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3DTotal Publishing is an independent publishing house specializing in books in the digital art industry. Launched in 2010, the company has gone from strength to strength and is rapidly developing a reputation as one of the most exciting up-and-coming publishers in the digital art field.


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Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop
Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop is a brand new series dedicated to providing a truly comprehensive guide to the basics of digital painting in this versatile program.
ISBN – 978-0-9551530-7-5 | Softback / Slipcase – 297mm x 210mm | 224 full color premium paper pages | £29.99 / $49.99

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Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 3
Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 3 presents another collection of inspiring and motivational tutorials for artists of all levels. A range of top industry professionals share the benefits of their years of experience in the digital art industry and offer tips, tricks and advice intended to help the next generation of artists reach new heights.
ISBN – 978-0-9551530-4-4 | Softback – 216mm x 279mm 288 full color premium paper pages | £29.99 / $49.99

Digital Art Masters: Volume 6
Originally launched in 2005, the annual Digital Art Masters series continues to showcase the work of some of the finest 2D and 3D artists from around the world. The latest volume, Digital Art Masters: Volume 6 is our biggest book yet. It welcomes another 50 up and-coming and veteran artists, and follows the tradition of taking readers beyond the breathtaking images with detailed breakdowns of the techniques and tricks each artist employed while creating their stunning imagery.
ISBN – 978-0-9551530-5-1 | Softback – 216mm x 279mm 320 full color premium paper pages | £32.00 / $52.50

The Art of Atomhawk Design
Founded in 2009, Atomhawk Design has quickly developed a reputation for delivering exceptional concept art for the film, games and online industries. Boasting some of the most talented and cutting-edge artists in the industry, this young company has now teamed up with 3DTotal to bring together a collection of artworks that represent the very pinnacle of their work.
ISBN – 978-0-9551530-4-4 | Softback – 216mm x 279mm 224 full color premium paper pages | Sale Price: £19.99 / $32.00 | |

JAN - FEB 2012

On the front Life Tastes Good The American Superhero War Never Changes The Big Apple Howdy Partner

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- Oscar Wilde

was included in it, so it’s been narrowed down to five sections, some incredibly relevant, other’s not so much. I know there are some sections you’d expected to see in this issue that haven’t been included, like American sports, that’s simply because we couldn’t find enough images to create a section out of, so it’s not exactly our fault. But I believe the best was done with the resources that were gathered. I really hope you enjoy this issue, and even though I’m not an American citizen, I’m going to end this letter with the famous three words, God Bless America.


ow issue eight already, it’ll be issue ten before you know it I’d have to think of something really big for that, oh bother. Back to this issue which is all about the United States of America, fifty states, a population of over 290 million and possibly the most powerful country in the world. This issue would have been a monster if everything America had done

Richard Bray Editor



‘Uncle Sam’ by Vlad Costin ( Modelled in 3D Studio Max & sculpted in ZBrush.
This image is definitely a personification of America. The patriotism, the bravado, the tattoo on his left shoulder, I could go on. Vlad Costin did an amazing job with this image, great sculpture work on the anatomy and the creases on the clothes. The wrinkles on the face and the veins are spot on, and a really nice touch with the pocket watch. They really should make a toy of this model and sell it, or maybe a game, an Uncle Same game.

On The


t took an incredibly long time find the right cover image for this issue, (as it does for most issues). However for this particular issue, the majority of the time was spent deciding on images instead of searching for them. The images in question were this one, and one of Obama in front of an American flag. The Obama image was good but far too cliché, and as Ceiga is all about being different, ‘Uncle Sam’ won the cover page.

Sailin’ ‘round the worl Oh , to be back in the

ld in a dirty gondola land of C

Bob Dylan

Bottle of Coca-Cola . .
Yulia Goncharenko

3ds max

Coca Cola Bottle . .
Elmar Nieser 3ds Max

Rafael Mustaine



3ds Max

Vintage Store .
Eugenio García Villarreal


Lightwave 3D

20 Oz Coke Bottle . .
Edward Dye, Artistic Image

3ds max

3rd person singular number . .
Imranul Haque 3ds max

Robeo and Catet . .
Juan Carlos Jiménez Vadillo

3ds Max

Desert gas station .
Eugenio García Villarreal


Lightwave 3D


Tim Ness

Captain America . . Maya, UDK

Captain America . .
Sanket Tanak

Maya, ZBrush

Captain America . .
Roman Samakovskiy

3dsmax, ZBrush

Pixologic Superhero . .
Jeff Miller 3ds max, ZBrush

ULTIMATES - Captain America . .
Diego Maia 3ds Max, XSI, ZBrush

In my dreams I hear a the rattle of musketry, mutter of the battlefiel

Douglas MacArthur

gain the crash of guns, , the strange, mournful ld.


Tsvetomir Georgiev


Soldier .

Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway . .
Stanislav Klabik 3ds max, Mudbox

Private Charlie . .
Daniele Orsetti Maya, ZBrush

Soldier .
Paul Nelson


3ds max, ZBrush

Soldier .
Cyril Verrier


3ds Max, ZBrush

Blackhawk UH-60 . .
Shuangyan Mike

Maya, BodyPaint

Tuskegee Airmen . .
Kurt Miller

3ds max, Bryce

American soldier (USAF) . .
Raymond Yang 3ds Max

Sgt. Johnson . .
Sven Juhlin

Maya, Zbrush

The General .
Teh Gene Erh


Maya, Zbrush

Tank ( Merkava II ) . .
Eric Zhang XSI

Wings over Vietman (no. 1-3) . .
Anders Lejczak Modo


New York street wintery scene
Peter Mayer



3ds max

Stefan Morrell

Urban Wonderland . . 3ds max

New York Street . .
Simone Vassallo

Ligntwave 3D

The Great Station . .
Dennis Latter

3ds max

Subway .
Benjamin Ziegler


3ds max

Phone Booth . .
Nicolas Wirrmann

3ds max

One Night In New York . .
Martin Klein 3ds max

“Get on, Ride hard,

and give it all you Cowbo


, Hold nothing back, u’ve got! Thats the oy Way!!!


Gennady Krimer





We named the dog Indiana . .
Jon Berry 3ds max, ZBrush

Santiago . .
Kurt Miller


Sassafras Sam . .
Eric Lyman

Maya, Mudbox

Seth Bullock . .
Andrei Cristea

3ds max, ZBrush

I shot the sheriff . .
Olivier Cannone

3ds max, ZBrush

Wild 338. going California . .
Loïc e338 Zimmermann Maya, ZBrush

The Big Cowboy . .
Gustavo Federico

XSI, ZBrush

Duke - Carrot Crazy .
Dylan VanWormer & Logan Scelina -



Wilderness . .
Peng Bo

Maya, ZBrush

Stanislav Shcherbakov

Take Your Best Shot . .

Maya, ZBrush

May The Hunt Begin . .
Roumen Filipov Roumen Filipov

3ds Max, ZBrush

Jack Stern .
Patrick Beaulieu


3ds max

Cowboy . .
Jason Hill

Maya, ZBrush

On the watch .
Matej Hradsky


3ds max, ZBrush

Wyatt Earp Bust . .
Ryan Trammell

Maya, Mudbox, ZBrush

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Aardman Absolute Post

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Beginner’s Guide to Digital Painting in Photoshop is a brand new series dedicated to providing a truly comprehensive guide to the basics of digital painting in this versatile program. The best way to learn from the pros is to watch over their shoulders as they create a masterpiece. The next best way is to read this book. An essential resource for beginners and veterans alike, the techniques I’ve picked up here show that you’re never too old to learn! Highly recommended. Ian McQue
ISBN – 978-0-9551530-7-5 | Softback / Slipcase – 297mm x 210mm | 224 full color premium paper pages | £29.99 / $49.99

available now from:
Get 20% off this book when you enter the promo code: ceiga20jan
This offer will expire at the end of February 2012