The purpose of visitor attraction management project is to examine visitor attraction in one leading and one developing destinations. The project is aimed at to find and analyze for establishing range and at the same time importance of visitor attractions and also exploring the visitor types, needs, impacts, and other motivation theories which is according to the specific region. The visitor attraction management project will contain proposal letter discussing about both the destinations as leading and developing tourist and visitor center of location.

The visitor attraction management project outline of project is listed below 1) Cover Letter for Head of the Tourist Office 2) Findings Proposal including description about Leading Destination (France) and Developing Destination (UAE) for each as below: a. Range Of Visitor Attractions / Appeal b. Types Of Visitor Attraction Awareness c. Importance Range Of Attractions (Visitors) d. Visitor Types e. Visitor Needs f. Visitor Impacts g. Tourist Motivations 3) Recommendation for the leading and developing destination 4) Conclusion about the destinations selected 5) Bibliography

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Head of the Tourist Office Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Respected Sir,

I have researched and analyzed about two of the destinations which is leading destination as France and developing destination as UAE as per the required investigation to report detailed findings as per the requirements and outcomes expected. Depending upon the type of tourists and visitors along with purpose of visit, duration of stay, and financial status anyone can be selected for them.

Please have a look and propose date, timing, and venue for meeting and presentation. I will be looking forward to read from you.

Thank you.


Tourist Advisor Enclosure: Findings Report

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In the leading destination for visitors from all around the world France is known as the world’s number one tourist and visitor center of location and destination. The increase of visitors and tourists to the France was since during the years 2000.

According to the reports and findings that were reported are around 78 million foreign tourists during the year 2006 and their international revenue from this increase by 2.5% profiting reaching €35 billion. The difference between 2005 and 2006 is nearly 3%.

As per the statistical figures ¾ of visitors and tourists are European who is visiting France whereby British ranked top as compared to the Germans and other visitors are from Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. Moreover, the number of Chinese tourists increased to around 600,000 visitors and tourists1.


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The range of visitor attractions in France is Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, and Strasbourg2 as shown in the map below:

In the France, along with the variety of landscapes and climatic conditions there is also cultural diversity. Within their range of attractions towards the tourists they offer mountain, coastlines, Mediterranean Sea, rich in cultural heritage, and castle known as châteaux.



As per the tourism that is accountable is around 6% of France GDP whereby there are 4% of French tourists traveling within their country itself and 2% are foreign tourists. So, these are the types of visitors and tourists that is contributing in the France tourism3.
2 3

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According to the attraction types offered by different locations in France as described below which are depending upon visitor and tourist type:

Bordeaux Attractions4: In this location there are around 26 targets and centers for tourists and visitors and they are Aquitaine Museum, Baptistere St-Jean, Caudalie Spa (ancient spa), Chartreuse Cemetery (largest cemetery city), Chartrons Museum, City Sports Centre (one of the premiere sports), Contemporary Art Museum, Croiseur Colbert (old warship most interesting attractions), Grand Theatre (most beautiful buildings), Le Moliere Theatre, L’Ecole Normale Public Park (largest city parks), Maison de l’Eau, Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of the New World, Natural History Museum, Palais Rohan, Parc Bordelais (beautiful park), Patinoire de Meriadeck (excellent iceskating rink), Place de la Bourse, Place du Parlement (historic centre), Place Gambetta, Pont de Pierre (most impressive bridge), Rue Ste-Catherine (oldest thoroughfares), St-Croix Museum, Theatre Fémina (great tradition of the arts and theatre), and Tour St. Nicholas.

Lyon Attractions5: In this location there are around 105 points of tourist and visitor interested areas as per the types of tourists attractions and they are African Museum, Alain Georges Gallery (figurative paintings), Amonzevo

Touring, Ancien Palais de Justice (fascinating tourist attractions), Archaïa Antiques Centre, Atelier de Soierie, Atelier des Ombres (interactive experience), Auberge du Gouvernement, Bar Panoramique Sofitel, Basilique de Fourvière, Bellecour Gallery (art galleries), Bois de Balmont, Buddhist
4 5

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Centre, Captiva, Cathedrale St-Jean, Celestins Theatre, Charveriat Gallery, Chomarat Gallery (contemporary art), Church of the Annunciation

(architectural), Conservatory of Music, Contemporary Art Museum, EauForte (drawings and engravings), Eglise Saint-Paul, Fire Museum (fire fighting), Galerie Dettinger-Mayer, Galerie Domi Nostrae, Gerland Stadium (sporting architecture), Grande Mosquee de Lyon, Grande Synagogue, Halle Tony Garnier, Homme de la Roche, Hospital Museum, Hotel Bullioud, Hotel de la Couronne, Hotel de Ville, Hotel Dieu, Hotel Laurencin, Hotel Paterin, Immaculee Conception, International Puppet Museum (famous puppet), Jardin Archeologique St-Jean (gardens), Jardin des Chartreux, Jardin des Plantes, Jardin du Rosaire, Laurencin Gallery, Loge du Change, Lumière Institute, Lyon History Museum, Maison des Avocats, Maison des Canuts, Maison du Chamarier, Maison du Soleil, Maison Thomassin, Malaval Gallery, Manecanterie, Mazarini Gallery, Michel Estades Gallery, Municipal Library of Lyon, Mur Mur Climbing Centre, Museum of Dolls, Museum of Fabrics, Museum of Printing and the Bank, Museum of Roman Life, Natural History Museum for Children, Nautical Centre, Notre-Dame de Saint-Vincent, Olivier Houg Gallery, Opera of Lyon, Palais de la Miniature, Palais Episcopal SaintJean, Palais Saint-Pierre, Parc Chambovet, Parc de la Tete d’Or, Parc de Parilly, Parc Georges Bazin, Place Antonin Poncet, Place Bellecour, Place des Jacobins, Place des Terreaux, Prefecture Building, Quai des Ludes, Quartier des Etats-Unis, Rambling Centre, Resistance and Deportation Museum, Rhône Accueil, River Rhône, Roman Amphitheatre, Sacred Art Museum, Saint Jean Apotre, Saint Nom-de-Jesus, Saint Polycarpe, Saint-

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Andre, Saint-François de Sales, Saint-Georges Gallery, Saint-Irenee, SaintJust, Saint-Laurent de Choulans, Saint-Paul Gallery, Skating Centre, Telecommunications Museum, Tombeaux Romains, Tony Garnier Urban Museum, Tour Metallique, Tour Rose, and Vrais Rêves Gallery.

Marseille Attractions6: In this location for attractions and their types are around 101 targets and centers and they are Abbaye de Saint Victor, Accoules Church, Armandine et Chocolat, Armee du Salut, Arts Cades, Atelier, Athanor Gallery, Badaboum Theatre, Bastide de la Magalone, Caroline Serero Gallery, Castellane Fountain, Catalans Beach, Cathedrale de la Major, Centre de la Vieille Charite, Chocolate Theatre, Corniche du President J.F. Kennedy, Cours Julien, Creuset des Arts, Cultural Exchange in the Mediterranean, Department Building, Eglise des Chartreux, Eglise du Sacre-Coeur, Eglise Saint-Cannat, Eglise Saint-Ferreol les Augustins, Eglise Saint-Vincent de Paul, Escalier de la gare Saint-Charles, Espace Odéon, Fashion Museum, Ferry Boat, Fine Arts Museum, Font Obscure, Fort SaintJean, Fort Saint-Nicolas, Friche Belle-de-Mai, Galerie Sordini, GrobetLabadie Museum, Histoboat, Histobus, Horizon Gallery, Hotel de Cabre, Hotel de Ville, Hotel Dieu, Hyaline Gallery, International Poetry Centre of Marseille, Jardin Pierre Puget, Jouvene Gallery, La Canebiere, Lacydon Gallery, Le Panier and the Vieille Charité, Le Pouce, L’Estaque Beach, Mairie de Secteur Bagatelle, Maison de l’Artisanat et des Metiers d’Art, Maison Diamantee, Marc Stammegna Gallery, Marine and Economy Museum, Marseille Contemporary Art Museum, Marseille History Walk, Mazenod


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Theatre, Mediterranean Archaeology Museum, Memorial des Camps de la Mort, Memorial des Rapatries, Municipal Archives, Municipal Library of St. Charles, Municipal Water Sports Centre, Museum of Marseille History, Museum of Olympic Marseille, Natural History Museum, Notre Dame de la Garde, Notre-Dame de la Galline Church, Obelisque de Mazargues, Office of Culture, Old Port, Opera Municipal, Opera of Marseille, Palais du Pharo, Parc Borély, Parc Chariot, Parc Lumigny, Paroisse Notre-Dame-du-Mont, Pavillon Daviel, Petit Train Touristique, Pharos Gallery, Phocea Gallery, Poing Chaud Gallery, Pointe Rouge Beach, Preau des Accoules, Prefecture Building, Provence Culture Centre, Puces Gallery, Ravelle Park, Roger Pailhas Gallery, Roman Docks Museum, Rowing Centre, Santon Museum, School of Fine Arts Gallery, Set Squash Club, Stade Vélodrome, Statue of David, Transport Gallery, and Vieux Marseille Museum.

Nice Attractions7: In this location for attractions and their types are around 35 targets and centers and they are Acropolis Exhibition Centre, Arc de Venet, Basilique Notre-Dame, Braunstein Galley, Castel Plage, Chapelle de la Misericorde, Cimiez Cemetery and Monastery, Eglise St-Augustin, Eglise St-Etienne, Eglise St-Paul, Espace Loas, Fille du Pirate, Fort du mont Alban, Franciscain Museum, Jardin Botanique, L’eglise Saint Giaume, Matisse Museum, Monument aux morts, Négresco, Neptune Beach, Nice Opera, Palais de la Méditerranée, Palais Lascaris, Parc Departmental de la Justice, Parc du Mont-Boron, Parc Phoenix, Parfumerie Galimard, Place Garibaldi, Place Rossetti, Promenade des Anglais, Sea Life Tours, St-Suaire Chapel,


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Station Tourist Office, Theâtre de la Photographie et de L’Image, and Train des Pignes.

Paris Attractions8: In this location for attractions and their types are around 393 targets and centers and the list is available in the source <>.

Strasbourg Attractions9: In this location for attractions and their types are around 18 targets and centers and they are Alsace Museum, Archaeology Museum, Contemporary and Modern Art Museum, Forest of Robertsau, L’Oeuvre Notre-Dame Museum, L’Opéra National du Rhin, L’Orangerie Park, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Palace of Europe, Palais de Rohan, Parc de le Citadelle, Parc du Rhin, Place de la République, Place Gutenberg, Rue des Juifs, Saint Pierre le Jeune Church, St. Thomas’ Church, and Synagogue de la Paix.

According to the information about the types of attractions in their locations we can understand that Paris is the top appealing location in France for targeting tourists and visitors from all around the world. The difference is shown in figure (1) as per the statistical analysis conducted.

8 9

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France Types of Attraction Location
400 375 350 325 No. of Attraction Targets 300 275 250 225 200 175 150 125 100 75 50 25 0 Paris Attractions Lyon Attractions Marseille Attractions Nice Attractions Bordeaux Attractions Strasbourg Attractions


Figure (1)



According to these ranges the major types of attractions are museums, art galleries, parks, rivers, architectural, theatre, sports and stadium, opera, and trading, commercial, or shopping areas. However, as per the statistical analysis Paris in France is a major attraction area for various tourist types. The importance to provide maximum range and types are because to attract more and more tourists and visitors either locally or internationally towards them.

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The visitor and tourist types are based on attractions that is available and as per the French government support for possibilities for them to visit their location of targets and attractions as identified.

According to usual visitors they are business visitors in France who happen to enjoy the attraction appeals provided to them. As classified by France government, they have two types of business visitors and they are “short-term business visits” and “visa-waived entry by treaty or reciprocal agreement between a foreign national's home country and France”.



As per the business visa that is obtained by the visitor that can due to research, meetings, and so on the French government have authority and power towards their place of visiting, place of staying, and others.

The specified activities for the visitor are attending business meetings as per certain locations that require prior bookings, making discussion and

negotiations with business partners in France, making calls to European clients as they might have commercial entity outside France, and attending seminars and training as per fact-finding meetings10.

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According to the visa rules and attractions as per France government and their tourism destination is providing for their visitors and tourists impacts which might be positive on European visitors and negative on Arabs or non European visitors. This is because their flexible rules are for Europeans and not for non Europeans and this also could be the reason that there are increases in the number of European tourists and visitors rather than non European attracted to their French services and facilities.

As per the attractions and appeals provided by French government and tourism destinations for their tourists and visitors are wide categories that their stay will not only be business but also personal entertainment and leisure with many options that are welcoming them. So, it is understood that an entrant or visa to France is not easy and it has to be for business purpose or seminars attending reasons besides at the same time to have fun and make usage of various attractions made available.

Due to the various attractions and appeals there is unequal impact on the regions in France as well as according to the impacts from the visitors and tourists either increasing or decreasing that is resulting in the growth of one location and stable in others.

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The tourists and visitors motivations are according to the areas that they are inspired and impacted about according to the categories of attractions. One of their major attractions is related to culture of France as per specific targets among four major locations. The cultural attractions in France according to the figures studies during the year 2006 as shown in figure (2) are11:

1. Louvre is the biggest crowd puller (7.6 million visitors) which is the highest among other cultural attractions. 2. Eiffel Tower (6.4 million visitors) and Pompidou Centre (5.3 million visitors) which are almost similar to each other with little differences in number of visitors of cultural attractions. 3. Versailles (3.3 million visitors) which is the lowest among other cultural attractions.

According to the statistical figures and data obtained we can understand that there are certain areas where the tourists and visitors are inspired and motivated by the cultural attractions that led in the increase in the number of tourists and visitors to that specific location in France which can also be observed and seen in figure (2).


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Cultural Attractions Locations in France 2006
10 9 8 Visitors in Millions 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Louvre is the biggest crowd puller Eiffel Tower Pompidou Centre Versailles 3.3 7.6 6.4 5.3

France Attractions Locations

Figure (2)



In the Middle East, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is now one of the developing destinations as per two major locations such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These are known as tourists regions in the destination specified. However, due to Dubai’s fast growth and center of location as an impact of globalization and developments of investments and projects.

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In the UAE it is developing tourist region and the main location among other Emirates are Dubai which is the center for most of the tourists and visitors. The reason is that due to projects and investments that have increased during the past few years attracted more business persons, visitors, tourists, and others. In Dubai there are also other sources of pleasure and entertainment various places to meet different preferences.

Moreover, tourism in Dubai, it is an important part of Dubai government's strategy which is showing great advantage to UAE. This strategy is aimed at to maintain the smooth flow of foreign dollars in the various Emirates in the UAE such as Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, including Dubai (second tourist location) and Abu Dhabi (first tourist location).

Besides the oil revenue and growth in their tourism, a majority of the revenue of Dubai and other Emirates are from Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA) that is center of target and location for many visitor and investors in the UAE that is showing increase in the tourist attractions to the developing region12.


The range of attractions in UAE as developing destination is within Abu Dhabi and Dubai that shows attraction of visitors, tourists, investors, and others looking for opportunities in this region while developing.


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The details about the range of visitor attractions are:

In Abu Dhabi (AD), it is known as the largest of seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates as tourist destination and living location and it is both splendid and enigmatic. It is great experience for the visitors and tourists to identify the charms and excitements located within AD and at the same time others are trying to unravel as per the types of attractions offered by UAE.

It is also known that the tourist and visitor attractions in AD are diverse same as salt and sugar at the same time. This is because a tourist and visitor can experience in their range pleasures and bounties of nature and natural environment in the AD. Besides, there is also creativity and brilliant designs that has been created as per the architectural marvels that can be seen from the skyline of AD13.

In Dubai, it is also known for earning and benefiting revenue from tourism and also known as top tourist location in the UAE for visitor from around the world. Even though it is developing in fast range which is because of the reason due to their offerings for tourists and visitors. The major ranges within their location are leisure, entertainment, and major attractions for vacation or business purposes. Another, major strength about Dubai’s range of attractions is about their souq or shopping areas especially in Gold Market by giving the title to Dubai


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“The City of Gold”. This because due to the quality of the gold that is also regulated by the Dubai Municipal Corporation to meet customer satisfaction with all varieties of gold that the tourists, visitors, and living people in the UAE suitable for traditional Asian and Arab ornaments.

Among the range of attractions in Dubai, the beaches are also tourist and visitors for maximum freedom with accommodation facilities and sports and games related to water entertainment available within the beach. Whereby, there are also desert attraction activities with their ranges for trips that the tourists and visitors will enjoy adventurous and memorable during the evening or morning enjoying the sun and camels. More about the ranges of attractions will be classified in the types of attractions offered by each location by the UAE destination14.


In the visitor and tourist types of attractions is as per the offering for entertainment and leisure that they can make use of during their stay in the United Arab Emirates. According to the comparisons conducted Abu Dhabi ranked first as compared with Dubai as there are 20 locations in Dubai. The difference is little and if Dubai continued growing might be first in UAE.


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• In the Abu Dhabi, there are around 25 locations providing various types of visitor attractions within their ranges and they are Iranian Souk, Dhow Harbor, Al Ain National Museum, Heritage Village, Bateen Shipyard, Volcano Fountain, Hili Archaeological Gardens, Al Ain Old Prison, Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, Ain Al Fayda Resort, Women’s Handicrafts Center, Petroleum Exhibition, Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium, Abu Dhabi Ice Rink, Lulu Island, Al Ain Club, Central Gardens, Rub Al Khali, Al Jahili Fort, Hili Fun City, Jebel Hafeet, Grand Mosque, Al Hosn Palace, and Bedouin Village. • In the Dubai, there are around 20 locations providing various types of visitor attractions within their ranges and they are Grand Mosque, Dhows, Wonder Bus, Knowledge Village, Dubai Museum, Heritage And Diving Village, Bastakiya, Dubai Creek, Horse Racing, Dubai Zoo, Burj Al Arab, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Dragon Mart, Jumeirah Mosque, Desert Safari, Dubai World Trade Center, Ski Dubai, Dubai Autodrome, Camel Racing, and Wonderland Waterpark15.

The number of types of attractions and locations are very few that is developed tremendously and suitable for tourists and visitors to visit during their short or long stay in the UAE. It is also expected that Dubai will grow and might be the leading location in UAE due to the projects and developments that is taking place benefiting the tourism industry. However, the current difference is shown in figure (2):


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United Arab Emirates

No. of Attractions



0 Abu Dhabi Locations Dubai

Figure (2)

Moreover, in Dubai, they have provided enjoyable events for tourists and visitors to make their stay remarkable and memorable for various types of visitors. These events on annual basis are16:









International Jazz Festival, Emirates Cup Traditional Dhow Sailing Race, Dubai International Sailing Week Regatta”.
• •

February – “The Dubai Terry Fox Run, Dubai Tennis Championships”. March - “Dubai Desert Golf Classic, Dubai World Cup, Dubai International Kite Surfing Challenge”.


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• • • • • •

April - “International Jewellery exhibition”. May - “Local and international events”. June - “Dubai Summer Surprises, UAE National Sailing Championship”. July - “Dubai Summer Surprises”. August - “Dubai Summer Surprises”. September - “Local and international events (Dubai, the City that Cares festival)”.

• • •

October - “Gulf IT Exhibition (GITEX), UAE Desert Challenge”. November - “Horse racing season, Dubai Traditional Dhow Sailing Race”. December - “Rugby 7s, Dubai Air Show, Dubai Grand Prix, National Day celebrations”.

As a result, according to the major types of attractions categorized are parks, museums, zoo, gardens, arts gallery and center, villages for knowledge, heritage, and culture, business center, and sports or games activities such as racing.


The importances in UAE for various ranges of attractions are the means that causes the tourists and visitors to come to UAE which is suitable for Muslims and also other religion people. For each of the types and ranges of attractions provided by UAE is due to the fact that there is demand by the tourists and visitors that caused increasing their tourism industry.

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If the tourists and visitors including nationals and expatriates living in UAE are not entertained and attracted by the range offered might have bad impact on UAE which will lead not developing it as a destination. This will also decrease in the number of business trips and decline other supporting private agencies to the growth in tourism industry.


The types of tourists and visitors are not determined due to the flexibility provided by UAE government. Therefore, visit visas (30 days stay) are considered as tourist and visitor visa allowing them to enter the destination with or without purposes. However, there is limitation for nationalities which subject upon change anytime by the UAE Immigration in the specific location either Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

The individual tourists are usually from East and West Europe, Turkey, Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Albania, Russia, the Hellenic Republic, St Kitts-Navis, St Lucia, Mexico, Cuba, Bermuda, Belize, Guyana, French Guiana, Martinique, Antigua and Barbuda, St Vincent, Kingston, Palao other non-defined American nationalities, Thailand, South Africa, Singapore, China, Malta, and Cyprus. The reason for having single type of visit visa is to allow various types of tourists and visitors who can also be investors or individuals seeking employment opportunities which must be sponsored by private or public bodies within UAE.

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For individuals who certify and prove themselves to enter UAE for business purposes more than one will be provided by multiple entry visas. Furthermore, transit visas are also provided fir individual shopping in the airport for minimum of 8 – maximum 96 hours within UAE17.



The needs of the visitors during their stay are flexibly provided and supported by United Arab Emirates as per the entertainment and activities they can enjoy. Here, Dubai is also known as exciting location that also offers unlimited opportunities for the visitor needs which can be rest and recreation. Some of the visitor needs that are identified due to major use are18: • Beaches: “Some of Dubai's beaches are attached to private hotels, where, for a small fee, you can spend the day on the sand and in the waters of the Arabian Gulf. Other beaches and waterfronts - the Corniche and the Creek - are free for public access, and feature a range of water sports offered by several operators”. • Desert safaris: “One of Dubai's most popular tourist attractions is the desert safari: a unique experience that combines an adventurous 4WD car ride over sand dunes with camels, belly dancers, henna designers, falconers, and a barbecue dinner by starlight. Other attractions include sand skiing, sand boarding, sand karting and 4WD desert driving”.

17 18

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• Fishing: “The warmth and shelter of the Gulf attract a large variety of fish, and several local companies provide full and half day trips to the best fishing waters about 12 kms offshore from the mainland”. • Golf: “Dubai has the unique distinction of being the only golfing centre in the world to host major international tournaments on both the European and Asian PGA circuits. Visiting golfers can choose from various clubs and courses, each of championship quality and presenting a different type of challenge”. • Treatments and therapies: “Dubai is home to an extraordinary number of spas and wellness clinics, ranging from internationally renowned brands to ancient Chinese and Indian holistic treatments”



Due to the various attractions that are not just meant for visitors of business purposes there are great and positive impacts on the tourists and visitors resulting in the growth and development of UAE’s destination locations.

The visitors are inspired by the government support and at the same time smooth and flexible option for entrance in the developing destination for memorable journey and vacation or business trips. As per the globalization impacts on the visitors and tourists, it have also been major reason for tourism industry growth and attractions management.

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Moreover, if the business person after his trip would like to visit UAE again can do it easily as it is not necessary to enjoy with his family to have a purpose and reason for business dealing. This is because of the reason that the tourists and visitors either for business or other purposes are inspired and attracted by the categories of attractions available for them which is similar to leading destinations.

The tourists and visitors can also visit these locations within few days during the visit covering all major arrears and exploring them by identifying other locations while the destination is still developing and introducing more and more center of attractions as per the types and ranges either developed or introduced newly.


The tourists and visitors are motivated with the special offers and treatments by the UAE government and tourism attraction locations due to valuing of them in their economy. They are treated fairly and not as strangers which creates multicultural society for further learning and knowing others.

As a result, the causes of flexible entry to UAE motivate most of the individuals, tourists and visitors to enter this developing destination especially in Dubai during their special occasions or trips.

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Depending upon the selected destinations which is either leading or developing, it has to be decided that whether one of these destinations are selected. The effective planning and decision making is necessary based upon destination selected. For leading destinations, it is recommended that planning is made prior to leaving along with preparations of documentations for entry and also financial status. The leading destinations are identified to be for business purposes so it is recommended for high – medium level tourists and visitors. Moreover, in order to enjoy better in the leading destinations selection is essential when there is long vacation due to numbers and ranges of attractions provided by them. For developing destinations, it is recommended that when there is no possibility to visit leading destinations due to complicated entry permits and financial limitation. Moreover, if the vacation is less it is suggested and recommended to select developing destinations. The reason is due to the fact that to make use of financial possibilities and at the same time the number of days for enjoying. In the number of days are few so to visit the locations in the developing destinations will be covered and enjoyed for memorable vacation and trip for personal or business.

It is certain that the leading destinations provide easy entry to their locations to continue and maintaining their positions as known now. Besides, the developing destinations continue growing to become one of the leading destinations by maintaining flexibility of entrance to the country by tourists and visitors.

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2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


12. 13. 14.

15. 16. 17.

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