Dr. Mrs. DEEPALI NITIN GULHANE Mailing Address: C/O Shri. Nitin V.

Gulhane, Amit Niwas, Dattawadi, Akurdi, Near Thane Janata Sahakari Bank (TJSB), Pune-35 (Maharashtra). Mobile : 9545520887 E-mail: deepali.gulhane@pmdimensions.com, dipali134@rediffmail.com, honestdipali@yahoo.com Qualification:

• Ph. D. Ph. D. in Renewable Energy Engineering from College of Technology and Engineering,

MPUAT, Udaipur, Rajasthan. Project: Design and Development of Briquetting Machine for Eco-Friendly Fuel. Awarded by Junior Research Fellowship by University Grant Commission, New Delhi during 2006-07. • M. Tech in Renewable Energy Sources from Post Graduate Institute, Dr. PDKV, Akola. Project: Investigation on Cleaning of Producer Gas for IC Engine Application –FY 2005 (Work carried out at CIAE, Bhopal). Awarded by National Renewable Energy (NRE) Fellowship by Ministry New and Energy Sources, New Delhi during 2004-2005. Achievements & Awards:

DIPEX-2002 (1st Prize on “Solar Photovoltaic Powered Boom Sprayer” in Maharashtra State Level Engineering & Technical (Competition and Exhibition). • Awarded for “ISAE Student Paper Award” 40th ISAE Convention and Symposium, Coimbatore, 19-21st Jan, 2006. Professional Experience:

1. Organization
Duration Designation

: Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), Pune : From 19th March 2010 to 31st Aug. 2011 : Project Officer (Bio Energy Division)

* As per Government policy technical evaluation of all Renewable Energy Projects has been carried out for the feasibility of the projects and recommendation of such scrutinized project for Government (State/ Central) subsidy.

2. Organization
Duration Designation Key Responsibilities:

: Eco-Energy Division, WIPRO Infrastructure Engineering, Bangalore : From 1st July 2008 to 6th November 2009 : Senior Engineer- Design

As a Design Engineer: for Renewable energy system sizing and design for appliances like Biogas plant, Solar Water Heating System and Solar Concentrators, micro wind turbine. • Resource assessments, energy evaluation, detail Engineering and estimation of Biogas Plant, solar concentrator, water heating system and small wind mill etc. • As a domain expert: for project proposal preparation mainly focusing on the technology considered, energy saving, payback with other benefits like Carbon credit, tax assumption and subsidies available for Renewable Energy System from state government and central government. Expertise: I. The solar water heating system design for preheating feed water to the boiler as makeup water for the saving in the daily investment on the boiler fuel and time of start of system. Solar water heating system for large scale water requirement for institution in their hostel to replace conventional Heaters and achieve the saving. (Installed - One project)

II. (2006) Investigation on cleaning of producer gas for IC engine application. Biogas plant: Given system is capable of handling the Kitchen waste available in the cafeteria of the Hotel for Energy production to replace the daily LPG consumption. Gadge S R. P. Gujrat on “Forced Circulation Solar Dryer”2003. Published Abstracts: 1. Gadge S R. optimization for the proposed plant with civil estimation and guidance for Auto cad drawing for the detail installation has been handled. Crop Protection and Production. Proposed a proposal based on Energy requirement for the Steam generation via solar concentrator was estimated and provided to replace the amount of steam generation from the boiler with conventional heating system. Vol. All detail Engineering. Institute of Engineers. 03 (01). Maharashtra-2002. (Installed . Mandwe. Garg. All India Seminar on Environmental Impact Assessment. pp 861(7). Physico-Chemical Characterization of Mustard Stalk as Densified Fuel. Deepali S Mandwe. TNAU. Gadge S R.K. Utilization of meteorological appliances for weather forecasting. MPUAT. • 3. Deepak Sharma and N. Deepali Mandwe.L. 31 (2): 164-169. Deepali S Mandwe. (As an International Paper) 2. Deepali S. Vol. Udaipur. Performance evaluation of producer gas cleaning and cooling system. Mandwe D S. Bhopal. Training: 1. pp: 1. Vijay and H. (Awarded as ISAE Student Paper Award) 2. MPUAT. 17 (4): 65-69. 2007 : Senior Research Fellow (SRF) As a SRF on the Scheme of All India Coordination Research Project (AICRP) on Solar Components. 2006 to 28th Feb. Technologies and strategies for Rural Application”. (2007) Optimisation of filter parameter for cleaning and cooling system. Organization Duration Designation Key Responsibilities: : CDFST. . 40th Annual Convention and Symposium of ISAE. 3. Meteorological data collection and application. Accepted Papers: 1. PKV Research Journal Vol. 3. 2004. Coimbatore. Training at SPRERI.Three projects) III. December 3-4. Memberships: • Member of “Renewable Energy Club” CTAE. Imparted on: Remote sensing and application. 2. Attended National Seminar on “Bio-diesel for IC Engine. pp: 43. Dubey A K and Khambalkar V P. Dubey A K and Prachi C Khorgade.22. Pune. Panwar (2009). CIAE. Renewable Energy and Environment For Sustainable Development by V. Sharma D and Deepali Mandwe. Biogas Proposal as per the tender documents for the renewable energy system concept has been handled with competitive price and efficient technology. Dubey A K and Khambalkar V P (2006) Design and development of a 20 KW cleaning and cooling system for a wood -chip gasifier. 19-21st Jan. Publications: Published Papers: 1. • Life Member of “Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers (ISAE)” LM-10337. Udaipur : From 6th Sept. Cost estimation. (2006) Environmental impact assessment: basic principles and overview of key steps. • Preparation & publication of reports on research data. provision of requisite resources for the projects. One month training at IMD. Vallabh Vidhya Nagar. 18-19 Aug. Udaipur. Journal of Energy in Southern Africa.(Project is in installation stage) IV.

Junagadh. (Dr. pp: 4. 29-31st Jan. Deepali Mandwe. Mandwe) .3.19. 41st Annual Convention and Symposium of ISAE. Deepali S. (2007) Energy norms for energy calculation in agricultural sector. JAU. Sharma D and Rathore N S. CAET.