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3rd Grade News Bob Hope Family Library Night Fifth Grade news 1st Grade News
We began the month by intro- Coming to Bob Hope! “It ROCKS to be the old- SuperKids is moving along very well for
ducing the TAKS reading proc- Bob Hope Library est in the entire school!” first grade! We spent some time testing
ess to the students. They are Our Family Library Night on exclaim Bob Hope 5th our 1st graders’ reading fluency and com-
making good progress and we October 14, 2008 was very graders. Mr. Barnes prehension to improve our teaching and
expect great results. We are successful. Students were class says they welcome formed small groups for greater focus. We
looking forward to working on able to check out books and their new responsibilities are also very excited to experience a real
their further development of take Accelerated Reader tests of having so many Science Lab for the very first time! We all
multiplication. We are aston- on the computer and families younger students look up adopted a goldfish in our classrooms too
ished by their progress. were also be able to listen to to them. From patrol while we have been studying living and
the book of the month, Chry- duties to morning an- nonliving things.
santhemum. Families had the nouncements, Bob Hope
Students: Promise Bravo for Top 1st graders:
opportunity to make Mum 5th graders are ecstatic
exhibiting excellent behavior, Abryana Camacho has been working hard
Pens. Fun was had by all. about being back at
Damian Garcia for his desire to these first couple of months, dedicated to
excel in his class work. Family Library Night school, but wait…“Oh
will be every second Tuesday giving 100% effort in everything she does!
Noooooooo!” Benchmarks are
of the month from 3:00 p.m. just around the corner Anthony Arizola shows self-control and
to 6:00 pm. Our next one will and 5th graders are practices all of the hallway rules and is
be November 11. Mark your crawling into classrooms applying to be a self manager!
calendars! Parents, please to prepare as they plum- 2nd Grade News
Science Fair make plans to visit the library met into Fall with Octo- For September, second grade celebrated
Parents – the science and sign up for a library card. ber quickly approaching. by making angels to remember our heroes
fair is coming! Please attend our See Mrs. Cindy Lo- “Bring it on!” say stand- of 9/11. Red Ribbon Day is coming up in
Science Night on October 16th to pez, for more information. We out students Brandon October where we celebrate to stay away
have fun with your child and are very thankful for Mrs. Lo- Munoz and Amber Lopez. from drugs and stay safe! In science, they
learn more about what is ex- pez’ enthusiasm and dedica- Article by Angie Castano are going to create roller coasters while
pected for each grade level. The tion to making reading truly & Summer Britt they learn about force and motion!
campus science fair will be held enjoyable for all!
Top students in 2nd grade:
on November 13th. The top two
projects from each grade level Armando J. Almazon works diligently on his
will go on to compete at the dis- class work.
trict level on November 18th. It Briana Chavez comes to school every day
is not too early to start now! and works hard.
A Challenge!
The first thirty
students to
come up to “The limits of my language are the limits of my mind.
the office and All I know is what I have words for.” Ludwig Wittgenstein
identify at
least one of The richer the vocabu- grade to learn and use higher level the greatest number of Vocabu-
our school-wide vocabulary lary – the greater effectiveness a vocabulary words daily. One word lary bucks at the end of the
words that is used in this student will have when communi- is taught each day, Monday month will be deemed –
newsletter will get a Vo- cating with peers and adults in all through Thursday. Friday is used “Vocabulary Master.” A photo
kinds of situations. Having a as a review day. The word of the will be taken of the student and
cabulary Buck! Make sure
large vocabulary will assist stu- day is introduced during the morn- posted near the word wall in the
you can explain what it dents in being writers that have ing announcements. Students will hallway. We can’t wait to see
means! (Kinder and 1st an impact on their audience and be asked at random by any adult in who our first Vocabulary Mas-
grade parents – read the increase their comprehension the building if they know the defini- ters will be! There are several
newsletter out loud to your when they are reading on their tion of a given word or if they can very ambitious students who
children and see if they own. use it in a sentence. If the student are eager to take up the chal-
can recognize one of our With this in mind, Bob is able to show that they under- lenge!
vocabulary words when Hope has developed a school- stand the meaning of a word they Ask your child what
they hear it.) wide emphasis aimed at getting will get a Vocabulary Buck. The words they have learned this
students from kinder to fifth student at each grade level with week.
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Fourth Grade News Kindergarten News year. They have also learned
January hosted many events The kindergarteners learned patterns and colors. All the
in fourth grade. Our students twelve sight words from the children are learning about
“Education is completed BEMS (benchmark adults list. The students also autumn. When we go out for
recess they look to see if the
the movement testing) in all subject matter.
Fourth grade studied Dr. Mar-
used the online Envision Math
source. The kindergarten leaves have changed color.
from darkness tin Luther King, Jr. this month. teachers are hoping to get Alexis Huerta is our student
We are very proud of our Dis- money from a grant to use at to of the month because he is
to light.” trict Spelling Bee representa- a visit to the zoo. wonderful at socializing with
tives: Adrian Perez, Em- his friends.
~Allan Bloom manuel Davila, Brandon
Jennifer Castillo she knows
more words in the adults words Our afternoon student of the
Morales….. in Ms. Criswell’s class. month is Larissa Balboa be-
cause she has shown great
We are gearing up for the improvement in school.
Carlos Alvarez is wonderful in
Writing TAKS test in March. math
We appreciate all the parent
support and concern.
Pre-Kindergarten News
The Pre-K has learned the 1st
letter of their name so far this