The following are some tricky questions.

I would like to know what u feel are the best answers for them. 1. To produce a stable correction of an upper labial segment in lingual crossbite it is essential to A. use fixed appliances B. have adequate overbite C. treat during growth D. use posterior capping E. increase vertical dimension

2. The most accurate way to evaluate the effectiveness of rootplaning is by:

A. inspect the root surface with an instrument for root smoothness B. use air for visual inspection C. activate a curette against root surface and listen for a high pitched sound which indicates a smooth hard surface D. evaluate the soft tissue at the end of the appointment for a decrease oedema and bleeding E. evaluate the soft tissues 10 to 14 days later

3. Patient presents to you with remarkable resorption of gingivae around the remaining teeth mainly around the lower bicuspid and anterior teeth. The oral hygiene is not good, some area of cementum appears to be soft. Which of the following would be your preferred procedure: A.Surface grinding followed by fluoride application B. Surface grinding followed by GIC restorations C. Class V cavity preparation for a GIC preparation D. Cavity preparation for amalgam preparation E. Application of fluoride without surface preparation

What is your management: A. what would you do? A. suture after surgical removal B. Pain when eating cold food D. 3g Amoxil. Bisect the middle of gingival papillae C. Increases R.M. In regards to Benzodiazepines: A. How would you diagnose a periapical abscess: A. give heparin and suture later 2 . Must be at the right angle of the tooth 7. Patient with prosthetic heart valve taking 7. She has????. Recession of gingiva of several anterior teeth caused by exposure and softened cementum. The thickness of periodontal ligament on X-Ray 6. Pain on percussion B. Includes carbamazepine D. 3g Amoxil. stop warfarin. suture when bleeding has stopped C. Patient needs extraction. sleep B. Class V amalgam 5.4. Pain when eating hot food C. Can be used safely on children as it achieves reliable effects 8. Scrap the soften cementum and use GIC C. Gentamycin/vancomycin cover. Scrap the soften cementum and apply fluoride B. Always extending to the alveolar mucoperiosteal B. Vertical incision of mucoperiosteal flap should be: A.E.5 mg warfarin. Has a hangover effects because of active metabolism C.

patient has Class II Division II type with deep bite. Vomiting G. Shock C. Gentamycin/vancomycin cover. Leaning E. In regards to the enamel surface: A. rough part D. Excitement B. It is free from contamination and roughness E. When restoring with GIC for abrasion B. Fixed dilated pupils 10. When lateral incisor is lost. When is LEAST required gingival groove: A. When restoring with GIC for root caries C. stop warfarin and suture later 9. What is NOT A SIGN of neurological trauma: A. Fixed bridge with canine and central incisor as abutment B. give heparin and suture later E. Euphoria H.D. It does not conform to the bonding requirements C. Sever headache F. Improper eye sight D. When restoring with amalgam 12. stop warfarin. Non-rigid connector with central incisor as abutment 3 . Which of the following is contra indicated: A. Ampicillin cover. It is a perfect substance for bonding B. None of the above 11. When restoring with GIC base and composite lamination D. It is the most inorganic.

The strength of the stone D. 4 . Boiling water at 100ºC "210ºF" for 2 hours C. Salivary flow E. Oral flora 16. A. Their overall dimensions are slightly smaller than the original impression C. All of the above will achieve sterilisation 14. Dry heat at 177ºC "350ºF" for 60mins E. Hot air at 160ºC "320ºF" for 90mins B. They lack accurate reproduction of surface details B.13. Tooth inclination and crowding D. Tooth shape C. Autoclave at 121ºC "250ºF" under 15psi for 20 mins D. Self curing will distort the denture B. What DOES NOT prevent the calculus formation "build up": A. The hazard of aspiration of toxic materials during trimming of the dies. Which of the following procedures will not achieve sterilization: A. There is a possibility of occlusal disharmony 15.Which one of the following is the major disadvantage of stone dies used for crown fabrication. Mastication B. Which statement is correct: A.When repairing a fracture of lower complete denture. Cold curing will not be strong enough because of small area of attachment C.

5 .

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