Checklist for arrival

Please read this document carefully as you make your preparations to join Cranfield. As you get nearer to registration you may wish to print this document and bring it with you. Before you come to Cranfield University you will need to: o o o o o o o Send or email (jpeg format only) a passport sized colour photo of yourself to Cranfield Registry with a completed Photo ID Form Ensure you are able to meet all of your academic conditions and send any appropriate documentation to Cranfield Registry Send your financial guarantee (where applicable) or ensure funds are available to pay tuition fees Complete online pre-registration in EVE and print off two copies of the registration form Arrange accommodation either through EVE or independently Arrange insurance Make necessary travel arrangements

Additionally, if you are a national from outside of the EU you should also ensure that: o o o You have obtained an ATAS certificate (if appropriate to your intended course of study) Obtained the correct visa for the length of your course of study Contacted the Airport Meeting Service if you are flying to a London airport and wish to be picked up by our free transport service (available to full time international students only)

All students need to bring the following to registration: o o o Offer letter Two copies of the registration form Proof of identity (one only) o Passport o National ID card o Full UK driving Licence o Birth certificate Outstanding documents (as indicated in your offer letter) o Finance  Grant letter  Sponsor’s letter o Qualifications  Degree/Diploma certificate  Transcript Living expenses



You will need to provide any outstanding documentation (original documents only) and ID If you are an international student (from outside the EU) we will need to check that you have been issued with the correct visa for your course of study. You will then have the opportunity to make use of the following services before you join your School for the induction and the start of your course: o o o o o o o o o o o Library information and introduction IT centre information and introduction Careers service introduction Alumni service introduction Meet representatives from the Cranfield Student Association (CSA) and collect your goodie bag Off-campus accommodation service Student support service through the Community Development Office Students on courses under the ‘European Partnership Programme’ (EPP) can meet the EPP co-ordinator and complete ERASMUS paperwork Opportunity to open a bank account Register with the University Medical Centre Register with one of the Sports Clubs or Societies . A University official will check your passport and visa and take copies for our records Register with School administration to confirm arrival and pick up details of your induction and course timetables o o Once your registration has been completed in full we will issue you with your Cranfield University ID card and a Student Handbook.o o o Vaccinations/medical records for registering with a doctor Children’s school records (photocopies accepted) Suitable clothing for the British climate Once you arrive you will need to register as a student with Cranfield University. You will need to complete the following stages to complete your registration in full: o o Finance: you will need to pay your fees in full or provide evidence of sponsorship Registry: you will need to see representatives from Registry who will check to see if there are any outstanding conditions of entry (as stated in your original offer letter).