenter 1. Resume 2. Transcript of Records 3. RLE Form 4. Diploma 5. PRC License 6. IVT License 7. BasicLifeSupport Training 8.

Certificate of Board Rating 9. Training Certificate 10. Certificate of Employment/ Good Moral Certificate for new graduates 11. 3 Referral letters (from college for new graduates Where to Submit: AsianHospitalandMedicalCenter 2205 Civic Drive, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang,MuntinlupaCity1780,Philippines Telephone Number: 771-9000 extension 8421, 8425, 8465 Website: CapitolMedicalCenter 1. Resume 2. Transcript of Records 3. RLE Form 4. Diploma 5. 3 pieces 2x2 picture with blue background 6. Certificate of Board Rating 7. Board Passing Certificate 8. PRC License 9. Professional Tax Receipt 10. SSS, TIN 11. Police Clearance 12. NBI Clearance 13. Cedula 14. BirthCertificate 15. Other important documents like marriage certificate if applicable Where To Submit: CapitolMedicalCenter, HRD Quezon Avenuecorner Scout Magbanua Quezon City,Philippines (Use Out Patient Department (OPD) entrance alongPanay Avenue Website: Chinese GeneralHospital 1. Resume 2. Transcript of Records 3. RLE Form 4. Diploma 5. Certificate of Board Rating

Cruz Phone 255-0401.cor. Sta. 2x2 picture 5. Transcript of Records 3. Sampaloc. PRC License 9..Manila Phone 711-4141. Certificate of Board Rating Where To Submit: TheMedical City General Hospital San Miguel Ave. NBI Clearance Where To Submit: 286 Blumentritt St. Diploma 4. Transcript of Records 3. 711-3917 Submit at286 Blumentritt StreetSta. Manila Phone 731-2771 TheMedicalCityGeneralHospital 1. Sta. PRC ID Where To Submit: 1556 Laong-laan. Masangkay St.Lourdes Road Ortigas Office Complex Phone 631-8626 MetropolitanHospital Application letter addressed to Nursing Service of Metropolitan Hospital Resume 2 pieces 2x2 photo 2 pieces 1x1 photo PRC License or Claim Stub Certificate of Board Rating Transcript of Records Diploma Good Moral Certificate Certificate of Employment ( if applicable) Where To Submit: 1357 J. Certificate of Board Rating 4. Resume with 2x2 picture 2. Resume with 2x2 picture 2. 3 pieces 2x2 picture 8.. 255-0413 Philippines Children¶s Medical Center . Cruz.6. Board Passing Certificate 7. Professional Tax Receipt 10. CruzManila Hospital of the Infant Jesus 1.

Julio MakatiMedicalCenter Photocopy of the following: 1.. Certificate of Employment or Training (if any) LungCenterof thePhilippines ..makatimed. Transcript of Records with RLE 5. 2 pieces 2x2 colored picture (with white background) 10.LegaspiVillage. Membership in any organization 5.000 (3-month training program) Reminders: Present original documents and incompletes documents will not be accepted.MakatiCity Phone 815-9911 Website:http://www. Lecciones. BSN Diploma 6. Where To Submit: 2 Amorsolo St. PRC License 3. Executive Director Resume Transcript of Records Certificate of Board Rating PRC License For more information. Board Rating and Board Passing Certificate 4.Application letter addressed to Dr.Quezon City Phone 923-1301 Website:www. Certificate of General Weighted Average (from school) Where To Submit: East Ave. CS Eligibility Birth Certificate with NSO 9. Birth Certificate of children (if applicable) 11. please call 924-6601 local 252 PhilippineHeartCenter Transcript of Records with Special Order Number (clinical experience) 1. PRC ID 3. 3 pieces 2x2 picture 9. NBI Clearance 8. Good Moral Certificate 7. Training Fee: 10. NBI Clearance 6. Certificate of Board Rating 2. Marriage Contract (if applicable) 10. Cedula 7. Updated CV/Resume 2.

RLE Form 4. 1. Transcript of Records 3. Certificate of Board Rating 6.J. Resume 2. SSS.doh. PRC License 9. Diploma 5.P. Certificates will be issued upon the completion of the two-month training. Php300 for chest x-ray Where To Submit: Quezon Ave. Where To Submit: Katipunan Roadcor. Trainees will be working at the General Ward of the hospital. 2 pieces 2x2 colored picture (with white background) 9. 1x1 picture 10. 7. Medical Center Chief II Resume with 2x2 photo Transcript of Records-xerox Board Passing Certificate PRC ID-xerox Certificate of Trainings/Seminars Attended NBI Clearance Trainees will also be required to pay Php2000 as a training fee for two months. BSN Diploma 4. 4. Rizal Street.Quezon City Phone 924-6101 QuirinoMemorialMedicalCenter(QMMC) Requirements Formerly known as Labor Hospital Application letter to Dr. 2. 3 pieces 2x2 picture 8. 5. Barangay Certificate 12. Certificate of Board Rating 7. General Weighted Average with Rank 6. TIN 11.ForLungCenterNurse Training Program 1. Resume 2. Lukes Medical Center 1. Birth Certificate .ph/qmmc/ St. 3. Board Passing Certificate 7. NBI Clearance 10.. Rosalinda Arandia.Project4QuezonCity Trunkline: 421-2250 to 61 Website:http://www. PRC License 8. RLE form 5. Transcript of Records 3.

Manila Phone 731-3001 local 2454 National Kidney and Transplant Institute 1. Ferdinand C. White long transparent folder with slide . PRC License 7. 2 pieces 1x1 colored picture 9. Transcript of Records 4. Residence Certificate 14. Certificate of Board Passing 6. Quezon City Phone 723-0301 Website:www. Head of Human Resources Department 2. Hepa B result 10. Professional Tax Receipt 11. 1 piece 2x2 picture 8. Chest x-ray 9. Recommendation letter (from Dean/CI) 4. Resume 2.. Birth or Baptismal Certificate UniversityofSanto Tomas(UST) Hospital 1. BLS Card. Luke'sMedicalCenter 279 E. Rodriguez Sr. TIN 13.stluke. Resume Where To Submit St. Certificate of Employment from previous employers or Letter of Recommendation from the College Dean 16. PRC ID PNA 5. 1 piece long green expandable folder with plastic fastener Where To Submit: UniversityofSto. 4 pieces 2x2 colored picture 8. 1 piece 1x1 picture 7. Magkasi. Marriage contract and birth certificates of children if applicable 17. SSS E1 form or SSS ID 10. Current IVT card-ANSAP 11.TomasHospital España. Certificate of Board Rating 5. Application letter to Mr. NBI or Police Clearance 12. NBI Clearance 6.Philippine National Red Cross 12. Transcript of Records 3.Place all requirements in along slide folder. Blvd.

Board Rating and Passing Certificate 5. RLE form 11. Letter of Intent addressed to: Teodoro R. Board Rating and Passing Certificate SSS .PotencianoMedicalCenter 1.Quezon City Phone 711-4276 to 80 VictorR. NBI Clearance 13. Certificate of Employment (if applicable) 5.Quezon City Phone 924-6101 Philippine Orthopedic Center 1. PRC Certificate 7. PRC ID 6.Where To Submit: East Ave. Board Rating and Passing Certificate 8. MHA. Castro. Chest X-ray and PPD 8. 926-8967 Websitewww. Certificate of Seminars attended 6. Long brown envelope Where To Submit Quezon Ave.Clara St. Diploma 4. PRC Certificate 7.. Transcript of Records 2. Transcript of Records 10. 2 pieces 1x1 colored picture 4. M. Resume with 2x2 colored picture LungCenterof thePhilippines Resume with latest picture 1. Transcript of Records 4. 5 Character References with complete address and telephone numbers 3. Cedula 14. PRC ID Where To Submit: Ma. Diploma 12.. RLE form 3.cornerBanawe St.. TIN. Diploma 5.Quezon City Phone 924-3601.kidney. Comprehensive resume with 2x2 colored pic 2. PRC ID 9. CESO V MedicalCenterChief II Philippine Orthopedic Center 2.

Certificate of Good Moral Character (from 2 references) Where To Submit: 201E. Blvd. RLE 6.nursingguide.vrpmc.. Board Rating Certificate 2 pieces 2x2 picture 4.Quezon City Phone 723-0041 Read more:http://www. PRC Card DeLosSantosMedicalCenter 1. 1 piece 1x1 picture 3. Transcript of Records (xerox copy) 5. Resume 2. TIN Card 13. NBI Clearance (xerox copy) 10. Community tax certificate SSS Number or E1/E6 form 12. Birth Certificate Where To Submit: 163 Edsa Mandaluyong City www.html#ixzz1i6p4fAZ9 . Rodriguez Sr. BIR 3206 ( if employed for a year) 11.

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