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E-mail: Power Generation Big Power Plant Projects GE Gas Turbine Power Plant Project 3x42mw gas turbine plant pr oposal 15MW Heat recovery plant GE 6B Gas Turbine Plant 200mw Coal Fired Plant 600mw ultra super critical power plant

1500mw GE gas turbine plan t 3x750mw Gas Turbine Com bined Cycle Power Plant 360000 M3/D Sea Water De salination geothermal power plant Work Scope Design Data Steam Turbine Cooling System Water System Ventilation Instrumentation Auto. Electrification Diesel power Plant waste heat recovery power pl ant 4.5MW Waste heat recovery 2500t/d Cement Line 7.5MW Waste heat recovery 2x2500t/d Cement Line 9MW Waste heat recovery 5 000t/d Cement Line 18MW Waste heat recovery 2x5000t/d Cement Line Technical Proposal of 9MW Recovery Plant Power Plant Connection and Main Equipments Main Equipment Recovery P lant Power Plant Construction Sc hedule China Reference List waste heat Plants

8 INSTRUMENT & AUTOMATION/FONT> 8.1 General description The Power plant will be monitored and controlled by DCS. The instrumentation and system for the project is a microprocessor-based distributed control system. The distributed control system is designed to provide: - High reliability - Failsafe operation - Capability of being upgraded - High productivity - Safety for equipment and personnel - Minimum number of discrete display and recording instruments The distributed control system includes the following functionally distributed subsystem: - Distributed digital control for closed loops - Programmable logic controller for open-loop controls - Operator console (unit control board) - Process data acquisition - Supervision subsystem (engineer console) - Programming subsystem - Historical data storage, retrieval, and calculation subsystem These subsystem are designed to ensure: - One to two-second response time - 100 ms data update rate - 1 ms data resolution for sequence of events points The distributed control system includes adequate redundancy at various levels. The system is designed for fail-safe?operation and is in full conformity with the specifications and recommendations of codes and standards of recognized international technical bodies and institutes. In general, most of instruments composing the main control loops for plant operation will be electronic type. Regarding those control loops which are not critical or which do not require precise control, local pneumatic instruments will be used. The standard electronic signal level of 4-20 mA DC will be used for instruments. The power supply for instruments will be 220 V AC and 24 V DC. Annunciator system, in accordance with specific requirements, will be provided so that abnormalities in critical systems can be observed.

Preliminary Proposal for Ce ment Plant Thermal Power proposal Questionnaire for Gas/HFO/Liquid Fuel Power Plant Check-List-for-quotation-onpower-plant Power project reference Thermal plant List Foreign Small plant Reference of Sinomach Diesel generator plant list waste heat recovery power pl ant list Gas Turbine Power plant Ref erence Indicative quotation of 2x50 MW coal fired plant Estimated Quotation for Plan t Biomass-GasificationPower-Generation-System Gas Engine Generator power plant Proposal quotation of 2x2.6mw gas engine generator 500kw-5200kw gas engine g enerator series Hyundai 5.5mw to 9.3mw G as Engine Generator Sets 500kw-5500kw Gas-Duel fu el diesel Generator Solar-Panel-Power-PlantQuotation Power Plant Auxiliary Environment-friendly-solar-

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