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If you had any of these notaries on your documents, you should consider requesting in writing from the Orange County California Recorders Office a copy of the page from their notary journal related to your Assignment of Deed or Mortgage. Include .30cents per page with your requesttypically just the .30cents is sufficient. If you want it certified, call the recorders office to inquire on that cost. Be sure to include a copy of your recorded document with your request. You are entitled by California law to the copy of the page from the notary journal related to your propertys recorded document. Orange County Clerk-Recorder 12 Civic Center Plaza, Room 101 Santa Ana, CA 92701 Probable former employee-notaries of New Century Mortgage and Home123 Corporation: Marisa Carrasco, Andres Rojas, Victor Perez, Erika Reyes, Alejandro Mercado, Michelle Flores, Azin Rahmanpanah (list may not be all inclusive) These notaries are probably all employee-notaries of New Century Mortgage or Home123 Corporation. It has been discovered that at least two of them never turned in their notary journals to the Orange County Recorders Office per California laws. The notary journals are to become public record. It also has been discovered that these notaries were instructed by one or more supervisors to NOT make entries in their notary journals as proscribed by California notary laws. This suggests pervasive fraud on the part of the supervisors and above. Thus you may get a letter back from the Orange County California Recorders Office stating that they should have the notary journal, but they do not. If no entries were made in the notary journal, as proscribed by California notary laws, then there is a probability that your assignment is invalid, illegal and void. You can download for free here, by year, the California Secretary of State Notary Guidebook:

If you get the letter back stating the Orange County CA Recorders Office has no notary journal for your California commissioned notary, then you need to write to several places asking for an immediate investigation due to notarial fraud and other illegal acts, like theft of your property for financial gain: 1. File a Complaint here with the Ca Secretary of State Put Attention: Nou Vang, Notary Division (for investigation) 2. File a Complaint and ask for immediate investigation with your local sheriff, police department, county district attorneys office and even your county recorders office (where your assignment is recorded). Also make complaint to your state Attorney General. TIMESAVER TIP: you can write one letter with the details, include whatever supporting documents you have (best to get certified copies of your recorded document) and then go to copy place, like Kinkos FEDEX and run off the packets. Then do mailings and phone calls. 3. File a Complaint with the California Attorney Generals Office Kamala Harris. Since these were all California notary-employees, a criminal investigation should occur at the State AG level. Kamala Harris has formed a Foreclosure Fraud Task Force. Kamala Harris Attorney Generals Office California Department of Justice Attn: Public Inquiry Unit P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550 Express Mail/Location of Offices Lastly, discuss with an attorney the possibility of filing a claim as a creditor in the Delaware bankruptcy of the New Century Mortgage and Home123 Corporation (now in 2012 still ongoing and called New Century TRS Holdings Inc. and the
New Century Liquidating Trust). This bankruptcy recently still has around $30 million in cash. There are several homeowner/borrowers who obtained cash settlements of over 60K. Discuss with an attorney also the possibility of filing an AP or Adversary Proceeding in their bankruptcy (a lawsuit within the bankruptcy). Always consult a competent attorney. If you want to read pleadings and filings the DE bankruptcy case # is 07-10416 KJC and then any adversary proceedings are under different numbers. You can search in PACER (court portal) for the Ralph White case in DE against New Century Mortgage, the Helen Galope case etc.

Additionally, you could write to Judge Kevin Carey, the Delaware Bankruptcy Judge in the matter of New Century Mortgage and Home123 Corporation, now called the New Century Liquidating Trust and tell him that you believe there is bankruptcy fraud and that your assignment is void and quite possibly your property/loan remain somewhere hidden in one of the New Century family of companies. Be sure to write that you expect him to take action on the matter and that the illegal notary acts and fraudulent documents have affected and are continuing to affect thousands upon thousands of American homeowners. In fact Judge Carey should be reporting this to the Justice Department. Much of the fraudulent signing and notarization was done under his watch after New Century Mortgage and Home123 Corporation had already filed for bankruptcy on 4-2-2007. This is the case #07-10416. Judge Kevin Carey 824 North Market Street 3rd Floor Wilmington, Delaware 19801