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As always, feel free to contact Easha (240.888.8857, or Kezia (917.673.4807, with any questions.

Talk to your Master. Most residential colleges have pockets of money, both in the form of formal grants
(see below) and in terms of discretionary funds.

• Examples of formal grants: Bruce Babcock Saybrook College Travel Research Fellowship; Pierson
Master’s Summer Traveling Research Fellowship, Bergin Fellowship (TD underclassmen)

Apply for Yale grants. Visit to search by eligibility requirements, and make an
appointment at IEFP at 203.432.8685 to get more information. Remember to be creative in your applications
—Kezia or Easha can help you frame your internship as a research project, if necessary.

• Wendy E. Blanning Memorial Scholarship: Due 3/5/2008. $3,000-$4,000. Provides funding for
students who must earn money during summers to pursue professional interest.

• John E. Linck & Alanne Headland Linck Fellowship: Due 3/24/2008. $2,000 maximum. Provides
funding for an internship or project of personal educational value and humanitarian service to others.

• Political Science Summer Research/Internship Grants: Due 4/1/2008. $3,000 maximum. Funds
sophomore and junior Political Science majors to do research or internships.

• Kingsley Trust Association Summer Travel Fellowships: Due 2/29/2008. $6,000 maximum. Funds
self-directed projects for sophomores in areas where recipients have had little previous experience.

• Yale Research Fellowship in LGBT Studies (for Saints & Sinners position): Due 3/3/2008.
$4,000-$5,000. Supports original undergraduate work in sexuality studies.

• Franciscus Summer Travel Fellowship in Entrepreneurship (for YURP, Glassworks and NPN):
Due 3/4/2008. Supports students with a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship to pursue research
away from New Haven.

• Richter Summer Fellowship: Due 3/28/2008. $1,000 maximum. Supports independent study and
research; internship is valid if the primary component of the internship is research or study.

• Howard Topol Roberts Travel Fellowship: Due 3/28/2008. $1,000 maximum. Unrestricted fund
that can be used to support “travel to distant sites.”

• Michael Manzella Fellowship (for Glassworks, Ogden Museum, New Schools New Orleans and
Math/Science Charter School): Due 3/1/2008. $1,500 average. Supports cancer research, children’s
causes and the arts.

• Vance-Carter Fellowship (for City-Works and Global Green): Due 3/24/2008. Supports projects
related to engineering.
Apply for grants outside of Yale. Again, we can help you frame the Bulldogs program to meet whatever the
application criteria are. Visit IEFP to get some ideas about where to look for grants.

• Definitely apply to the J.W. Saxe Memorial Fund Prize in Public Service: Due 3/15/2008. $1,500.
Supports practical experience in low- or no-pay public service sector jobs. I won this fellowship last
year—Ruth Saxe really loves the idea of sending kids to New Orleans!

• Contact your local Rotary Club to see if they have any money to support public service work in post-
Katrina new Orleans.

The Bulldogs Team

Easha Anand Rowan Claypool Kezia Kamenetz Scott Sullivan

Student Founder Executive Director Student Founder President
Class of 2008 Bulldogs Across America Class of 2009 Yale Club of Louisiana