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Ultra – Sonic Test Procedure

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SEC-PJ045-ST-IFP-0008-2 02

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02.08.2004 20.06.2004 Issue Date






T.08.Personal Qualification . Procedure Project No.2004 Sheet 2 of 10 Contents 123456789Purpose Scope Responsibility Reference Standard Description Acceptance Standard Documentation Sound Beam Propagton Reporting 10.Appendix 11. 02 Date: 02.Quality Assurance System U. PJ.045 Rev.

Purpose: This procedure describe the performance of the ultra sonic test for welds.Quality Assurance System U. VIII Div. Procedure Project No.045 Rev. SONA TEST Test probe: Variable Frequency: 1MHZ-5MHZ SA5-10x8 ANGLE 60° SA-10x8 ANGLE 45° CDF5-15 (T/R) (see appendix-3) Coupling agent: sonagel W1 or grease or oil. 02 Date: 02. standard reference block in ultrasonic testing all discountinuty indication are compared to a reference standard.Test Object Longitudinal corner weld connection corner welds. .T.Description Type of equipment: sitescan 130 Messers. 5.2. PJ.1.08. 3. 1 Appendix 2 the latest version .Method of calibration Calibration block refer to appendix 2.Responsibility All nondestructive examinations shall be performed by personnel certified in accordance with level II of American society for non-destructive testing (SNT-TC-1A) 4a) b) c) d) Reference Standard project specification ASME V Article 4 & 5 the latest version ASME SEC. 2.2004 Sheet 3 of 10 Ultrasonic Test Procedure 1.Scope The following procedure covers the general requirement for ultrasonic test of all corner weld type. Method Contact: Yes Immersion: No Shoes: No Wedge: No 5. API 661 5.

DAC calibration curve shall be draw as follow. Mark the peak of indication from 1/4.Appendix See appendix 1. are used in ultrasonic testing not only to calibrate the ultrasonic equipment but principally to evaluate the discontinuity indication.08.3. 1/2.Test Scope According to welding & NDT plan (100%) UT. 8. 5. Procedure Project No.Documentation Original certificates remain in quality department. national or international central certification progress. 3. See drawings No. 9. VIII Div. ANSI/ASNT CP-189 . often called test block. 2.045 Rev.Acceptance Standard As per ASME code SEC. Standardization means two things it verifies that the instrument/ probe combination is performing as required calibration it establishes a sensitivity (or grain) level. Find the hole that give the highest amplitude & set in 80% of the full screen height. One copy to Namvaran Co. 7. 10. 1. 3/4 & connect all point to each other for drawing of distance amplitude corrective on curve. 02 Date: 02. PJ. 4. 3.2004 Sheet 4 of 10 Ultrasonic standard reference blocks. 6 Personal Qualification The qualification of NDE personnel shall be in accordance with their employer’s written practice which must be in accordance with one of SNT-TC-1A . Evaluation of discontinuities within a piece is accomplished by comparing the indications from them with the indication from an artificial discontinuity of known size.Reporting Operator/ inspector shall provide a test report (appendix 1) after performing each test and send to client authorized inspector for approval.T. AC01-118-09-00 6. To make calibration block as per appendix 2. at the same depth in a standard reference block of the same material to be tested. 5.Quality Assurance System U.1 appendix 12 and project specification.Sound Beam Propagation For sound beam propagation see appendix 4. 2. .

08. Probe Dimension Sound Position Echo Haight Remark Judgement Acc.: Testing requirement TASK TO: Examination after H. Procedure Plant Examination acc to: Drawing no. Test Specification Acceptable Reflectors No Recordable Reflectors Not Accept. Block No.2004 Sheet 5 of Plant dentification: Material: Heat No. 02 Date: 02.T. Reflectors REMARKS: Inspector Signature Date OPERATOR API CLIENT (A.045 Rev. Test Equipment: CALIBRATION RECORD (DAC DATA) Sound path (mm) Amplitude (dB) Ref.: Dimention: Condition of Exam. Project No. Surface: 10 Joint No.: Order No.I) .Quality Assurance System U. PJ.T. W ithout: Befor H.T.

04 in. to 1/4 in. or less over 1 in. Over 1 in. through 4 in. Basic Calibration Block Thickness T 3/4 in. 3/8 in. 1/4 in. 5/16 in. Procedure Appendix (f2) Project No. or t t=1 in. Over 1 in. through 6 in.045 Rev. 02 Date: 02. Over 1 in. over 1 in. or t 5 in. through 8 in. Hol Diameter 3/32 in. 3/16 in. PJ. Note (1) Notch Size Width= 1/8 in. Over 10 in. min.T.2004 Sheet 6 of 10 Weld Thickness t 1 in. Diameter is greater into the Based mate Length=2 in.08. . through 2 in. or t 1-1/2 in. or t 3 in. 1/8 in.Quality Assurance System U. or t 9 in. through 10 in. or t 7 in. Depth = 2% T or 0.

Procedure Appendix 3 (Sample) Project No. PJ.2004 Sheet 7 of 10 .045 Rev.T. 02 Date: 02.08.Quality Assurance System U.

Quality Assurance System U.08.3 4.3 5 Element Dimension (mm) 10x8 10x8 2x13x5 .045 Rev. 02 Date: 02.2004 Sheet 8 of 10 Appendix 4 Sound Beam Propagation (Sample) Type SA5-60 SA-45 CDF5-15 MHZ 4. PJ.T. Procedure Project No.

Quality Assurance System U. PJ. Procedure Appendix 5 Sound Beam Propagation (Sample) Project No.T.08.045 Rev.2004 Sheet 9 of 10 . 02 Date: 02.

045 Rev.2004 Sheet 10 of 10 . 02 Date: 02. PJ.08. Procedure Appendix (6) Sound Beam Propagation Project No.T.Quality Assurance System U.

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