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38736 Federal Register / Vol. 68, No.

125 / Monday, June 30, 2003 / Notices

proposal consistent with the provisions
[Declaration of Disaster #3508]
of 15A(b)(5) of the Act,11 which requires Reporting and Recordkeeping
that the rules of the NASD provide for Requirements Under OMB Review Commonwealth of Kentucky;
equitable allocation of reasonable dues, (Amendment # 2)
fees and other charges among members AGENCY: Small Business Administration.
and issuers and other persons using any In accordance with the notice
ACTION: Notice of Reporting
facility or system which the NASD received from the Department of
Requirements Submitted for OMB Homeland Security—Federal Emergency
operates or controls. The Commission
Review. Management Agency, effective June 23,
believes that the proposed fees for
Primex access over the Internet, which 2003, the above numbered declaration is
SUMMARY: Under the provisions of the hereby amended to include Graves
the Nasdaq represents are lower than
the current fees for accessing Primex Paperwork Reduction Act (44 U.S.C. County in the Commonwealth of
using existing technology, are Chapter 35), agencies are required to Kentucky as a disaster area due to
reasonable and equitable. submit proposed reporting and damages caused by severe storms,
recordkeeping requirements to OMB for flooding, mud and rock slides, and
Furthermore, the Commission finds
review and approval, and to publish a tornadoes occurring on May 4 through
good cause for approving the proposed
notice in the Federal Register notifying May 27, 2003.
rule change and Amendment No. 1
the public that the agency has made In addition, applications for economic
thereto prior to the thirtieth day after
such a submission. injury loans from small businesses
the date of publication of the notice of
located in the contiguous counties of
filing thereof in the Federal Register.12 DATES: Submit comments on or before
Ballard, Calloway, Carlisle, Hickman,
The proposed rule change, as amended July 30, 2003. If you intend to comment Marshall, and McCracken in the
by Amendment No. 1 has been but cannot prepare comments promptly, Commonwealth of Kentucky, and Henry
published for public comment in the please advise the OMB Reviewer and and Weakley counties in the State of
Federal Register as of May 29, 2003. the Agency Clearance Officer before the Tennessee may be filed until the
The Commission has not received any deadline. specified date at the previously
comments on the proposal. The
COPIES: Request for clearance (OMB designated location. All other counties
Commission is accelerating approval of
83–1), supporting statement, and other contiguous to the above named primary
the proposed rule change and
documents submitted to OMB for counties have been previously declared.
Amendment No. 1 prior to the thirtieth
review may be obtained from the The number for economic injury for
day after the date of publication in the
Agency Clearance Officer. the State of Tennessee is 9W1200.
Federal Register because the
All other information remains the
Commission believes that adding the ADDRESSES: Address all comments same, i.e., the deadline for filing
Internet access option will not alter the concerning this notice to: Agency applications for physical damage is
existing methods of accessing Primex, Clearance Officer, Jacqueline White, August 4, 2003, and for economic injury
and that accelerated approval should Small Business Administration, 409 3rd the deadline is March 3, 2004.
impart immediate benefits to those Street, SW., 5th Floor, Washington, DC
participants that choose to access (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
20416; and OMB Reviewer, Office of Program Nos. 59002 and 59008)
Primex over the Internet. Accordingly, Information and Regulatory Affairs,
the Commission believes that it is Dated: June 24, 2003.
Office of Management and Budget, New
consistent with sections 15A(b)(6),13 Herbert L. Mitchell,
Executive Office Building, Washington,
15A(b)(5) 14 and 19(b)(2) 15 of the Act, to Associate Administrator for Disaster
DC 20503. Assistance.
approve the proposed rule change and
Amendment No. 1 thereto on an FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: [FR Doc. 03–16476 Filed 6–27–03; 8:45 am]
accelerated basis. Jacqueline White, Agency Clearance BILLING CODE 8025–01–P
Officer, (202) 205–7044.
IV. Conclusion
It is therefore ordered, pursuant to
section 19(b)(2) of the Act,16 that the Title: Entrepreneurial Development [Declaration of Disaster #3512]
proposed rule change (SR–NASD–2003– Management Information System
62), as amended, be, and it hereby is, (EDMIS)—Counseling Information Form State of West Virginia
approved on an accelerated basis. & Management Training Report.
As a result of the President’s major
For the Commission, by the Division of Numbers: 641 & 888. disaster declaration on June 21, 2003 I
Market Regulation, pursuant to delegated Frequency: On Occasion. find that Boone, Kanawha, Logan,
authority.17 Description of Respondents: New Mason, Putnam, and Wayne Counties in
Margaret H. McFarland, established and prospective Small the State of West Virginia constitute a
Deputy Secretary. Business Owners Using the services and disaster area due to damages caused by
[FR Doc. 03–16466 Filed 6–27–03; 8:45 am] programs by the Business Information severe storms, flooding, and landslides
Center Program. that occurred June 11, 2003 and
continuing. Applications for loans for
Responses: 1,350,000. physical damage as a result of this
11 15 U.S.C. 78o–3(b)(5).
12 15
Annual Burden: 67,500. disaster may be filed until the close of
U.S.C. 78s(b)(2).
13 15 U.S.C. 78o–3(b)(6). business on August 20, 2003, and for
Jacqueline White,
14 15 U.S.C. 78o–3(b)(5). loans for economic injury until the close
15 15 U.S.C. 78s(b)(2).
Chief, Administrative Information Branch. of business on March 22, 2004 at the
16 Id. [FR Doc. 03–16402 Filed 6–27–03; 8:45 am] address listed below or other locally
17 17 CFR 200.30–3(a)(12). BILLING CODE 8025–01–P announced locations:

VerDate Jan<31>2003 20:57 Jun 27, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00070 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\30JNN1.SGM 30JNN1
Federal Register / Vol. 68, No. 125 / Monday, June 30, 2003 / Notices 38737

U.S. Small Business Administration, share information concerning the ACTION: Notice of the extension of tests
Disaster Area 1 Office, 360 Rainbow federal regulatory enforcement and involving modifications to the disability
Blvd., South, 3rd Floor, Niagara Falls, compliance environment. determination procedures.
NY 14303. Anyone wishing to attend or to make
In addition, applications for economic a presentation must contact Irene SUMMARY: We are announcing the
injury loans from small businesses Gonzalez in writing or by fax, in order extension of tests involving
located in the following contiguous to be put on the agenda. Irene Gonzalez, modifications to our disability
counties may be filed until the specified U.S. Small Business Administration, determination procedures that we are
date at the above location: Boyd, Boise District Office, 1020 Main Street, conducting under the authority of
Lawrence, and Martin Counties in the Suite 290, Boise, ID 83702, phone (208) current rules codified at 20 CFR 404.906
Commonwealth of Kentucky; Gallia, 334–1696 ext. 249, fax (208) 334–9353, and 416.1406. These rules provide
Lawrence, and Meigs Counties in the e-mail: authority to test several modifications to
State of Ohio; and Cabell, Clay, Fayette, For more information, see our Web the disability determination procedures
Jackson, Lincoln, Mingo, Nicholas, site at that we normally follow in adjudicating
Raleigh, Roane, and Wyoming Counties claims for disability insurance benefits
Dated: June 23, 2003.
in the State of West Virginia. under title II of the Social Security Act
The interest rates are: Michael L. Barrera,
(the Act) and for supplemental security
National Ombudsman. income payments based on disability
Percent [FR Doc. 03–16392 Filed 6–27–03; 8:45 am] under title XVI of the Act. We have
BILLING CODE 8025–01–P decided to extend the testing of two
For Physical Damage:
redesign features of the disability
Homeowners with Credit Avail-
able Elsewhere ...................... 5.625 prototype for 6 months to enable us to
SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION address transition issues.
Homeowners without Credit
Available Elsewhere .............. 2.812 Region X Regulatory Fairness Board; DATES: We are extending our selection
Businesses with Credit Avail- of cases to be included in these tests
able Elsewhere ...................... 5.906 Public Federal Regulatory
Businesses and Non-Profit Or- Enforcement Fairness Roundtable from June 30, 2003 until no later than
ganizations Without Credit December 31, 2003. If we decide to
Available Elsewhere .............. 2.953
The Small Business Administration continue selection of cases for these
Others (Including Non-Profit Or- Region X Regulatory Fairness Board and tests beyond this date, we will publish
ganizations) with Credit Avail- the SBA Office of the National another notice in the Federal Register.
able Elsewhere ...................... 5.500 Ombudsman will hold a Public
For Economic Injury Roundtable on Tuesday, July 15, 2003 at
Businesses and Small Agricul- 9 a.m. at the Wells Fargo Bank Alaska, Landis, Disability Process Redesign
tural Cooperatives without 5th Floor Conference Room, Anchorage, Staff, Office of Disability
Credit Available Elsewhere ... 2.953 AK 99501 to provide small business Determinations, Social Security
owners and representatives of trade Administration, 6401 Security
The number assigned to this disaster Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland 21235–
associations with an opportunity to
for physical damage is 351211 and for 6401, 410–965–5388.
share information concerning the
economic injury the numbers are SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Current
federal regulatory enforcement and
9V9900 for the State of West Virginia, regulations at 20 CFR 404.906 and
compliance environment.
9W0100 for the Commonwealth of 416.1406 authorize us to test,
Kentucky, and 9W0200 for the State of Anyone wishing to attend or to make
a presentation must contact Ron individually, or in any combination,
Veltkamp in writing or by fax, in order different modifications to the disability
(Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance to be put on the agenda. Ron Veltkamp, determination procedures. We have
Program Nos. 59002 and 59008.) U.S. Small Business Administration, conducted several tests under the
Dated: June 23, 2003. Alaska District Office, 510 L Street, authority of these rules, including a
Herbert L. Mitchell, Suite 310, Anchorage, AK 99501, phone prototype that incorporates a number of
Associate Administrator for Disaster (907) 271–4838, fax (907) 271–4545, e- modifications to the disability
Assistance. mail: determination procedures that the State
[FR Doc. 03–16390 Filed 6–27–03; 8:45 am] For more information, see our Web agencies use. The prototype included
BILLING CODE 8025–01–P site at three redesign features, and we
Dated: June 23, 2003.
previously extended the tests of two of
those features: the use of a single
decisionmaker, in which a disability
National Ombudsman. examiner may make the initial disability
Region X Regulatory Fairness Board; [FR Doc. 03–16391 Filed 6–27–03; 8:45 am] determination in most cases without
Public Federal Regulatory BILLING CODE 8025–01–P requiring the signature of a medical
Enforcement Fairness Roundtable consultant; and elimination of the
The Small Business Administration reconsideration level of review. We are
Region X Regulatory Fairness Board and now announcing a further extension of
the SBA Office of the National SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION the testing of these two features.
Ombudsman will hold a Public Modifications to the Disability We also have conducted another test
Roundtable on Thursday, July 10, 2003 Determination Procedures; Extension involving the use of a single
at 10 a.m. at the Boise Metro Chamber of Testing of Some Disability Redesign decisionmaker who may make the
of Commerce, 250 S. 5th Street, Boise, Features initial disability determination in most
ID 83701, to provide small business cases without requiring the signature of
owners and representatives of trade AGENCY: Social Security Administration a medical consultant. We are also
associations with an opportunity to (SSA). extending the period during which we

VerDate Jan<31>2003 20:57 Jun 27, 2003 Jkt 200001 PO 00000 Frm 00071 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\30JNN1.SGM 30JNN1