sweet dreams

SWEET DREAMS I have a sweet and beautiful dream. A dream that will come true.

A dream of love and happiness. A dream of me and you. I dream of long and quiet walks In the soft, warm sand, With you there by my side Strolling hand in hand. Talking soft to one another Of things important and some not, Speaking of our love and life The most precious things we've got. Looking deep into your eyes, So beautiful and clear, Feeling heaven here on earth Just because you're near. Realizing what we have, A love so true and pure. Like we've never known before, Not a fleeting love for sure. There will be no games played, Just truth, love and happiness, That will last forever Until we die, I guess. There’s more but x-rated! If you want to read the rest, email me and I will send. And when we tire of walking And said all we have to say, We'll know without a spoken word How to end a perfect day. We'll find a spot that's beautiful With no one else about, Drop our blanket on the sand, Open and spread it out.

We'll kneel down upon it, Facing one another, ' I'll place my hand upon your breast, Lean down and kiss the other. I'll breathe in the sweet fragrance Of the perfume on your skin, Take loose the buttons of your blouse And slip my hand right in. Gently caress the growing buds Of your breasts so warm and firm, Kiss you softly on the lips As you begin to squirm. Your blouse slips from your shoulders, So soft and milky white, I'll put my arms around you Squeeze and hold you tight. Lay you down upon your back, My chest pressing on you, Run my fingers through your hair Whisper, "I love you true". I'll kiss you once again, My tongue will meet with yours, Taste the sweetness of your mouth, The love nectar it stores. Run my tongue down your neck To the valley of the gods As my shaft gets firm and hard And twitches, pokes and prods. I'll cup your breast in my hand, Run my lips around it, Watch the nipple rise some more The closer that I get. Finally take that swollen bud, Suck it between my lips, While I caress the other one With my finger tips. Breathing hard, feeling warm

We'll remove our clothes; Look into each others eyes And see the love that glows. We'll lay back down, face one another Laying on our side, Caress each other's body With tenderness and pride. I'll run my hand down your back, Down to the small of it, Then on to that lovely thing Upon which you sit. Then to your thighs so soft, Then between your buttocks, Feel the warmth of your love hole As it squeezes and sucks. Put my fingers in between The soft and moist, warm lips, Feel you shudder softly As inside it slips. Your love juice flows freely, Your muscles taut and tight, You reach down, grab ahold Squeeze with all your might. We'll change our positions, (Some call it sixty-nine,) I'll lick and kiss your love place As you lick and suck on mine. Moaning softly, out of breath We feel the moment's near, As you cry out passionately Not caring who might hear. My shaft throbs with delight; It's hard and stiff as stone. I'm as happy as can be, Knowing you're my own. Your mound, it is pulsing,

As our bellies smack. You rise to meet my thrusts, Arching up your back. The pace is getting faster, Our strokes are hard and quick, I feel your muscles tighten, I feel myself get thick. We scream and cry and laugh As our climax nears Feels so wonderful to us Our eyes fill up with tears. Tears of joy and love, Cries of ecstasy, Knowing that I love you And that you love me. A thousand rockets in our head As our loins explode, Having fantastic pleasures, As we empty our load. Throbbing till we think we'll burst, We feel the warmth inside As we give each other love With a rushing tide. Exhausted in each others arms We know the feel of bliss. Tell each other of our love With a gentle, loving kiss. Just part of the dream I have, A dream that will come true, A dream of love and happiness, A dream of me and you.

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