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Remote Diagnostic Technology

Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, Remote Diagnostic Technologies

(RDT) was founded in January 1997 and has been successfully operating for over nine
years. Remote Diagnostic Technologies specializes in the development of sophisticated
pieces of telemedicine equipment, such as Tempus, for use by non-medical personnel and
the development of integrated communications technologies that enables use of this
equipment in remote locations such as maritime vessels.
Tempus allows someone with no medical experience to collect and transmit a person’s
vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse, oxygenation levels, carbon dioxide levels,
respiration rate and heart condition through the12-lead electrocardiogram apron from any
remote land, sea or air location to land-based medical experts.
It also includes an integrated voice link and in-built video camera, allowing constant
communication with the doctors who can also remotely control the device from the
ground, giving added assistance to the remote operator.
It incorporates a fully integrated tri-band GSM mobile phone that can also communicate
seamlessly over a yacht phone, landline, WiFi, Ethernet or even a portable satellite

RDT continued to build on its success from previous years by fielding its 200th
system, RDT’s growing customer base now includes 3 international Commercial airlines
Virgin, Emirates and BMI, as well as numerous Fortune 500 companies, head of state
fleets, the military and various corporate jet charter companies and many luxury yachts.
The continued roll out across commercial and corporate aviation meant that we trained
our 2500th user last year with extremely high user satisfaction rates.
The Company has built a strong in-house sales and marketing, regulatory, engineering
and design capability and carries out all design, manufacture, and testing and regulatory
activities on site. This is part of RDT’s company strategy to provide maximum quality
Of service and responsiveness to its customers. It also allows RDT to provide support
specifically tailored to a customer’s needs. This has proved invaluable to RDT’s current
customer base.
RDT specialises in the development of sophisticated pieces of medical equipment for use
by non-medical personnel even on an intermittent basis. This equipment transmits
medical, voice and still video data from remote and moving platforms such as aircraft,
boats and oil platforms to land based medical experts who can then provide essential
assistance and advice. RDT has also developed a complimentary set of communications
technologies that ensure flexible and reliable voice and data communications from these
challenging locations.

Tempus System

Tempus allows a person with no medical experience to collect a sick person's vital signs
such as blood pressure, pulse and heart condition from any remote land, sea or air
location to ground-based medical experts.

Ease of Use

Tempus is the first remote medical monitoring device designed for use by non-medical
experts. A number of features ensure that the device is very easy to operate, even on an
intermittent basis

• Integrated hands-free voice link enables the remote user to have constant hands-
free, simultaneous voice and data contact with the doctor while dealing with the

• With automatic dial up essential for communication with the ground-based doctor

• Automatic dial up helps enable fast and hassle free connection to the land-based

• A foam block within Tempus houses each piece of equipment in its

own compartment*
• Clear repack instructions help ensure consistency so that the unit is ready for the
next non-expert, intermittent user

The Response Centre

• Everything on the screen is simultaneously viewed by the ground based medical

experts who can remotely control the device by bringing up help screens and even
starting, or stopping, readings

• All data is presented simply and clearly on the monitoring screen, with full status
details showing at the bottom. This is the data that ground-based medical experts
use to help diagnose the patient's condition

• Annotations of images can be sent by the land-based doctor back to the user to
help clarity of com munication

• Secure patient data management, storage and back-up allows comparison of

current incident information against historic records

Designed for Small Spaces

• Light, removable screen can be adjusted to enable the user to view it from
different angles. Additionally, it can be removed, and adjusted, to enable easy
viewing in confined spaces

• Tempus is specifically designed for use in limited space available in an aircraft

cabin and can be used at the incident passenger's seat

• Measures:
Height 256 mm x Width 291 mm x Depth 269 mm
- fits in overhead lockers of commercial aircraft and behind or under
- economy class seats

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