Case Study: El Nido Resorts Palawan, Philippines

Who We Are

Ten Knots Group
• TEN KNOTS is based on the definition of knot as a unit of speed of one nautical mile per hour. • Ten knots: ideal speed for getting to a dive destination while cruising leisurely to appreciate nature

Ten Knots Group
• • • • Miniloc Island Resort – 1981 Lagen Island Resort – 1998 Apulit Island Resort – 2010 Pangulasian Island Resort – 2012

Quadruple Bottomline

• Financial growth • Environmental stewardship • Community engagement • Organizational development

Our Biodiversity Conservation Programs

Mooring Buoys for Everyone’s Use
• El Nido Resorts’ dive team installed (and maintains) mooring buoys in 21 sites around Bacuit Bay

Support of Community Conservation Efforts • Installation of artificial reef modules in partnership with the local community and El Nido Foundation

Support of Community Conservation Efforts
• Supported firstever Philippine Cockatoo Translocation Project, an initiative of the Katala Foundation, Inc.

Support of Community Conservation Efforts
• Sea turtle nest protection and turtle hatchling releases

Support of Community Conservation Efforts

• Crown-of-thorns starfish cleanups

Wildlife Monitoring
• Nature Interpretation Training

• Print and online media

Celebrating the Environment
• Earth Day • World Ocean Day • International Coastal Cleanup Day

Celebrating the Environment

• Earth Hour • Green Hour

• Coastal and underwater cleanups

• Be G.R.E.E.N. (Guard, Respect, Educate El Nido) Training Seminar


Other Initiatives

Waste Management

Management of Carbon Emissions

Success and Best Practices

Success and Best Practices
• Resort operations have discouraged environmentally destructive and illegal activities • Negative impacts of resort operations are mitigated

Success and Best Practices
• Expansion of the base of partnerships for conservation

• Consistently favorable reviews from guests in the enjoyment of nature and naturebased activities

Success and Best Practices
• Pacific Asia Travel Association (“PATA”) Gold Award for Environmental Education Programme for El Nido Resorts Be GREEN Campaign, 2011 • ASEAN Green Hotel Award for the years 2008-2009 and 20102011

Success and Best Practices
• Travel and Leisure’s “Our Fifteen (15) Favorite Green Hotels,” 2008 and 2007, for US, South Asia and Australia • British Airways’ Tourism for Tomorrow Awards, 2007, Investors in People Category

Success and Best Practices
• Conde Nast Traveler Green List Awards, 2006

• Islands Blue List Award, 2007


• Finding a balance between economic development and environmental conservation • Equal, proper, and efficient enforcement of laws

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