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Gucs1s o Tav

Cassels & Sons Medicinal (Christchurch, New ZeaIand) 6.

Fruy and rather feive, Medicinal is a dark ale brewed wh Elderberry juice, the avour of whi
combines wh the beers ocolatey araer to ve an intereingly frucakey angle. The brewers
are apparently convinced of the healthbenets of Elderberries hence the name but really, the beers
worthy enough even if theyre wrong. (And makes for great Monty Python references.) zmI s.
Dales Belgian Pale Ale (NeIson & Westport, New ZeaIand) .
This was the beer that saw Dale Holland crowned National Homebrew Champion la year. He took
his rece to Nelsons celebrated Sprig & Fern and proved popular enough that hes now setting up
a larger-scale contra brewing operation out of Weports We Coa Brewery. This is a unie take
on an already-enjoyably-peculiar yle; plenty of funk, somewhat-sweet smoothness, and a tou of
Motueka hops. zmI s.
NZ Craft Beer TV / Epic Mash Up (AuckIand, New ZeaIand) .
The produof anepic (punintended) road-trundertakenby Luke andKelly (anda lmcrew), NZCraft
Beer TV is a documentary series that provides a unie look at the local scene. Its available online, and
partially funded by sales of this, an all-in collaboratively-conceived pale ale that seeks to capture the
ir of the indury in a bottle (or keg, obviously). Its lu, fre and zey, wh a deliciously simple
and gorgeously-golden underlying malt body. zmI s.
Garage Project Trip Hop (WeIIington & Christchurch, New ZeaIand)
Setting up in an abandoned service ation on Aro Street, the Garage Proje boys have made twenty-
four experimental beers over the lafewmonths (single-keg brews that were served by our friends down
the road at Haigo). This Tr Hop is a larger-scale bat (brewed at Three Boys while they get their
own ement sorted) of the r of those, a smooth, delicious bter / pale ale wh avourful New
World hops. zmI so
Three Boys Black Ball Stout (Christchurch, New ZeaIand) 6.z
Brewed for the Feival Beer category at layears Beervana (wh a Lets Go Bla theme, in honour of
the contemporaneous legally-unnameable orting event), BlaBall includes a puny dose of aniseed
(whi does make something of a love--or-hate- aair) and enjoyably-peculiar notes of blaberry
and even peppermint. zmI so
Townshend Bandsman (RosedaIe (near NeIson), New ZeaIand) .8
Something of a maerclass in midrength beer, Martin Townends Bandsman is brilliantly balanced
wh a light but avourful malt body deliciously bordered all round by fruy and zey New Zealand
hops. It ands up very well again local legend Emersons Bookbinder, but is ju a tou lighter and
thereby possibly more summery. zmI s
Tuatara APA: Aotearoa Pale Ale (WeIIington, New ZeaIand) .8
on the Hopinator, infused with fresh peaches
Continuing our summery series of fru infusions, weve put Tuataras NZ-hopped pale ale (our bigge
seller, these days) together wh a hefty dose of fre peaes, whi add a tou of sweetness, and a
diinly seasonal aroma. If s too peay at any ven time (Hopinator infusions ange a lot, over
time), remember, you can cut in any proportion wh the orinal. zmI s
Tuatara Klsch (WeIIington, New ZeaIand) .
Asurprise seasonal release (brewed, essentially, ona whimonhot day recently), andpede-rightly
as a summer ale, Tuataras Kls taps into a German yle often described as a lager-ale hybrid; ale
yea is used but kept at low temperatures, ensuring a clean and refreing beer. Certainly simple, but
far from boring; a reoring after-work pint. zmI s8.
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Laccns o Tav
Tuatara Pilsner (WeIIington, New ZeaIand)
The ag beer from Wellingtons mo-local microbrewery, Tuatara Pilsner has a oral, grassy nose
followed by a smooth malty middle wh some late crus tingles. A long, dry niwh toues of lime
makes this an eortlessly balanced and mo drinkable drop. zmI s8. / 68mI (ImperiaI Pint) so
Amstel Light (AuckIand, New ZeaIand) z.
Made wha unie ltrationprocess that gradually removes alcohol molecules, Amels lower-rength
oering is able to retain more of the avour of s full-rength version than other light beers. Its there-
fore a mu better compromise, and can make for an excellent and useful taical oice. zmI s;.
Horu Oktoberfestbier (Munich, Germany) 6.
Brewed eecially for the bigge tents at the bigge beer feival (or anything feival) in the world,
Horus Oktoberfeis rier, fuller-bodiedandronger thantheir classic andpopular Orinal lager.
This year marks the 201 anniversary of this uniely Bavarian event orinally an impressively-
overdone royal wedding fea, way ba in 1810 and Malthouse grabbed a few kegs (and threw a b
of a indig) to celebrate. oomI so
Monteiths Black Beer (AuckIand, New ZeaIand) .z
This dark lager is e fully-avoured and tay whocolate, biscu, malt and coee notes. However,
s not a heavy beer and is ill e easy to drink. Let warm up a b to release the full range of
avours. zmI s8
Monteiths Celtic (AuckIand, New ZeaIand) .
This beer is designed by the brewers at Montehs to tae like one of the ri red, malty Iri ales
so popular in the Emerald Isle. They have produced a smooth, creamy beer whi marries a smoky
ocolate body wh a rm hop ni. This delicate balance is the Celtics highlight. zmI s8
Monteiths Golden Lager (AuckIand, New ZeaIand)
Clear and golden wh a dense, whe head that leaves some laces. Lightly sweet aroma of malt and
brewing cereal. Medium body wh a refreingly clean ni. A classic Kiwi lager ju wh a b
more body. zmI s8 / 68mI (ImperiaI Pint) s.
Monteiths Pilsner (AuckIand, New ZeaIand)
The Pilsner is a golden beer wh a touof fremalt fullness in the body and a gently bter hop ni.
This is a simple, balanced and unpretentious beer. zmI s8 / 68mI (ImperiaI Pint) s.
Monteiths Original (AuckIand, New ZeaIand)
This beer is where the Montehs ory all began. Surprisingly dark and pleasantly complex, this well-
balanced beer has a good malt body and a subtle hop bterness at the end. zmI s8 / 68mI (ImperiaI
Pint) s.
Tiger (AuckIand, New ZeaIand)
Now brewed locally under licence, Tiger was designed in s native Singapore to have a mild aroma,
clean ni, relatively high level of sweetness and ju a trace of hop bterness. This prole makes a
aable lager in any environment. (Imported bottles are also available, see page 6.) zmI s
Atcs o Tav
Tuatara APA: Aotearoa Pale Ale (WeIIington, New ZeaIand) .8
As the U.S. Hop Crisis put the seeze on the imported hops theyd been using, Tuatara reformulated
and re-acronym-ed their APAinto one that uses only locally-grown varieties (namely Nelson Sauvin, NZ
Cascade, Pacic Jade and the newly-released Wai-i). The result is at once familiar and unie ri
and intense fru avours, wh refreingly assertive bterness. zmI s
Tuatara Hefe (WeIIington, New ZeaIand)
Tuatara Hefe will certainly ake up your beer preconceptions. This German-yle cloudy wheat beer
may allenge some wh s avours of banana, juicyfru gum, vanilla and icy cloves but there are
few beers more refreing. 8omI s8 / oomI s
[ 2 ]
Tuatara IPA (WeIIington, New ZeaIand)
This IndianPale Ale owcases the popular yle of rong, hoppy beer that found favour (and s modern
name) when proved self capable of surviving the long sea voyage to Bri colonis and soldiers in
India. Full in the mouth, there is tropical fruiness before an imperial bter ni. zmI s8. / 68mI
(ImperiaI Pint) so
Tuatara Porter (WeIIington, New ZeaIand)
Pouring almoblawh an eresso head, Tuataras porter has a ri, dark and peaty nose. The beer is
slightly creamy wh laings of malt sweetness, ocolate and burnt Vogels toa notes. It closes wh
a ort, arp ni. (HandpuIIed) zmI s8. / 68mI (ImperiaI Pint) so
Coopers Sparkling Ale (AdeIaide, AustraIia) .8
This beer was r made in the 1850s by Thomas Cooper. He made from an old family rece to cure
his wifes illness. The Sparkling Ale is a cloudy golden beer wh a full nose of apples and bananas and a
robu body ased by a ening dry ni. zmI s
Emersons Bookbinder (Dunedin, New ZeaIand) .;
Booky is a deep and avoursome blend of four malts and two local hop varieties. Soft, sweet and full
in the body, the judicious use of Saaz and Fuggles hops help create a gentle palate-cleansing bterness.
Almo certainly the be session ale made in New Zealand. zmI s / 68mI (ImperiaI Pint) so.
Epic Pale Ale (AuckIand, New ZeaIand) .
Luke Niolas, the impi head brewer at Aulands Epic Brewing Company, likes hops. No, he really
likes hops. He adms to using a ed load of hops in this his ag beer and says while others might
consider that to be insane, he simply calls avour. This is a hugely tay pale ale buring wh fre
crus notes before a cleansing, resinous ni. zmI s / 68mI (ImperiaI Pint) so
Erdinger Weissbier (Germany) .
The Privatbrauerei Erdinger Weibru Werner BrombaGmbH(underandably usually simply called
the Erdinger brewery) has been making beer in the German town of Erding since 1886 and is possibly the
largewheat beer producer in the world. Their signature weisier is a classic, slightly cloudy, German
wheat beer whi is fruy, rzy, slightly tart and utterly refreing. oomI s8
Three Boys IPA (Christchurch, New ZeaIand) .z
Ralph Bungards recently expanded Chriurbrewery produces a range of unltered, unpaeurised
beers ju as nature intended them. The sophiicated use of aly hops in the IPA produces a beer
whi is full-avoured wh a tay grapefru araer before a dry ni. A diinly New Zealand
in on Bri and American Pale Ales. zmI s. / 68mI (ImperiaI Pint) s
Ctocn o Tav
Bulmers Cider (Gisborne, New ZeaIand) .6
Bulmers has been making cider for over 120 years and is nowbeing produced under licence here. It has
a redditinge in the glass, is full-bodied and ss at the slightly sweeter end of the scale. This is already
the third mo popular cider in New Zealand. zmI s
Monteiths Crushed Apple (NeIson, New ZeaIand) .
Cider has well and truly made a worldwide comeba, wh sales soaring and many dierent brands
rolling out new varies. Montehs oering is cri, pale, and nicely balances the sweet and tart ends
of the erum. Its been a popular gue on our taps since la summer reting the meaning of
the word, but ill not outaying s welcome. zmI s8
Out Mout Boysencider (NeIson, New ZeaIand) .8
Mout apparently rhymes wh fru, whi is appropriate enough ven that these ciders are made
at Redwood Cellars, who have also been in the fru wine game for decades. An experimental mixing of
the one wh the other was probably inevable and their combination evokes other fru avours su
as rawberry and erry. The obvious sweetness is balanced by the wines zing. zmI s
[ 3 ]
I 1nc Fntoccs
A fully-revised Fifth Edition of the Beer Book is in the works, but a lot changes in the fridges over
alarmingly-short periods of time. Here are a couple of condensed lists, just to give you the highlights.
Featured BottIes I: NewIy-Iisted LocaIs
The local craft-brewing scene is wonderfully dicult to keep up with, as it evolves and expands at a
fantastic rate and in unexpected directions. Here are just a few new favourites.
8 Wired Batch 8 Imperial stout 500ml 12.5% 25
An enormous out, brewed wh two yea rains and Indian raw sugar, infused wh
coee and aged in oak barrels. A worthy celebration of the brewerys anniversary.
8 Wired Big Smoke Porter 500ml 6% 15
This multly-award-winning porter has a wonderfully subtle undercurrent of gentle,
comforting, campre smoke.
Ben MiddIemiss Nota Bene 330ml 8.7% 14
A sort-of resurreion of Auralis legendary and long-gone Benediion, this locally-
made Belan yle ale has layers of avours and a nice sideline of funk.
Liberty High-Carb AIe 750ml 7.3% 25
A thumb in the eye of a daft recent brewing trend, wh massive doses of berry-i New
Zealand-grown Chinook hops.
Liberty MMMMoMMftCH v Black Barleywine 750ml 10.5% 29
As big and awesome and convoluted as s name. Ri, rong and bter.
Moa ImperiaI Stout 375ml 10.2% 15
Possibly their ne work so far; a huge, ri out, aged in Pinot Noir wine barrels.
Renaissance Craftsman Oatmeal stout 500ml 4.9% 15
Oatmeal, cocoa and vanilla combine to make this out into an absurdly decadent and
delicious glass of ocolatey loveliness.
SawmiII Brewing Co. CrystaI Wheat beer 500ml 4.5% 13.5
A rare ltered wheat beer from Leighs arming ltle brewery. Clean and refreing.
SawmiII Brewing Co. Doctor Dopplebock 500ml 6.5% 15
Strong in avour, ri wh Toee-Pop notes of caramel and ocolate, but wh a light
and easy body.
Yeastie Boys Her Majesty zo 750ml 8% 28
A yle-bending celebration of the women of brewing; German malt, local hops, and a
funky Fren saison yea.
Yeastie Boys Hud-a-wa Strong ale 330ml 6.8% 10.5
A robu beer wh a whole lot of araer; a big malt body, marmaladey fruiness and a
hoppy zing.
Yeastie Boys Pot KettIe BIack 330ml 6% 8.5
New Zealands orinal Bla IPA / American-yle Porter; dark and beguiling, s an
excellent exercise in contradiory avours.
Yeastie Boys PKB U.S. Remix zoo 750ml 6.8% 26
Still taing absurdly fre, the 2010 remix went wh fruier U.S.-grown hops.
Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude 330ml 7% 10.5
The infamous whiy beer, the worlds only one brewed from100%heavily-peat-smoked
diilling malt. Confronting, sure, but utterly unie and to s devotees, at lea
weirdly delicious.
[ 4 ]
Featured BottIes II: A Bunch of BeIgians
Though they cover a wide array of styles, there remains something distinctlyBelgian about Belgian
ales, and their glowing collective reputation is certainly deserved. One of our importers oered us a
metric truckload of hard-to-nd lines all at once, and we were probably powerless to resist.
I say probably because we didnt actually try to resist at all.
Fonteinen Oude Geuze 375ml 6% 16
Delightful, or terrifying, or e-possibly both. A fantaically tart, dry and arply fruy
wild-yea brew.
Aigem BIonde 330ml 6.8% 13
Accessible and intereing, a great gateway Belan.
DuveI TripeI Hop 750ml 9.5% 45
A variation on a true classic; three dierent hops add further oral and fruy notes. Lu!
Lefebvre Hopus 330ml 8.3% 14
Another of the recent trend in experimenting wh hopped-up Belan blondes.
Poperings HommeIbier 250ml 7.5% 13
Arguably Beliums hoppie beer. Golden bronze, loaded wh crussy and grassy hops.
Rochefort 6 (Authentic Trappist) 330ml 7.5% 14
The easie Roefort proves that mildness is relative; ri and malty, wh hints of
ocolate and frus.
Rochefort 8 (Authentic Trappist) 330ml 9.2% 15
This middle rung on the Roefort ladder adds some icier complexies to the full body.
Rochefort o (Authentic Trappist) 330ml 11.3% 17
Fruy avours of riplums, raisins and currants ll in the corners of a thi, almooily,
wine-like body.
WestmaIIe DubbeI (Authentic Trappist) 330ml 7% 13
The denive dubbel; a ruby-brown colour, creamy smooth texture, and body full of
multi-faceted fruiness.
A lager is any beer made by bottom fermentation where the yeast largely works near the bottom of the
brewing vessel. Lagers are fermented at cooler temperatures than ales for a longer period of time. The
lower temperature tends to inhibit the natural production of fruity esters and other avour by-products
resulting in a crisper tasting product. We tend to think lagers are golden but they can be any colour.
Amstel Light (New ZeaIand) z.
Unusually, this light beer is both lower in alcohol and lower in calories. It contains around 35% fewer
calories than regular lager while being every b as thir ening and refreing. omI s;
Heineken (AuckIand, New ZeaIand)
Now brewed in New Zealand, this popular lager is enjoyed all around the world for s cri, dry tae
and soft, bter ni. omI s8 / 66omI sz
Invercargill Biman (InvercargiII, New ZeaIand) .z
This beer was created to mat the Indian cuisine at Bimans curry house in Invercarll. Biman burs
wh tropical fru avours (lime, passionfru and mango) before settling into a refreing dry ni.
Truly a unie aer from the deep south. omI s8.
Moa Methode (BIenheim, New ZeaIand) .
This very rare beer was created by Jo Scott, son of winemaker Alan Scott. The brewing process uses
winemaking tenies toproduce a nely bubbledbeer whoral, fruy, icy nose. It taes of orange
and honey wh a long lingering ni. An inant classic. ;mI sz / ;omI szz / .I (Magnum) s
[ 5 ]
Monteiths NewZealand Lager (AuckIand, New ZeaIand)
Somewhat ironically, New Zealand Lager was never intended to be drunk here in New Zealand; was
going to be an export-only produ. However, the surng local demand for premium lagers has seen
attain rong domeic sales. A clean, well-balanced lager wh a subtle depth of avour. omI s8
Steinlager Classic (AuckIand, New ZeaIand)
Still New Zealands mo famous beer on the international age, Steinlager was r brewed in 1957 as
Steineer but the name had to be anged in 1962 to avoid potential confusion wh Heineken. This
dry lager has a grassy nose wh a diinive dry aringent nifromthe generous use of Green Bullet
hops. omI s8
Steinlager Pure (AuckIand, New ZeaIand)
A 21
Century retooling of an iconic Kiwi brand, Steinlager Pure is made wh all-natural, all-local
ingredients. Smoother and softer than s classic Green brother, Pure is a soft, dry lager whi has
ily carved out s own nie. omI s8.
Tui Blond (Mangatinoka, New ZeaIand) .z
This is Tuis take on a continental-yle light lager whithey describe as julike a poimported beer,
only not po. Or imported. Tui Blond (elt whout the tradional -e because they consider rly)
is an easy-drinking arkling golden lager wh toues of hop dryness on the nose and ni. omI
Weka (BIenheim, New ZeaIand)
FromJoScotts Moa Brewery in Blenheim, Weka is a European yle lager designed to be easy drinking
and thir ening. Boaing a soft hop nose wh a tou of grassiness, Weka is a bright gold beer
whi nies cri, clean and dry. omI s8.
Amstel Premium (NetherIands)
Amel is a popular Dut beer brand whi is exported to over 75 countries, obviously including New
Zealand. Typical of European lagers, pours a pale yellow wh a nice ltle head. This beer has ju
tou of fru in the mouth and a owery bterness whi lifts at the end. omI s8.
Bitburger Drive (Germany) o.o
Because is fully fermented, theres no need for to be paeurised, leaving taing eecially fre.
Thats why the German National Football Team drinks ! omI s;
Budjovick Budvar (Czech RepubIic)
One of the worlds mo famous beers, Budvar has been regarded as a classic since was r made
in 1895. A golden beer wh pure whe foam, Budvar has the reise dry grassy hop aroma, the rm
biscuy body wh oral hints and a subtle but rong ni. Exceptionally well made. omI s8.
Peroni Nastro Azzuro (ItaIy) .
Though Italy is not renowned for beer, increasing numbers of young Italians are esewing wine in
favour of beer. Peroni is one of the be selling brands in Italy and travels surprisingly well. Naro
Azzuro (Blue Ribbon) has a pleasant nose wh hints of grass clpings, a smooth, light body and a
cri ni. This is an hone, ening, continental lager. omI s8.
Pure Blonde (AustraIia) .6
Low-carb beers are benning to break into New Zealand and this version from Carlton and Uned
Breweries is a popular Auralian oering for those counting the carbs. Pure Blonde is a clean smooth
beer whi is very light. omI s8
Sol (Mexico) .
Brewed since 1899, Sol is rapidly emerng as a major competor to Corona. It has a slightly grassy hop
ni and a tou of honey sweetness in the middle. Be drunk cold. omI s8.
Tiger (Singapore)
Tiger is a massively popular lager, designed to have a mild aroma, clean ni, relatively high level of
sweetness and a ju trace of hop bterness. This prole makes a aable beer in any environment.
(Also available on tap, produced locally under licence see page 2) omI s8
[ 6 ]
Strictly speaking, a Pilsner (sometimes Pilsener, or simply Pils) should be an all-malt brew with a
pronounced, owery hop aroma and dryness. Classically, it would use Czech Saaz hops. The rst and
some would argue greatest pilsner is Pilsner Urquell. The term is now widely used and misused (often
standing-in for premium lager). Pilsners made with New Zealand hops tend to be juicer and fruitier
than European examples because of the diering characteristics of local hops.
See also on tap: Tuatara PiIsner (page 2).
Croucher Pilsner (Rotorua, New ZeaIand)
A local take on the Bohemian pilsner, this beer uses NewZealand Motueka and Riwaka hops to provide
a new world twi on a classic yle. A small portion of wheat malt is used to help develop a generous
head above a cri, clean and refreing lager. Particularly luscious, the label rightly says. oomI s
Emersons Organic Pilsner (Dunedin, New ZeaIand) .
Wh the sad retirement of their Oatmeal Stout, this is now the only organic oering in the Emersons
range. However, brewer Riard Emerson is not content wh a beer ju being organic r and
foremo, he says, has to be a good beer. This one certainly is. It pours a arkling gold and throws a
healthy crus nose. In the glass, owcases a robu body buring wh lu fru (including orange
and sometimes passionfru) before a long dry ni. This delicious beer has set the andard for New
World pilsners. oomI sz
Invercargill Wasp (InvercargiII, New ZeaIand) .z
This small craft brewery in Invercarll supplied the beer for the world premiere of the Worlds Fae
Indian. The beer apparently disappeared rather ily too. Once a krial weizen (ltered German
wheat beer) then a golden ale, Wahas nowbeen re-invented as a honey pilsner. It is a cri, refreing
lager wh a hint of honey adding sweetness and ice to the body. omI s
Three Boys Pils (Christchurch, New ZeaIand) .
If you have ever wondered what a perfely balanced lager taes like, try this true Cze yle pilsner
made whout any crazy ingredients. Its ju a complex blend of local malt and four varieties of hops to
produce a simply great beer. oomI sz
Becks (Germany / AustraIia / AuckIand, New ZeaIand) .8 /
This popular golden beer has a fre, green bouet, a sweet middle and a dry, clean ni. Bes also
has a slight tou of fruiness whi sets apart from other German beers of a similar yle whi
tend to ay more dry. Its now also brewed more locally our source varies wh the vagaries of global
ping. omI s8.
Bitburger Pils (Germany) .8
One of the beselling pilsners in Germany, Bburger has a dry, hoppy nose, a rmmiddle and lingering
bterness. Mu of s aly comes from the long, three year maturation period. omI s8.
Pilsner Urquell (Czech RepubIic) .
The r pilsner from Pilsen, the town where all arted. Urell (pronounced urk-well) remains a
yardi by whi other pilsners and lagers are measured and many are found wanting. Their webse
modely touts healing powers but you can decide for yourself. omI s8.
[ 7 ]
Amber & Vienna Lagers
While comparatively rare in modern brewing, this beer style was originally produced in Vienna, Austria
and was hugely popular. The beers are amber-red (or only medium-dark) with sweet caramel notes from
the use of speciality malts.
Founders Redhead (NeIson, New ZeaIand) .z
A rare amber lager wh a rm, fruy tae followed by a zingy hop ni. All of the Founders beers
are organic and suable for vegans plus the brewery takes ecial care in minimising s impa on the
environment. oomI s.
Monteiths Celtic (AuckIand, New ZeaIand) .
This beer is designed by the brewers at Montehs to tae like one of the ri red, malty Iri ales
so popular in the Emerald Isle. They have produced a smooth, creamy beer whi marries a smoky
ocolate body wh a rm hop ni. This delicate balance is the Celtics highlight. omI s;.
BIack Lagers
Many people mistakenly think that all dark beers must be ale styles such as porters and stouts. This is
simply not true. There are golden ales and there are dark lagers. It is the colour of the malt used which
determines the colour of the beer. Dark lagers are bottom-fermented beers, brewed colder and longer
than ales, which use roasted and even burnt malt. They tend to be lighter in mouthfeel than ales but
still with a depth of colour and taste.
Dux de Lux Hereford Bitter (Christchurch, New ZeaIand)
Dee being named a bter, this copper-coloured drop is aually a German-yle dark lager. It has a
relatively low carbonation rate whi helps owcase layers of caramel, toee and burnt toa avours
while retaining a high level of drinkabily. oomI sz.
Founders Long Black (NeIson, New ZeaIand) .z
The nose on this swarzbier (dark lager) is a eacular smorgaord of malt, nuts, ocolate, coee,
honey and maple syrup. In the glass you will nd toues of coee, smoke and ocolate. oomI s.
Moa Noir (BIenheim, New ZeaIand) .
Moa Noir is the dark bird of the family. Its dark toee pallor makes the whizzing bubbles harder to see
but you can ill feel them on your tongue. The Moa Noir abounds wh roa coee, ocolate, cocoa,
honey and toee notes before a bter ocolate end. ;mI sz / ;omI szz
Monteiths Black (AuckIand, New ZeaIand) .z
This dark lager is e fully-avoured and tay whocolate, biscu, malt and coee notes. However,
s not a heavy beer and is ill e easy to drink. Let warm up a b to release the full range of
avours. omI s;.
WigramMunchner Dunkel (Christchurch, New ZeaIand) .z
From an aeronautically themed craft brewery in the heart of Chriur, the name of this beer pays
tribute to the dark malty brews of Muni in Germany. It pours a ruby colour wh a mild roa malt
aroma as well as caramel, ocolate and nut avours. This is a rare NewZealand example of the dunkel
yle. oomI s.
BrewDog Zeitgeist (ScotIand) .
Amoderntake ontradional Europeandark lagers, Zegei has nicely roaedburnt ocolatey notes
sting comfortably wh zingy hops; all the refreing reorativeness of a great lager, wh a few more
intereing angles built on, and tailored for a more Scotti summer day omI s;
Horu Munchen Dunkel (Germany) .
Although massive by New Zealand andards, Horu is aually the smalle of the big six Muni
breweries who provide beer for Oktoberfe. Their dunkel is a dark red-brown beer wh a robu malt
and caramel nose, well-rounded body and a rm bterness at the end. omI s.
[ 8 ]
Ales are brewed with a top-fermenting yeast at warmer temperatures than lagers. Before refrigeration,
all beers were ales. The yeasts used to brewale tend to impart a distinctive fruitiness to the nal product.
Ales can vary considerably in colour, taste and strength.
See also on tap: Emersons Bookbinder (page 3).
Croucher Pale Ale (Rotorua, New ZeaIand)
Former universy leurer Paul Crouer has created a burnied golden ale whi throws a puny
nose of hops and tropical fru. It has a full, biscuy body wh pronounced orange and caramel notes.
The beer nies rongly wh a lingering dry ni whi leaves you immediately ready for the next
tae. omI s
Dux de Lux NorWester (Christchurch, New ZeaIand) 6.
This is the ag beer from the iconic Dux De Lux brewpub. Brewed in the yle of an Engli rong
pale ale, the NorWeer is one of NewZealands nebeers. It combines an inving herbal nose, a rm
body wh hints of orange and onefru and a rong, resinous hop ni. oomI sz.
Emersons Old 95 (Dunedin, New ZeaIand) ;
Based onthe Englitradionof rong, warming winter ales, Old 95 is a tawny beer topped wha nely
bubbled head. The nose is warm and inving wh a hint of cooked honey. In the glass, Old 95 features
fru and ice, reminding some of the slightly burnt edge of a proper fru cake. This is an outanding
sper. oomI sz
Founders Fair Maiden Pale Ale (NeIson, New ZeaIand) .z
Not content wh merely being an environmentally conscious, GE-free, certied organic, and vegan-
friendly brewery, Founders in Nelson is now ocially koer as well. The Fair Maiden is the r solo
beer from Matt Duncan, a sixth generation brewer. It nds a beautiful balance between the fruy hops
and the toee notes from the malt. oomI s
Founders Generation Ale (NeIson, New ZeaIand) .z
This nut-brown beer is the favoure of fth-generation Nelson brewer, John Duncan. Its a wonderfully
ewy, roaed toaed brew wh a hint of fru and ocolate. Complex and intereing, ju like our
bar a. oomI s.
Mikes Organic Ale (Taranaki, New ZeaIand)
From one of the smalle commercial breweries in New Zealand, Mikes Organic Ale is the 21
incarnation of the iconic Mikes Mild. Pouring an appetising dark brown, this nutty mild ale has toues
of coee, ocolate and raisin before a cleansing dry ni. omI s8
Moa Five Hop Winter Ale (BIenheim, New ZeaIand) 6.z
This was the r ale produced by the Moa Brewery and truly is an innovative in on the winter
ale genre. Describing self as a New World Extra Special Bter, this balanced beer owcases toee,
caramel and orange notes baed by a rm body. This is a serious beer. ;mI sz
Townshend Cathcarts NTA (NeIson, New ZeaIand) .z
This is from a small brewery in the Upper Moutere Valley near Nelson. Their bat size has recently
increasedfrom210lres to280lres whimeans this is ill a micro-brewery inevery sense of the word.
Cathcarts is a naturally carbonated raw gold ale whi has a delicate fruiness and light bterness.
The name is a tribute to Nigel and Tessa Cathcart, the r people to tell brewer Martin Townend to
art his own brewery. oomI s
Townshend Old House E.S.B. (NeIson, New ZeaIand) .
Loosely based on the Briclassics Fullers ESB and Abbot Ale, this yle of real ale is rarely seen in New
Zealand. Brewed by former Coney Martin Townend, this soft, smooth beer has notes of toee and
caramel laid over some gentle oral hops. It is named after the Old House hop farm whi grows the
hops used in this balanced, subtle beer. oomI s
Renaissance Perfection Pale Ale (BIenheim, New ZeaIand)
One of the founding beers fromthis decorated Blenheimcraft brewery, Perfeionhas a full body, rong
avours and is baed up by plenty of hops. The nose is puny and slightly icy, while the beer self
is creamy wh notes of biscu and toee. oomI s
[ 9 ]
Scotts Gluten Free Pale Ale (AuckIand, New ZeaIand) .
This new We Auland brewery ecialises in making gluten-free beers (brewing New Zealands r)
and in 2009 won the preious Morton Coutts award for brewing innovation. Founder PhillScott is
gluten-intolerant but was determined to continue to enjoy beers even if meant brewing themhimself.
This Pale Ale balances some honey sweetness, tart crus and a gentle bterness. omI s.
Boddingtons Pub Ale (EngIand) .;
This beer simply does not travel any further than here. The Boddingtons webse singles out New
Zealand as ocially the mo diant place from the brewery that this Engli bter travels in s big
colourful cans. Boddingtons pours golden wh the signature thi, uy head. It is lightly hopped on
the nose and has a subdued caramel avour prole aiming for drinkabily. omI (Widgeted can) so
Coopers Pale Ale (AustraIia) .
Dee the urban legend, the natural yea left in the range of Coopers beers does not contain enough
vamins to prevent hangovers. However, this fantaic pale ale pas only a moderate alcohol pun
but is buring wh avour. It combines notes of orange, apple, vanilla and hop bterness to produce a
thoroughly ening ale. ;mI s8
Fullers 1845 (EngIand) 6.
Fir brewed in 1995 to celebrate their 150
anniversary, 1845 is a bottle-condioned rong Engli
ale. The aroma is reminiscent of the be sort of fru cake while the beer is a beguiling mix of ice,
marmalade and nutmeg topped o by a dry, fruy ni. A diinively Engli ale whi has won
numerous accolades and fans. oomI sz.
Fullers E.S.B. (EngIand) .
Fullers Extra Special Bter is a robubeer wh a balance of dark rimalts and a mix of classic Engli
hops. It has a slightly nutty aroma followed by an authorative body enlivened by toues of fru and
ice. A softly bter ni makes this beer dangerously drinkable. oomI s
Fullers London Pride (EngIand) .;
A classic example of an Engli session beer, London Pride combines a hoppy nose, a sweet, oaky body
and a rounded ni to produce a beer whi is undeniably morei. The be selling premium ale in
the hugely competive Bri market. oomI sz
Kilkenny (IreIand) .
In contrato the pblabterness of s sibling Guinness, Kilkenny is a creamy red ale wh a more
mellow approa. It does are Guinness thi head but has a soft sweet aroma and this ne beer is
malt dominated wh a ju a late ki of hops near the end. omI (Widgeted can) s.
Morland Old Speckled Hen (EngIand) .z
Unrepentant and eccentric, the Hen is like a loveable uncle who viss occasionally, but is always the
life of the party. Its an amber beer wh a full, sweet caramel body and a dry, peppery ni. It ould
denely vis more often. oomI sz
Tetleys (EngIand) .6
From the hioric brewery in Leeds, Tetleys is an amber bter whi always pours wh a diinive
foamy head designed to la all the way down the glass. The famous widget provides the gas to create
this trademark pour. Tetleys beer self has some mild toay maltiness and roacaramel in the middle
while the ni is moderately bter. omI (Widgeted can) so
[ 10 ]
GoIden AIes
Beer writers are not yet in agreement whether there should even be a style of beers known as Golden
Ales far less what the denition of the style should be. Certainly, Belgian brewers have been brewing
strong golden ales (such as Duvel) for many years. Here, the more modern denition of golden ales is
used. Looking to compete with lagers, British brewers turned to bold, hoppy ales which were refreshing
yet approachable.
Mata Artesian (Kawerau, New ZeaIand)
Aotearoa Breweries is a family-owned and operated craft brewery in Kawerau. Made wh certied or-
ganic water from a deep artesian well, Mata Artesian is brewed broadly in the Kols-yle though
is also reminiscent of an Engli pale ale. It is subtly balanced wh a rounded hop prole whi aids
drinkabily. omI s8.
BrewDog Trashy Blonde (ScotIand) .
A tillating, neurotic, peroxide, punk of a pale ale wh a biscuy malty base onto whi juicy hop
araers are liberally piledsome fromNewZealandhops (thoughtheir webse is loonthe elling
of Motueka) whi have now come ba home. omI s
Coopers Sparkling Ale (AustraIia) .8
This beer was r made in the 1850s by Thomas Cooper. He made from an old family rece to cure
his wifes illness. The Sparkling Ale is a cloudy golden beer wh a full nose of apples and bananas and a
robu body ased by a ening dry ni. ;mI s8 / ;omI s
India PaIe AIes
This beer style, often abbreviated to IPA, was developed to help beers withstand the long hot sea journey
to India in the days of the British Empire. They were made to a higher than usual strength and given
more hops in order to preserve and condition the beer. Today, many India Pales Ales have reverted to
more mainstream strengths.
See also on tap: Tuatara IPA (page 3) and Three Boys IPA (page 3).
Emersons 1812 (Dunedin, New ZeaIand)
This was the r New Zealand craft beer to oot to international prominence when was named
as one of the worlds top 500 beers. The full, rounded, juicy malt body has orange, caramel and nut
avours. The 1812 has a rong ni and is overall a marvellous beverage. oomI sz
Belhaven Twisted Thistle (ScotIand) 6.
While laing a hiory of Indian summers, Scotti brewers are increasingly piing up the India Pale
Ale yle. The Twied Thile is well hopped and has a lovely herbal, grassy, piney nose. The body is full
enough to support a bter-dry ni. oomI sz.
BrewDog Punk (ScotIand) 6
Pomodern classic pale ale. Combining elements of Bri and American yles (and brewed wh
Nelson hops, among others), Punk opens wh delicious fru avours and then sneaks in wh a sly
bter suerpun. omI s. / 66omI s;
BrewDog Chaos Theory (ScotIand) ;.
Prediably randomale. A deep copper and insanely hoppy I.P.A. brewed as a prototype run and voted
into full produion (along wh Zegei) by Brew Dogs fans. Named for a celebrated aievement in
-Century science and in honour of their ambion to be a freaky ltle buttery sending rples
through the brewing world. omI so
[ 11 ]
BrewDog Hardcore (ScotIand)
An extreme beer rollercoaer for freaks, gypsies and international ess superars. This Imperial
I.P.A. bigger-brother of Punk, is billed as the highe-I.B.U. U.K.-brewed beer, at an alleged 150. Thats
International Bterness Uns a lager might be in the teens, and a (normal) I.P.A. might hover in
the forties. Be warned. omI sz
Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA (CaIifornia, U.S.A.) ;.z
The name of this newbeer was iniredby aninnovative device calledthe hoptorpedo. It was developed
at the Sierra Nevada brewery to improve the intensy of dry hopping. Whole cones of Magnum, Cryal
andCra hops helpcreate anintense, wholly hoptaic beer. Pouring a reddi-gold, Torpedoowcases
pine, crus, grapefru and herbal notes. mI sz.
American PaIe AIes
American beers are often maligned, largely because 80% of them are awful However, American craft
and boutique brewers are amongst the most innovative and creative in the world. American Pale Ale is
a new style based around high to insane levels of hopping over a solid malt base. Bitterness can range
from lightly oral to pungent.
See also on tap: Epic PaIe AIe (page 3).
Renaissance Discovery Pale Ale (BIenheim, New ZeaIand) .
Orinally created as a ecial release, Discovery proved so popular has joined the excellent range from
Renaissance Brewing in Blenheim. The be American Pale Ales tend to owcase big, bold hops. This
is certainly the case wh Discovery whi uses Willamette and Cascade hops to produce a full-bodied
dark golden ale wh a lingering resinous ni. oomI s
Little Creatures Pale Ale (AustraIia) .z
The Ltle Creatures brewery is located in a former crocodile farm in Fremantle, WA. The use of whole
American hop owers takes this beer to new levels of aroma, avour and bterness. Pouring slightly
cloudy because of the ltle creatures (yea) left in the bottle, this is a seriously tay drop wh laings
of hop, pine, crus, grapefru and lyee notes before a rousing bter ni. omI s.
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (CaIifornia, U.S.A.) .6
This is the mo popular beer from a pioneering microbrewery near the Roies. Sierra Nevada can
plausibly claim to have popularised modern American pale ales and now, nearly thirty years later, s
ag brew is ill a full-bodied, fragrant pale ale buring wh fru and brimming wh bterness.
This is a hiorically signicant beer. mI s
Porters & Stouts
Named after the manual labourers who rst took a shine to them, Porters are dark, top-fermented
beers made with highly roasted malts. They tend to be smooth and chocolatey. While Porter once
dominated the English-speaking worlds beer consciousness, in much the same way golden lager does
today, it virtually died out during the middle of the 20
century. British and American craft and home
brewers bought it back to life. Stouts are even darker and can vary from sweet to dry. They tend to be
drier than Porters though the line between the two styles is constantly blurred.
See also on tap: Tuatara Porter (page 3).
Bennetts Classic Black (Christchurch, New ZeaIand)
The bebeer in the Bennetts range, this dark beer pours close to pblawh an eresso head. The
dominant avours are coee and ocolate but there is also a hint of burnt toa whi is more than
appropriate as owner Maurice The Toa Man Bennett is well-known for his toa art. omI s8.
Dux de Lux SouWester (Christchurch, New ZeaIand) 6.
SouWeer out is a silky, creamy beer wh notes of milk ocolate, roacoee and toaed nuts. The
iconic ChriurDux de Lux brewpub produces what is rightly regarded as one of the countrys be
outs. oomI sz
[ 12 ]
Emersons London Porter (Dunedin, New ZeaIand)
A wonderful example of this classic yle, Emersons London Porter is deep brown ale wh hints of red
again the light. It is full, slightly creamy wh a delicate balance of ocolate, coee and earthy hops.
Ltle wonder that porter was once the worlds mo drunk beer yle. oomI s
Renaissance Elemental Porter (BIenheim, New ZeaIand) 6
One of the foundation range fromRenaissance, Elemental is a delightfully robuand complex Engli-
yle porter. It pours near to jet bla wh a roy, eresso head. Que full in the mouth, this silky
beer exhibs notes of dark ocolate, toa, nuts, one fru and vanilla along wh a whi of smoke
and hint of whiy. A dry ni rounds out this ne sping porter. oomI s
Three Boys Porter (Christchurch, New ZeaIand) .z
Like all the Three Boys range, this ne example of a porter is not ltered or paeurised. When poured,
throws a nose of coee, ocolate and blacurrant. Its light in the mouth and has milk ocolate
and coee notes before a gently aringent ni. oomI sz
BrewDog Paradox: Springbank (ScotIand) o
For bat #17 of Paradox, their continuing series of barrel-aged imperial outs, BrewDog turned to
whiy legends Springbank. Here, the whiy cas impart further ocolate avours to the beer, along
wh a certain sweetness, hints of creamy fruiness and ices and a long, long ni. omI szo
Coopers Best Extra Stout (AustraIia) 6.
A conveniently unveriable legend contends that this beer is recommended by blood banks in Auralia
because of s high iron content. However, what we can verify is that the Be Extra Stout throws a
dry, roay and earthy nose wh hints of iced coee, toa and cream. It is a dry, dark and delicious
brew. ;mI s
Guinness 250
Anniversary Stout (IreIand)
This limed-edionout celebrates the 250
anniversary of Arthur Guinness signing a 9,000-year lease
for the St. Jamess Gate Brewery in Dublin at the now gloriously absurd xed price of 45 per year.
Served under normal carbonation and made using a dual brewream, this beer pours blawh a nose
of coee and honey. That follows through in the glass wh the end result being a very dierent type of
Guinness. omI sz
Guinness Extra Stout (IreIand) .z
Its unlikely there is anyone who is unaware of the almo myical aura of Guinness even if they have
never had a drop of the Bla Gold. Producing a nose of bter roaed malt, Guinness is creamy and
satisfying wh an aringent ni. omI (Widgeted can) so
Sierra Nevada Stout (CaIifornia, U.S.A.) .8
Although be known for their hoppy ales, ground-breaking Californian brewery Sierra Nevada also
makes an excellent out. It is full-bodied, slightly creamy wh roacoee and dark ocolate avours.
Unusually, the beer is generously hopped whi provides plenty of cleansing bterness. One reviewer
aptly described this araeriic as a imulating counterpoint. mI s.
Youngs Double Chocolate Stout (EngIand) .z
Who doesnt dream the impossible dream of combining beer and ocolate? Youngs have gone one
better and successfully used real dark ocolate to brew this indulgent oddy. It has a surprisingly
cri ni and reminds many of a frothy ocolate milkake. oomI sz.
[ 13 ]
Scotch AIes
The termScotch Ale is used to identify dark, strong and malt-accented beers similar to those tradition-
ally produced in Bonnie Scotland. Given the climate, Scottish beers understandably tend to be warming
rather thanquenching. Scotch Ales are traditionally lightly hopped. Some writers, mainly of the English
persuasion, have suggested that this is because Scottish brewers baulked at paying for English hops.
See also in bottles: Mc Choue, a Scotch-Ale-inspired Belgian beer (page 17).
Belhaven Wee Heavy (ScotIand) 6.
Wee Heavy is a rong beer designed to be sped, savoured and fully reeed. The nose is malty wh
a hint of nuts and raisins. Que full in the mouth is relatively sweet wh more toues of raisin and
a rm, slightly nutty ni. oomI sz.
Barley wines are, in fact, not wines at all. Rather, they are extra-strong English-style ales which are
usually bottled. Usually more than 6%, classically closer to 11%, and sometimes even further North,
these premium beers tend to age well and should be savoured slowly. Although most barley wines are
dark, pale versions can be found.
See also: Thomas Hardys AIe, a vintage-dated barleywine (page 15).
BrewDog Devine Rebel (ScotIand) z.
The BrewDog boys teamed up wh comparably-mad Dani freelance brewer Mikkeller (Mikkel Borg
Bjergs) to create this single-hopped, partially whiy-barrel-aged brewpropelled along by the addion
of a ampagne yea. Rebel is huge, sweet, and enormously complex; s and savour. omI szo
Samuel Adams Utopias 2009 (Massachusetts, U.S.A.) z;
At 27%, Samuel Adams Utopias is certainly not for the faint-hearted at s laun, was the ronge
commerically-produced beer in the world (s now eclsed by the 32% Taical Nuclear Penguin by
our friends at BrewDog). Made wh four hops, two types of malt and several yea rains (including a
variety found in ampagne), the nal produ is a ri copper beer wh hints of caramel, vanilla, oak
and higher alcohols. Enjoy this diinguied beer that arrives in a unning bottle as a digeif or for a
ecial occasion. omI sz / ;omI s6oo
Vintaged AIes
While the vast majority of beers are best drunk fresh (in the shadowof the brewery is considered ideal),
a select few can cellar and improve like ne wine. These beers tend to be stronger and have yeast left in
the bottle. Some beers can age well for up to 35 years though up to 10 years is more common. Cellaring
a beer will see it change, sometimes dramatically, in avour.
See also Chimay Grand Rserve, a vintage-dated Belgian ale (page 16).
Coopers Vintage Ale 2008 (AustraIia) ;.
This is one of those rare beers designedtobe oredandtoage gracefully like a ne wine, andhaving been
sirreled-away for two years, our o has reaed s optimum drinking age. It pours a mahogany
brown wh a full head and throws a bready, malty, sweet nose. In the glass is full, ri, sweet and,
surprisingly, a few fruy notes peek through. ;mI sz.
Fullers Vintage Ale 2000 (EngIand) 8.
The 2000 edion was produced wh an organic theme, using Champion Optic Malt and Organic
Target Hops. A fre hop aroma wh notes of honey and toee leads to a slightly sweeter tae and a
burnt, bter aftertae. omI sz8
Fullers Vintage Ale 2005 (EngIand) 8.
This vintage has icy and peppery notes on the nose followed by a hint of toee and vanilla. Incredibly
well rounded and balanced, the malt avours are softened by the icy, crus notes from the Fuggles
hops. oomI szo
[ 14 ]
Fullers Vintage Ale 2006 (EngIand) 8.
This full-bodied vintage is brewed wh Fuggles and Super Styrian hops that create a tapery of ri,
icy avours. Orange, crus and frucake notes are all present, and are complemented well wh the
biscuy, creamy malt avours leaving a soft and warming ni. oomI s8
OHanlons Thomas Hardys Ale (EngIand) .;
The beer enthusias eivalent of rare cognac. Bottle-condioned to mature like ne wine, this will
improve wh age for at lea 26 years (and ill counting). We cant e mat that vintage (and the
associated price tag) but we can oer a seleed range. Still e young, the Thomas Hardy beers are
already huge, rong and assertive. These arent for faint of palate. Commonly recorded aromas and
avours include plum, raisins, caramel, vanilla, oak, smoked wood, honey and gs. A unie drinking
experience worth aring wh friends. zomI: zoo & zoo: s6 / zoo6 sz. / zoo; sz6. / zoo8 szz
Wheat Beers
Wheat beer is the catch-all termfor brews which include a substantial proportion of wheat in addition
to the usual barley. Because of their distinctive avour prole and low levels of bitterness, wheat beers
often appeal to those who dont usually consider themselves beer drinkers. The best known styles are the
German Weissbier (traditionally with banana, bubblegum and clove characteristics) and the Belgian
Witbier (showcasing orange and coriander). While most wheat beers are light in colour and slightly
hazy, dark varieties are also produced.
See also on tap: Tuatara Hefe (page 2) and Erdinger (page 3).
Croucher The Hef (Rotorua, New ZeaIand)
This German-yle wheat beer is aually brewed in Rotorua, the aromatic capal of NewZealand. The
name is both a play on hefe-weizen (cloudy wheat beer) and a nod to Hugh Hefner. It taps into drinkers
growing interein wheat beers by owcasing the tradional araeriics of banana, bubblegumand
cloves. Paul Crouer describes The Hef as diurbingly refreing. omI s
Moa Blanc (BIenheim, New ZeaIand) .
Blanc is another intereing oering fromJoScott and the innovative Moa brewery in Blenheim. This
pale yellowbeer ows o the reams of tiny yet rong bubbles to perfeion is overall fruy, icy and
very eervescent. ;mI sz / ;omI szz.
Three Boys Wheat (Christchurch, New ZeaIand)
This is an intereing twi on the popular Belan yle wheat beer. Inead of the usual orange peel
they use lemon ze even though zeing buets of lemons is their lea favoure part of brewing. The
result is a refreing nose of crus and coriander culminating in a creamy, icy beer wh a sour crus
snap and a long icy ni. oomI sz
Hoegaarden Wit (BeIgium) .
Belan wheat beers are a hugely popular yle thanks in no small part to Hoegaarden Whe. The beer
has a creamy tartness as well as added coriander and Curaao orange peel for avour. Hoegaarden is a
fruy, icy beer whi is amazingly refreing. omI so
Horu Mnchner Weisse (Germany) .
This cloudy wheat beer is hugely popular at the Horuhaus in Muni, probably the mo famous
pub in the world. It is certainly the mo photographed. This weisse (wheat beer) is dominated by the
tradional aromas and avours of banana, bubblegum and clove. It has a very refreing tart ni
inead of the hop bterness common in other yles. oomI sz
Horu Schwarze Weisse (Germany) .
Horu is not only one of only six Munibreweries allowed to sell beer at Oktoberfe, they also have
their own tent at the worlds bigge fair. The Horu tent can hold 10,000 revellers at a time and
even has balconies thirteen balconies. It is not your average tent. Their swarze (bla) wheat beer
has ice and caramel on the nose while the body has diin banana notes. It is a light, easy drinking
dunkelweizen (dark wheat beer). oomI sz
[ 15 ]
Schneider Weisse (Germany) .
The copper coloured Sneider Weisse has a thi heavy head and throws an aroma of banana, clove
and nutmeg. The body is creamy wh araeriic hints of banana and clove before a l-smaingly
tart ni. oomI s
Schneider Aventinus Weisse Doppelbock (Germany) 8.z
This is a beer wh a big name and big reputation. The beer is icy wh hints of banana, cloves, caramel,
gs and raisins before a smoothly rounded tart ni. The arp bubbles provide a ening acidy in
what is e a remarkable brew. oomI s6
Scherhofer Hefeweizen (Germany)
Fromone of the worlds bewheat beer brewers, Serhofer Hefe is the epome of a classic German
hefeweizen (cloudy wheat beer). It pours naturally cloudy wh a rong head. The expeed avours are
there wh plenty of fru (bananas), ice (cloves), bubblegumand boiled candy. The niis tart rather
than bter. oomI sz.
Scherhofer Kristallweizen (Germany)
A ltered version of the classic Serhofer Hefe. While might not appeal to wheat beer puris,
ltering out the yeaproduces a light, crier and, some would argue, more ening beer. Krial is
the ortened German version of cryal clear. oomI sz.
BeIgian AIes
The category of Belgian Ales covers a wide spectrum of beer styles which originated in Belgium. Some-
times described as a paradise of beer or a country invented by the English to annoy the French
Belgium has developed a number of unique and interesting styles including Trappist ales, Belgian Am-
ber Ales, Belgian Golden Ales, Flemish Reds, Lambics and Oud Bruin.
See also Kriek Boon and Timmermans Framboise, two Belgian Lambic beers, led in the Fruit Beer
section (page 18).
Moa St. Joseph (BIenheim, New ZeaIand) .
This complex beer is a rare NewZealand example of an Abbey-yle Belan trel. Strong in alcohol and
avour, St. Joseph looks to balance phenolic and eer avours wh a robu bter ni. In the glass
has notes of banana, yea, ice, orange and honey. ;mI s
Chimay Blanche (White) / Cinq Cents (BeIgium Authentic Trappist) 8
Like all Trappibeers, the Chimay Whe is not paeurised and is refermented in the bottle. This helps
age and over time will be become drier. The Whe is a lighter beer wh a dry, yeay, hoppy nose.
It is fruy (oranges and juner) and icy wh a dry, peppery ni. omI s / ;omI sz8
Chimay Bleue (Blue) / Grand Rserve (BeIgium Authentic Trappist)
This is one of the mofamous beers in the world. It is a ridark beer wh an aromatic and lively nose
of yea, owers, honey, malt and ices. In the mouth there is fru (redcurrant) and ices (thyme,
pepper, nutmeg) dancing along the lively bubbles. This beer becomes more like a port as ages and a
seleion of vintages are usually available. omI s / ;omI so-s / .I (Magnum) s8
Chimay Rouge (Red) / Premire (BeIgium Authentic Trappist) ;
Brewed by Trappi monks, the Chimay beers enjoy a deserved reputation for outanding aly. The
avours here are a artling mix of silky sweetness, raisins, currants and ice before a luxurious ni.
As a sign near a Belan monaery as: The good Lord has anged water into wine, so how can
drinking beer be a sin? omI sz / ;omI sz6
La Choue (BeIgium) 8
A irky yet delicious Belan rong ale created by a pair of Belan brothers-in-law. The beer is named
after the misievous gnomes who allegedly inhab the Ardennes reon. This rong, icy ale has a
tou of coriander and perfely owcases the tradional uy Belan head. omI sz.
[ 16 ]
Mc Choue (BeIgium) 8
Belan beer culture has a rong Scotti inuence thanks to the large number of Scotti soldiers
ationed there during the Fir World War. The Belans enjoyed the dark, malty brews favoured by
the Scots (see page 14) and now make a number of their own beers in a similar yle. Mc Choue is an
earthy drop wh notes of ice, caramel, fru, wood and smoke. omI sz.
Duvel (BeIgium) 8.
After taing the rexperimental bat, someone in the brewery remarked that was a devil of a beer
hence the Flemi corruption, Duvel (pronounced Doo-vul). Enormously complex to make, pours
wh a massive head and throws a rong nose. It has avours of orange ze, pear brandy and green
apples before a long dry ni. omI sz. / ;omI sz8 / I (}ereboam) s8o / 6I (MethuseIah) so
Lee Blonde (BeIgium) 6.6
This clear, golden beer has a soft, fruy, orange nose wh a smooth body highlighted by ltle toues of
yeaand ice. Lee Blonde is excellent place to art for those wanting to explore the world of Belan
beer. omI so
Lee Brune (BeIgium) 6.
As the name would sugge, Lee Brune is the darker counterpart to Lee Blonde. It makes for an
intereing contra, wh the mu more roaed and darker malts producing e a dierent beer. It
is softly sweet wh hints of ri fru and nuts before a gentle ni. omI so
Lee Radieuse (BeIgium) 8.
The word radieuse refers to the glow surrounding the heads of saints and is a play on the brewerys
conneions to the Abbey Notre-Dame de Lee. The beer is a deep amber wh a sweet, caramel, earthy
nose. The body and ni are peay, sweet and almo vinous. omI sz
Orval (BeIgium Authentic Trappist) 6.z
This is the only commercial beer produced by this brewery. The Orval has a unie fruy and acidic
nose wh a hint of horseblanket thanks to the monks very careful and praiced use of the usually-wild
yea Brettanomyces. It is complex, piant and peppery before a long bter ni. omI sz
PalmExport (BeIgium) .
The famous Brabant horse is featured on the Palm bottle while the contents are a light enut beer
wh a dense head. The nose is cric wh orange and apple evident, while the beer is mild wh a dry,
icy ni. This a well-made, clean, pale ale. omI s
Pauwel Kwak (BeIgium) 8
Servedins tradional vessel, whilooks like a miniature yardglass ina woodenframe, Pauwal Kwakis
a very rong beer wh a avour prole of caramel, orange peel, licorice, aniseed and a hint of coriander.
This beer can hold s own wh the be the world has to oer. omI s
Tripel Karmeliet (BeIgium) 8.
This Belan great certainly lives up to s billing as blond, robu, smooth, and fruy. It is a deep
golden ale and usually throws a thi, rong head. On the nose there is caramel, honey, yea and a
tou of lemon. Taewise, the main avours are caramel, ice, crus, honey and nuts. Well worth a
try for fans of big Belan beers. omI sz
Westmalle Tripel (BeIgium Authentic Trappist) .
The brewers at Wemalle are members of the Ciercian Order of the StriObservance whihas been
underandably ortened to Trappi monks. Wemalle is the bigge of the Trappi breweries and
uses s money to support the abbey and other arable works. Trels are generally very rong, pale
and icy. This revered beer is a hazy gold wh a dry nose of orange, ice and pepper. Its then full
in the mouth wh plenty of fru before the heavily hopped ni whi has a note reminiscent of ne
Islay whiy. omI s.
[ 17 ]
Fruit & Spice Beers (and Ciders)
Fruit beers are made using real fruit or, in some cases, fruit extracts or syrup. These beers traditionally
have both low malt avours and low levels of hop bitterness to allow the fruit to come through. Beers
have been made with cherries, raspberries, strawberries, boysenberries, apricots and even pumpkins.
Similarly, spiced beers utilise herbs or spices in the brew. This can include anything from heather to
horopito. Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples. It is not beer at all.
Bennetts Four Seasons (Christchurch, New ZeaIand)
Ginger, honey, lemon juice, coriander, vanilla and tangelos have all gone into various beers over the
years but probably never all into the same one. This soft golden beer will appeal to everyone who enjoys
a summer beer. omI s8
Dux de Lux Ginger Tom (Christchurch, New ZeaIand)
This full-rength nger beer (really an infused lager) works eally well as a summer ener or a
icy winter warmer. Brewed in the old-faioned yle, Ginger Tom is icy wh a rong, dry nger
be balanced by a hint of honey. oomI sz
Invercargill Boysenbeery (InvercargiII, New ZeaIand) 6.
Described as a Belum-yle kriek beer wh a Kiwi twi, Boysenbeery pours a lu dark red wh a
diinive pink foam. Possibly the rcommercial beer in the country to use boysenberries, the avour
prole is highlighted by big, fat berry notes before a dry ni resets the palate. This is a tart, icy and
unie oering from one of the rising ars of New Zealand brewing. 6omI s8
Invercargill Smokin Bishop (InvercargiII, New ZeaIand) ;
This is a rong German-yle bo made using malt whi has been smoked over manuka. As a result,
the countrys only raubier (smoked beer) is a dark, lurous brewwh an intriguing nose of sweetness
and smoke whi reminds some drinkers of a grilled breakfa. The avours are rm and deep wh
elements of malt sweetness, caramel and whis of smoke before a dry ni. 6omI s8
Mata Feijoa (Kawerau, New ZeaIand) .
The aimof the feiy Aotearoa Brewery is toproduce handcraftedbeers fromthe edge. For this unusual
beer, the brewers say they add the feijoas at a secret point of the brew. In the glass, Mata Feijoa is cri,
juicy, rzy, ening and e dierent. This is not their only excursion into unusual ingredients
as they have also made a beer infused wh horopo (native pepper). omI s8.
Mata Manuka (Kawerau, New ZeaIand)
The key ingredients for this refreing beer are pure organic water and a da of native manuka honey.
Together they help produce a rzy golden beer wh a late, delicate tou of honey sweetness. It was
part of the winning beer and food combination in the 2009 Beer and Chefs competion. omI s8.
Moa Harvest (BIenheim, New ZeaIand) .
Brewed wh wheat, Nelson hops and Marlborough erries, Harve is a surprisingly golden fru beer
from Blenheim. The erries are subtle, adding sweetness to the nose and tartness to the avour a
dry ni keeps from becoming cloying. This is a mo intereing take on the yle. ;mI sz
Monteiths Summer Ale (AuckIand, New ZeaIand)
This hugely popular seasonal release from Montehs has a new look but the same rece as previous
years. Pouring golden in the glass, this beer is lightly hopped wh a single hop variety. The diinive
avours are imparted by a tou of We Coa honey and a mix of ices. omI s8
WigramJames Cook Spruce Beer (Christchurch, New ZeaIand)
This beer is made (roughly) to the rece used by Captain James Cook when he made Auralasias r
beer in 1773. It has an aromatic, icy pine nose while the body is a fascinating creamy mix of honey,
molasses and erry. It is a glimpse into a very dierent yle of beer. oomI sz
Boon Kriek (BeIgium) .
This is a genuine lambic whi is the olde surviving beer yle, dating ba at lea four centuries. In
a lambic, the beer is exposed to natural, wild yeas in allow open vessels. Lambics are also aged for
months in unlined, wooden port or erry cas to create more avour. The beer has both sweet and
sour avours wh hints of vanilla and yea. ;mI s
[ 18 ]
Timmermans Framboise (BeIgium)
A classic Belan yle of raberry beer made wh the aid of wild yea. The result is a dark red beer
wh a pink collar. It taes of raberry wh a hint of rawberries at times. It is a sweet beer whi
las the acidy of other lambic beers like Boon. A very approaable fru beer for those who say they
dont like beer. omI sz
Bulmers Cider (Gisborne, New ZeaIand) .6
Bulmers has been making cider for over 120 years and is nowbeing produced under licence here. It has
a redditinge in the glass, is full-bodied and ss at the slightly sweeter end of the scale. This is already
the third mo popular cider in New Zealand. oomI so
Invercargill Nallys Cider (InvercargiII, New ZeaIand)
Noted brewer Steve Nally uses the tradional ra and cloth method to make his acclaimed cider. The
use of Central Otago apples and a six-monthcondioning period help create aneervescent cider whi
is naturally cri, fre and delicious. omI s8.
Monteiths Crushed Apple Cider (NeIson, New ZeaIand) .
Appropriately, the NewZealand round of the Cider Wars is arting to heat up juas the weather does.
Montehs oering is cri, pale, and nicely balances the sweet and tart ends of the erum. It can be
even more ening when served over ice. omI s8
Vantous Bccn Iotccs
Lower-aIcohoI beers
ABV s page
AmsteI Light 2.5 7 5
Bitburger Drive 0.0 7 6
Emersons Bookbinder 3.7 9/10.5 3
TetIeys 3.6 10 10
Beers for speciaI dietary requirements
s page
AmsteI Premium (Lower-carb) 8.5 6
Emersons PiIsner (Organic) 12 7
Export (Lower-carb) 7.5 -
Founders Fair Maiden (Organic, Vegan) 11 9
Founders Generation AIe (Organic, Vegan) 11.5 9
Founders Long BIack (Organic, Vegan) 11.5 8
Founders Redhead (Organic, Vegan) 11.5 8
Mikes Organic AIe (Organic) 8 9
Pure BIonde (Lower-carb) 8 6
Scotts PaIe AIe (Gluten free) 9.5 10
Tastings notes by local beer writer and our good friend Neil Miller ( The style
guides are loosely based on Beer Hunter Michael Jacksons classic denitions (any errors are Neils).
Compilation, editing and additional writing by Phil Cook ( Typeset with
X, in Jos Buivengas Calluna ( Feedback is always welcome even corrections.
Take-home copies of this beer list are available from the bar sta and it can also be found (along with a
weekly blog and an archive of previous versions) on our website
[ 19 ]
Available daily until 10pm.
Margherita Tomato and mozzarella with fresh basil. 18
Venison Smoked venison and red wine sausage, red onion, mushroom
and mozzarella.
American Hot Pepperoni, chillis and mozzarella. 19
Hawaiian Ham, pineapple and mozzarella. 19
Spanish Chorizo, potato, red onion, rosemary and mozzarella, without
a tomato paste base.
Funghi Portobello and button mushrooms, red capsicum, tomato and
MaIthouse CIassic Chorizo, bierstick, venison sausage, red onion, mushroom,
tomato and mozzarella.
Our pizzas are each made fresh by our multi-talented and multi-tasking bar sta.
As such, there can be a delay at busy times; well let you know.
Available at all times.
UgIy Bread Pizza bread with garlic oil, mozzarella and herbs. 11
Sausage PIate Panfried bierstick, chorizo and smoked vension sausage, with
relish and mustard.
Fries Thick cut fries with tomato sauce and aioli. 7
Chippies, peanuts & pork crackle also available. 2.5/3/3
[ 20 ]
Speyside SingIe MaIts
Aberlour 10yr 10
Aberlour abunadh 15.5
Glenlivet 12yr 10
Glenlivet 18yr 17.5
Linkwood 10yr (Dun Bheagan bottling) 12.5
The Macallan 17yr (Hart Brothers bottling) 18.5
HighIand SingIe MaIts
Glenmorangie 10yr 11
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban 14
Glengoyne 16yr (Shiraz cask) 17
LowIand SingIe MaIt
Glenkinchie 10yr 12
CampbeIItown SingIe MaIt
Springbank 10yr 12.5
IsIay SingIe MaIts
Ardbeg Supernova 20
Bowmore Legend 12.5
Bowmore 12yr 14
Bruichladdich Rocks 11
Bruichladdich 12yr Second edition 12.5
Bunnahabhain 12yr 12
Caol Ila 12yr 12.5
Laphroaig 10yr 13
Smokehead 13
IsIand SingIe MaIts
Arran 12yr (Douglas of Drumlanrig bottling) 12
Highland Park 12yr 12.5
Jura Prophecy 14
Scapa 16yr 18
BIended Whisky
Ballantines 17yr 15
Chivas Regal 18yr 15
Chivas Regal Royal Salute 21yr 33
Cohiba Siglo II (Cuba) 44.5
Davido 2000 Tubos (Dominican Republic) 31.5
EI Credito Exquisito (Cuba) 17
H. Upmann Coronas Major A/T (Cuba) 21.5
Montecristo Mini Cigarillos (Cuba) 5
Montecristo No. 4 (Cuba) 29
Partagas Coronas Senior (Cuba) 21.5
Punch Petit Coronation (Cuba) 17.5
Romeo y }uIieta No. 3 (Cuba) 19.5
Tatiana Vanilla (Dominican Republic) 5
[ 21 ]
Wtc Lts1
gI bt
Champagne, Mthode & BubbIes
Brancott Estate Brut Cuve Reserve 8.5 38
Deutz Cuve (Marlborough) 10.5 52
Taittinger Brut NV (37.5cl, Champagne) - 65
Taittinger Brut NV (75cl, Champagne) - 125
Sauvignon BIanc
Montana Festival Block (Marlborough) 8 38
Paddy Borthwick (Gladstone) 9 43
Allan Scott (Marlborough) 10 48
Craggy Range Te Muna (Martinborough) - 50
Squealing Pig (Marlborough) - 50
Cloudy Bay (Marlborough) - 58
TW Golden Slope (Gisborne) - 35
Omaka Springs Falveys (Marlborough) 8 38
Living Land (Marlborough) 9 44
Paddy Borthwick (Wairarapa) 10 48
Craggy Range (Hawkes Bay) - 54
White VarietaIs
Doctors Riesling (Marlborough) 8.5 40
Tohu Dry Riesling (Marlborough) 9 43
Boundary Paper Lane Pinot Gris (Waipara) 9 42
Moncellier Pinot Gris (Marlborough) 9 43
Pinot Noir
Spy Valley (Marlborough) - 44
Boundary Kings Road (Waipara) 10 47
Scott Base (Central Otago) 10 47
Martinus (Martinborough) - 65
Craggy Range Zebra Estate (Central Otago) - 70
Syrah / Shiraz
Apple Tree Flat (New South Wales) 8.5 40
Hardys Oomoo (McLaren Vale) 9 43
Penfolds Bin 128 Kalimna (South Australia) 10 46
Boarding Pass (South Australia) - 62
Wolf Blass Presidents Selection (South Australia) - 68
Cabernets, MerIots & BIends
Stoneleigh Merlot (Marlborough) 9 43
Jim Barry The Coverdrive Cabernet Sauvignon (Clare Valley) 10 47
Church Road TOM Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon (Hawkes Bay) - 115
[ 22 ]