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January 2012

Inside this issue: Opening Message…..1 416 Babies……………1 Awards………………..2 Blurbs…………………2 Club Visits…………..2 Dodge 2 Eliminate..2 Time Management..3 Hour Goals………….3 Call to SZR…………..3 FLOF………………….4 District Contacts…..4

Division 25C Key Clubbers,
Hope you had a magnificent, service filled winter break that was used to power up for the next few months! From now until District Convention is when Key Club gets down to the nitty gritty, preparing all of our big service projects, preparing for DCON May 10-14th through all of the awards things that need to be turned in by the 1st of April, fundraisers, elections, training of new officers and keeping the members motivated to do more service. We all just need to take a deep breathe and use some time management. This is going to be a very important aspect because while you might not want to be filling out all of this paperwork or spend that extra hour working on your election speech it will all pay off in the end two or three fold. Moreover, lets gear up and tackle not only these problems head on but those of the community.

Yours In Service,

416 Babies and Counting!
Our division did an amazing job these past few months on Eliminating Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus through the Eliminate Project. We ended up raising a total of $748.85 as a division. All of the clubs played a key role in raising this money and saving the lives of these mothers and babies. In addition, many clubs raised additional money through Trick or Treat for UNICEF which amounted to thousands of dollars. While a heady congratulations is in store it’s time for all of us to shift our efforts to Children’s Miracle Network in our winter service focus.


In District & International News

So What Awards Should I be Focusing on Now?
Although all awards are due April 1st, there are some awards you might want to be focusing on now in order to do them easiest, stress free way.

major emphasis. No single organization or initiative shall be considered exclusively a R

Start with the Awards that you have already completed the legwork for such as the - UNICEF/Eliminate Fundraising Award Application. - J. Walker Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor App. - Jack Gander Outstanding Faculty Advisor App. - Start completing your scrapbook with pages from the first half of the year. 2. Start thinking about scripts for your video, the focus of your poster and things of that nature.


Club Spotlight: Dodge 2 Eliminate
Barbara Goleman will be hosting a Dodge ball tournament on January 10th from 6-9 P.M. in their gym. All proceeds will go to The Eliminate Project. Have questions? Contact Kimberly at 305-332-3892



We’re the Mighty Flamingos Alright!
Time Management & Organization
Well Jane has school and work and college applications and sports and of course Key Club! How does she fit all of this into one day? The answer is time management! As we start 2012 there’s probably going to be quite a few additional duties you will have to do as apart of your Key Club duties such as training a new set of officers in the next few months, preparing your awards applications and items for District Convention [DCON] and doing extra fundraisers. One thing being a Lieutenant Governor has taught me is how to balance a millions things at once. New Years is normally the time when we make our resolutions which for a lot of the people is to get organized at home but why not make your resolution to get organized with Key Club and your other activities by utilizing things such as check lists, calendars, reminders on your phone or computers and any other way you see fit to organize your life. I know when I have a lot to do I set goals for each hour in order to get everything I want done. Organize yourself however you want! It’s not how you get organized but just that you do it. Also keep in mind that I am just a call away if the stress starts getting to you. I’m happy to help you in any way necessary!

Divisional Service Goal —>—>—>
*1st HGHS 7482 Hours * 2nd BGHS 4721 Hours *3rd HHS 1392 Hours

Remember that if you’d like to run for a District or International position you must turn in your forms by the end of the month. Also, club elections should be done between now and February. Remember: after you’ve done your elections OIF forms need to be filled out online as soon as possible!

Official Call to Spring Zone Rally
Think you have what it takes to be a better servant leader by learning more?
Then Spring Zone Rally is the place for you to be! SZR is the place where we elect our new Lieutenant Governor, here from district and international candidates, and get trained in our officer positions. When? February 11th Where? La Salle High School, 3601 S. Miami Ave. Coconut Grove, FL 33133 Time? 8:OO A.M.-1:00 P.M. Cost? $5.00
Includes Breakfast & Lunch!



Stay Connected All Year Long!

Florida Opportunity Fund
Need money for one of those BIG or SMALL service projects? The Florida Opportunity Fund also known as FLOF is for you! FLOF can be applied for anytime through out the year for any projects you need financial support for. All you have to do is fill out an application at http://www.floridakeyclub.com/flof The only requirements of FLOF is that you have to receive 1/3 of the funds for the project from a source other than FLOF, you must be in good standing with KCI, all Pride Reports must be filled out, you must fill out a follow up report once the project is completed and you have to fill out the complete application. Remember that I must fill out a portion of the application so once you have completed your parts you can send it to me and then when finished you can send it to treasurer@floridakeyclub.com. Have further questions? Ask me, Treasurer Eric or even Miami Lakes Ed. Center who used FLOF in previous years for their service project Kan Kan Dance.

Division 25C FB:
https:// www.facebook.com/#!/ home.php? sk=group_1588007341794 84&ap=1

Florida District FB:
https:// www.facebook.com/#!/ floridakeyclub

Florida KC Website:

Key Club Website:

Want to contact your district?
District Governor: Doug Ream District Secretary: Jessica Shevlin Email: GovernorDoug@FloridaKeyClub.com Email: Secretary@FloridaKeyClub.com District Treasurer: Eric Riser Email: Treasurer@FloridaKeyClub.com District Editor: Jenny Tintner Email: Editor@FloridaKeyClub.com District Webmaster: Jesus Lopez Email: Webmaster@FloridaKeyClub.com District Executive Assistant: Devon Mims Email : Assistant@FloridaKeyClub.com Zone Administrator: Chuck and Emilia Gugliuzza Email: AAZoneK@FloridaKeyClub.com

Florida District Administrator: David McCampbell Email: AdminDavid@FloridaKeyClub.com

Division 25C LTG: Amanda Hernandez 786-252-1723 division25c@floridakeyclub.com

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