August 18, 2011 Mr. Peter Grenell San Mateo County Harbor District 400 Oyster Point Blvd.

, Suite 300 South San Francisco, CA 94080 Mr. Grenell, Hello. My name is Tracy Pearson and I have been a berth renter at Pillar Point Harbor since 1989 with my boat, S/V Sun Star, being in slip C-38 for about 14 years. On June 20th I noticed a large cloud of brown smelly sewage water drifting by my boat on the out going tide. It appeared to be coming from the starboard stern of the M/V Baroness. I called the harbor phone and left a message but got no response. I returned to the harbor (I live in far northern California and am not in the harbor on any regular basis) on July 12th and spoke with my neighbor, Fran Young owner of the M/V Brother Buzz, and he told me on Saturday, July 2nd, he saw raw sewage being pumped into the harbor from the M/V Baroness. I have had some other issues with the Strums, owners of the Baroness, getting to my boat with their dock lines going across the dock to the cleats on our side making it impossible to gain safe access to our vessel. My other issue with them has been their dog off leash, urinating and defecating by the entrance to our boat. After my meeting with Robert Johnson on August 8th, I hope most of the issues I discussed will be resolved once the Harbor moves the Baroness to a slip. The problem of what live-a-boards on boats on C dock and other boats in the Harbor that do not have porta-potties or marine incinerators and have not moved in a long time (some of them for years) are doing with their waste is of greatest concern to me. I was told two harbor patrolmen where on C dock when a boat was pumping sewage into the harbor and that the logged the incident at the office. I did not hear what happened after that – i.e., did they receive a fine or evection notice. While talking with Mr. Johnson, I told him of code CWA-312(f)(3) and suggested putting dye packs, which the harbor has in stock, into live- .a- board’s holding tanks that are suspect. That way if a boat pumps illegally it would be visible even at night. 40 CFR-140.4 spells out what the law is.

My hope is that you, the commissioners and Mr. Johnson, can come up with some good solutions to this problem that has been going on for years in Pillar Point Harbor. It is up to all of us to keep our waters clean and pristine for us now and for future generations. Please let me know what your thoughts are on this important matter, Thanks you, Tracy Pearson

CC: Harbor Master Robert Johnson SMCHD Board president Pietro Parravano