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Practice of chess game indicates that controls chess opening is not easy. Elementary contradiction from all openings ranges from effort of White to have the advantage through exploiting of initiative in respect to White's first move right and Black's resistance in attempt to reach counter balance or creates a complication situation wherein both side has the same attack opportunity. One of the eldest openings and still popular until now is Spanish opening or called as Ruy Lopez. This opening have ever been applied several times by world champion Anatoly Karpov to the challenger Victor Korchnoi in championship of world in Baguio City the year 1978. At this opportunity we will check one of continuation to draw which been gone through by world titleholder Karpov at round 10 of the competition. The opening is started with: 1. e2-24 2. Ng1 - f3 3. Bf1 - a4 4. BGb5 - a4 5. 0-0 e7-e5 Nb8 - c6 a7 - a6 Ng8 - f6 Nf6 x e4

Open variation which towards to keen game. 6. d2-d4 7. Ba4 - b3 8. d4 x e5 9. Nb1 - d2 10. c2 - c3 b7-b5 d7 - d5 Bc8 - e6 Ne4 - c5 d5 - d4

Move which been suggested Korchnoi himself in "Encyclopedia of Chess Openings" with possibility that continuation 11. cxd4, Nxd4 12. Nxd4,Qxd4 13. Bxe6, Nxe6 Capablanca - Lasker, St. Petersburg 1914 with balance game. But Karpov provides new invention move as following.

11. Nf3 - g5!? This spectacular move seemingly influenced by idea from his sekondan Tal surprising enough for the chess experts. In this game Korchnoi after thinking approximately 43 minutes to set mind on refuses white horse victim with 11 ... d4xc3 12. Ng5xe6, f7xe6,13.b3xc3, Qd8-d3,14. Nd2-f3, Qd3xd1,15.Bb3xd1, Bf8e7 and successfully defends himself until end of the game. The interesting part is what happen if Black takes White's Horse at g5? Will White obtain outrageous attack and reachs victory? Let us investigates the possibilities 11. ... 12. Qd1 - f3! This is the heart of White's attack. Now Black has some alternative defence which we would detail: I. II. III. I. 13. Bb3-d5! 14. Qf3xd5+ 12 . ... 12 . ... 12. ... 12 ... Be6xd5 Bf8-d6 Ke8-d7 Be6 - d7 0-0-0 Ke8-d7 Qd8 x g5

Possible because 15.exd6?, Qxd5 15. Nd2-c4 And White attack with Knight and Bishop to Black Queen, wins minor piece back with slight advantage. II. 13. Bb3xf7+ 14. Bf7-d5 Here Grandmaster Marie from Jugoslavia suggested 14. Ne4 and 15. Bg5+ This only win if Black continue with 14 ... Qxe5 15. Bg5+ loses Queen. But Black still having defence 14 ... Qf5! And now 15. Bg5+ fails by 15. ... Kxf7, while 15. Qxf5,Bxf5 16. Nxc5, Kxf7 White loses one piece. After 14. Ne4,Qf5 best move for white is 15. Nxc5,Qxf3 16. gxf3,Kxf7 17. 12. ... Ke8-e7 Be6-d7

Nxd7,dxc3 18. bxc3 and though white win one pawn, the pawns structure is very weak. 14. ... 15. Qf3-e2 16. Qe2-e1 And according to Keene, White has various destructive threats like 17. gxa8, 17. f4, 17. Nf3 But some experts doubts this opinion by some rescue move: 16. ... For Example: II.A 18. Qe1xe5+ 17. f2-f4 Ke7-d8 Qg5-h6 c7-c6 Nc6xe5 d4-d3

And Black has satisfying defense, because after Bd5 White back, will come 19... Bd6 Continue with 20 ... Kc7 II.B 18. Bd5-b3 17. Nd2-f3 Ke7-d6 Qg5-e5!

And the question is how white can grab his piece back. III. 12. ... 0-0-0

13. Bb3xe6+ If take Knight at c6 directly, hence Black can make balance to the game. For example 13. Qxc6, Qxe5, 14. Nf3, Qd5! 15. Bxd5,Bxd5 16. Nxd4,Bxc6 17. Nxc6,Re8. 13. .. f7xe6

14. Qf3xc6 Qg5xe5 15. b2-b4 Qe5-d5

After Black successfully forces Queen exchange, the danger of white attack become neutralize. 16. Qc6xd5 e6xd5

17. b4xc5 18. Nd2-b3

d4xc3 d5-d4

The critical position has reached which need further research. But Symlov ( black) against Timman at European Club championship in 1979, proved that Black successfully defense the game after 19. Ba3,Be7 20. Bb4, Bf6 21. a4, Kd7, 22. axb5, axb5 and so on. Conclusion After seeing several possibilities above, we conclude that receiving white Knight sacrifice g5 is not absolute bad for Black and can be considered by black, as long as in continuation of the game, Black must take carefully step so that not fall into White attacks containing trap. Timman said in his book about world championship match between Karpov-Korchnoi that we still waiting for a player having bravery or knowledge to hang on to Karpov's footstep

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